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Cash GrabBalladeer’s Blog is telling you this: From now on, instead of BC and AD, years will be recorded in terms of BCG and ACG, as in Before Cash Grab and After Cash Grab. Well, maybe not. But you will always remember where you were and what the weather was like and what you were wearing when you first heard about Cash Grab: The Graphic Novel by Cecil

Cash Grab, by internet cult figure Cecil of Cecil Says fame, has launched on Indiegogo. Reserve your copy now! If you miss the kind of gloriously irreverent – some might say sickening – humor of Mad Magazine or Marvel’s Teen Hulk from Crazy, you can find it in this graphic novel. Continue reading

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Erckmann ChatrianTHE SPIDER OF GUYANA (1860) – Written by the team of Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian. Balladeer’s Blog’s previous looks at ancient works of science fiction have established how far back the “big bug” trope goes. Creature Feature movies were far from the first appearance of oversized insects and arachnids. And atomic radiation wasn’t needed to justify such outrageous mutations.

This story is set in Spinbronn, a resort town in the mountains of Germany. Sufferers of gout and other afflictions flock to Spinbronn to soak in its healing waters as prescribed by their physicians. Disappearances begin to plague the area. Continue reading

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Per the Glitternight Index:

Central_Pennsylvania_UniversityUSCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association) Division Two – 1. CENTRAL PENN COLLEGE SILVER KNIGHTS    ###    2. JOHNSON & WALES (Charlotte) WILDCATS    ###    3. PENN STATE AT WILKES-BARRE LIONS    ###    4. UNIVERSITY OF CINCINATTI AT CLERMONT COUGARS    ###     5. NEW HAMPSHIRE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE LYNX    ###    Continue reading

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masc chair and bottleBalladeer’s Blog is all about responding to reader questions and requests. Some of you have mentioned that you’d like to see me write about what revisions I’d have made to the Star Wars sequels in the same way I write about revisions I’d have made to old Killraven stories or how I’d have handled the unfinished Harry Flashman novels.

I have only ever been a casual (at most) Star Wars fan so it’s possible that lets me approach the subject with a certain detachment that many others lack. I have no favorite characters and I’m not really invested in the story or its universe outside of the original lightning-in-a-bottle 1977 film.

My take is that the sequel trilogy is too much of a mess and has nothing worth salvaging. However, since there is more and more talk about recasting the major roles like Luke, Han and Leia for a potential reboot or tv series I figured THAT’S what I’d look at.

Star WarsThe original 1977 Star Wars is about as close to perfection as you can get in terms of a movie succeeding at what it was intended to be: in this case a fun, uncomplimented valentine to the days of simpler storytelling as a nice antidote to the glut of self-consciously “deep” movies by that point in the 70s.

There’s nothing wrong with deep or introspective movies, of course, but by 1977 it seems that audiences were VERY hungry for a movie that didn’t wallow in unsolvable problems and was instead sheer feel-good spectacle. (I often speculate that if the Robert Shaw film Swashbuckler had come out after Star Wars instead of before it, it might have been received much more enthusiastically.)

My own take on potentially casting a new Luke, Han & Leia and starting over would be that the original Star Wars should remain untouched. Begin the reboot AFTER that film but eliminate the overrated twist in which Darth Vader turns out to be Luke’s father and Leia turns out to be his sister. Continue reading

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dalton state roadrunnersWHEN RANKED TEAMS CLASH – The number 6 team in the nation – the DALTON STATE ROADRUNNERS – traveled to take on the 24th ranked WILLIAM CAREY UNIVERSITY CRUSADERS. The Roadrunners were trailing the Crusaders 32-28 at Halftime but after the break they outscored their opponents 47-35 for a 75-67 comeback victory. Rand Bell led Dalton State with THIRTY-ONE points.

Harris Stowe State NEWCENTURY CLUB – Teams scoring 100 points or more in Regulation: The HARRIS-STOWE STATE HORNETS defeated their hosts the FREED-HARDEMAN UNIVERSITY LIONS in a 101-96 shootout   ###   Meanwhile the (1) GEORGETOWN (KY) COLLEGE TIGERS hammered the CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY PHOENIX 116-74   ###   And the BETHEL (TN) WILDCATS downed the BREWTON-PARKER COLLEGE BARONS 101-82. Continue reading


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FOR PART ONE OF BALLADEER’S BLOG’S EXAMINATION OF THIS OLD, OLD MARVEL COMICS STORYLINE CLICK HERE  The revisions I would make are scattered throughout the synopsis below.

Killraven in his glory daysKILLRAVEN: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL (1983) – Killraven and his Freemen continued their guerilla war against Earth’s alien conquerors. In the 7th of its official line of graphic novels, Marvel Comics let writer Don McGregor and artist Craig Russell wrap up some of the storylines left dangling by the cancellation of the 1973-1976 series of Killraven stories. In the previous post I detailed how McGregor had, in the meantime, transferred many of the Killraven story elements and time period to his independent 1978 graphic novel Sabre.

In the meantime Eclipse Comics had signed McGregor to write a regularly published Sabre comic book series. In late 1982 the original black & white graphic novel was colorized and reprinted in serialized form in the first few issues of the new Sabre series. Unfortunately for Killraven fans that immediately made our red-headed rebel leader into the proverbial red-headed step-child among McGregor’s works.  

Understandably – and fairly obviously – Don McGregor was already saving up his best ideas for his own Sabre title, reducing this last chance for closure on the Killraven saga to a rushed, mundane, unsatisfying mess devoid of much of what had made the original series worthwhile. Even the dialogue, despite a few flashes of the old KR style here and there, was lackluster and pedestrian.    

Killraven and his Freemen seemed like pale imitations being handled by a fill-in writer as Don McGregor virtually Rian Johnson’ed his own characters. I’ll examine that in detail as we move along, but first let’s look at some of the changes necessitated by real-world events in the years between 1976 and 1983.

Killraven 2*** First, through no fault of Don McGregor or the original Killraven artists, Darth Vader became a huge pop culture figure in 1977. KR’s main alien villain, the High Overlord (introduced in 1974), had worn full-body armor and a Japanese feudal helmet like the kind Darth Vader went on to wear in Star Wars. Obviously, Star Wars was so much better known than the canceled Killraven series that this 1983 graphic novel dropped the helmet for the High Overlord to avoid looking like their villain was a ripoff of Vader, despite the fact that the High Overlord predated Star Wars

              That alteration to the look of the High Overlord was far from fatal, but became another of the distracting elements undermining this continuation of the KR story. Those other elements: Continue reading

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The year 2020 is going to be the year of Top 20 lists here at Balladeer’s Blog. Here we go with the 20 Coolest-Named College Sports Teams in the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association)


Location: Glen Cove, NY

Comment: Sure, some people may have gone with Webslingers or even Webbslingers for this team but that would not be true to Webb Institute’s location and lore.


Location: Portsmouth, NH

Comment: Herons are similar to storks and ibises and dwell on every continent except Antarctica. Their coolness factor and obvious adaptability make them an ideal mascot for a college’s athletic teams!   


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Comment: The team name Cannoneers all by itself would put Pratt Institute on this list but when you throw in that terrific logo at left it takes everything to the next level.  


Location: Chicago, IL

Comment: Goths and college sports fans alike can get behind the incredibly cool team name and logo for the Phantoms of East/West University!  Continue reading

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