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With the National Tournament about to start in the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association) let’s take a look at some more Conference Tournaments.  


college of idaho coyoteCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This Conference tourney was almost all-chalk, all the time and even came down to the top two seeds duking it out for the title. The top seeded COLLEGE OF IDAHO COYOTES squared off against the 2 seeds – the WARNER PACIFIC COLLEGE KNIGHTS. 

The Coyotes seemed in charge and held a 33-27 advantage at Halftime. From there the Knights came roaring back, outscoring the College of Idaho 46-42 in the 2nd Half. The Coyotes held on for a 75-73 triumph, led by Nate Bruneel with 16 points.  * THE COYOTES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE 2018 CCC TOURNAMENT *


Indiana East Red WolvesCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – A pair of One Seeds went at each other in this game, as the INDIANA UNIVERSITY EAST RED WOLVES – the top seeds in the River States East Division – played the INDIANA UNIVERSITY SOUTHEAST GRENADIERS – the top seeds in the River States West Division. 

The storied Grenadiers were on top 36-33 by the break, but in the 2nd Half the Red Wolves came from behind for a 79-75 victory. Nineteen points from Kendall Rollins led the way for the win for Indiana University East.  * THE RED WOLVES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE 2018 RSC TOURNAMENT * Continue reading


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Black PantherMarvel’s Black Panther movie has prompted a lot of Balladeer’s Blog’s readers to ask for more and more items on the figure. My favorite was one from just today which said “I don’t like actually reading comic books but I like the way you describe them and review the stuff so could you do Panther’s Rage?”

Since many of the characters in the Wakanda vs Atlantis War made their first appearance during Panther’s Rage (1973-1975) I figured why not.

Panther's RageJUNGLE ACTION Volume 2 Number 6 (September 1973)


This 13-part story dealt with a rebellion aimed at overthrowing T’Challa – the Black Panther – as the ruler of Wakanda and replacing him with N’Jadaka/ Erik Killmonger. This was the rebellion that caused T’Challa to take a leave of absence from the Avengers in our previous Black Panther article.

Synopsis: The Black Panther has been agilely making his way through the jungle like Douglas Fairbanks, Sr in the Silent Movie The Gaucho. He’s freshly returned to Wakanda and is trying to recapture the rhythms of the kingdom he has spent far too much time away from in his adventures.   

Erik Killmonger

“Memes … memes, everywhere.”

He comes across Tayette and Kazibe, two of Killmonger’s men, torturing an old man in a makeshift cage. It’s part of the rebels’ ongoing campaign of terror against all Wakandan villages and citizens who are still loyal to T’Challa (The Black Panther).

Our hero attacks and drives away Tayette and Kazibe, then frees their victim from the cage. The dying old man reaffirms his loyalty to T’Challa and says he never doubted that he would return to Wakanda to help his troubled people. Continue reading


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Because it is ALWAYS fun to puncture the pomposity of Democrat asses who think that only Republican asses are disgusting:   

Obama Derp*** ANOTHER OBAMA CROOK PLEADS GUILTY – In what seems like the 999,897,789th scandal from what Obama and the Democrat media try to pretend was his “scandal-free” (LMAO) administration, YET ANOTHER Obama Gang Soldier goes down.

Raphael A Sanchez, Obama’s top attorney for I.C.E. in Seattle, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Sanchez proved that Democrats – especially from the Obama Administration – never run out of ways of exploiting the illegal immigration problem. Sanchez admitted forging documents with info obtained through his access to I.C.E. resources and used those documents for stealing identities to open credit card and bank accounts.

I guess Obama’s motto was really “Yes we CAN exploit illegal immigrants for more than just vote fraud!” You can find more on the Sanchez story wherever you like. But seriously, though, “The Sanchez Method” may be the wave of the future in Democrat Fund Raising Efforts!

Democrat slogan*** AND SPEAKING OF VOTE FRAUD, the Best Friend of Democrat Politicians everywhere, around ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MORE non-citizens have been found on the voter rolls, this time in Pennsylvania. Talk about “election interference!”

Funny how it’s only Democrats who keep saying this is not an issue that should be pursued.     Continue reading

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Mascot new lookIf I ever formed a rock band of my own I would, needless to say, base the name on something from Bad Movie Lore. Something like Renegade Belgian Cardinals – based on a line of dialogue from the Serial-Killer Priest flick The Confessional.

