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Time for another edition of Balladeer’s Blog’s feature Transgress With Me:

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsEven the least attentive people are beginning to realize why America’s thuggish “Intelligence Agencies” like the CIA, NSA and FBI are so deservedly despised. They’re also beginning to notice the way that people who get elected to even the most junior positions in Congress wind up as multi-millionaires in just a few years. (Some of the more subtle crooks use their male or female spouses as their fronts, letting them acquire wealth via government contracts.)

De facto Third Party President Donald Trump has turned over the rock on the career criminals called the Democrat and Republican Parties. As an Independent Voter it is the experience of a lifetime to watch the way that Trump’s rocking of the crooked boat in the open-air cesspool of Washington DC has panicked both left-wing and right-wing crooks.

The behavior of our bought and paid-for elected officials has laid bare all of the corruption and malfeasance that we adults always suspected were there. The masks have been removed. Getting the outsider – Trump – and his supporters has become all that matters to the Swamp Creatures.

Trump in the wayWe’re living history but some people are so narrow-minded and so short-sighted that they’re letting their irrational hatred of one man prevent them from acknowledging the fact. It’s like the old saying “Some people feel the rain while others just get wet.”

Even if you’re someone who hates Donald Trump with a passion, you are just plain delusional if you can watch the dramas and gang warfare of the past few years and pretend that he is the worst of the bunch. Hell, I myself started out as a Hillary backer years ago (2008-2015) but her repulsive conduct and increasingly undeniable criminal behavior brought an end to that. It’s okay to admit you were mistaken.

A few years back I posted some political poses that even the most irrational anti-Trumpers can use if they absolutely cannot bear to say anything positive about President Trump. Here are some more:

Try saying “I hope they ALL go down in flames from both parties, not just Trump.”

Try saying “The others are every bit as disgusting as Trump. We need Third Parties.”

Try saying “Who would have thought Donald Trump would turn out to be the most honest crook in Washington?”

Blind DemsTry saying “At least Trump is not a career politician. The other crooks have been plundering the treasury their whole careers.”

If you’re from overseas we know you relish making snobbish comments about the U.S. so try saying “The Americans should never again sanctimoniously lecture any other country about Free Elections after the way the Obama Administration used the FBI, CIA and NSA to interfere in the 2016 campaign and afterward.” 

… Or you folks from overseas could try saying “What does it say about the corruption of the American government when even Donald Trump looks honest compared to their career politicians?”

As always I offer those poses to you because I know many of you sheepishly rely on reflexively anti-Trump comments just because you think it’s the path of least conversational resistance. And who can blame you given the fascistic nature of the hardcore Trump-haters? Pro-Trump people tend to be polite and reasonable so it seems like the easier route to pretend you disagree with them whether you really do or not.  Continue reading


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Some of the latest, starting off with de facto Third Party President Donald Trump taking on his tiny, petty yet monumentally corrupt opponents:

Trump and Barr vs dwarves

And a reminder that Democrats know felons – including rapists, murderers, the Boston Marathon bomber, etc – will loyally vote for their fellow Democrats 

Bernie and felons

More truth about illegal Democrat spygate activities incoming: 

Democrats in Crater

Putin thanking Democrats and their media outlets for undercutting the electoral process: 

Putin thanks Democrats

Democrat media and their tiresome lies to distract from the enormous help President Trump has given to the working class and the poor:

Democrat media lies

Continue reading

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By the time most people are out of their 20s they shrug off the immature and insecure preoccupation with how “intellectual” they supposedly are. American leftists are perpetual children so they never outgrow that pompous, boorish pose. 

Liberals conservatives

When you learn to look beyond the now-meaningless words “liberal” and “conservative” …

Just as American Conservatives have hopelessly politicized the word “patriot” to the point where it’s meaningless, American Liberals have hopelessly politicized the word “intellectual” to the point where it is meaningless, too. Conservatives will describe someone as a “patriot” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views. Liberals will describe someone as an “intellectual” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views.

In reality neither American Conservatives nor American Liberals are in any way fit to bestow labels like patriot and intellectual on anyone NOR are they fit to strip away such labels. Liberals are hilarious the way they pretend that even semi-literate movie stars and singers are “intellectual” as long as they unquestioningly spout Liberal dogma. American Liberals simultaneously pretend that even people who have multiple degrees are “dumb” if they hold opinions that the mindless conformists of liberalism disagree with.

Take for instance George Clooney. He dropped out of college but because he zealously spouts nothing but liberal talking points the American Left considers him “intellectual”. On the other hand if he was a Hollywood celebrity who dropped out of college and who expressed opinions that American Liberals disagree with he would be mocked and ridiculed as “an uneducated white American”.

democrat republican awakeAmerican Liberals are such pretentious fools they even made fun of “the kind of college” that Sarah Palin graduated from. Even people like me who criticized Palin couldn’t help but laugh at that hypocrisy given how Liberals were conveniently forgetting how so many of the entertainers they revere as deep thinkers never went to college at all or even may have dropped out of high school (like Susan Sarandon).

That is why length of education has never been a true indicator of intelligence anyway, but this attitude of Liberals perfectly illustrates their pompous snobbery and their tiresome status anxiety. Plenty of American Liberals are terrified that people might think they aren’t “intellectual” if they dare to be individuals rather than conform to the latest Liberal talking points.

