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lloyd-marcusLike Balladeer’s Blog pointed out last year the increasingly unhinged Anti-Trump Right, the American Left and their Corporate Media allies have accomplished the seemingly impossible: they’ve turned Donald Trump into a sympathetic underdog. 

Oh, I know the purple-faced and rabid Trump-haters love to dwell on his supposedly low Approval Ratings, which range from 40% to 55% but after the media’s biased election polls were SO wrong last year most Americans just admit that slanted polling means we have no way of knowing what Trump’s REAL Approval Ratings are.

This past weekend the Donald’s obsessed enemies from BOTH PARTIES distorted the President’s reference to the Muslim raping and violence in Sweden (supported by multiple reports over the years, especially recently following many Swedish police breaking their enforced silence). Since the Anti-Trump loons don’t feel that rapes and violent crimes count as “terrorism” they are pretending Trump was outrageously wrong.

Remember last year when a Muslim fascist used a makeshift explosive in New York City and Trump called it “a bomb” but our insane corporate media acted like Trump was “wrong” and “irresponsible” because they felt such a cobbled-together explosive device should not have been referred to as “a bomb.” Pro-Islamist Trump-haters aren’t shrewd political animals, they’re more like barely adequate proofreaders. If that.   

lloyd-marcus-2At any rate, Lloyd Marcus penned a terrific item defending Trump and pointing out how the members of America’s notoriously corrupt political establishment are waging a propoganda war on this de facto Third Party President.

The link is below but first some excerpts:

“There is an unprecedented effort by the fake news media; Obama; George Soros; the Democratic Party, conservative NeverTrumps; establishment elites; Hollywood; assorted leftist groups; and traitorous GOP Washington, D.C. status quo defenders to take down our new president.”

“Am I advocating that we blindly rubber-stamp everything Trump does?  Absolutely not.  I am saying it emboldens our enemies when folks on our side join leftists in nitpicking Trump at every turn.  Obviously, NeverTrumps still do not realize what’s at stake and the evil we are dealing with on the left.”

“Leftists deem causing pain, suffering, and the loss of American lives minor consequences …”

lloyd-marcus-3 Cancer patients lost their life-saving doctors due to Obamacare.  Leftists didn’t care.  Four Americans were tortured and murdered in Benghazi for Obama’s re-election.  Not only did leftists not care, but Obama’s minions repeatedly lied about it on national TV.”

“If leftists care about American lives, why do they celebrate Democrats refusing to pass Kate’s Law, which protects Americans from illegal alien multiple criminal offenders?”
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It’s Presidents Day Weekend! Three days of basketball and being reminded about how the Democratic and Republican Parties stick us with pieces of garbage like Barack Obama and George W Bush. Here are some takes on the more recent presidents.  


Character Type: Well-meaning but befuddled sitcom grandfather.

Military Service: World War One and World War Two

Motto: “FOOORE!” (Remember, the traditional cry as you’re teeing off in golf? Oh, never mind!)

Nickname: Uncle Milty

Pro: Knew enough to distrust Richard Nixon long before it became the national pasttime. 

Con: Was the first president to pronounce nuclear as “nucular”.

john f kennedyJOHN F KENNEDY

Character Type: Rich playboy who disdained both Liberals and Conservatives and played by his own rules.

Military Service: World War Two

Motto: “Thank God for television!”

Nickname: FDR  

Pro: The man was shrewd enough to distrust both liberals and conservatives equally. I can’t praise that attitude highly enough given our present circumstances. 

Con: Continue reading

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gad-saad“As somebody who escaped Lebanon and actually hid under desks to avoid death squads, I don’t take well to these idiots from Wellesley College who say, ‘I’m scared to go and buy my hamburgers now that Trump won,’ because it trivializes what true trauma is.” — Gad Saad

That quote from Dr Gad Saad nicely captures the contempt that so many around the world feel toward privileged Democrats in America because of their increasingly hysterical reactions to United States President Donald Trump’s defeat of California President Hillary Clinton.

Dr Saad is an authority on Behavioral Science and Evolutionary Psychology as well as the author of a column in Psychology Today. I appreciate the way that Saad always criticizes BOTH LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES just like Balladeer’s Blog does.

Recently Dr Saad was interviewed by Malhar Mali for Areo magazine. Below is a link to the entire interview but first some excerpts:

anti-trump-hysteria“Everyone who is suffering from collective Munchausen and mass hysteria are obviously of a particular political bent — the ultra-Left (who typically belong to the Democratic party). And these people have built their whole ethos, edifice, zeitgeist on Identity Politics. Identity Politics leads to victimology poker and the oppression olympics.

“These groups just end up competing to see who is more oppressed because it is the mechanism through which they attempt to solve problems. If you and I are having a genuine debate, I would present my evidence and you yours. The better evidence would win out.

“That’s not what happens in an Identity Politics debate. My victimology card has to trump yours! (Laughter) therefore people have to come up with ever stronger cards and hands and end up falling into victim mindsets.

anti-trump-hysteria-2“This leads to people thinking absurd lines of thought like — and I’m being satirical here — : “How will I go to the store and feel safe buying tomatoes once Trump is in office?” or “What will happen to my children? Will Trump cause us to cannibalize our children?” “Will sex still be permitted?”

“When you’re getting into that kind of delusional discourse it seems extraordinary that this is viewed as reasonable discourse. These are professors, these are colleagues of mine who feel perfectly comfortable departing from reality in this way.

“Hate Trump as much as you want. Hate specific policies by him but don’t engage in this grotesque discourse.

