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Saddleback College Gauchos logoELITE EIGHT: FIRST BERTH – The Brummel Dome was the site of another masterpiece of defensive basketball played by the top seeded SADDLEBACK COLLEGE GAUCHOS. Their opponents, the 9th seeded BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE RENEGADES, trailed them at Halftime by a barely believable score of 26-16. The Renegades stunned the Gauchos after the break by forcing Overtime with a 50-50 tie to end Regulation. In the extra session Saddleback College won the game 64-56. Breaon Brady led the Gauchos with 14 points and 9 rebounds.   Continue reading


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Hawaii rainbowBalladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the grand and exciting Hawaiian epic about the goddesses Pele and Hi’iaka.


In the aftermath of Hi’iaka’s defeat of the two sorceresses Kilioe and Kalanamainu’u, she and her mortal traveling companion Wahine were in sole possession of the battlefield: the cavern lair of the dead witches. As a bonus Hi’iaka’s divine powers had even managed to snag the wandering spirit of Prince Lohiau, which Kilioe and her ally had tried to destroy out of spite when their defeat at Hi’iaka’s hands seemed imminent. Continue reading


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old hippy

Left-Wing Archie Bunker: Back in MYYYY day, you were on the right side of an issue as long as you automatically sided with the enemies of the Western World!

The Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s generation like to pretend every war is the Vietnam War all over again. Even against the intolerant forces of Muslim fascism the gutless hypocrites of “the most self-aggrandizing generation” continue to twist logic as severely as they have to in order to take sides against the Western World.  

They also push the concept of allegedly “unwinnable wars.” The expression “unwinnable wars” needs put in perspective. In modern warfare a victorious nation shows restraint and does not bombard an entire nation into submission like was done to Germany in World War Two for instance.

That restraint means that when the conventional war is won there is a sufficiently effective enemy network still at large in the defeated nations. The existence of such networks – often aided by forces outside the defeated country – means that any victorious nation needs to be prepared to maintain forces in the defeated nation for literally two decades AT LEAST.

That will not happen because the civilized world’s enemies (Muslim fanatics at present) know that as long as they can maintain ANY level of hostile activity they can count on the spineless and self-aggrandizing political left in the Western Democracies to do politically what they themselves cannot do militarily – force a premature withdrawal of the victorious forces.

American Liberals are the biggest offenders on that score – especially the nauseatingly self-congratulatory 1960s generation of American Liberals who STILL use every conflict as an excuse to pathetically try to relive their youthful protests of the Vietnam War. Those pompous fools always ignore the fact that America and the other Western Democracies are now facing AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TYPE OF FOE and AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SITUATION.

So this is apparently where we in the civilized world stand: we have barbaric external foes opposed to any form of freedom and built-in political parties (the Democratic Party in America, Labour in the U.K., etc) in every free nation who are determined to NEVER let their own countries win a war against those foes. In fact, those political parties think they can woo “the Muslim vote” while somehow retaining the freedoms that Islam is opposed to. Continue reading




And remember, for my full list of neglected Norse deities click HERE

ForsetiFORSETI – The god of the laws for men and gods alike who acted as the judge and moderator for disputes among the deities of the Teutono-Norse pantheon. His powers of arbitration and unquestioned fairness were necessary for settling conflicts involving his hot-blooded and temperamental fellow divinities. It is unknown, but doubtful, if Forseti’s rulings were at all binding on Odin. He was the son of the god Baldur through his wife Nanna and lived in a Continue reading


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Contra Costa College comets logoNOR-CAL REGION – THIRD ROUND – GAME ONE – In this game the 7 seeds – the CONTRA COSTA COLLEGE COMETS – took the court against the 2nd seeded FEATHER RIVER COLLEGE GOLDEN EAGLES. The Comets trailed the Golden Eagles at Halftime by a score of 47-44 but in the 2nd Half Contra Costa College outscored Feather River College SIXTY-TWO to THIRTY-SEVEN! The Comets won this upset by a Century Club score of 106-84 led by Jeremiah Alston with 25 points. Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Recently the perpetual children who call themselves Liberals tried to make cheap political capital out of a (possibly faked) note that the child of an illegal immigrant addressed to their parents. The child was supposedly sad about the possibility of immigration authorities catching the family and sending them home. Being Liberals the repulsive fools acted like this letter was proof of how supposedly “evil” it is for countries to have immigration laws.

To counter that here’s a letter written to Heaven by the child of a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal immigrant. It’s just as sad, Liberals. Do you immature drama queens STILL think that heart-breaking letters written by children should form the basis of a country’s immigration policy? Oh, I know, Liberals. Only touching letters that further your political goals count. If the letter below helped push your politics the letter and the little girl who wrote it would be world-famous.

(Sorry for so many political posts lately but in an election year the left and right are even more obnoxious. Plus I’m REALLY sick of the way American Liberals exploit emotion to try to make every one of their political opinions carry the force of law.)

Below is the letter written by the little girl whose father will never be coming home because of an illegal immigrant. Try to remember, Liberals, emotion can cut both ways. Not that you barely human political robots will care.  
Young Daughter of murdered Deputy Brian Tephord writes letter to Heaven
My Daddy
By Alyssa Tephord
“My Mommy told me a very bad man hurt my Daddy and now my Daddy is dead. I was very sad and I cried and cried and then I asked a lot of questions.

