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Washington Adventist University ShockCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The two teams who were still standing for this title tilt in the AII were the top seeded WASHINGTON ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY SHOCK and the 4 seeds – the ROCHESTER COLLEGE WARRIORS. A furious opening Half ended with the Shock clinging by their fingernails to a 34-33 edge.

After the break Washington Adventist University slowly but surely took control of the game, ultimately defeating the Warriors by a final score of 78-63. Tyrus Fleetwood led the Shock with 23 points and 8 rebounds. * THE SHOCK ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE AII TOURNAMENT * Continue reading


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Mardi Gras MassacreMARDI GRAS MASSACRE (1978) – Category: A neglected Bad Movie classic, but its hard-core gore will prevent it from ever having a Plan 9-sized cult following

It takes a twisted sort of genius to make multiple disembowelment murders look boring, but that’s exactly what Jack Weis accomplishes in Mardi Gras Massacre! Today may be Fat Tuesday, but let’s rechristen it “Splat Tuesday” in honor of this late 70s splatterfest. 

The actual “massacre” part of this movie is an incredible disappointment. An insane, hate-filled man with a Continue reading


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calmaritimekeelhaulersFIRST SEMIFINAL – The top seeds – the CAL MARITIME ACADEMY KEELHAULERS – seek to extend their dominance of the California Pacific Conference when it comes to hoops. Their semifinal opponents were the 4th seeded UNIVERSITY OF ANTELOPE VALLEY PIONEERS, making their first post-season appearance in their very first year of eligibility.

The story of this game saw the Keelhaulers grab a sizable lead, only to see the Pioneers close the gap. The score was 58-56 with just over 11 minutes left to play, but from there Cal Maritime Academy exploded offensively, going on to win the game 84-72. Daniel Radford led the Keelhaulers with 19 points and 7 rebounds, followed by Phil Randles with 16 points and Adam Armstead with 15. Continue reading


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The political intolerance of the shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable fools of Hollywood knows no bounds. They unabashedly call for the personal and professional destruction of everyone who votes differently than they do while ignoring the fact that they are practicing their own – even more fanatical – form of McCarthyism. 

This movie is further proof that American Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in history.

This movie is further proof that American Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in history.

TRUMBO (2015) – How about “Are you now or have you ever been a racist or imperialist or Islamophobic or privileged?” Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how sick I am of the increasingly meaningless “Liberals vs Conservatives” paradigm. It’s just that right now American Liberals are far more pompous and hubristic and in need of being cut down to size.

Case in point: the movie Trumbo. Only American Liberals could be so lacking in self-awareness that they would – in this age of non-stop harassment of Trump supporters, Political Correctness Police and SJW persecutors – trot out (for the millionth time) the story of Dalton Trumbo and some of the other figures who were black-listed during the Communist Witch Hunt of decades ago.

For the past few decades Left-Wing Archie Bunkers  have been the ones black-listing and inflicting draconian punishments on people who dare to hold different political opinions than they do.

We are still suffering under the “Racist” and “Privilege” Witch Hunts that American Liberals continue to pursue with the same sickeningly judgmental attitude and spurious statistics that Joe McCarthy was accused of. How many careers (and therefore lives) have we all seen ruined by the cold, merciless asses of the political left? Often over  simple remarks or organizations the victims belonged to or political contributions they made YEARS earlier. Plus DemoKKKrats accuse people of being racists as a scare tactic the way accusations of being a Communist were used back then.

Anyone under 30 (maybe even 40) who watches Trumbo needs to focus on the OBVIOUS parallels to the way American Liberals hound and persecute Trump supporters and any behavior they choose to interpret as “racism” or more generally as “hate.” When you watch right-wing zealots obsessively looking for “pernicious communism” and “secret communist messages” in Trumbo’s screenplays make a point of noting the similarities to the way DemoKKKrat zealots obsessively look for “racism”, “xenophobia”, “imperialism,” “colonial narratives” and on and on through the entire list of their paranoid fixations.  

