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democrats hate free speechTime for another round of Transgress With Me:

** Financially comfortable Democrats are every bit as callous toward the needs of the working class and the poor as the most bloated rich pig Republicans are. (Think of trash like the Bush Family, Mitt Romney, etc) 

** Those same Democrats will never run out of excuses for why the working class, the poor and their loved ones should do without what they need while Democrats pander to whoever their latest temporary darlings are. For awhile now it’s been illegal immigrants, no matter how many additional laws they break.

** Those Democrats feel that way because as long as they are comfortable and unharmed by the irrational policies they push they want the working class and the poor to just shut up and suffer in silence. All the while snobbish Democrats can indulge their White Messiah delusions while demonizing working class and poor people who are just trying to survive economically.

** Want to see leftist Democrats change their tune? Toss out suggestions that illegal immigrants and leftists’ other political fetishes of the moment be financed by cutting government employees’ benefits packages – especially their retirement benefits like they’re cutting in Europe to finance the wave of illegals over there.

** Cutting the bloated benefits packages of “teachers” and “educational administrators” (over 80% of whom are now Democrats due to the Democrats’ biased hiring and firing practices) is another suggestion that makes Democrats show their true nature. When a policy threatens their OWN interests they get hostile and criticize it. The same thing they scorn the poor and the working class for doing when Democrat policies threaten THEIR interests.

** Doubt me about the % of Democrats dominating our joke of an “educational system?” Doubt me about their discriminatory hiring and firing practices? Any teachers and administrators who are NOT Democrats can feel free to leave their name and school system here and say they are Republicans or list the Third Party they belong to. If Democrats are not discriminating in their hiring and firing practices there’s no danger in doing that, right? … Right? Continue reading


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