I asked my Mommy how the bad man hurt Daddy. She said he shot him with a gun. I wanted to know why my Mommy couldn’t fix it since she was a nurse. I’m very angry at the bad man who hurt my Daddy because he hurt my Daddy really bad.

I will never be happy with the bad man. After Mommy told me, I made Daddy pictures and cards. Mommy tied them to balloons and we went outside and let them go to heaven where my Daddy is. I said Daddy, I hope you like the cards and pictures, I miss you. Then I saw Daddy on TV and I was very proud. Grandma Gwen told me he was on TV because he was special and was a hero. My Daddy is in heaven because he’s a good man.

My Aunt Jamie told me only good people can go to heaven and my Daddy can’t hurt anymore. I asked how she knew that and my Aunt Jamie said because there’s an angel at the gates of Heaven and he only lets good people in. I miss my Daddy very much and I will always remember him and love him.”





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antelope valleDAY TWO OF ROUND TWO: SO-CAL – The 7 seeds – the ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE MARAUDERS – took on the 10th seeded CITY COLLEGE OF SAN DIEGO KNIGHTS. Everything went the way of the Marauders in the 1st Half, and they built up a 42-31 advantage by the break. The Knights came out of the locker room on fire and Antelope Valley College had to hold on by their fingernails for an 87-83 victory. The Marauders were led by Cory Dollarhide with 19 points.   Continue reading


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Asad Shah

Asad Shah

Asad Shah, a 40 year old Glasgow newsstand operator, was murdered by a fellow Muslim a mere four hours after making a post on social media wishing Christians a Happy Easter. Shah was reportedly stabbed and his head stomped in. He died after being taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. 

Everyone’s thoughts should be with those who mourn this man. Asad Shah fled Pakistan because he was a member of the Ahmadi sect, who are persecuted by other Muslims because they are considered “apostates.”   

The complacent, self-satisfied egomaniacs of the political left around the world need to note the irony here. Like many truly moderate Muslims, Mr Shah moved to the Western World to escape persecution and the intolerance of so many of his co-religionists. He and others like him didn’t realize that the Labour Party in the U.K. and the Democratic Party in the U.S. would hitch their electoral futures ONLY to the type of murderous fanatics that Mr Shah fled.   

The more that the political left (which so many of us have left because of their bizarre fetish for Muslim fascism) abets ONLY the anti-Western voices of Muslim immigrants while ignoring the moderate Muslims that they CLAIM to be looking out for, the more innocent victims like Asad Shah will die. The Muslims who are as tolerant and positive as he was will catch on that they must pander to the fanatical Muslims even here in the West or wind up dead. Just like in the hate-filled lands they fled. 




Scorpion ThunderboltSCORPION THUNDERBOLT – Yes, it’s Scorpion Thunderbolt, the horror movie that has absolutely NOTHING to do with EITHER scorpions OR thunderbolts! They could have titled this thing Terms of Endearment 2 and it wouldn’t have been any less appropriate.

Potential viewers will find various years of release listed for this flick like 1983, 1985 or 1988. That’s because this is another of those bizarre cinematic cut-and-paste jobs that we fans of bad movies just love, like They Saved Hitler’s Brain, Spookies, Pink Angels, Monster A Go-Go and so many others.

The original film was titled Grudge of the Sleepwalking Woman and was a Taiwanese horror movie from 1983. Balladeer’s Blog’s old friend Godfrey Ho, the Schlockmeister General of Hong Kong cinema, bought the original movie. That Dr Frankenstein of the editing room padded the film’s run-time by adding some kung fu fights and one of his usual non sequitur movie quickies starring Richard Harrison, then tried to pass the mess off as all one movie. Same ol’ same ol’ for Godfrey Ho, in other words.   Continue reading


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liberal cowardice

*** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** LIBERAL COWARDICE IN ONE LITTLE POSTER.

For a nice change of pace here are some quotes from other people regarding the centuries-old conflict between the Muslim World and the Western World. These people recognize – like I do – that the Western World’s biggest liability has turned out to be the preening jackasses of the political left who pretend they’re being “understanding” to try to hide their cowardice.  

Mark Steyn on Belgium’s decision to move airport security perimeters back and pretend that accomplishes something:  “If we’re going to move the security perimeter back, why don’t sovereign nations move it back to their own national borders by not importing and expanding the high-risk population in which terrorism incubates?

“But no, that’s apparently too obvious. Europe would rather destroy itself than retreat from the delusions of multiculturalism. And so once free peoples must get used to ever more indignities and inconveniences, and ultimately a lot less of core liberties like freedom of expression and freedom of movement. The geniuses of the EU political class have decided not to solve the problem but to manage it, via ever more constraints on you.”

From Judith Bergman: “The Western narrative represents a complete refusal to examine the doctrines of Islam, out of fear of offending Muslims. This is not a purely European phenomenon. The Obama Administration ordered a cleansing of (homeland security) training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive.”

Teun Voten on Belgium as a microcosm for the way Political Correctness does nothing but cripple serious attempts to deal with Muslim fascism: “The most important factor is Belgium’s culture of denial… Observers who point to unpleasant truths such as the high incidence of crime among Moroccan youth and violent tendencies in radical Islam are accused of being propagandists of the extreme-right, Continue reading