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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE 

Fool Killer 1920sAs always part of the fun comes from the way the Fool Killer – in this case James Larkin Pearson’s version in his monthly publication – took aim at politicians from both parties and at other “fools” of the day. March of 1921’s targets:

** Newly-elected Republican President Warren G Harding, who was inaugurated this month. (The change to January inaugurations did not happen until Franklin Roosevelt) Pearson and his Fool Killer referred to Harding as “a steer that the (political) bosses have broke to faithfully pull Big Business’ yoke.”

** Outgoing Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, whom they referred to as a “mule who never did nothing but act like a fool.”

** Big Businesses from around the world. The Fool Killer blamed them for large-scale unemployment and starvation.

** The way boxers could earn $100,000.00 for a prize fight but Nobel Prize winners only got (back then) $40,000.00

** The series of Russian generals that the Allies supported as the leaders of the “official” Russian government against Lenin and the Bolsheviks. (The White – as in Tsarist – Russians against the Red – as in Communist – Russians) Four generals had been so designated and all four in a row soon went down to defeat as the Russian Civil War (1920-1922) still raged. (Sadly, Pearson’s anti-plutocrat sympathies made him support the Bolsheviks for a time.)  Continue reading


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March for TrumpLike John F Kennedy long ago, de facto Third Party President Donald Trump is clashing with the cesspool of corruption that masquerades as the United States government. Now we’re in the middle of another anti-Trump circus presented by America’s loathsome intelligence agencies and career criminals who occupy elected office.

Trump in the wayA March For Trump is scheduled for October 17th and yours truly will be there just like I was at the #WALKAWAY March on Washington last year. Trump is not really a Republican and not really a Democrat, and is not a career politician, which is why his boat-rocking has made him a target of our Banana Republic swamp in Washington D.C.


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Kentucky_St_OLD1DIVISION TWO OVER DIVISION ONE – The KENTUCKY STATE THOROBREDS from NCAA Division 2 traveled to face Division 1’s JACKSON STATE TIGERS. The Thorobreds trailed the Tigers 10-6 in the 1st Quarter before doubling up on them 20-10 come Halftime. The 3rd Quarter ended with Kentucky State up 33-10 but the Thorobreds had to hold on tight in the 4th for a 33-25 Upset triumph. 

Charleston Golden Eagles helmet NEWDIVISION TWO OVER DIVISION ONE, THE STUNNING SEQUEL THEY SAID COULDN’T BE MADE – In another D2 over D1 Upset D2’s UNIVERSITY OF CHARLESTON (WV) GOLDEN EAGLES visited D1’s VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY CRUSADERS. A 7-7 1st Quarter tie turned into a 13-10 Crusaders lead at the Half. The Golden Eagles shut out Valparaiso from there and won the game 19-13.

ASA Avengers white helmetNINETY-EIGHT – Meanwhile, in the NJCAA, the ASA COLLEGE (NY) AVENGERS took it on the road against the NEW JERSEY WARRIORS. The Avengers proceeded to fold, spindle and mutilate the Warriors, outclassing them on both sides of the ball. In the end ASA College won it NINETY-EIGHT to NINE! Continue reading


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Joe Biden bragging about his criminal shakedown using the explicit threat of withholding U.S. funds if the prosecutor investigating his corrupt son Hunter Biden wasn’t fired. At least Joe’s dentures didn’t fall out like they did during that recent debate. 

Joe Biden brags about blackmailing the Ukraine


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masc graveyard newI have been getting a lot of readers asking me to review some of the more recent releases from major studios. Balladeer’s Blog regulars know that I tend to focus on incredibly obscure items or hilariously bad movies from decades ago.

Since a lot has already been written about the following several films I won’t bother with one of my in-depth looks. These will be more general takes on the movies.

SoloSOLO: A STAR WARS STORY – Thankfully someone FINALLY addressed the elephant in the room of the Star Wars universe: the origin of Han Solo’s last name.

That’s right, in a cinematic setting which features multiple characters sporting the unusual surname Skywalker, Disney decided that the world needed a back-story for the last name “Solo.” 

