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mother-jonesAs another Presidents Day wraps up here’s a take from a true working class heroine. Mary Harris Jones, the legendary labor organizer from the 1890s onward, also known as “the Miner’s Angel” and “Mother Jones,” spoke to Balladeer’s Blog yet again, despite being dead since 1930. 

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Well, hello again! I always enjoy our talks.  

MOTHER JONES: I’m glad to hear it, sonny! I continue to be very impressed with the way President Trump – the new FDR and the new Harry Truman – continues to scrap with the same kind of plutocratic oppressors I always fought.

Trump is SerpicoBB: I admit the stench from Washington, DC is amazing. “Draining the Swamp” as Trump calls it, is demonstrating the depth of corruption and outright criminal activity the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for. It took a de facto Third Party President like Trump to take the first necessary steps.

MJ: You know it, young man! No Democrat or Republican would have rocked the boat like this! I think President Trump is like many heroes in one.

BB: Well, I think “hero” might be too strong a word for Trump, but –

MJ: Yes, yes, I know I’m more enthusiastic about him than you are, but I want you to just listen for awhile.

BB: Okay.

Franklin RooseveltMJ: First off, President Trump is like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was looking out for the working class and the poor, so rich fat cat scum tried to destroy him like they’re doing with Donald Trump. They even tried the VERIFIED Businessman’s Coup plot against FDR.

Right now the way that rich pigs like Tom Steyer are trying to overturn an election they lost is disgusting and is a threat to all elections of the future. If fat cats like Steyer or the Koch Brothers don’t like the way the votes went, they’ll pull a “soft coup” as it’s called.

SECOND, President Trump is like Harry S Truman. Harry gave ’em Hell every chance he could and weak-kneed sissy boys like today’s Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell clutched their pearls and reached for the smelling salts. Trump shocks more Republican and Democrat trash in one week than good old Harry did in his entire presidency!  

BrubakerTHIRD, President Trump is like that Robert Redford fella when he played Brubaker! Like Trump, Brubaker was trying to clean out a virtual sewer of corrupt officialdom. Even if the scumbags fighting Trump oust him, it will be like the ending of Brubaker, when the prisoners – or American citizens in Trump’s case – gathered around to pay him respect.

The prisoners giving the departing Brubaker a slow clap of good bye was an acknowledgement that the man had tried to help them and to fight the crooked politicians and rich pigs abusing them. President Trump’s end might be like that if the Establishment criminals succeed in driving him from office.

BB: That’s a very profound comparison. Even if – like Brubaker – President Trump’s bottom line accomplishment is to raise awareness in all of us about the NEED to fight the white collar criminals who have hijacked our political system, there is a certain dignity in that. A dignity that people like Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan could never understand.  

MJ: Good lad, Balladeer, but I have plenty more heroes to compare with President Trump, so pipe down. 

BB: By all means, carry on.

SerpicoMJ: FOURTH, President Trump is like Serpico. The real-life Serpico, not the weak sauce movie version of the man. Like Frank Serpico, President Trump is the only one refusing to play business as usual and just get bought off.

And like Serpico, even Trump’s presumed allies – in his case the Republican crooks like Mitch McConnell and others – are setting up Donald to be taken down by even bigger crooks who will be glad to do the dirty work.

BB: Now that’s a bit strong, don’t you thi – Continue reading


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Khaliq Rodriquez 2Khaliq Rodriquez, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, is still LIVING history this month. Like so many other People of Courage I’ve covered here at Balladeer’s Blog Mr Rodriquez has decided to #WALKAWAY from the fascistic Democrats and praise President Trump’s many accomplishments for the poor and the working class of ALL colors.

Urban Intellectuals Matter, as the saying goes, and Khaliq is always in the foreground, courageously pushing back against Democrats who think they own people of color.

Long ago the Democrats exploited the white working class and white poor by paying lip service to them to get their votes, then selling them out.

#WalkAwayThen when the white working class and the white poor saw through the Democrats’ lies they decided to #WALKAWAY. So the Democrats resumed exploiting the black working class and poor by paying lip service to them to get their votes, then selling them out.

Now as more and more people of color see through the Democrats’ lies and decide to #WALKAWAY the Democrats have taken to pandering to illegal immigrants and ONLY to illegal immigrants.

At any rate, celebrate this month by checking out Khaliq Rodriquez’s Twitter feed – where white one percenter Jack Dorsey’s Twitter thugs often try suspending Khaliq for defying the Democrats. If his feed is down, wait a few days and try again.


San Diego wall built – illegal immigration went down 92%

Tuscon wall built – illegal immigration went down 95%

Democrats will stop the wall at all costs. As black Americans leave the plantation they need illegal aliens to replace them. – Khaliq Rodriquez

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black in magaBalladeer’s Blog presents another reason why #WALKAWAY, #BLEXIT and #BLACKLIVESMAGA continue to roll along despite Democrat despots trying to dictate every — single — aspect — of our daily lives. If Democrats don’t like a movie, they want it banned. If Democrats don’t like a song or joke or photograph or book or article of clothing then those fascists want the item banned and the people behind it destroyed. 


Below is a link to multiple stories of African-Americans encountering Democrats who harass and/or threaten them for wearing MAGA hats. First some excerpts before the link:

“Nearly a week before the entire liberal media complex, along with Hollywood “celebrities” and liberals all across social media, made total fools of themselves by getting triggered by MAGA hat wearing teens, by “reporting” they “surrounded” and “mocked” an elderly Native America “Vietnam veteran,” which all turned out to be fake news that resulted in death threats against the teens, another incident occurred at a Hooters restaurant …”

#WalkAway“Considering how often we see the liberal media complex manufacture outrage, many times from completely fake news, and the increasing frequency of death threats coming from whack-jobs liberals on social media, the fact that MAGA hats fly off the shelves, especially to teenagers visiting DC, and more and more black Americans, young and old are starting to use those hats as a symbol showing they are walking away from the Democrat party, means that anger is going to continue to fester and build.”

