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Nancy PelosiPrivileged white one percenter and Democrat career criminal Nancy Pelosi once again demonstrated her political party’s typical hypocrisy on the issue of illegal immigration and border enforcement. The link is below.

Courageous activist and strong female role model Laura Loomer led a group of illegal immigrants over the fence at Pelosi’s obscenely wasteful mansion and grounds at her home. Loomer, a heroine to an entire generation of empowered young women, then read aloud from a list of the dead and raped victims of illegal immigrant violence until Nancy Pelosi sicced police on the crowd. 

The fence to Nancy’s tasteless, disgustingly gawdy mansion is what Pelosi calls “immoral” when used as a boundary at America’s unsecured southern border. Nancy once told a group of illegal immigrants that she “wished she could take them all home with her.” Obviously that was a lie, even though Pelosi’s ill-gotten wealth would certainly permit her to house thousands of them at her otherwise useless mansion.  Continue reading



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ted bundy


A new study shows that using Gillette brand razors is a sure indicator that the user is a rapist, a woman-beater and quite possibly a child molester. Many consumers had been troubled for years by the toxic plastic used in Gillette razors and some had even called for boycotts of the company similar to recent actions against plastic straws but this new information is even more alarming.

Shaving with a Gillette razor raises the odds of a man being a rapist and woman-beater by roughly 87% the scientific study found (see below). Switch to DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB to combat rape and violence against women by the animals who use Gillette products.

The Gillette brand may wind up as toxic as I.G. Farben because of the Holocaust in World War Two. Surely nobody with a conscience would use those environment-destroying plastic razors from Gillette.

If you love women … if you love your children … avoid Gillette razors as if their lives depended on it. And you’ll be saving the planet from Gillette’s toxic plastic, too. Continue reading

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puck joseph kepplerJanuary is an appropriate month for this latest post about Puck magazine (1871-1918). Here at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve long made clear my fascination with that political humor magazine. Puck political cartoons – especially from the covers – are still much sought-after and I own a few myself.

The magazine was a German language publication targeted at new arrivals from Europe and the cartoons stood out early on. There is no language barrier to satirical political cartoons, so even Americans who spoke no German could follow the editorial drift of those humorous illustrations. In 1877 Puck began publishing both English AND German language editions. Here’s a cartoon from its pro-Theodore Roosevelt heyday depicting the wildly different opinions of the bombastic, “rock the boat of political corruption” T.R. 

theodore roosevelt like donald trump  Continue reading

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With Democrats (Motto: Illegal Immigrants: Right or Wrong!) in Congress and in Hollywood saying “As long as illegal immigration never harms US personally, we’re all for it” it’s time for another Democrat Atrocity Roundup.

International red crossRED CROSS COMPARES THE U.S. – MEXICO BORDER TO A WAR ZONE – Apparently the white collar criminals of the Washington D.C. Swamp are going to wait until Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen are trading shots inside the Alamo itself before they deign to acknowledge the druglord no-man’s land in the American Southwest.

Our STILL unsecured southern border remains a sieve for all illegal comers, even diseased and criminal ones. The Democrats do not care about our friends and loved ones who have been killed, wounded or forced to move as the Cartels slither over from the Narco-State of Mexico.

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsNor do they care about all the additional crimes committed by repeat deportees who simply re-cross the border. Democrats consider all illegal immigrants to be voters for their political party, either with or without amnesty. AND the party’s big money donors want the flood of illegals to continue so that wages fall, padding their own financial bottom lines. 

Two of the biggest lies Democrats tell about illegal immigration: a) “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” No, they do the jobs that pompous snobs and one percenters won’t do. Americans would be quite willing to do those jobs.

And b) Back in the 1990s Democrats claimed NAFTA and similar deals that shaft American workers would provide so many jobs in Mexico that the flood of illegals would stop because those people would find work in Mexico instead of slipping across the border. And needless to say, Democrats said it in their usual condescending, clueless jackass manner. Just like they do EVERY TIME THEY’RE WRONG.

illegal immigration cartoonDEMOCRAT JERRY BROWN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA LIKE HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM, PARDONED HUNDREDS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AS HE LEFT OFFICE. Brown did that so that the poor, delicate little darlings – who had committed multiple ADDITIONAL crimes – would not have to be turned over to the Immigration authorities.

