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Balladeer’s Blog’s month-long celebration of Halloween continues with this look at  Canadian werewolf lore.

the werwolvesTHE WERWOLVES (sic) (1898) – Written by Honore Beaugrand, this story features fairly unique werewolf lore. The tale is not structured in a traditional way but instead expands upon accounts of lycanthropy in campfire tales as if they really, truly happened.

A modern comparison might be with those far-fetched tales of the supernatural from supermarket tabloids or online Creepypastas. The pretense of reality adds to the fun.

Set in the very early 1700s The Werwolves treats readers to a pack of Iroquois lycanthropes rampaging around Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. These werewolves are much more intelligent and gregarious than many other such monsters.

They operate in a pack to steal away victims and even dance around a fire in their wolfmen forms howling and chanting before devouring their victims.

These Canadian variations also look much different than readers might expect: they have the heads of wolves and the tails of wolves but the rest of their bodies remain human after their nocturnal transformation.  Continue reading


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FOR PART ONE OF BALLADEER’S BLOG’S EXAMINATION OF THIS OLD, OLD MARVEL COMICS STORYLINE CLICK HERE  The revisions I would make are scattered throughout the synopsis below. 

Killraven the hell destroyersAMAZING ADVENTURES Vol 2 #29 (March 1975)

Title: The Hell Destroyers 

Synopsis: April, 44 years in the future. We pick up where we left off last time around, deep in the heart of Death-Birth, a combined fortress and breeding farm run by Earth’s alien conquerors. Killraven, leader of a group of Freemen fighting the aliens and their human quislings, stands alongside three of his followers: Hawk (Native American), Old Skull (the big, bald, brawny one) and Volcana Ash (a woman genetically engineered into a mutate capable of generating and shooting fire).

The four of them have taken a moment to relish the reunion of Adam 3031 with his very pregnant “breeding partner” Eve 3031. The couple infuriated Earth’s conquerors by falling in love despite their degrading status as livestock for the extraterrestrials, who eat human flesh.

Facing all of them from across the futuristic operating room stand two human quislings, the main villains of this 4-part story. (This is Part 3) Atalon is the sadistic man who serves as the administrator of Death-Birth. He is hideous but has an obsession with cleanliness, especially regarding his white uniform. (Obviously a reference to Dr Mengele from the Nazi death camps.)

sacrificerThe other quisling is known only as the Sacrificer, clad in green and gold. Like Atalon he is ugly but his ugliness is amplified by his metal cybernetic jaw with jagged steel teeth. His amputated right arm has been outfitted with assorted cybernetic blades which can be used as weapons or as surgical tools in the perverse “operations” he performs.  

Eve 3031 has now been saved from the fate of having the Sacrificer carve her unborn baby out of her womb to serve as the piece de resistance in another of the feasts of human flesh which he prepares for the aliens (Zetans in my revisions, Martians in the original comic book).

Our heroes know that more of Atalon’s shock troops, called Death Breeders, will be arriving at any moment so they decide to vacate the area. They are still intent on freeing the thousands of Adams and Eves imprisoned in Death-Birth and then destroying the fortress itself. Continue reading

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Alien HarvestHalloween Month continues here at Balladeer’s Blog, this time with the definitive horror/ sci-fi/ monster franchise in cinema. 2019 is the 40th anniversary of the original movie Alien and earlier this year six authorized (not fan-made) short films were released to mark the occasion.

Bill Paxton’s son is in two of them, but just his voice on the radio in one. 

The six films range from okay to excellent but they ALL capture the feel of the creepy Alien universe far better than most of the sequels. To get you in the mood here is Alien: Harvest. The others are titled Alone, Containment, Ore, Species and Night Shift. Check out Harvest below then check out the others HERE 

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justice trying to hearThe neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” continues, violating all precedents and procedures from previous actions regarding Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Just as I feel Bill Clinton did not deserve impeachment I feel President Trump does not deserve it. This partisan hackery is a cheapening of the process and makes it clear that political parties may now start resorting to impeachment theater if they fear an electoral loss.

Whatever your feelings, you can let your Congressional representatives know. 


When even the Democrats’ Washington Post (Motto: “Democracy dies at our hands”) can’t ignore Adam Schiff’s lies that should tell you all you need to know.

schiff four pinocchios

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Halloween Month moved another notch today. Balladeer’s Blog continues its month-long celebration with a look at another neglected gem of horror fiction.