Putting that aside here’s a quick Balladeer’s Blog list of Oddly-Named Bands of the Past. It’s strictly for people who sometimes wake up at 3am and wonder if Gene was only pretending to love Jezebel.


When you hear the name Sinatra you immediately think of … Scotland? Well, no you don’t, but that’s where this band hailed from.

Used in a Sentence: “The Trash Can Sinatras is a hell of a mean-spirited way of referring to Nancy and Tina!”


For decades this band was known as THE influence in Belgian Industrial Rock, complete with all the massive cultural firepower that implies. (Oh, sure, Balladeer, pick on the Belgians!)

Used in a Sentence: “You fight the front 242 … I’ll handle the 243rd guy back there.” Continue reading


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Governors State University JaguarsCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top seeds – the GOVERNORS STATE JAGUARS – took on the 2nd seeded ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY LAKERS for the CCAC crown yesterday.

By Halftime the Jaguars had shot out to a 39-29 advantage and that turned out to be the difference in the game. The 2nd Half was spent keeping the Lakers at arm’s length and in the end Governors State won the title by a final tally of 78-68. Jalen Miller notched 22 points to lead the victors. * THE JAGUARS ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE CCAC TOURNAMENT Continue reading

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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsWelcome back to Balladeer’s Blog! Like other adults here in the U.S. my own views are a mix of “liberal” and “conservative” attitudes, that’s why the rest of us find dogmatic Liberals and dogmatic Conservatives (with capitalized L’s and C’s) to be so outdated and laughably partisan. 


Liberals think they’re fit to lecture the rest of us about “diversity”. / Conservatives think they’re fit to lecture the rest of us about “family values”. 

Liberals are pretentious fools who actually think they’re the country’s official “intellectuals”.  / Conservatives are nationalist fools who actually think they’re the country’s official “patriots”. 

Liberals mindlessly take sides against their own country no matter what the circumstances. / Conservatives mindlessly side with their own country no matter what the circumstances.

Liberals have hopelessly politicized the educational system, then feign outrage when people prefer home-schooling, even though it’s exactly what they would do if their children were being force-fed Conservative dogma. / Conservatives have hopelessly politicized religion, then feign outrage when people avoid church because they don’t need clueless clergy members telling them what their political views should be. 

Liberals want us to treat Christians like they’re less than human. / Conservatives want us to treat homosexuals like they’re less than human.

Liberals pompously think they’re fit to decide who is “racist.” / Conservatives pompously think they’re fit to decide who is “unpatriotic.”

Liberals want to teach only the negative aspects of American history while ignoring the positive aspects. / Conservatives want to teach only the positive aspects of American history while ignoring the negative aspects.  

Liberals grandly admonish against “demonizing” and “dehumanizing” people even though they spend all their time demonizing and dehumanizing American Conservatives. / Conservatives endlessly congratulate themselves for their alleged “Christian compassion” but loathe the thought of tax money aiding their fellow human beings in any way. Continue reading





Stillman College TigersCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This title tilt pitted the STILLMAN COLLEGE TIGERS against the VOORHEES COLLEGE TIGERS, so you can insert my usual comment about how there are too many college sports teams called Tigers, Eagles, Bulldogs and Wildcats.

At the end of an explosive 1st Half Stillman College  led Voorhees College by a count of 44-38. After the break a 7-0 run put Voorhees on top 45-44 but Stillman soon retook the lead. After several ties the rest of the way the end result was an 87-84 triumph for Stillman College. Daquan Forrest led the victors with 22 points.  * THE STILLMAN TIGERS ARE THE 2018 CHAMPIONS OF THE AII TOURNAMENT


Northwestern (IA) Red Raiders logoFIRST SEMIFINAL – The 3rd seeded NORTHWESTERN (IA) COLLEGE RED RAIDERS took the court against the 7 seeds – the DOANE UNIVERSITY TIGERS (Didn’t I tell you there are too many teams called Tigers?)

The Red Raiders struck a blow for more original team names (Unless you’re from Lubbock) by leading the Tigers 34-25 by the Half. From there Northwestern College stayed in control and ultimately advanced to the Conference title game by a score of 77-63. Nathan Wedel tossed in 25 points to lead the way for the Red Raiders.    Continue reading


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