Stop Democrat ViolenceHere at Balladeer’s Blog I have long discussed the need for Third Parties. For a change of pace from me dealing with that type of thinking here’s a video from YoungRippa59. He too bashes both major parties but recognizes that right now it is definitely the Democrats/ leftists behind the rioting and violence. (That violence will probably increase as the election approaches because the Democrats are determined to muddy the results with their fraud-friendly “vote-by-mail.”)

At any rate, subscribe to YoungRippa59’s YT channel HERE  and for his item RIOTERS: THE MONSTER BUILT BY LEFTISTS see below:

And for more on Democrat atrocities including their 2020 war on the rest of us: 

Democrats, the hate-filled party I’m ashamed to admit I used to belong to before they lost their sanity, continue living up to their new label as “The House Harkonnen of Politics.” For specific examples …
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Darrell ScottThat statement from the highly respected Darrell Scott echoes my own sentiments about how de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more to help the working class and the poor than any other president of my lifetime. 

A link to the entire article is below but first some excerpts:

“He’s done more for the black community than any other president in my lifetime,” Scott said. “So when he said, ‘What do you have to lose’ he showed us that we didn’t have nothing to lose at all.”

black support for trump“Scott also stated that there is “enthusiasm” for President Trump amongst those located in inner cities. Scott said that he believes Democrats were “egging” on those who took part in several violent riots across America after the death of George Floyd.

Scott listed some of what he considers to be President Trump’s accomplishments for the African-American community:

“He’s exceeded expectations, he has surprised his critics, and he stepped up to the plate with one home run after another, criminal justice reform, prison reform, historic funding for HBCUs, Opportunity Zones, historic low levels of unemployment for blacks. He’s done ceremonial initiatives on behalf of the black community, dedicated Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home as a national landmark, he released average and ordinary Americans …” Continue reading

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#WalkAwayAs one of the many former Democrats who chose to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly intolerant and violent party to become an Independent Voter, I like to see some current Democrats show some integrity.

Multiple Democrat mayors, most recently several in Minnesota, endorsed de facto Third Party President Donald Trump for reelection. The mayors cited Trump’s tremendous help for the working class and the poor in their endorsements. The link is below, but first some excerpts:

mascot donkey and republican heads“Like many in our region, we have voted for Democrats over many decades. We have watched as our constituents’ jobs left not only the Iron Range, but our country. By putting tariffs on our products and supporting bad trade deals, politicians like Joe Biden did nothing to help the working class. We lost thousands of jobs, and generations of young people have left the Iron Range in order to provide for their families with good-paying jobs elsewhere.

“Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats.

“Yet, four years ago, something wonderful happened. Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States, and he stood up to China, implemented tax cuts, and fought for the working class. Now, four years later, the Iron Range is roaring back to life and for the first time in a very long time, locals are hopeful because of this President’s policies and willingness to fight for us,” the mayors continued.

“Lifelong politicians like Joe Biden are out of touch with the working class, out of touch with what the country needs, and out of touch with those of us here on the Iron Range and in small towns like ours across our nation.” Continue reading


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Democrat rat


Since my contempt for both of America’s major political parties is well known, some overseas readers have asked me to explain the Democrats’ mastery of Corporate Fascism.

Let’s start with the basics – long ago corporate fascists and other bloated rich pigs tended to gravitate toward the Republicans. However, the clueless Republican leadership understands nothing but money, while the Democrats understand power and its use.

Money follows power, so corporate fascists therefore naturally gravitated more and more to the Democrats, who not only get the corporate fascists what they want but manage to make them look civic-minded in the process. Conversely, if rich pigs don’t play ball with the Democrat fascists the Democrats use their media outlets to smear those rich pigs to the point of ruin.

Take the NFL, MLB and NBA for starters. Years ago the national conversation about brain-dead professional athletes was dominated by scandals about the use of performance-enhancing drugs, cheating, law-breaking, fixing and ESPECIALLY violence against women. Mostly domestic abuse and rape. The NFL was also facing endless problems due to the concussion issue and its possible negligence. 

Years down the road, we see that as long as the NFL, MLB, NBA and others are willing to become louder and louder shills for the Democrats’ pet issues of the moment those negatives like domestic abuse don’t get discussed much – if at all – anymore. It’s another way the buffoonish Republican leadership’s failure to keep up with the Democrats in the Media Arms Race leads to defeats in other arenas.