I sure as hell didn’t PAY to see this movie so you can insert your own joke about “not even getting my money’s worth” here. For the most part this was a waste of time because it made Han Solo a bit too goody-goody. Continue reading


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primitive robotTHE AUTOMATIC MAID-OF-ALL-WORK. A POSSIBLE TALE OF THE NEAR FUTURE (1893) – Written by female author M.L. Campbell. Obviously I shortened the title for my blog post headline. Balladeer’s Blog’s look at “ancient” science fiction continues with this 1893 robot story.

Well-to-do John Matheson and his wife are having a hard time keeping a maid. To satisfy his hard to please wife, the inventor works away in his laboratory/ workshop to perfect his new idea: a mechanized “Maid-Of-All-Work” hoping this will solve the domestic staff issue. Continue reading


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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAs always Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that criticizes both Democrats and Republicans equally. Let me repeat something I’ve long maintained: Democrat Bill Clinton did not deserve to be impeached. It was a cheapening of the process.

I also feel that Donald Trump does not deserve to be impeached. The Democrats have driven so many of us to #WALKAWAY from their party because of their irrational fixation on Trump. We can only hope even more #WALKAWAY now that the party is launching Russian Collusion 2.0. And they’re doing it to distract from Joe and Hunter Biden’s obvious corruption. (Read the transcript yourself to see what the Democrats DON’T want the voters talking about regarding Quid Pro Joe and a little thing called Crowdstrike.)  

Remember, Nancy Pelosi and her Insane Clown Posse publicly announced the impeachment INQUIRY before they even knew what was in the transcript of the phone call President Trump made to his counterpart in the Ukraine. And by the way THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT (link below) shows Trump did nothing wrong. Certainly nothing impeachable.

Trump and dem impeachment cartoonBut just like the absurd witch-hunt after Bill Clinton this witch-hunt after Trump has nothing to do with facts. Nothing to do with the truth, either. It’s a Nuremberg Rally against President Trump and his supporters. As always the Democrats show the Republicans that any stupidity they ever pursued the Democrats can out-do them.

The Ukrainian president still insists Trump did not pressure him. No matter. Democrats are clearly just using this as their latest dirty trick against Trump.

WE KNOW BARACK OBAMA ASKED THE UKRAINE TO INVESTIGATE TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER YEARS AGO. No matter. Democrats are clearly just using this as their latest dirty trick against Trump. 

“THIS TIME TRUMP IS FINISHED BECAUSE OF zzzzzzzzzz.” We have been through this so many times already. On the Ukraine phone call Trump did WHAT OTHER PRESIDENTS DO ALL THE TIME but it is being treated as if it’s sinister because it’s Trump.  

** When Trump did what other Presidents have done regarding travel and immigration from designated countries the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment.

** When Trump did what other Presidents have done in declaring a national emergency – in his case at the border – the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment.

** EVERY SINGLE TIME Trump did what other Presidents have done countless other times the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment. Insert your own Boy Who Cried Wolf joke here.  

The Democrats broke new ground in fascism in 2016 by threatening and trying to intimidate the Electoral College members after Hillary lost to get them to change their votes to her instead of Trump. That ugly precedent now means elections won’t necessarily even be over on election night … or election month … or later now that the Democrats have declared the Electors to be fair game for post-election “campaigning.” 

NOW the Democrats are taking the disastrous and destructive step of publicizing transcripts of confidential conversations between a sitting U.S. President and a foreign leader. And based on WHAT? Gossip from a leaker (they’re NOT a “whistle blower”) who NEVER HEARD THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION but overheard other people talking about it and got alarmed that it meant Trump had blackmailed the Ukrainians just like Joe Biden did. (Joe Biden has BRAGGED about what he did. It’s on video.)

Balladeer’s Blog’s readers know I despise both Democrat and Republican office-holders because they are nothing more than white-collar criminals who all mysteriously become uber-wealthy no matter what office they get elected to. SO NOW THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS PRECEDENT DO YOU SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT DURING A FUTURE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENCY THE SLIMY REPUBLICANS CAN’T ALSO CONJURE UP A “WHISTLE BLOWER” AND DEMAND TRANSCRIPTS OF THEIR PHONE CALLS WITH FOREIGN LEADERS?

