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Obama pen and phoneHere’s another blog post where I take a break from pointing out how the American Left’s unbearable pomposity and snobbery have driven away so many of us who used to consider ourselves part of it. This time my points are being made in a New York Times Op-Ed by Gerard Alexander, a professor of political science at the University of Virginia. 

He uses the out of date term Liberals to describe them. If anything they are Illiberals and Left-Wing Archie Bunkers. The link is below, but first some excerpts:

“(Left-Wing Archie Bunkers) are not as smart, or as persuasive, as they think.”

“Liberals dominate the entertainment industry, many of the most influential news sources and America’s universities. … But this makes liberals feel more powerful than they are.”

“In fact, liberals may be more effective at causing resentment than in getting people to come their way.”

“Liberals are trapped in a self-reinforcing cycle. When they use their positions in American culture to lecture, judge and disdain, they push more people into an opposing coalition that liberals are increasingly prone to think of as deplorable. That only validates their own worst prejudices about the other America.” Continue reading


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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsHere’s a look at two of the most recent. For newbies, I had been a Democrat for much of my life until Obama’s disastrous and damaging presidency helped motivate me to become an Independent Voter. His callous, clueless, comfortable and uncaring supporters helped, too. I distrust both the Democrats and the Republicans. Trump is a de facto Third Party President.  

Trumping Obama's legacy***

Obama legacy on side of road.


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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsIt’s no secret that I consider President Trump to be America’s first de facto Third Party President, nor that I consider him to be the new Franklin Roosevelt AND the new JFK. He has accomplished a great deal for the working class and the poor and I’m not going to ignore all that just because the violent fascists and moronic conformists who hate him whine about him 24/7. These are historic times kicked off when Trump shattered the glass ceiling in November of 2016.

JUDGE ELLIS – Judge Ellis has excellently pointed out how out of line and ridiculously crooked Mueller’s absurd “investigation” is. (Most Trump-haters won’t even know who Judge Ellis is since the only thing they know about our political system is that Trump is the president. They’re in over their heads beyond that.)

(And by the way, for you Trump-hating morons who like to sound so butch I’ll advise you right now I’m NOT a conservative, which means I won’t let you get away with lies and misrepresentations like they do and I won’t be the least bit intimidated by what you imbeciles apparently think is blistering language. Okay? Or as you bitchy little boys like to say “M’kay?”)  

The link to the whole piece is below, but first some excerpts per Reuters: 

“I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III in the Eastern District of Virginia said.

Mueller Witch HuntAt a tense hearing at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, the judge said Mueller should not have “unfettered power” in his Russia probe and that the charges against Manafort did not arise from the investigation into Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. 

“It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special counsel has unfettered power to do whatever he wants[.]” … “Our investigative scope does cover the activity in the indictment,” Dreeben [the Department’s deputy solicitor general] told the judge.

“Cover bank fraud in 2005 and 2007?  Tell me how!” Ellis retorted. …

During the oral arguments, Ellis repeatedly chided Mueller’s $10 million budget.

Trumping KimHe also asked whether Rosenstein, who oversees the probe and is considered an important witness into whether Trump tried to obstruct justice, is recused from the case.

And he repeatedly claimed that the indictment appeared to serve as a way for Mueller to “assert leverage” over Manafort. …

Rosenstein’s May 2017 order laying out the scope of the probe, [Dreeben] told the judge, did not reveal all the details because they involve sensitive national security and counterintelligence matters that could not be divulged publicly, but were conveyed to Mueller.

Ellis balked, saying Dreeben’s answer essentially means the Justice Department was “not really telling the truth[.]” …

[Ellis] directed Mueller’s office to take two weeks to consult with U.S. intelligence agencies to see if they will sign off so that he can personally review a sealed, unredacted version of the memo.

Dreeben told him the redacted portions did not pertain to the Manafort case.

“I’ll be the judge,” Ellis said.  

James Woods, actor, tweeted: “I can’t in my lifetime remember when a case of this import featured a judge calling the prosecutor a liar from the bench. This is a landmark moment.” Continue reading

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Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Democrats AND Republicans. I think we need Third Parties urgently.


mascot new look donkey and elephant headsFor condescending Democrats who can’t understand why working class and poor people OF ALL COLORS have come to despise them: “Just because you never have to deal with the negative consequences of all the wrong-headed and damaging policies that you pursue, don’t ever forget the suffering people who DO have to deal with those negative consequences.”

For American “teachers” (LMAO): “People who say that teaching is a political act should never be trusted with authority over vulnerable young minds.”

For Republican office-holders: “Governments spend money. Just deal with it.”

For Democrat Fascists on college campuses: “Remember the Best and the Brightest? You’re the Worst and the Dumbest.”

For Democrats in General: “Wherever there is disagreement it is NOT just one side who is being divisive.”

For YouTube users: “There is always Vid.me … A far superior setup.”

For Barack Obama: “Your shame over your horrible college grades is exceeded only by your shame over being such a weak, inept and crooked little man.”

