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At Halftime the score was knotted up at 47-47 but after the break the Grenadiers pulled away from the Red Storm and won the game by a final score of 93-79. Jamie Johnson tossed in 25 points to lead Indiana University Southeast.  

ohiochristiantrailblazersTHREE OVER TWO UPSET – In this game the East’s 3rd seeded OHIO CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY TRAILBLAZERS did battle with the West’s 2 seed – the CINCINNATI CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY EAGLES.

The Trailblazers trailed the Eagles at the break by a count of 48-47 but in the 2nd Half Ohio Christian’s wealth of postseason experience told the tale as they came from behind for a Century Club-level 104-91 triumph. The Trailblazers were led by Marquis Jackson’s THIRTY-TWO points and 6 rebounds.   Continue reading


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islam-sharia-free-zoneSweden is still in turmoil from all the Muslim violence, rioting and raping that America’s corporate media pretends isn’t happening. If anyone is skeptical about the Muslim actions there I will be glad to add Sweden to the list of nations where I cover Muslim atrocities.

Islam is the most misogynistic, homophobic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular time. And the way Islam insists on marrying religion to government makes it a fascist and totalitarian movement that needs to be opposed loudly and daily. Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues with this look at just a FEW of the most recent atrocities by Muslims.

islam-gene-wilderFebruary 16th: Sehwan, Pakistan – Muslim fascist bombers killed EIGHTY-EIGHT innocent people and injured over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY more. 

February 19th: Mogadishu, Somalia – An Islamofascist suicide bomber killed THIRTY-FOUR innocent people and injured over FIFTY more.  Continue reading

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With Boycott-mania sweeping the country what better time for this look at the fragmentary remains of this ancient Greek Comedy by Aristophanes?

Ancient Greek Merchant Ship

Ancient Greek Merchant Ship

Balladeer’s Blog presents another examination of an ancient Greek political satire. In this case it is one of those works of Aristophanes which have survived only in very fragmentary condition.


Merchant Ships was written and publicly staged in approximately 424 B.C. to 421 B.C. according to the available data. It was another of Aristophanes’ comedies protesting the pointlessness of the Greek city-states warring among themselves instead of uniting against the encroachments of the Persian Empire.

I can’t help but view this particular comedy in light of my own country’s current plight of having the rival criminal gangs called the Democratic and Republican Parties pointlessly rob the country blind and run it into the ground while virtually ignoring external threats.

In this comedy the captains of two separate merchant ships – one from Athens and one from their foe Sparta – have grown weary of the pointless conflict and make a separate peace with each other. They and their crew members get to spend the play enjoying the food and drink from their cargoes and living out a metaphorical return to the prosperous days before the Peloponnesian War when peace reigned among the various Greek city-states.  

Franchises aka Merchant Ships

Franchises aka Merchant Ships

For a modern-day adaptation (as opposed to a straight translation) the situation could be depicted by having a Chick Fil-A restaurant right next to a Starbucks coffee shop. The managers and employees of these stereotypically Republican (Chick Fil-A) and stereotypically Democratic (Starbucks) establishments could grow tired of the political feuding, especially since both political parties often call for boycotts of the opposing business.   Continue reading

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College basketball’s 2017 postseason continued last night as more Conference Tournaments got underway.


bethel pilots NEWWAKEUP CALL FOR TOP SEED – The top seeded BETHEL (IN) COLLEGE PILOTS (Riverboat Pilots) got almost more than they could handle from the 8 seeds – the GRACE COLLEGE LANCERS. The Lancers’ offense matched the Pilots blow for blow in the 1st Half, making the score 54-54 headed into the locker room. After the break Bethel College gradually put some distance between themselves and Grace College for a Century Club-level 102-92 victory. Gage Ott led the Pilots with 25 points, while teammate Clay Yeo notched 21.