Remember when the then-Democrat controlled Senate got rid of the 60-vote necessity for certain presidential appointments just so they could get appointees past the “eevilll” Republicans? The Republicans  have been using that tactical precedent against the Democrats fairly effectively with Trump in office. Nice job, Democrats.

The destructive idiocy of the Democrats knows no bounds. Hell, in the 90s if the Republicans weren’t clueless and limp they could have pulled this, too, and demanded transcripts of Clinton’s phone calls with foreign leaders searching for any inartful comment that could be twisted to justify impeachment and conviction.

Remember Obama pressuring Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu regarding American aid if he did not act the way Obama wanted toward the Palestinians? Presidents FROM EITHER PARTY will need to have these conversations with other world leaders. Confidentiality is essential for both parties in the conversation.

Now the Democrats are making that a thing of the past. ANYTHING anyone says to any American President in ANY delicate situation might now be publicized if anyone wants to leak a rumor about that conversation. Hey, just try to pin something on Trump, no matter the cost. Who cares if world leaders can no longer risk having frank conversations with U.S. Presidents.

And both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have mentioned that this hullabaloo has now put Gun Control, one of the Democrats’ most fervently pushed policies, on the backburner now. Spite is a big expense in politics and the Democrats’ pathological hatred of Trump causes them to damage themselves in all kinds of ways. 

Did the Democrats forget there was an election next year? If you want Trump out, vote him out then. Continue reading


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Four Free Alternatives for Microsoft Word That Users Can Get in 2019

Office programs are needed on any computer, home, or work. To write essays, prepare presentations, consider the family budget in the table – whatever one may say, you cannot do without standard software. The most popular package is Microsoft Office, but you have to pay for it. But if you are not ready to pay at all, here are free alternatives. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog resumes its examination of ancient Greek comedies. 

classical greecePOLEIS – In this post I’m looking at Poleis (Cities), written by Eupolis, one of the Big Three of Ancient Greek Comedy along with Aristophanes and Cratinus. This satirical comedy is dated from approximately 422 B.C. to 419 B.C.  Like so many other such comedies it has survived only in fragmentary form.

The title refers to the all-important Chorus in ancient Greek comedies. In this case the chorus consisted of actors costumed to represent some of the city-states which were under the influence of Athens at the time.

As for how people can be “costumed” as cities, picture how it would be done with American cities. The chorus member representing New York might be depicted as the Statue of Liberty, Saint Louis as the Arch, Pittsburgh as a steel worker, Los Angeles as a brain-dead movie star and so on.

Part of the political satire dealt with the love-hate relationship that many subject- states had with Athens. Being the combination Paris/ Tokyo/ New York City of its time, Athens had a lot to offer its allied polities, but a certain air of tension always existed because of what some of those locations felt were Athens’ high-handed ways of dealing with them.

Eupolis depicted the personified subject-states/ allied states as workers with a not altogether beloved “boss,” Athens. Continue reading


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no-survivors-please-2NO SURVIVORS PLEASE (1964) – This obscure black & white wonder from West Germany is one of the most memorably weird movies of its time. It’s not easy to describe what makes it so appealing. The fundamental story – aliens plan to wipe out all life on Earth – has been done too many times to count. Not even their method is all that unique – the ET’s project their consciousness into the bodies of freshly-dead human beings – which has been done in other movies.

no-survivors-pleaseNo Survivors Please is certainly not cheap, either. The action takes place in various international locations, the actors were all reasonably big in Europe at the time and the production values are impressive. There are no laughable spaceships, no goofy-looking aliens and no lame monsters on the loose. 

There’s just something about this film, though. While not colossally bad it still keeps you laughing the entire running time. A large part of the reason is the fact that the people who get possessed by the aliens often behave LESS weirdly than the supposedly “normal” people do.

We join the story with the aliens’ plot already pretty far along. They’ve been engineering the deaths of assorted scientists, politicians and military figures from around the world and then possessing their bodies. From there they manipulated global events to the degree that they are on the verge of secretly provoking a nuclear war that will annihilate all life on Earth. Continue reading


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