At present the NBA in particular is down there with scum like I.G. Farben since the NBA is in bed with the Chinese Concentration Camps and the slave labor used to make NBA merchandise. But the Democrats’ media outlets provide cover for the NBA since that league is basically a Democrat Campaign Organization now.

Nike and Disney have their own horrific ties to Chinese Concentration Camps and slave labor but the Democrats’ media outlets provide cover for Nike and Disney since they own many Democrats in office. 

Democrat fascismBack to athletics, Corporate Sports don’t just publicize the issues the Democrats want publicized they even advocate for or condemn particular political candidates now. Democrats who get elected with the aid of such support are not likely to pass legislation hurting their corporate fascist allies in the major sports franchises.

Another way that Corporate Sports help the Democrats is by circumventing political contribution laws. Say the Democrats’ media outlets pump up interest in a particular issue. The corporate fascists of the corporate sports world can “donate” countless MILLIONS of dollars to organizations which the Democrat media outlets promote as “socially concerned” organizations fighting for “positive change.”

Those allegedly socially concerned organizations can funnel many of those funds to Democrat politicians by way of third and fourth party organizations pretending to be “non-partisan” and socially conscious. Continue reading


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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog, the Open City of America, takes a look at a parallel Earth today. As usual this is the only site on the ‘net that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of Democrats and Republicans. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES.

Several years ago a big deal was made over whether or not the 9-11 attacks could have been prevented by greater coordination between elements of the forever corrupt intelligence community. Amid the predictable partisan bickering and childish finger- pointing that characterized the 9-11 Commission and its findings an important consideration was overlooked.

That consideration was how events would have unfolded if the attacks had actually been thwarted. Let’s take a quick look at both the Democrat idiocy and the Republican idiocy that would have followed. 


*** Democrats always feel that the only officially “intellectual” thing to do is to take sides against one’s own country no matter what the situation is. I agree there are plenty of times when reasonable people WILL take sides against their own country, but with American Democrats the rest of us have learned to just yawn and listen with amusement while they twist logic as severely as they have to in order to stick to their apparent loyalty to “everyone who hates America, right or wrong.”

*** The sheer unlikelihood of the 9-11 attacks would have served as the springboard for the Democrats’ attack on the opposition party’s intelligence services foiling those attacks. (And remember, I despise George W Bush, so this is NOT a defense of him.)

Mascot donkey and elephant heads pic

*** Democrats would have scoffed at the notion that the attacks could have ever succeeded. They would have ridiculed that possibility and made remarks like: “So the Bush administration would have us believe that this perfectly charming Mr Mohamed Atta and his friends would have succeeded in multiple plane hijackings and then, with the minimal pilot training they had, manage to fly those planes with pinpoint accuracy into the World Trade Center towers! Where- EVER does that cowboy in the White House get such notions?” 

*** The default argument of all Democrats is that the only people in the world that are irredeemably evil are Americans and they feel it is bigotry to ever suspect anyone else of any ugly intentions. They would have insisted the intelligence services nabbed Atta and his accomplices based solely on “xenophobic” or “racist” or “Islamophobic” assumptions. They’d have insisted it was “A Sacco and Vanzetti story for the 21st Century.” 

( By the way, if you’re not sure if you’re an American Democrat or not here’s a quick guide: If you’re condescendingly assuming that other people won’t understand the Sacco and Vanzetti reference then you just might be an American Democrat!)

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President Trump and flagBack in 2015 when Donald Trump first announced he was running for president I rolled my eyes and thought “This will last about three weeks.” I’m glad I was wrong. De facto Third Party President Trump has saved the economy TWICE now, has helped the working class and the poor of all colors more than any other president of my lifetime, has overseen history-making peace measures and so much more.

Every day that neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush are president count as additional gifts that the Trump presidency has brought. The slobbering psychopaths who keep coming up with false smears against the Donald keep lying louder and louder, then seem shocked that only people who never supported Trump in the first place believe them.

president trump saving childrenIt’s no secret that for decades now America has had one of the most corrupt political establishments in the world. Only President Donald Trump has successfully fought that vile establishment, which has brought the full force of its political and propaganda thuggery against him. Already the Democrats have made clear their intention to muddy the 2020 election results with fraud-friendly mail-in voting.

