#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES, as I often point out here at Balladeer’s Blog. I woke up this morning to literally DOZENS of questions and comments from overseas readers asking me why the perpetual children called Democrats always seem to live in a bizarre parallel universe that does not match reality in any way.

One of the reasons is because the privileged white trash on the debate stage last night must try to appeal to the increasingly deranged Democrat base as more and more of us #WALKAWAY from that cesspool of insanity to become Independent Voters. 

Polls are not the end-all and be-all of course, but to use just one example, Gallup got results saying that 42% of Americans reject BOTH the Democrats AND the clueless Republicans and identify as Independents. 29% of the respondents identified as Democrats and 27% identified as Republicans. Other polls get higher or lower percentages for each of those, but the trend has definitely been for more people identifying as Independent Voters than as members of our outdated and hopelessly corrupt major Parties.

Trump, Rosa Parks and Ali

Trump, a former Democrat like me, was never accused of racism until he ran against the race-baiting Democrats

De facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more for the working class and the poor of all colors than any other president in my lifetime. Period. Privileged white trash like movie stars and the white-collar criminals called career politicians hate him for that. The snow-white faces on the debate stage last night lecturing the rest of us about diversity was surreal.

Their absurdly apocalyptic worldview is outrightly insulting given the pampered, bloated rich pig existence led by each and every one of those candidates.

So, for you overseas readers who asked me about this since you said the country you see never matches the insane gibberish spouted by hardcore Democrats, remember that Gallup Poll: 42% Independent, 29% Democrat and 27% Republican.

Because it’s Primary Season the Democrats last night were trying to attract the slobbering partisan psychopaths who believe the comic book level “good guys vs the bad guys” and “dark psychic forces” nonsense they vomited onto the debate stage. They know they can’t reach the rest of us aka adults who live in the real world and are capable of discussing our political differences without demonizing each other.

And as I always point out, there are countless websites that point out all the things wrong with the Republican Party, so in keeping with my blog’s overall theme of tackling less-covered topics I focus on what’s wrong with the Democrats. (Partly because I used to belong to that Party) The fringe weirdos who increasingly make up that Party’s base are such violent fanatics they often make rational people a bit afraid to express criticism of them, so I prefer to take that path of most resistance. 

Also, I’m not referring to reasonable people who are capable of calmly expressing why they don’t like Trump. I’m referring to the drooling loons who froth at the mouth and spout mindless hatred of the man during their every waking moment.   




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  1. Bernadette

    I always feel there is hope when I see how many people like us are moving away from the Democrats. They are too insane now to be trusted and they are too violent not to stand up to.

    • I agree. The pretentious, narcissistic asses of the 1960s left are largely to blame. They’re the ones who distorted education into a purely political field and who distorted liberalism into a philosophy that was critical ONLY of the western world.

  2. Linda

    I’m impressed at this. From overseas it looks like all Americans must buy into the madness. It’s good to see that is not so.

  3. Wendy

    The fanatics in the Democrats are becoming more unhinged by the day.

  4. Teo

    We have got to get additional political parties!

  5. Melanie

    I used to be a democrat until they lost their minds.

  6. Rudy

    Let the democrats and republicans fall apart.

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