“It is not the MAGA hat wearers that should change their apparrel, it is liberals that need to stop allowing a hat, or a shirt, or the politician a person supports politically, to send them off the deep end.” Continue reading

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Donald Trump rock starDe facto Third Party President Donald Trump continues to provide TANGIBLE, financial help to the working class and the poor. In this case it’s through the way his Theodore Roosevelt-style squeeze on Big Pharma has helped keep U.S. drug prices from spiraling out of control. The link to the article is below, but first some thoughts and excerpts. 

Those of us in the real world all know many families whose financial survival has been possible because of this and other ways that President Trump has kept his promises to them. And he’s done it while having to fight BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans as well as the deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies who own those Democrats and Republicans.

fake newsNo matter how much the Fake News outlets distort every single thing Trump says and does, no matter how many brain-dead professional athletes trash him and no matter how many shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers lie about him, those of us in the real world – not the callous, comfortable and uncaring world of One Percenters – continue to support him.

These are not “theoreticals” or “opinions” these are CONCRETE ways that this President has helped the forgotten working class and poor people clearly hated or ignored by Trump’s critics. Anyway, on this particular issue, here are the excerpts and the link for the article:

Trump and black people in maga hats“It’s (Trump’s role in this) also one of the reasons, beyond the insanity that is the current Democratic Party (see: Sanders, Bernie; Warren, Elizabeth; Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria; Pelosi, Nancy; Tlaib, Rashida; and on and on), why people who supported Trump in 2016 remain loyal to him. He has, in fact, delivered on things like this that his voters care about.”

“Big Pharma doesn’t like that under Trump, drug prices are being held down and products like biosimilars and generics are grabbing more market share (if you want to know how much a bunch of them hate biosimilars, go read this). But according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the health care industry— including Big Pharma in good measure— spends $30 billion a year on marketing — i.e., those annoying pharmaceutical ads on TV — and pressuring doctors to prescribe their drug, not the cheaper one that works just as well.”

“Maybe if Big Pharma is so terribly upset about its theoretical profit margin being cut by things like the president using the bully pulpit to hold drug prices down, more generic drugs hitting the market, and drug discount programs, they could spend less on marketing and pocket the change.” Continue reading

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puck joseph kepplerJanuary is an appropriate month for this latest post about Puck magazine (1871-1918). Here at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve long made clear my fascination with that political humor magazine. Puck political cartoons – especially from the covers – are still much sought-after and I own a few myself.

The magazine was a German language publication targeted at new arrivals from Europe and the cartoons stood out early on. There is no language barrier to satirical political cartoons, so even Americans who spoke no German could follow the editorial drift of those humorous illustrations. In 1877 Puck began publishing both English AND German language editions.

Here’s a cartoon from its pro-Theodore Roosevelt heyday depicting the wildly different opinions of the bombastic, “rock the boat of political corruption” Teddy Roosevelt. President Trump is a lot like T.R. and his cousin F.D.R. – hated by corrupt career politicians but loved by the working class and the poor.   

theodore roosevelt like donald trump  Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub headsWell, I am STILL having a terrific time watching the political realignment going on here in the U.S. The only change we would have gotten would have come from either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders and if one of them got in then the two rival gangs of White Collar Criminals called Democrats and Republicans would attack the outsider at all costs.

The attacks would be different in nature but Bernie would now be getting slammed like Trump is by the establishment forces. Well, actually, Bernie would probably have sold out as cheaply as he did to the Democrats. Anyway, most recently the Democrats made it clearer than ever that they care ONLY about illegal immigrants because illegals allow the Democrats to continue pulling off vote fraud or “vote harvesting” as those career criminals call it.

Resistance SorosThen there’s the childish drama queens of the self-styled “Resistance.” LMFAO! Yep, the opposition to Trump and his Populism is a rag-tag collection of bloated rich pigs, privileged children of the left, international corporate interests and establishment politicians who’ve been in office for DECADES in many cases. 

“Resistance, Inc” or maybe “ResistCo” would be a better name for them. None of these allegedly “rebellious” groups lacks funding and the mask-wearing members gleefully launch physical attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

REAL Resistance movements throughout history have been composed of the poor, the working class and courageous nonconformists of all stripes. Those REAL Resistance movements are composed of people who are taking actual RISKS because of the stands they take, unlike the Anti-Trump fascists.

The bizarre, uninformed people who make up the conformist mobs that oppose Trump are the ones inflicting physical injury on people as well as “filing complaints” around the clock to try to inflict financial or professional harm on their victims.


Resistco 2If you can file a complaint and get the Powers That Be to act on your behalf to punish those who disagree with you then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If TEACHERS – the ultimate forces of conformity – are on your side and encouraging your “resistance” (LMFAO) then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression. Continue reading


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Kanye Democrat PlantationKanye West brought in 2019 by reaffirming his fondness for de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. (And no, that doesn’t mean he likes Republicans, since the Donald is not a real Republican OR Democrat.)

Per Billboard (link below, but first an excerpt):

“Trump all day,” he wrote, followed by dragon emojis — likely calling back to tweets from April in which he said he and Donald Trump share “dragon energy,” which he defined as “natural born leaders,” “very instinctive” and “great foresight.”

“They will not program me. Blacks are 90% Democrats,” West tweeted. “That sounds like control to me.”

On his Twitter account Kanye also vowed to continue performing while wearing a MAGA hat:

“One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”

From now on I’m performing with my mutherf****ng hat on”
Continue reading

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