They are now among us and the Democrats do NOT care which of us may die or be raped or otherwise victimized by these repeat offenders. The ONLY thing Democrats care about is assisting illegal immigration. It benefits THEM so to hell with the rest of us, Democrats figure.

And Brown’s successor, Democrat Gavin Newsome, AS HIS FIRST ACT, moved to expand free health benefits to ILLEGALS. 

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS ADMIT THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF OR HOW MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTED THERE – That’s why Democrats LOVE “motor voter” registration, so that illegal immigrants can vote for their candidates. For the disgusting details click HERE  Continue reading

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chuck and nancyLast night privileged white Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi looked like they had been abducted to an undisclosed location and forced to recite propaganda by their captors.

It would almost be funny if not for how callous Democrats continue to be toward the people who have lost loved ones who were killed by illegal immigrants over the years. 266,000 arrests of illegal immigrants the past 2 years alone! (That’s per the Democrat outlet the Washington Post, so the real figure is probably much higher.) 

pelosi sadOne network even brought in James Carville to offer some commentary. If you’re wondering, Carville has spent nearly two decades now just wandering from camera to camera spouting the same 1990s take on politics. I understand that for a fee Carville will even appear in your wedding video to provide perspective on how the nuptials might impact the Clintons. 


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Mascot with demo and repub headsWell, I am STILL having a terrific time watching the political realignment going on here in the U.S. The only change we would have gotten would have come from either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders and if one of them got in then the two rival gangs of White Collar Criminals called Democrats and Republicans would attack the outsider at all costs.

The attacks would be different in nature but Bernie would now be getting slammed like Trump is by the establishment forces. Well, actually, Bernie would probably have sold out as cheaply as he did to the Democrats. Anyway, most recently the Democrats made it clearer than ever that they care ONLY about illegal immigrants because illegals allow the Democrats to continue pulling off vote fraud or “vote harvesting” as those career criminals call it.

Resistance SorosThen there’s the childish drama queens of the self-styled “Resistance.” LMFAO! Yep, the opposition to Trump and his Populism is a rag-tag collection of bloated rich pigs, privileged children of the left, international corporate interests and establishment politicians who’ve been in office for DECADES in many cases. 

“Resistance, Inc” or maybe “ResistCo” would be a better name for them. None of these allegedly “rebellious” groups lacks funding and the mask-wearing members gleefully launch physical attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

REAL Resistance movements throughout history have been composed of the poor, the working class and courageous nonconformists of all stripes. Those REAL Resistance movements are composed of people who are taking actual RISKS because of the stands they take, unlike the Anti-Trump fascists.

The bizarre, uninformed people who make up the conformist mobs that oppose Trump are the ones inflicting physical injury on people as well as “filing complaints” around the clock to try to inflict financial or professional harm on their victims.


Resistco 2If you can file a complaint and get the Powers That Be to act on your behalf to punish those who disagree with you then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If TEACHERS – the ultimate forces of conformity – are on your side and encouraging your “resistance” (LMFAO) then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression. Continue reading

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masc graveyard newTime for another installment of Balladeer’s Blog’s feature Transgress With Me.

*** Thanks to Democrat intolerance toward any dissenting views, affiliation with just ONE political party has become an unspoken condition of employment in “education” (LMAO), entertainment and most media outlets (including social media).

*** Academic Freedom is a meaningless sham when alleged colleges and universities become political organizations that fascistically impose just ONE narrow-minded set of views and punish any dissent.

*** When Democrats call for more women in certain positions they really mean they want more DEMOCRAT women in certain positions. When Democrats call for more people of color in certain positions they really mean they want more DEMOCRAT people of color in certain positions. We’ve all seen how Democrats treat women and people of color who refuse to obey white Democrats. Continue reading


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