Indiana Wesleyan WildcatsOVERTIME FOR NUMBER TWO – The League’s 2nd seeded INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY WILDCATS – the defending National Champions, by the way – needed OVERTIME to dispatch the 7th seeded HUNTINGTON UNIVERSITY FORESTERS. The Wildcats actually trailed the Foresters 49-40 at the Half but came back to force OT with an 88-88 tie. In the extra session IWU won it 109-100 led by Lane Mahurin’s 30 points and 8 rebounds. Continue reading

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Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of Liberals and Conservatives.

As I have often pointed out in the past there are no such things as right and wrong, there are simply things that a culture finds acceptable and things that a culture frowns upon. Six decades ago Hollywood films conformed to the tired Conservative cliches of Eisenhower’s America and earlier years. Today Hollywood films conform to the tired Liberal cliches of the Political Correctness Police.

As always fringe filmmaking is where the courageous storytelling is to be found. The gutless, pandering Hollywood studios all make cookie- cutter movies lacking any sort of diversity in their worldview. Long ago it was uniformly mindless Conservative films being churned out by the dozens. In recent decades it’s been uniformly mindless Liberal films being churned out by the dozens. So let’s proceed with this light- hearted look at movies no Hollywood studio would touch today.

Crimson ImamNot Coming Soon – THE CRIMSON IMAM – A heroic Muslim woman dons a red costume and mask, then takes to the streets of her Muslim community punishing men who physically abuse women in the name of the outdated dictates of their religion.

Calling herself the Crimson Imam she becomes a nationwide role model and inspires a large-scale feminist movement within Islam. Eventually women and gay people are embraced by Islam, with female clergy and gay marriages commonplace and with abortion rights a new Muslim priority.

What You’d See Instead – THE CRIMSON NUN – A heroic Christian woman dons a red habit and mask, then takes to the streets of her Christian community punishing priests who molest children and Continue reading

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And the 2017 postseason is underway in college basketball! Here are last night’s results from the four games in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament.

calumetcollegecrimsonwaveathleticsINSTANT CLASSIC – The tightest game of the night was played between the 3rd seeded CALUMET COLLEGE CRIMSON WAVE and the 6 seeds – the UNIVERSITY OF SAINT FRANCIS (IL) FIGHTING SAINTS. Despite a pitiful night from Foul Line (Just 56.5 percent!) the Crimson Wave still managed to win this hardcourt epic 84-82. Damonte Lowery tossed in 21 points and had 6 rebounds for Calumet College, while his teammate Darrick Scott notched a Double Double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.  

Olivet Nazarene logoCATFIGHT – This game pitted the 4 seeds – the OLIVET NAZARENE UNIVERSITY TIGERS – against the 5th seeded SAINT XAVIER UNIVERSITY COUGARS. After an action-packed First Half the Tigers trailed the Cougars by a score of 51-46. Following the break Olivet Nazarene’s defense virtually shut down SXU while adding 45 more points of their own for a 91-77 triumph. Nic Reed led the way with 30 points and 9 rebounds followed by Tyler Crater’s 25 points and 6 boards.   Continue reading

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man-in-the-black-cloak-4THE MAN IN THE BLACK CLOAK (1886) by P.T. Raymond (Francis W Doughty). Before Batman there was the Shadow. Before the Shadow there was Judex. And before Judex there was the Man in the Black Cloak, or simply the Black Cloak as I’ll call him for short. And ironically, four years before The Man in the Black Cloak was published there was simply The Man in Black, a story I will examine another time.

Our present tale first appeared in serialized form in Boys of New York in July and August of 1886. The title figure is a neglected forerunner of dark-attired vigilantes like Judex and the Shadow, plus his paranormal abilities mark him as a very early proto-superhero.  

I need to start right at the top with a certain amount of spoilers to make it clear the kind of place the Black Cloak should occupy when tracing early influences on Pulps and superhero stories.  

Our title character at first appears to be a somewhat sinister figure as he effortlessly makes his furtive way around 1880s New York City, often glimpsed by young salesman Bob Leeming. Bob is increasingly disturbed, both by the way this man follows him around and by the man’s bright, burning eyes and chalky-white complexion, glimpsed just above his pulled-up coat collar and bandit kerchief.    Continue reading

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