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Pat Caddell always manages to put things perfectly. Today, as we mark how fortunate we are that Hillary “Couldn’t Even Win Twenty States” Clinton is not our next president, enjoy Caddell’s masterpiece video from election day back in November.

Soak it in again and remember ALL the reasons why Hillary was rejected. 

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Mascot with demo and repub heads

We’re all sick of talking about the election but unfortunately DemoKKKrats and Illiberals are still throwing their childish fits every waking moment. They are unable to deal with the reality that de facto Third Party Candidate Donald Trump defeated the career criminal Hillary Clinton, who didn’t even win twenty states. (We have 50 states, not 57 like Obama foolishly thought.) 

mason-weaverFORMER BLACK PANTHER Mason Weaver joined the countless African Americans speaking out on Trump’s behalf to counter the absurd and frantic screeching of DemoKKKrats and clueless, uninformed celebrities.

In reply to Democrat Congressman John “Do you know who I AM” Lewis irrationally pretending Trump is an illegitimate president, Weaver called Lewis an “illegitimate Congressman” who, alongside other Democrats “presided over the destruction of black people.”   

He joined the oppressors (Democrats) and became a stooge for them,” Weaver said of Lewis, who is “now sitting and presiding over the destruction of the black community; the destruction of black men; the destruction of black women, with drugs and gangs.” 

Weaver called on Congressman Lewis to “apologize” to the American people for joining the Democratic “party of abuse,” which has “always been the party of the Klan; the party that went to war to keep slaves; the party that’s always been the destruction of black people.”

Congressman Lewis “has gotten rich and his people have gotten poorer,” Weaver said. “The black (Congressional) caucus has gotten more power and influence, and the black people they preside over have gotten poorer — more drugs, more gangs, less businesses, less home ownership, less education, more jails.”

marco-rubioMARCO RUBIO, ONE OF THE FAILED REPUBLICANS that Trump scraped off the bottom of his shoe during the primaries, displayed far less backbone than Mason Weaver, however.

Demonstrating the cringing, crawling cravenness that marks all Republicans except Trump (who isn’t even really a Republican, thankfully) Rubio added his own prepubescent whining to the DemoKKKrat chorus criticizing Trump for clashing with John “Please say you remember me” Lewis. They don’t call Marco Rubio “the Pipsqueak” for nothing! Continue reading

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I had hoped to stop even writing about politics for awhile after the election but America’s increasingly deranged and violent political left has made that impossible. Ever since Donald Trump defeated Hillary “Couldn’t Even Win Twenty States” Clinton the Democrats and their media outlets have been shrieking thoroughly over-the-top nonsense 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no let-up.

Though some Trump supporters are speaking out to counter the bizarre and impossible claims that American Liberals are making about the President-Elect TOO MANY Trump supporters are still too meek to openly admit they voted for him. TIME  TO GROW A BACKBONE, PEOPLE. Democrats are encouraging violence against your candidate and against anyone who refuses to express the same foaming at the mouth hatred that they express toward him.

jim-brownTo name just a few who have spoken out publicly on Trump’s behalf in the past few days:

JIM BROWN made the truthful observation that “Trump won fair and square and I’m going to support him.”

stephen-a-smithSTEPHEN A SMITH called for support for Trump from the black community.

STEVE HARVEY was one of the many African American leaders who met with Trump about working closely with his cabinet member Dr Ben Carson (also an African American) to improve job situations for AA youth. He was attacked by Democrats for meeting with Trump, prompting Stephen A Smith’s own remark.

THE COALITION OF AFRICAN AMERICAN PASTORS condemned the way that the left is STILL encouraging violence and unrest over the election results.  Continue reading

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Eugene Cernan, our last lunar explorer, passed away. Here is a recap of that final Apollo Mission to the moon, Apollo 17. 

Apollo 17 patchAPOLLO 17 – Overall Commander: Eugene A Cernan

Command Module America Pilot: Ronald E Evans

Lunar Module Challenger Pilot: Harrison H Schmitt

This final manned expedition to the moon was launched on December 7th, 1972 at 12:33am. This was the only after-dark launch of the Apollo Program. On December 11th at 12:20pm the Challenger set down in the Littrow Valley of the Taurus Mountain region of the moon.

