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Islamophobia posterMuslim Violence Awareness Year continues. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I’m a non-believer in all of the world’s religions. Most religious practitioners are able to deal with that though some show varying degrees of anger. There is only ONE religion here in the 21st Century that retains the large-scale superstitious savagery of centuries past and that is Islam. I could literally fill this blog every single day with nothing but article after article about Muslim atrocities but the horror of it all would be overwhelming.

At any rate this is the time of year to focus on the fact that there is no god named Allah and Muhammad was a false prophet. It’s also a good time of year to focus on FAQ’s about the most homophobic and misogynistic religion in the world at this particular point in history.

Q: Are you one of those cowardly non-believers who will only criticize Christianity while giving Islam a free pass?

A: No, I criticize all religions and regard them all as fascinating mythology that should never be taken literally. Muslims are the only ones who violently insist their religion should be above that sort of criticism.

Islam is slavery


Q: Isn’t it, like, mean ‘n’ stuff to criticize somebody’s religion?

A: No, it’s only rational to subject all of the world’s religions to criticism and satirical irreverence. Other religions, especially Christianity, have to put up with it on a daily basis and their practitioners may complain but they remain civilized and don’t kill anybody or burn down buildings or launch riots over it. Islam and Islam alone reacts in this barbaric and unacceptable way which does nothing but make people despise and distrust Islam even more than they already do.

Q: Did you start to feel this way after the September 11th attacks?

A: No, I felt this way about all religions including Islam years before September 11th, 2001. Back then I was still considered a Liberal and even Liberals would criticize Islam along with other faiths. After the 9-11 attacks American Liberals proved what cowardly hypocrites they were by dropping to their bellies and crawling for Islam while bashing the hell out of Christianity. I’ll never be a Conservative, but I don’t ever want anyone to think that I’m a Liberal given what they’ve turned into. 

Islam for quoteQ: Is there anything that would make Democrats condemn Islam’s homophobia and misogyny the same way they condemn it in other religions?

A: No. Democrats are incapable of that kind of courage and integrity. They’re only good at taking stands on issues that are now safe, like condemning blatant racism and sexism, and pretending that those are still brave stands to take. Besides, you could argue that if they were really opposed to racism and sexism they would speak out on the bigotry of Islam, too.

Q: But is it really the rest of the world’s business to criticize Islam’s treatment of women and gay people?

A: Yes. For the same reason it was the rest of the world’s business to pressure South Africa to end Apartheid. The American Left was vocal about that issue, but hey, that’s because the pro-Apartheid forces in South Africa didn’t roam the globe blowing up people, derailing trains or piloting planes into the sides of buildings. If they had you can bet the American Left’s reaction would have been to drop to their bellies and crawl like they do for Islam, all the while pretending they are taking a “principled stand” about not forcing external values on another culture. Continue reading


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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsA TERRIFIC LOOK AT THE NEED TO PROTECT POLITICAL SPEECH FROM THE TECH OLIGARCHS – A great read and very appropriate. Click HERE

FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VIOLENCE WANT ACTION – America’s corporate media love to ignore the countless victims of illegal immigrant crimes as well as their loved ones. (Unless they say ONLY what the Democrats want them to say, like Tibbets’ father). Click HERE 

A REFLECTION ON THE WEST COAST AND A REMINDER THAT HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN LAUNDERED EIGHTY-FOUR MILLION DOLLARS – Years ago I used to support Hillary but as it turned out she embodied political corruption and underhanded ways of funneling what was basically bribe money through her fake charity. This article is worth reading for the Hillary bits alone. Click HERE

John McCain mad bomberANOTHER COLUMN POINTING OUT HOW REPUBLICAN JOHN “LET’S FIGHT WARS ALL OVER THE WORLD” MCCAIN WAS CALLOUS ABOUT PEOPLE DYING IN THE WARS STARTED BY HIM AND HIS PALS IN THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX – But people who claim to hate American Interventionism and Cowboy Diplomacy praised McCain simply because he took cheap shots at Trump. Click HERE 

BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL SOME GULLIBLE FOOLS WHO PRETEND GOOGLE DOESN’T ABUSE ITS INFLUENCE – I will say again that Google, Twitter, Facebook and their fellow techno-fascists need to be made public utilities because of their blatantly partisan way of abusing their influence. Click HERE  Continue reading

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Brandon StrakaBrandon Straka, one of millions of us former Democrats who left that party over its growing intolerance and fascism, was banned by Facebook. This latest act of political intolerance from Facebook comes while Straka is trying to organize a March on Wahington.

Brandon’s march will consist of gay, female, black, working class, poor and other groups that have been leaving the Democrat Party in droves recently. Democrats feel they “own” such groups and Facebook’s Democrats always look for ways of shutting down dissenting opinions in order to help “the Party.”

#WalkAwayREMEMBER THERE ARE ALTERNATE SITES LIKE MEWE.COM, GAB.AI, MINDS.COM and so many others that are not Democrat organs. Plus you can use INFOGALACTIC.COM instead of the Democrat outlet Wikipedia. And do searches through DuckDuckGo instead of the fascistic g****e. 

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With the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama slithering out from wherever he’s been hiding while President Trump corrected many of Barry’s blunders it reminded me of three terrific books by Don Surber:

Trump the PressTRUMP THE PRESS – This hilariously wry book covers de facto Third Party President Donald Trump’s successful march to the nomination in 2016. Things never change as you’re reminded of how even back then the deranged and hopelessly biased corporate media predicted the Donald’s destruction DAY. AFTER. DAY.

It’s especially fun to relive how Trump cut off Jeb Bush’s balls in front of the entire world.  BUY TRUMP THE PRESS HERE

Trump the EstablishmentTRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT – Surber’s next book detailed the presidential election of 2016 in which Donald Trump defeated the Democrats, the Republican establishment of stuffy white guys in suits AND America’s corporate media.

Relive Hillary’s humiliation! BUY TRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT HERE

Fake News Follies of 2017FAKE NEWS FOLLIES OF 2017 – Surber kept the hits coming with this look at President Trump’s saving of the economy, relief of the working class and the poor and the continuing propaganda war waged against him by the increasingly shrill and demented American media.

Be reminded of why the media’s approval rating is much, much lower than they pretend Trump’s is.  BUY FAKE NEWS FOLLIES OF 2017 HERE

Sorry for all the political posts lately but until such time as I can log onto the internet without immediately seeing hysterical anti-Trump lies being peddled I can’t help but feel obligated to respond like this. 

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 Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog, the Open City of America, takes a look at a parallel Earth today. As usual this is the only site on the ‘net that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of left-wing and right-wing zealots.

Several years ago a big deal was made over whether or not the 9-11 attacks could have been prevented by greater coordination between elements of the forever corrupt intelligence community. Amid the predictable partisan bickering and childish finger- pointing that characterized the 9-11 Commission and its findings an important consideration was overlooked.

That consideration was how events would have unfolded if the attacks had actually been thwarted. Let’s take a quick look at both the Liberal idiocy and the Conservative idiocy that would have followed. 


*** The insecure American Left always feels that the only officially “intellectual” thing to do is to take sides against one’s own country no matter what the situation is. I agree there are plenty of times when reasonable people WILL take sides against their own country, but with American Liberals the rest of us have learned to just yawn and listen with amusement while they twist logic as severely as they have to in order to stick to their apparent loyalty to “everyone who hates America, right or wrong.”

*** The sheer unlikelihood of the 9-11 attacks would have served as the springboard for the Liberals’ attack on the opposition party’s intelligence services foiling those attacks. 

*** Liberals would have scoffed at the notion that the attacks could have ever succeeded. They would have ridiculed that possibility and made remarks like: “So the Bush administration would have us believe that this perfectly charming Mr Mohamed Atta and his friends would have succeeded in multiple plane hijackings and then, with the minimal pilot training they had, manage to fly those planes with pinpoint accuracy into the World Trade Center towers! Where- EVER does that cowboy in the White House get such notions?” 

