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*** JUST ADDED: Check out all the people lining the road for Trump.

De facto Third Party President Donald Trump once again pulled the rug out from under his persecutors from the Biden Regime with a courageous reveal that he has nothing to hide. Here is the statement (link below):

trump is fdr“Not only will I not oppose the release of documents related to the unAmerican, unwarranted, and unnecessary raid and break-in of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago, I am going a step further by ENCOURAGING the immediate release of those documents, even though they have been drawn up by radical left Democrats and possible future political opponents, who have a strong and powerful vested interest in attacking me, much as they have done for the last 6 years…

“This unprecedented political weaponization of law enforcement is inappropriate and highly unethical. The world is watching as our Country is being brought to a new low, not only on our border, crime, economy, energy, national security, and so much more, but also with respect to our sacred elections! Continue reading


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Trump in the way

I’ve been sorting through details about tonight’s abomination from the installed, illegitimate Biden Regime. Until we know more, I decided to post this item pointing out how the Biden Regime has thrown away all pretense of legitimacy or legality with this atrocious behavior.

America under the Democrat Party is a banana republic in which elections are fraudulent and popular political opponents of the Regime get attacked by the unquestioning filth who carry out raids like this. Recently, de facto Third Party President Trump had announced a strategy for cleaning up America’s infamous cesspool of corruption that masquerades as a government. (More HERE) Polls indicated that voters preferred Trump to the career criminal installed in the White House via cheat-by-mail and other measures.

trump is a lot like jfkTotalitarian regimes around the world are notorious for oppressive actions like this. Raid the personal and professional areas frequented by popular candidates who pose a threat to the regime, then seek to discredit them via manufactured “evidence.”

Biden and his lackeys have provided all the incentive that is needed to doubt ANY AND ALL ACCUSATIONS they make against President Trump based on items they allegedly find in this perverse raid. Continue reading


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democrat republican otherHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I always point out that America’s CAREER politicians are white-collar criminals who run the country like a Mafia bust-out operation, enriching themselves and their cronies while plundering the public treasury. BOTH MAJOR PARTIES are guilty of this, which is why I always hope to see the Democrats and Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties for a time.

The power players in both parties try to maintain the exclusivity of their criminal caste, barring outsiders from their ranks. As in all things political, the Democrats are much more effective than the Republicans. In 2016, outsider Donald Trump became a populist hero in the mold of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Eugene Debs and John F Kennedy by taking advantage of the perpetual disorganization of the Republicans to commandeer their political party for his presidential campaign.

Trump never called racist til running against DemocratsTrump became the best president for the working class and the poor of all colors in my lifetime. He was also the first president in DECADES to keep America out of any new wars, which caused our military-industrial complex to hate him as much as they hated John F Kennedy. America’s hopelessly corrupt cesspool of an establishment was at war with President Trump before he even took office. He had to fight BOTH political parties and still does. He so thoroughly frightens the corrupt filth of Washington DC that they remain obsessed with him. Over the years their lies about Russian Collusion (LMAO) and now “insurrection” (LMAO) have fallen flat and they have utterly failed to understand why Trump is still supported by the working class and the poor. 

Not for several long decades had America had a non-career politician as president – not since Eisenhower. American career politicians are career criminals who spend their time in office just one step ahead of criminal indictments. They are a very closed circle of fascist authoritarians who were happy with the corrupt way things were run before de facto Third Party President Donald Trump crashed their party and spoke truth to power.

trump rosa parks and muhammad aliIt was a once in a century gift to have someone like the Donald who is wealthy enough to not be bought by America’s cesspool called a government AND who is thick-skinned enough to endure the non-stop attacks that the Democrats and Republicans and their media outlets will unleash on anyone who tries GENUINE reform like Trump has done.

The fascists in both parties proved how terrified they are of Trump and his millions of supporters by the way they have absurdly overblown the events of January 6th, 2021. See my article HERE regarding the hilarious hypocrisy from Democrats who usually never see a protest or a riot they don’t encourage.

It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted.

trump is fdrTrump, more than anyone since Theodore Roosevelt or maybe since Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Wendell Wilkie contemplated starting a Third Party in the 1940s, could completely upend the two-party system, something that is long overdue. 