The Mission: Apollo 17 broke several records set by previous Apollo missions. Those records included the longest manned lunar landing flight, the most and longest extra-vehicular activities on the moon and the largest haul of lunar materials – 243 pounds. Continue reading

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martin-luther-kingNo institution has been more racist than the Democrat Party. Democrats championed slavery and fought for its spread into the new territories and an entire Civil War was fought on behalf of the interests of Democrat slave-owners.

Democrats in Congress tried to sabotage Abraham Lincoln’s war effort against slavery. Still more Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War and continued harassing and oppressing African Americans for several decades. Democrats masterminded Jim Crow injustices.

Democrat Roger B Taney, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, authored the atrocious Dred Scott Decision claiming African-Americans were not people. Democrat President Andrew Jackson’s oppression of Native Americans included the Trail of Tears and other atrocities.

Martin Luther King – whose birthday is observed throughout this holiday weekend – was, like Abraham Lincoln, a Republican. Democrats continue promoting race-hatred to this very day and try to downplay the fact that King was a Republican.

Some of the most courageous champions of Doctor King’s dream of a society in which people are judged by their character rather than their skin color are PEOPLE OF COLOR WHO DARE TO DEFY THE WHITE LIBERALS WHO DOMINATE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Here is a look at some of those heroic women. I will cover the men separately.

crystal-wrightCRYSTAL WRIGHT

Ms Wright runs her own website and makes personal appearances around the country. Race-baiting Democrats always harass people like her who are brave enough to form their own political opinions despite the condescending disapproval of hate-filled American Liberals. The vile abuse that Democrats throw at her for defying them will disgust you.   Continue reading

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islam-failAs always Muslim fanatics continue to kill and kill and kill in countries all around the world. They’ve been doing it for CENTURIES but the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who pretend to be “educators” in the Western World try their best to obscure that fact. They also try to whitewash Islam’s history of slavery as well, plus its misogyny, homophobia and oppression of religious minorities.

January 1st: Kareto, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, BEHEADED 15 innocent people.

January 1st: Nertiti, Sudan – Muslim fascists machine-gunned 11 innocent people to death and injured SIXTY more while attacking them in their own homes.

January 7th: Kwayine, Nigeria – Islamofascists stormed a village and killed 10 innocent people just for being non-Muslims. COEXISTENCE!

January 13th: Madagali, Nigeria – Four female Muslim suicide bombers killed 9 innocent people and injured over 15 more.

January 6th: Fort Lauderdale, Florida – A Muslim fascist killed 5 innocent people and injured 6 more. Obama still claims there have been no such incidents on U.S. soil during his presidency. Continue reading

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friday-the-thirteenth-novelFRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH (1907) – Written by Thomas William Lawson, a writer and stock manipulator who made a fortune from shady stock deals … in between advocating for cleaning up Wall Street to shut down those fleece jobs. The reforms Lawson campaigned for were taken up decades later when Franklin Roosevelt appointed future Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas to head the Securities Exchange Commission.

Coincidentally enough the overall feel of Friday the Thirteenth put me in mind of FDR’s cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. The novel did that with its New York setting, with the way the story takes place late in T.R.’s presidency and most especially with the way it dealt with ethics in the marketplace.  

lawson-cartoon-betterJim Randolph, one of the novel’s main characters, is in the T.R. mold: he may be a bloated rich pig but at least he’s a bloated rich pig with a sense of noblesse oblige. Jim shares Teddy Roosevelt’s disdain for the Trusts and for con men who use the stock market to rip off their clients.

It’s not as if Jim Randolph is as fiery as Teddy Forstmann was in his opposition to Leveraged Buy Outs during the 1980s, but like Forstmann he has a sense of what makes for a healthy economy and frowns upon the fly-by-night operators who thrive on irresponsible “frenzied finance” as Randolph calls it.   Continue reading

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