Vampire city 2LA VILLE-VAMPIRE (City of Vampires) 1867 – Written by the accomplished and prolific Paul Feval, it’s Village of Vampires, or City of Vampires or, if you prefer, Vampire City (Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Va- va- va- Vampire CIT-EEE! … Had to be said.)

Paul Feval’s heroine in this story is the young Ann Ward, who went on to be Ann Radcliffe, pioneer of Gothic Horror through such works as The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Italian. Ann’s friends Cornelia de Witt and Ned Barton depart for the continent with their new acquaintance Otto Goetzi.

Vampire CityGoetzi turns out to be a vampire who lures Cornelia and Ned deeper and deeper into a trap. Back in England, Ann Ward deduces all this from odd letters that she receives from her friends and from horrific premonitions which come to her in nightmares.

Ann and a much older family servant called Grey Jack cross the English Channel to come to the rescue of Ann’s friends. Soon the trail leads to Belgrade and then to a dismal city called Selene by outsiders but known as the Sepulchre to its inhabitants, all of whom are vampires.    Continue reading

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Evangel CrusadersTHAT WAS NUMBER FIIIIVE – In the NAIA the 16th ranked EVANGEL UNIVERSITY CRUSADERS welcomed the number 5 team in the nation – the BENEDICTINE COLLEGE RAVENS. After a slow start the Crusaders made their move, overtaking the Ravens and Upsetting them by a final tally of 35-21.

Nebraska-KearneyDOWN GOES NUMBER SIX – Over in NCAA Division Two the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT KEARNEY LOPERS took the field against the visiting 6th ranked NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE BEARCATS. A 14-0 1st Quarter lead for the Lopers was unchanged at Halftime. The 3rd Quarter ended with UNK on top 21-14 and the 4th with a 24-17 triumph for the Lopers.

Birmingham Southern helmetKNOCKING OFF NUMBER SEVEN – Meanwhile, down in NCAA Division Three the BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN COLLEGE PANTHERS played host to the country’s number 7 team – the BERRY UNIVERSITY VIKINGS. The Panthers put the Vikings on Upset Alert with a 21-6 lead at the Half, then coasted to a 28-15 victory. Continue reading

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hillary clinton crazyHillary Clinton continues to make me incredibly embarrassed that I actually supported her from 2008 to 2015. Her inability to cope with her election loss in 2016 has driven her to move on from just accusing Third Party candidate Jill Stein of having been a “Russian Asset” and President Trump of having been a “Russian Asset” to now accusing Democrat Congressional representative Tulsi Gabbard of being a “Russian Asset.”

hillary-clinton-haitiBut wait, there’s more! Hillary’s fevered mind has worked out a detailed scenario: Gabbard has been bucking the Democrat Party establishment on many issues, even daring to say nice things about the working class and the poor, most recently at the latest Democrat debate where Tulsi stated that when she looks at the country she doesn’t see “deplorables.”

Hillary confusedThat remark is likely what stuck in Hillary’s craw, since her legendarily snobbish remark about “deplorables” lost her crucial working class areas which used to vote for the Democrats. Trump won those states and the election. 

Back to Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton’s paranoid scenario: She stated that the evil Russians (Does Hillary belong to the John Birch Society?) are prepping Gabbard to run as a Third Party candidate when she doesn’t win the Democrats’ nomination for president. Her Third Party candidacy will supposedly drain enough votes from the Democrat candidate that Trump will get reelected.   

Tulsi GabbardTulsi Gabbard (left), who by the way, has served in the military during the past few decades of Hillary/ Bush Family wars, has replied to Hillary’s deranged rant, calling her “the Queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long … “

A heroic role model, Congresswoman Gabbard also called attention to Hillary’s “allies in the corporate media and war machine.”

Tulsi Gabbard BFurther clarifying the stark contrast between the corrupt Hillary Clinton and herself Gabbard stated “I stand against everything she represents” and “I’m standing up and speaking out strongly against the Hillary Clinton legacy, the warmongering legacy of waging these regime change wars, continuing to escalate these tensions between the United States, nuclear armed countries like Russia, China, this nuclear arms race bringing more profit to the military-industrial complex.” Continue reading


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