As I’ve said before, even if Trump really was all the things his deranged detractors accused him of being, he would STILL not be as bad as the existing politicians who have been running the U.S. for decades and made us such a hated country. (Democrats especially love to dwell on how hated the U.S. is by certain countries, which is why it was so funny to see them feign outrage over the possibility of an “insurrection.” Hey, only DEMOCRATS are allowed to call for uprisings and insurrections!)

trump is a lot like jfkGee, Democrats, those concerned Trump supporters “stormed” the citadel of America’s white supremacist system that you’re always talking about. They stormed the citadel of all that privilege and systemic bigotry that you decry. Since when do Democrats of all people revere the Capitol as a Holy Site? Continue reading


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democrat republican or awakeHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I was intrigued by this video interview of a native Californian who lived in China for years and the experience made him feel that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump was right about China and other issues. The comments under the original video come from both pro and anti-Trump people. 

How living in China changed my view on Trump and US politics: Californian native – YouTube



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President Trump and flagIt has been shown over and over again that there are few things more true than something that anti-Trump fascists claimed was a “Trump lie.” Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog has already covered well over one hundred such items and now we have another blog post for that ever-rising pile. If someone tells you “Trump lied about ____” don’t bother believing them at this point.

In 2018 de facto Third Party President Donald Trump suggested plans to California for reducing the chances for the repeated forest fires which devastate that state but, in their usual childish “we MUST disagree with everything Trump says” attitude, Democrats and their media outlets accused Trump of lying and ridiculed his suggestion. NOW THEY ARE FOLLOWING TRUMP’S ADVICE AFTER RIDICULING HIM AND ACCUSING HIM OF LYING IN 2018. (link below) 

This is just another reminder that if anything was categorized as a “Trump lie” the odds are that the slobbering fanatics who spend their every waking moment hating Trump are REALLY the ones lying. Anti-Trumpers have forfeited all benefit of the doubt. They have been proven to be liars over and over again, not him. Continue reading


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With Hunter Biden introducing six-figure “buys” of his “artwork” as the latest innovation in political bribery, Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes another item from Australian news that deals with the disastrous Joe Biden and his team. 

‘The world needs more Trumps and fewer Bidens’: Alan Jones – YouTube

And more about Joe Biden, the crooked, yet doltish clown who brought back monumental political corruption and who can be relied upon to be bribed, bought and bullied by world leaders. Biden is a catastrophe for the working class and the poor. Continue reading


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democrat republican or awakeIt’s become impossible to ignore the way that the corrupt establishment and their corporate media outlets fear populism and obsessively try to demonize it. In a way it’s a replay of the late 1800s when the labor movement was striking and demanding better pay and working conditions. The establishment responded with ugly demonization of working class people’s efforts to survive as something more than peasants.

America’s President Grover Cleveland even went so far as to describe labor activist Eugene Debs as “an enemy of the human race.” That is certainly reminiscent of the over the top rhetoric used today by the Powers That Be to instill the public with feelings of fear and hostility toward popular movements that threaten their privileges. 

It’s important to remember that Eugene Debs called himself a socialist back when socialism was largely about fighting the entrenched Big Money interests on behalf of the suffering poor and the working class, not the pseudo-religion it is today, when socialism is all about dictating every aspect of our lives. Debs was demonized by the establishment from around the 1890s through the 1920s, even arrested and left to languish in prison merely for protesting America’s involvement in the First World War of 1914-1918. Continue reading


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democrat republican or awakeHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I can certainly understand hostile feelings toward given presidents. Regular readers know how much I despise George W Bush and Barack Obama, but I also pointed out when I thought negative stories about them were absurdly over the top. With de facto Third Party President Donald Trump it’s like the media did nothing BUT absurdly over the top stories about him that fell apart under the most casual scrutiny. This most recent example involves the lie about Russia and bounties (links below) which turned out to be as untrue as all of the “Russian collusion” nonsense. 

sharyl attkisson picNon-partisan journalist Sharyl Attkisson, the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century, has catalogued well over ONE HUNDRED negative Trump stories which were proven to be false, yet still get repeated by unstable anti-Trump loons as if they were true. 

Recently, even more news stories have surfaced regarding JUDGES RULING THAT DEMOCRATS VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS BY COUNTING MAIL-IN BALLOTS WHICH ARRIVED AFTER ELECTION DAY WITH NO POSTMARK or by Democrat governors making unilateral changes to election law in their state – changes which by law MUST be done by the state’s legislature. Obviously, nobody can go back and exclude all those ballots at this late date since most evidence has not been preserved. That’s because of Democrats and their media outlets insisting over and over that Trump was “lying” when he pointed out the widespread 2020 vote fraud, and pretending the fraud stories had been “debunked” or “discredited” even though various cases were – and are – still working their way through the system.

mascot donkey and republican headsNow come revelations about the utter falsehood of last year’s media hit pieces claiming that Putin was offering bounties to Taliban troops in Afghanistan, and that Trump was aware of it and did nothing. Now the media – and America’s forever-vile “intelligence community” – have walked back those ridiculous claims. THE BOUNTY OFFERS NEVER HAPPENED, so there was nothing for Trump to know, but hey, they got to damage Trump close to the election by implying he answered to Putin and was letting him offer bounties on U.S. troops.

