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#WalkAwayBrain-dead Frederica Wilson, Democrat member of Congress (aka “bought and paid-for whores”) openly called for people who ridicule members of Congress to be prosecuted. For what, the little imbecile apparently couldn’t say.

The simpleton also stumbled over her brief statement, confusing “unacceptable” and “not unacceptable.” Frederica, who dresses like a rodeo clown, is apparently one of those Democrats who think they are our rulers rather than our elected representatives.

Thank you, Frederica, for driving even MORE of us former Democrats to the #WALKAWAY movement. CHECK OUT #WALKAWAY online, by the way. It’s home to a lot of us former Democrats who have grown disgusted with what intolerant fascists that party has become. See also, Antifa’s (Really KLAN-Tifa’s) threat to start acid attacks next. Definitely not the party of FDR and JFK anymore. 

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democrat republican awakeDemocrats, the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and the Dred Scott Decision, notoriously HATE independent-minded African-Americans who defy those Democrats. The privileged white-bread leadership of the Democrats continues to act like it owns people of color like they did on their plantations in the south long ago. (No Republicans owned plantations, or I’d be happy to say so since Balladeer’s Blog criticizes both political parties.)

Recently, some courageous African-Americans pushed back against Democrats at Congressional hearings looking into more reparations for slavery, that “Peculiar Institution” that Democrats fought to spread and prolong as long as possible.

Burgess OwensBurgess Owens pointed out what many have long stated: that the Democrat Party is the only wildly pro-slavery institution left with continuity all the way back to the slavery era. Therefore the Democrat Party organization should pay reparations. Or, as I point out, at least SHOW THE DECENCY TO CHANGE THEIR PARTY’S NAME since they push to eliminate all reminders of the Confederacy and the earlier years of their party’s beloved slavery.

Among other things, Owens said “I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race … How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race”  

Coleman HughesColeman Hughes, who reminded booing racist Democrats that he is himself a Democrat, also defied the Democrat Party on reparations. He also debunked the Democrats’ frequently-stated lie that the U.S. government never apologized for slavery and Jim Crow, noting that both the House and the Senate have previously issued those apologies.

Hughes, who blasted Republicans as well as Democrats (My kind of guy) went on to say “Black people don’t need another apology. We need safer neighborhoods, and better schools. We need a less-punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable healthcare. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery.”

And so it went, as Burgess and Hughes were joined by other People of Courage who defied the Democrat demands to shut up and obey the Party.

Larry ElderOthers weighed in on social media, like Larry Elder with this:

U.S. gov’t did not own slaves. Republicans did not own slaves. Democrats did. Democrats passed and enforced Jim Crow. Democrats founded the KKK. Slavery ended 150 yrs ago and lasted, after America became a country, for 78 yrs. To pay for , will dems sue themselves?”

Another thing to remember is that some people of color also owned slaves. For just one small – but telling – example, Democrat Kamala Harris’ OWN FATHER has pointed out that earlier members of their family had owned slaves. Continue reading

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Harrison FloydHarrison Floyd (like me, a Trump supporter) is another Martin Luther King Person of Courage defying Democrats and the way they think they can order black people how to think and what political opinions to hold. I don’t agree with everything Floyd says but I don’t agree with everything said by people who happen to be white, either. So what? Deal with it, Democrat fascists. 

Anyway, here’s a shoutout to Harrison Floyd, an urban intellectual who has a wonderful talent for making privileged white Democrat fools froth at the mouth with hatred just by having a mind of his own.


For more about Harrison Floyd: Continue reading


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Democrat Thugs harassing Asian AmericansDEMOCRATS HARASS INNOCENT NORTH KOREAN DEFECTORS FOR WEARING MAGA HATS – Democrat intolerance knows no bounds. Their ugly political prejudices govern their behavior in all things, from hiring decisions to physical assaults on people wearing clothing they don’t like.

#WalkAwayThe Asians that Democrats were filmed harassing recently in Washington DC turned out to be people who had fled North Korean tyranny and sought asylum here in the US. Those former North Koreans thought they were becoming part of a free society but Democrats work hard every day to make the country less and less free and to make it resemble the kind of oppressive country that these brave North Koreans escaped from. CLICK HERE

Have I mentioned recently that my biggest regret in life is that I belonged to that party of callous, unfeeling fascists before I left it to become an Independent Voter? I thought I had.

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#WalkAwayThe biggest regret of my life is that I used to belong to the increasingly deranged party of the Democrats. I became an Independent voter long ago and I’m glad to see other former Democrats taking to social media with their stories about why they decided to #WALKAWAY.

Mueller fake newsEver since the release of the Mueller Report further debunked the already absurd Russian Collusion and “obstruction” (LMAO) fantasies of the Democrats they have frothed at the mouth and proceeded as if the exact opposite happened. People who still rant and rave about collusion and obstruction are as idiotic as people who claimed Obama was “a Muslim sleeper agent” or say that aliens abduct them on a nightly basis.

Democrat lunacy aside, that Party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Japanese Internment, The Trail of Tears and so much more continues to pile on the abhorrent behavior. Links are below but for just a handful of the latest Democrat atrocities:

*** Democrats have now labeled the police “The Blue Klux Klan.”

*** Democrats now push antisemitism fanatically, led by hatemongers like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

*** Democrats now move to have candidates they don’t like kept off of state ballots.

*** Democrats do that while continuing to fight legal efforts to stop their vote fraud travesty called “vote harvesting.” Continue reading


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Trump black supporters in t-shirtsDe facto Third Party President Donald Trump continues to win black voters away from Democrats, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, slavery, Jim Crow, the Dred Scott Decision and so much more. The New York Times‘ Charles Blow addressed this recently.

The Democrats find themselves caught between their reliance on illegal immigrant voter fraud on the one hand and on the other hand the way that majorities of legal Hispanic immigrants as well as African-American voters OPPOSE illegal immigration.

For the entire New York Times piece  Continue reading


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Trump and black support#BLEXIT is a kindred movement to #WALKAWAY and is about the way Urban Intellectuals Matter. #BLEXIT and #BLACKLIVESMAGA center around black people who add their own “voices” (to use one of the Democrats’ most nauseating clichés to tweak them) to an ongoing national discussion.

That discussion is about the intolerant way Democrats treat black people like they MUST obey them and MUST conform to the political opinions that privileged white Democrats have chosen for them.

This video features another Martin Luther King Person of Courage openly expressing his support for President Trump. Continue reading


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