“The problem arises when you have a discourse fully detached from reality. It’s beyond satirical and grotesque in how much stupidity is exhibited. A typical comment on my social feed might state something to the following effect, “I’m a woman of color,” she’s attending some school in Maine and she’s saying, “I’m afraid. Can I still go to class?” Continue reading

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trump-and-tom-bradyHillary’s irrational and hate-filled devotees are so messed up inside they actually made a huge deal out of the fact that Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, Patriots Coach Bill Belichek and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have long been friends of President Donald Trump.

You couldn’t miss all the ridiculous stories leading up to the Super Bowl last week, with our increasingly deranged media even huffing indignantly over the fact that Brady, Belichek and Kraft – gasp – refused to denounce their friend.

trump-and-brady-2Since Left-Wing Archie Bunkers have no identity outside of their political opinions they just could not understand people who ignore public pressure to conform to Political Correctness.

They are STILL complaining about how the Superbowl results paralleled Election Night when Trump shocked them by defeating Hillary Clinton, who had to settle for becoming President of California instead of President of the United States.

With the way Hillary’s following of losers obsess over irrelevant statistics a common joke now is that Hillary fans insist the Falcons REALLY won the Superbowl because they got more yards per play than the Patriots did. Hilarious! Continue reading




mother-jonesBalladeer’s Blog has long been a proponent of the need for Third Parties here in America. Those additional political parties would provide much-needed competition to the corporate owned Democrats and Republicans who hijacked our electoral system long ago.

Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President since the bloated rich pigs who own both parties are all against him. Even Mother Jones – Mary Harris Jones herself – agreed in another posthumous interview with me regarding Trump.

MOTHER JONES: Donald Trump is infuriating ALL the right people to infuriate! Just like  Franklin Roosevelt was accused of being “a traitor to his class” for the relief he brought to the long-suffering working class so President Trump is being regarded with the same hostility by the selfish moneyed interests.

trump-rogue-wonBALLADEER’S BLOG: And I imagine the Harry Truman comparison is the obvious shared trait?

MOTHER JONES: Damn right! President Trump reminds me of Harry Truman because of the way the prim cowards of the American media act shocked and offended whenever the Donald gives ’em hell!  

BB: Now that you mention it Give ‘Em Hell, Donald would make a great one-man show.

MOTHER JONES: You bet it would, young fella. Combine a few of the best qualities of Truman and FDR and you get President Donald Trump. Like FDR he may be a rich man himself but only someone with a lot of capital and a lot of gumption could take on the entire political and financial establishment like he has.

BB: I agree that Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, neither Liberal nor Conservative and that is a plus. But do you think he’ll be able to continue fending off all the selfish interests attacking him? Continue reading

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zuhdi-jasserThe American Left is apparently worried that their bloodthirsty public mob scenes haven’t yet driven away ALL of us who used to consider ourselves part of them. 

The crazed DemoKKKrats continue shrieking their slogan “If you disagree with us we will beat you bloody to show how compassionate and inclusive we are!”

Meanwhile courageous Muslims like Dr Zuhdi Jasser – who opposes violent jihadists – continue trying to talk sense to the insane political left about President Donald Trump’s Executive Order regarding proper vetting from danger zones.

He also noted that the seven countries affected by Trump’s executive order are “the same seven countries that Obama listed as hot spots.” (italics mine)

Dr Jasser emphatically disputes the propogandist claim made by Left-Wing Archie Bunkers that Trump’s EO “bans Muslims” or applies “a religious test.” 

trumps-muslim-executive-order“I don’t know where they’re getting that from,” he said. “I don’t think they read the same executive order.”

“The executive order from President Trump said nothing specifically about any specific religion. It said we will protect those persecuted in the name of religion, for their religion. So that would include Christians, Yazidis, and even Sunni Muslims like myself who are part of the majority in Syria – or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or wherever – but yet have dissident opinions that are persecuted,” he continued.

” … I think it’s appropriate to pause and begin the process of vetting ideology, which hasn’t happened so far. We’re sort of welcoming in anyone, including jihadists.” Continue reading


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allen-westAllen West has weighed in with the opinion that President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor – Andy Puzder – is an excellent choice to implement Trump’s plans to increase employment opportunities for African Americans.

And I would point out that this is in stark contrast to the Obama administration, whose policies were the usual Democrat carrot-and-stick incentives to give blind support to the Democrats’ party in exchange for vague promises of future changes. Fifty years of condescending nonsense were all that the Democrats gave to working class families of any color.

West pointed out that under Obama black unemployment rates never stopped being sky-high. In cities including Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C., the unemployment rate among African Americans is 19, 23, and 18 percent, respectively.

Nationally, the current black youth unemployment rate is more than double that of whites. President Trump, like a new Franklin Roosevelt, has actual, concrete plans to address the problem. Unlike Roosevelt, however, Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President and must withstand attacks from both left-wing and right-wing media outlets.

trump-first-weekAnd I actually read what Trump’s policies are. If you are reacting to him based purely on what shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers say about him then you’re not a very reliable judge, are you?

Trump’s political foes among BOTH Democrats AND Republicans seem terrified that this President’s departure from the failed strategies of the past will continue to disrupt the current corrupt system which keeps career politicians fat and happy but does nothing for the poor and the working class.

The louder the anti-Trump insanity becomes from the American media (owned by roughly 15 billionaires according to Anonymous and Wikileaks and others) the more you can bet Trump is laying out strategies that people like the Koch Brothers and George Soros and Carlos Slim see as threats to their plutocratic empire.     Continue reading

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