One of the reasons I USED TO BE a Democrat was because Democrats used to openly criticize the dishonesty and vile behavior of America’s rightfully despised intelligence community, but in recent years the Democrats have sold out and are fine with repulsive behavior from the intelligence services if the behavior benefits their political party.

Just like the media claimed Trump was lying about the Biden Family scandals, especially involving Hunter Biden, only to recently backtrack and admit that they were wrong. Big Tech even censored remarks by Trump and/or his supporters last year calling attention to those scandals on the grounds that it was supposed “election misinformation.”

corporate mediaBack to the Russian Bounty lies – here’s an excerpt from a terrific article (link below) about that miscarriage of intelligence work and “journalism.” FAKE NEWS is an accurate description of what America’s corporate media inflicts on the public.

“If the Russia Bounty Hoax is not the final straw for those who still rely on the corporate media for news, you obviously enjoy being lied to and misinformed. This is how it works: In an effort to meddle in a presidential election, some lying, anonymous Deep Stater leaks deliberate misinformation to the far-left New York Times. The Times uncritically publishes what it knows is disinformation. The rest of the corporate media spend days spreading what they know is a lie. The target of the lie, in this case President Trump, denies the story. The corporate media fact checkers declare him a liar with the full boat of four Pinocchios.” 

“And then…

Long after it no longer matters…

The fake media tell the truth — that it was all a lie.”

“Back in July, the left-wing propagandists at the Times published this pile of obvious horseshit: “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Soldiers” (I don’t link fake news). The goal of this attack on Trump was the claim he knew about it and did nothing. The obvious narrative is that Trump cares more about Putin than our troops.

corporate media lies“At the time the Russia Bounty story was an obvious and blatant lie, an unconfirmed report, a manufactured narrative to undermine one of Trump’s many presidential strengths — in this case, his affection for the U.S. military and his string of foreign policy success at making the world a safer and more peaceful place.

Again and again and again, this is how the corporate media use fake news … They find or invent a source to tell them a lie they are desperate to report, then the rest of the scumbags — the entire institution of the corporate media — coordinates to go hog-wild with it so the lie consumes the news for days and weeks. Then the Democrats go hog-wild with it. Then, when the target of lies denies the lie, the fraudulent fact checkers go to work.” 



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President Trump and flagHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve often pointed out that the only people lower than the career criminals who hold office in this country may be the members of the corporate media.

Within the past several days the Washington Post at last apologized for their demonstrably false story about de facto Third Party President Donald Trump supposedly telling Georgia officials to force themselves to find vote fraud in their jumbled 2020 results. (links below) Not only that, but more vindication came Trump’s way in other ways as ANOTHER judge has ruled about the illegalities of the electoral “cheat by mail” scam last year. (links below)

This time it was in Michigan where Trump got vindication for his public accusations about the illegality of that state’s Democrat Secretary of State’s orders regarding ballots. Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the Democrat broke the law by issuing unilateral decisions regarding the counting of ballots with non-matching signatures. The State Legislature in Michigan needed to be involved for such measures to be legal.

I will point out again that the 2020 election will be forever remembered for being as crooked as the 1876 and year 2000 elections. More and more information – from SEVERAL states – keeps coming out about how tainted the 2020 results are. (links below) Continue reading


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Trump in the wayIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog is happy to report that America’s organized crime gangs called the Democrat and Republican Parties continue to enhance de facto Third Party President Donald Trump’s status as a folk hero! They doctored videotape “evidence,” they violated the Constitution by trying to impeach a president after they told us he was out of office AND they tried to pretend that the January 6th protests over vote fraud and other issues from the forever tainted 2020 election were “an insurrection.” LMAO.

Remember, I’m a former Democrat who spent years of my life around them and trust me, Democrats feel nothing but contempt for the Capitol Building and also feel contempt for people who DO revere the Capitol Building and its “symbolism” so it was especially nauseating to hear them act like they cared about anything except political theater with their absurd overreaction to the events of January 6th.

At any rate, instead of letting Trump peter out into a spent force the Democrats decided to make him even MORE of a martyr and a figure of hopeful defiance for the working class and the poor by trying this idiotic impeachment attempt. 

With his image as a maverick populist hero who fights America’s corrupt politicians cemented, here’s another revisiting of the blog post I wrote when Trump first won in 2016: Continue reading


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