American Liberals are monumental hypocrites who thrive on censoring dissenting ideas and black-listing people who hold those ideas even though they pretended to disapprove of censorship and black-listing when those tactics were used against them. They love re-staging old battles in which the outcome is known and wrap themselves in a cloud of self-satisfaction that blocks out anything like self-reflection or introspection. Continue reading


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bruce-boxleitner-as-frank-buckIN SEARCH OF THE UNKNOWN (1904) by Robert W Chambers. Previously Balladeer’s Blog examined Chambers’ underrated horror classic The King in Yellow. The work we’re looking at this time around is a collection of short stories about Gilland the Zoologist. Gilland was a forerunner of the real-life Frank “Bring ’em Back Alive” Buck and the fictional Indiana Jones.

Our daring hero worked for the Bronx Zoological Gardens and was frequently dispatched by Professor Farrago to try to bring in dangerous crypto-zoological specimens or disprove their existence if they were hoaxes. The stories in this volume:

bruce-boxleitner-as-frank-buck-2I. THE HARBOR MASTER – Gilland is sent north to Hudson Bay where a Harbor Master has reported capturing a pair of Great Auks, flightless birds which went extinct in the mid-1800s. The two-fisted scholar finds the Great Auks are for real but the Harbor Master harbors (see what I did there) a sinister secret.

This story also features the Harbor Master’s beautiful secretary, who naturally catches Gilland’s eye, and a gilled merman (shades of Creature From The Black Lagoon), who wants to mate with the lovely lady himself. Gilland’s not having it, of course, and must do battle with the creature.  

bruce-boxleitner-as-frank-buck-3II. IN QUEST OF THE DINGUE – The Graham Glacier melts, unleashing a number of animals from species that were long thought extinct. Among the crowd of academics converging on the unexplored area are Gilland and Professor Smawl. The Professor is a sexy, strong-willed female scholar that our hero has been forced to accompany into the region.

The battle of the sexes bickering flies like shrapnel as the pair encounter Woolly Mammoths and other creatures, find a primitive bell called a dingue and run afoul of a gigantic super-powered woman who calls herself the Spirit of the North. Continue reading


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hustlin-owls1FIRST SEMIFINAL – This game pitted the 4th seeded OREGON TECH HUSTLIN’ OWLS against the 3 seeds – the COLLEGE OF IDAHO COYOTES. The Hustlin’ Owls put the Coyotes on Upset Alert by Halftime with a 34-26 advantage, then went on to consummate the deal by defeating College of Idaho by a final score of 75-69. Appropriately enough Joel Yellow Owl was the high scorer for Oregon Tech with his THIRTY-ONE points.  

corban-warriorsSECOND SEMIFINAL – The 8 seeds – the CORBAN UNIVERSITY WARRIORS – remained the big story of the Cascade Collegiate Conference Tournament. In the Quarterfinals they became the first 8 seed in Conference history to defeat a 1 seed. In this Semifinal the Warriors kept their upset mojo going by toppling the 2nd seeded EASTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY MOUNTAINEERS. Corban University parlayed a 53-40 lead over EOU at the break into a Century Club-level 100-90 triumph led by AJ Monterossi’s THIRTY-TWO points. Continue reading

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map-of-crime-and-democratsSomething that Trump-Haters don’t understand is the fact that, unlike California President Hillary Clinton would be doing, he expresses sympathy for the VICTIMS of illegal immigrants who repeatedly commit violent crimes. It has been extensively documented that many of those Felons Without Borders were caught multiple times during the Obama years but were simply released over and over again.

Donald Trump, as a de facto Third Party President, took an action that NO Democrat or Republican president would ever have taken. He diverted taxpayer funds AWAY from lawyers for illegal immigrant felons and into VOICE, a support organization for the victims of illegal immigrant crime. Continue reading

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