Here’s the MOTHER JONES reminder of the Donald’s heroics: 

mother-jonesHere’s a take from a true working class heroine. Mary Harris Jones, the legendary labor organizer from the 1890s onward, also known as “the Miner’s Angel” and “Mother Jones,” spoke to Balladeer’s Blog yet again, despite being dead since 1930. 

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Well, hello again! I always enjoy our talks.  

MOTHER JONES: I’m glad to hear it, sonny! I continue to be very impressed with the way President Trump – the new FDR and the new Harry Truman – continues to scrap with the same kind of plutocratic oppressors I always fought.

Trump is SerpicoBB: I admit the stench from Washington, DC is amazing. “Draining the Swamp” as Trump calls it, is demonstrating the depth of corruption and outright criminal activity the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for. It took a de facto Third Party President like Trump to take the first necessary steps.

MJ: You know it, young man! No Democrat or Republican would have rocked the boat like this! I think President Trump is like many heroes in one.

BB: Well, I think “hero” might be too strong a word for Trump, but –

MJ: Yes, yes, I know I’m more enthusiastic about him than you are, but I want you to just listen for awhile.

BB: Okay.

Franklin RooseveltMJ: First off, President Trump is like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was looking out for the working class and the poor, so rich fat cat scum tried to destroy him like they’re doing with Donald Trump. They even tried the VERIFIED Businessman’s Coup plot against FDR.

Right now the way that Democrat rich pigs are trying to steal the upcoming election is disgusting and is a threat to all elections of the future. Democrat fascists plan to drag out the election results for months.

SECOND, President Trump is like Harry S Truman. Harry gave ’em Hell every chance he could and weak-kneed sissy boys like today’s Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell clutched their pearls and reached for the smelling salts. Trump shocks more Republican and Democrat trash in one week than good old Harry did in his entire presidency!  

BrubakerTHIRD, President Trump is like that Robert Redford fella when he played Brubaker! Like Trump, Brubaker was trying to clean out a virtual sewer of corrupt officialdom. Even if the scumbags fighting Trump oust him, it will be like the ending of Brubaker, when the prisoners – or American citizens in Trump’s case – gathered around to pay him respect.

The prisoners giving the departing Brubaker a slow clap of good bye was an acknowledgement that the man had tried to help them and to fight the crooked politicians and rich pigs abusing them. President Trump’s end might be like that if the Establishment criminals succeed in driving him from office.

BB: That’s a very profound comparison. Even if – like Brubaker – President Trump’s bottom line accomplishment is to raise awareness in all of us about the NEED to fight the white collar criminals who have hijacked our political system, there is a certain dignity in that. A dignity that people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden could never understand.  

MJ: Good lad, Balladeer, but I have plenty more heroes to compare with President Trump, so pipe down. 

BB: By all means, carry on.

SerpicoMJ: FOURTH, President Trump is like Serpico. The real-life Serpico, not the weak sauce movie version of the man. Like Frank Serpico, President Trump is the only one refusing to play business as usual and just get bought off.

And like Serpico, even Trump’s presumed allies – the Republican crooks – would happily set up the Donald to be taken down by even bigger crooks who will be glad to do the dirty work.

BB: Now that’s a bit strong, don’t you thi – Continue reading


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The Labor Day Holiday is taking on greater significance the more that the white collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans sell out the working class. Bought and paid for office-holders are content to screw over the working class.

MatewanMATEWAN (1987) – This John Sayles film examines the 1920 Matewan Massacre in the West Virginia coal fields. The workers were attempting to form a union and the owners – the kind of people that the one percenters’ beloved New York Times has proclaimed to be “the conscience of the country” used hired thugs to harass – and even kill – the laborers.

On top of that the owners planned to bring in replacement workers who would work for less money and would not expect “luxuries” like worker safety measures and the like. Continue reading


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DuneBalladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Democrats and Republicans, depending on which party has been committing greater offenses at the moment.

Reader reaction to my blog post which depicted America and our corrupt political parties as part of the Alien franchise (HERE) was impressive so here is a tongue in cheek look at the U.S. as part of the Dune franchise.