*** The default argument of all Liberals is that the only people in the world that are irredeemably evil are Americans and they feel it is bigotry to ever suspect anyone else of any ugly intentions. They would have insisted the intelligence services nabbed Atta and his accomplices based solely on “racist” or “Islamophobic” assumptions. They’d have insisted it was “A Sacco and Vanzetti story for the 21st Century.” 

( By the way, if you’re not sure if you’re an American Liberal or not here’s a quick guide: If you’re condescendingly assuming that other people won’t understand the Sacco and Vanzetti reference then you just might be an American Liberal!)

*** Liberals would have also launched a whole “Free Mohamed Atta” movement and, given the general ineptitude of the Bush administration, probably would have gotten Atta and his fellow conspirators  acquitted. 

*** Atta would then have gotten a job as a radio host on Air America, ensuring that absolutely nobody would ever hear from him again.

*** Inevitably the same organizations that Atta and his playmates belonged to would have put together a deadly attack that DID succeed like the 9-11 attacks did in real life. Liberals would then have insisted that it was America’s “bigoted” treatment of Mohamed Atta and company that was the SOLE motive behind the attacks and that Americans “brought it all on themselves.” Just like they’ve been doing in real life ever since the actual 9-11 attacks.


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Education or indoctrination gifAnother look at the make-believe “educators” (LMAO) who have – with their political intolerance – reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

These institutions are no longer interested in intellectual rigor but are instead dedicated to ramming simple-minded notions of “right” and “wrong” down the throats of students. 

Mascot new lookWhat to do with quasi-religious narrow-mindedness that doesn’t announce itself as such – as with backward-thinking, ridiculous houses of worship – but instead masquerades as “social consciousness” or “being woke.” Alleged teachers are now really just clergy, or seem to consider themselves to be Missionaries for the Democrats. They’re really Left Wing Archie Bunkers.

The close-minded zealots who claim that “teaching is a political act” (LMAO) are the kind of people who often organize and carry out those “Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons” where they change entries to match their own personal political prejudices. Better to use alternate sites like INFOGALACTIC.COM, where political operatives don’t get to edit articles on a whim.

Milk SupremacyLAW PROFESSOR SAYS MILK IS A RACIST TOOL OF WHITE SUPREMACY – “Racist Tool” is a good way to describe white Democrat children of privilege like this alleged “educator” (LMAO). Democrats are now pushing “mylk” as a substitute for “problematic” milk. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. (And by the way, Democrats are determined to make the term “White Supremacy” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racism.”) Read her insane ramblings that masquerade as academic thought HERE   

CAN DEMOCRATS BE TRUSTED TO SET ASIDE THEIR MANY BIASES AND MAKE OBJECTIVE HIRING DECISIONS? (No.) – This next item is further verification of the ugly way Democrats discriminate against anyone outside their political party and it plays a large part in the biased and viciously partisan approach used in colleges and universities. The bias and exclusionary hiring is so bad that at Cornell alone ELEVEN ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS have ZERO Republicans. That doesn’t happen by accident. Click HERE Continue reading

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Every day one-percenters and other bloated rich pigs spew their irrational hatred for President Trump. De facto Third Party President Trump has done more for the working class and the poor than any other president in decades so, like all his other supporters, I am not persuaded by the constant ranting of spoiled entertainers and brain-dead athletes. 

President Trump as Kaepernick

And I will point out again that even if I didn’t support Trump we are long past the point where I would be pretending I did just to tick off the slobbering maniacs who hate what the man has accomplished for the needy. (I’m more of a Drain the Swamp guy than a MAGA guy but I still love the above pic.) President Trump is the new FDR and JFK, with a little Harry Truman thrown in.

I love the following bit, too. It needs no explanation: Continue reading

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