This bizarre fusion of Machiavelli and Marx could be paraphrased like this: “Many in the working class were prevented from completing formal education due to various factors, and this has left them insecure about their intellect. This insecurity can be used to keep them in line by praising them as intellectuals as long as they conform to Liberal dogma but dismissing them as uneducated if they deviate from such dogma.”

Another laughable quality about American Liberals and this aspect of their insecurity is the way they immerse themselves only in television shows, movies and news outlets that reinforce their prejudiced – and hilarious – notion that they are the country’s intelligentsia.

Readers who often email me asking if I’m a secret Liberal can use this as proof that I’m not a Liberal just as I’m not a Conservative. If I was an American Liberal I would pretentiously act like my various odd and obscure interests made me more intelligent than other people. In reality I think words like “intellectual” and “patriotic” are not universally definable and will always be subject to each person’s individual opinions, similar to words like “beauty” or “justice”. Continue reading




Here are some of the latest:

Obama Russia Collusion Hoax

Democrats Spying on Trump Campaign

Democrat sanctuary city hypocrisy

Continue reading


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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsPeter Schweizer’s 2018 non-fiction book regarding the way that the rival gangs of white-collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans have raised graft and illegality to new levels has been named the Fourth Best Book of All Time at Exposing Political Corruption. That’s from BookAuthority.com.

Secret EmpiresThe book is titled SECRET EMPIRES: HOW THE AMERICAN POLITICAL CLASS HIDES CORRUPTION AND ENRICHES FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Schweizer pulls no punches and – as Balladeer’s Blog loves to see – details corruption by BOTH the Democrats and Republicans. Have I mentioned lately that we need Third Parties? Yeah, I thought I had.   

Joe Biden’s notoriously crooked family is examined in great detail, not just from his involvement in the corrupt and scandal-ridden Obama Administration but from his own brand of (characteristically) awkward and ham-fisted influence-peddling.

Mitch McConnell (R), China, gets blistered as well over his apparent presence in the pockets of Big Money from overseas. Jared Kushner, the Fredo Corleone of the Trump Administration, is also exposed as the would-be graft-grabber he has long seemed to be.

Democrat and Republican office-holders are just part of the story as Schweizer also looks at bloated rich pig “political donors” like George Soros, the Koch Brothers, Tom Steyer and others who own America’s bought and paid-for office-holders.


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rogue-won-2nd-picDe facto Third Party President Donald Trump continues to confound the two gangs of white-collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans. This unlikeliest hero of them all has helped the working class and poor of all colors despite the overwhelming odds against him.

Recently even the Democrat outlet The New York Times was forced to admit to the size of the tax cuts President Trump brought to the middle class. And the Democrats’ Illegal Immigrant Colonies that call themselves “Sanctuary Cities” (How Orwellian) showed their hypocrisy. They like enough illegal immigrants on hand for voter fraud (“vote harvesting”) purposes but beyond that Democrats raged at the thought of the recent flood of illegal immigrants actually being brought into their political fiefdoms so that Democrats can experience the suffering that border cities endure from illegal immigration. 

At any rate courageous Clarice Feldman, a strong woman and a positive female role model for an entire generation (I know, right?) wrote a terrific piece titled Trump’s Rebel Alliance Attacks The Left’s Death Star. Feldman wrote and also quoted from other sources. The link is below, but first some excerpts: 

Trump on Offense“… this week the President and the rebel alliance cracked through the Democrats’ Death Star of lies , deceit, and unpunished illegalities.” 

“It was fun to watch, and I think it’s just begun.”

” Juliette Akinyi Ochieng – Conservatives who are black have been speaking out for a long time. But the House Republicans finally invited one — Candace Owens, a fine speaker and advocate for conservatism — and, thereby, provided a spotlight. That House Democrats made fools of themselves was mere icing. And it was sweet. We should all rejoice in this.” … “The video of her (Candace’s) feat on C-Span received more hits than any other Twitter/CSpan video.” 

Maxine Waters“Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

This could be termed a double-header act.

Maxine Waters, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, grilled bank officials on the student loan program, forgetting that a decade ago Obama nationalized the program, something she had twice voted for.

And if that doesn’t give you confidence in our elected elites, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, confused tactical nuclear weapons with tactile ones.”

Continue reading


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illegal immigration democrat vote machineJoshua Foxworth recently authored an excellent work about the way that illegal immigration has been used as a form of economic warfare which has been devastating the American working class of all colors. The only misstep I see in the article is the way the author fell into the pro-illegals rhetorical trap of acting like opposing illegal immigration is the same as opposing legal immigration. I added “illegal” parenthetically in the following excerpts.  

The link is below, but first those excerpts:

” … (T)hose who support the policy of (illegal) migration implement the following practices –

*** Place pressure on employers to fire natives openly opposed to (illegal immigration). 

*** Deny platforms to the native population that opposes (illegal immigration) (Payment processors, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

illegal immigration cartoon*** Write articles condemning (those opposed to illegal immigration) and ensure that anyone who employs them will be targeted as well.”

” … Using these practices the (illegal) immigrant population and their supporters can effectively destroy the ability of any native member to economically support themselves.”

” … First, this is hidden but as their power grows it moves into the open. This can be seen in Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez asserting that immigration laws should not apply to Latinos as this land is rightfully theirs, as well as Senator Kamala Harris asserting that foreign nationals have the right to make laws with respect to U.S. citizens.” Continue reading

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