For delusional Hillary supporters who are still making excuses for her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump, the new FDR and the new JFK: “H.C. is for Hillary Clinton … Also for Heinous Crimes … And Haiti Crusher … And for Human Cockroach.”

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Michael MooreMichael Moore, the man who put the “pig” in Bloated Rich Pig, continues to pretend he’s a friend of the working class and the poor. After all, he does vulture-like documentaries exploiting tragic circumstances for the working class and the poor.

Hey, Michael, why not put your money where your busy mouth is: keep just 2 or 3 million dollars of your money and give the rest away to the 99% that you pretend you support? It might actually give you a moral leg to stand on when you attack de facto Third Party President Donald Trump, the new FDR.

President Trump really has done good works for the working class and the poor through his policies. We all know countless, formerly suffering families who have reasons to be thankful for that. Michael Moore’s self-indulgent propaganda movies don’t seem to benefit anybody but himself.

That’s the difference between REAL populists like President Trump and FAKE populists like Michael “You Gonna Finish Those Fries” Moore. Continue reading




mascot new look donkey and elephant headsIn 2016 Balladeer’s Blog pointed out several times that the only hope for the opening steps in recognizing and addressing the rampant corruption in America’s Third World Level thugocracy would be if either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders miraculously won the Presidency.

I knew that a victory by either of them would force the dropping of the façade, sort of like the scrambling of insects when a rock is turned over. Sadly, Bernie has shown that he would have sold out to the establishment immediately – and very cheaply if you look at how easily the Democrats bribed him into cooperation, despite his fiery but phony pose. As Hillary would point out, she may be a whore but at least she isn’t a CHEAP one like Bernie.

The events since the election, from the Democrats threatening the safety and lives of the members of the Electoral College by publicly posting their addresses on up through the ongoing Mueller Witch Hunt have shown the real nature of the career criminals called Democrats and Republicans. President Trump – the new FDR and the new JFK – is truly a de facto Third Party President.

Mascot with demo and repub headsI’ve been inundated with (unsought) congratulations by people from both sides who used to think I was overly pessimistic about the cesspool that has masqueraded as a government in the U.S. for several decades. They’ve been graciously telling me that they’ve seen – in the frantic reaction to President Trump’s attempts to Drain the Swamp – verification of everything I’ve said over the years about the white collar criminals called career politicians.  

That’s very nice of those people, but I don’t require or expect any personal acknowledgements – the best you can do if you feel that way is openly share your observations with others. The numbers of “woke” people on this subject seem to grow exponentially by the day. Unfortunately, too many of them are still too easily browbeaten into silence.  

At any rate, here’s a piece by Tom Trinko, another person like myself who has grown disgusted with Democrats and their “my political party right or wrong” attitude. (As always I think we need Third Parties since Republicans are no better.) The link is below, but first some excerpts: 

There are currently two worlds: one for the rich, leftists, and the Deep State actors, and one for the average American.  Here are some of the differences:

Their World:

Hillary can pay Russians, who may be working for the Russian government, for unconfirmed dirt on Trump and use that dirt during the campaign as well as using it to get the government to spy on Trump for her, but it’s not collusion.

Our World:
Trump is guilty of collusion even though there is not a shred of evidence that he did anything wrong.

Their World:
Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch while Lynch is supposedly investigating his wife is perfectly okay.

Our World:
Trump asking, but not ordering, James Comey to go easy on Flynn just as Comey went easy on Hillary is obstruction of justice.

Their World:
Obama can ignore federal court orders to restart issuing permits for drilling in the Gulf and to stop issuing DACA waivers.

Our World:
One random federal judge can stop the president from doing what the Constitution says the president can do.

Their World:
Obama can rescind every executive order Bush made.

Our World:
Obama is a super-president whose executive orders can’t be overturned by Trump

Their World:
A Russian oligarch who contributes $25,000,000 to Hillary’s foundation is cool.

Our World:
The same oligarch giving $150,000 to Trump’s foundation is cause for a federal investigation. Continue reading

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BET funder Robert Johnson and President TrumpOn a CNBC appearance Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, joined the many other black business and community leaders praising President Trump for the way his economic measures have maximized opportunities for African-American jobs.

I will point out again that President Trump is the new FDR and the new Harry Truman in so many ways. And the short-sighted, bloated rich pigs among the Democrats and Republicans hate him for it and use the media outlets they own to launch constant attacks on Trump because of it. He’s the best president for the working class and the poor in decades.  

I won’t ignore the monumental good this man has accomplished for the forgotten people just because the pompous snobs, pretentious asses and cowardly conformists of the country demand it. 

Hillary dead body in trunkMeanwhile, Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton, the preferred candidate of those pompous snobs, pretentious asses and cowardly conformists, continues to ramble incoherently and blame everyone else for her humiliating – and well-deserved – defeat.

As the evidence indicates, Hillary was in the pocket of so many people thanks to moneys funneled to her that a Hillary presidency would have been the worst imaginable. 

The people of Haiti continue to suffer because of Hillary and her fake charity which was really just a back-channel for bribes and other graft, it seems. They were “Hillaried” the way far too many suffering areas of the U.S. would have been had this career criminal won in 2016. Continue reading

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