First, my traditional opening to such posts:

“We’re a world of 7 billion people, 10 billion blogs and 20 billion political poses.”

Paul MuadDibTHE FREMEN – These are American VOTERS who heroically endure the harsh, ugly conditions that the hopelessly corrupt and outdated Houses have imposed on the nation.

The bizarre throwback to a feudal culture resulting from the destructive, self-serving policies of those two Houses has become more and more apparent with each passing year. The gap between the haves and have-nots was never clearer than in the past six months.

Still the Fremen soldier on, trying to eke out a living and preserve what few of their liberties remain to them while striking back at their callous and uncaring oppressors whenever they can. The only hope for the future rests with the Fremen/ Voters, certainly not the would-be aristocrats of the venal Houses.

Baron HarkonnenHOUSE HARKONNEN – Needless to say, these are the DEMOCRATS, the most vile and mercilessly totalitarian of the Houses which treat the voters like peasants and cannon fodder.

The Democrats run rings around their rival Houses with their cynical exploitation of crises and tragedies which befall the nation. The conscienceless trash of this House carry out their strategy of “Oppressing people while posing as the oppressed” in increasingly blatant and brutal fashion. Merely expressing an opinion dissenting from the Democrat Party line is considered grounds for loss of one’s livelihood and access to assorted online tools necessary for modern life. Continue reading


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Myron Lizer picMyron Lizer, Vice President of the Navajo Nation, has added to the praise of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. The Donald has done so much to help so many who suffered under “the Old Rules” of America’s hopelessly corrupt political system.

Not only has President Trump done more to help the working class and the poor of ALL COLORS than any other president of my lifetime but Navajo VP Lizer praised the difference that this president has made for HIS people. (Links below, but first some excerpts)

While discussing the way that, until Donald Trump was elected, Native Americans were ignored by Washington, Myron stated:

“You see our people have never been invited into the American Dream. We for years fought past battles with congressmen and senators that were part of a broken system that ignored us. That is until President Trump took office.”

Among Trump’s accomplishments for Native Americans, Lizer cited “$273 million to improve public safety and support victims of crime in the Native American community.” … Trump re-activated the White House Council on Native American Affairs “to promote economic development and rural prosperity in Indian Country.” (Note From Balladeer: Yes, Trump RE-ACTIVATED that council, unlike some of his compassionless predecessors.)

Myron LizerAnd he praised Trump’s decision to set up a task force to investigate the scores of Native American women who have been killed or gone missing. (Note From Balladeer: Point that out to all the YT true-crime hosts when they inevitably complain about how PAST U.S. and Canadian administrations neglected this issue.)

The task force, dubbed Operation Lady Justice, will “review Indian Country cold cases, to strengthen law enforcement protocols, and work with tribes to improve investigations, information sharing and a more seamless response to missing persons investigations.”

Lizer said Trump had made a direct effort to reach out to Native Americans. “Whenever we meet with President Trump he always made it a priority to repair our relationship with our federal family,” Lizer said.

Lizer went on: “I’m excited to endorse President Trump’s reelection …” Continue reading


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democrat platform is hatredWE NEED THIRD PARTIES! In a year when Democrats keep threatening that they will AGAIN refuse to accept a presidential election loss their hate-filled and divisive “Virtual Convention” did the seemingly impossible: it gave Senile Joe Biden’s OPPONENT a positive bounce in his approval rating.

Utterly hilarious, especially since de facto Third Party President Donald Trump was ALREADY higher than Obama was in 2012 at this point. And Joe Biden’s idiotic remark “THERE’S NEVER BEEN ANYTHING WE’VE BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH WHEN WE’VE DONE IT TOGETHER” did nothing to dispel the public’s concerns about Biden’s obvious senility and/or dementia.

But Democrats, the hate-filled party I’m ashamed to admit I used to belong to before they lost their sanity, continue living up to their new label as “The House Harkonnen of Politics.” Democrat fascists have made repeated threats that they will use the fraud-friendly process of mail-in voting to drag out the election results FOR MONTHS after election day. And will get more and more violent if they don’t get their way. (See Seattle, Portland, Chicago and elsewhere for a small sample of what Democrats have planned for November.)


Democrats just keep adding to the list of ways in which they sink lower and lower. Read on: Continue reading


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