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Fairfield StagsDAY ONE, GAME ONE – The FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY STAGS played the UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA SPARTANS. Neither team scored in the 1st Period and in the 2nd the Spartans went up 1-0 but the Stags tied things up at 1-1 6 minutes later. The 3rd Period ended in a 2-2 tie, with Fairfield University’s Russell Mazzaro knocking in the winning Goal 51 seconds into Overtime. In this 3-2 win Stags Goalie Nick Lanni stopped 36 of 38 Shots on Goal. 

Sault College CougarsDAY ONE, GAME TWO – Canada’s SAULT COLLEGE COUGARS, making the Tournament in their very first year of ACHA play, clashed with the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN AT MILWAUKEE PANTHERS. In this catfight-that- wasn’t the Cougars made the Panthers their prison brides, leading them 2-1 in the 1st Period and 7-1 in the 2nd Period before putting them away in the 3rd by a blowout score of 10-1. Sault College Goalie Drew Gregory got the win, stopping 17 of 18 Shots on Goal. 

Grand Valley State logoDAY ONE, GAME THREE – The Upset-Minded GRAND VALLEY STATE LAKERS took the ice against the AIR FORCE ACADEMY FALCONS in this game. The opening Period saw the Falcons grab a 2-0 lead before the Lakers came back to go on top 3-2. In the 2nd Period the two teams exchanged Goals, making the score 4-3. Grand Valley State got out to a 6-3 advantage in the 3rd before winning the game 6-4. Reidar Burgeson led the Lakers with 3 of their Goals, while Goalie Jared Myers logged the W stopping 18 of 22 Shots on Goal.   Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Matthew as the Fool Killer would be perfectPART THREE: The third surviving Fool Killer Letter. (See Part One for an explanation) 

As with ancient Greek comedies and so many old movies from the Silent Era, it is terrible that so few of the original Fool Killer Letters have survived. The author of those mock letters from the homicidal vigilante called the Fool Killer was Charles Napoleon Bonaparte Evans, editor of The Milton Chronicle.

In the two previous surviving letters, one from 1857 and one from 1859, we saw that the Fool Killer – like his creator Evans a member of the dying Whig Party – bitterly opposed secession. And like his fellow Southerner Sam Houston condemned the fools bringing on a destructive Civil War.

After this 1861 letter Evans retired the Fool Killer for a time by having the darkly satirical figure stating that he was washing his hands of this nation of fools who had unleashed such a catastrophe. By 1870 Evans brought back the vaguely supernatural figure, who claimed he had been hibernating in a cave since 1861 and had emerged to resume killing corrupt politicians and societal nuisances.

North Carolina and Virginia before the Civil WarJUNE 28th, 1861 – From “Down about Norfolk, VA.” (The Fool Killer wandered North Carolina and Virginia – which back then still included what is now West Virginia – and the dark-humored Fool Killer Letters were syndicated in several newspapers in addition to his North Carolina “birth place” the Milton Chronicle.) 

This letter started out with Jesse Holmes – the name the fictional murderer claimed was his real identity – railing to Editor Evans: 

“When the historian comes to record the cause of the downfall of this once proud and mighty Republic, tell him, for me, to put in these words, to wit: It fell by the hands of Fools!

“I tried my best to avert the dire calamity – I wielded my club (* With which he slew his victims) by day and by night – I bathed it in the blood of demagogues, designing politicians, fanatics, rapscallions and scoundrels” … “I called loudly for help to demolish the fools that seemed to be everywhere springing up like the green grass of this Mother Earth on which you and I tread but alas! alas! too few heard my warning and came to the rescue.”

Bowie Knife PatternsIn this letter the Fool Killer adds a collection of Bowie knives to his arsenal alongside his ever-present club/ walking stick/ cudgel. Future incarnations of the Fool Killer in folk tales, short stories, novels and plays will assign him various axes, guns and even a scythe. Comic book depictions will add weapons like a sword and a high-tech “Purification Gun” which shoots white energy blasts of undetermined nature.  

(Steve Ditko’s short-lived superhero Killjoy might have been able to capture the Fool Killer spirit if the character had been handled correctly.) 

We rejoin the homicidal vigilante’s account of his recent activities and the victims who fell to his club and his knives, each blade inscribed with the words “Fool Killer.” Continue reading


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nwmo1CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top seeded NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE BEARCATS were trying to win the title AND remain undefeated for the entire Season as they clashed with the 6 seeds – the POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY SEA LIONS.

The Bearcats lived up to their label of “team of destiny” for 2019 and by Halftime were on top of the Sea Lions 33-29. Continue reading


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women for trump 2And the hits! Keep! Coming! President Donald Trump, the new FDR, JFK, Harry Truman and Theodore Roosevelt, continues his destruction of the Democrats’ delicate “narratives.” Despite the way privileged white Democrats try to paint him as anti-Hispanic, the polls that Democrats live by now show at least 50% of Hispanic voters have a favorable impression of him. He continues to make similar inroads into the black vote AND he has more female senior advisors than Obama, Bush and Clinton did!

The link is below, but I am STILL loving the way Trump’s successes keep driving the deranged party of the Democrats even more crazy! (I left the Democrats to become an Independent Voter.) He’s already helped the working class and the poor of all colors immeasurably and this story is gravy. Continue reading


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Minot State Beavers logoCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 6th seeded MINOT STATE BEAVERS were looking for their second National Championship as they took the ice against the 5 seeds – the IOWA STATE CYCLONES – in the title game of the ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association).

FIRST PERIOD: At 12:33 into the opening Period Iowa State’s Trevor Sabo slammed in a Goal assisted by CJ Banser & Dylan Goggin. SCORE: Cyclones 1 Beavers 0. At 18:46 in, Minot State’s Blake Fournier answered, assisted by Paul O’Connor & Adam Wowryk. SCORE: 1-1 tie.

SECOND PERIOD: Forty-five seconds into the 2nd Period the Beavers went on top 2-1 off a Goal by Shain Scheschuk. Shain was assisted by Eric Bollefor & Johl Swedlo.

THIRD PERIOD: The score remained 2-1 until there were just 2 seconds left to play, when Eric Bollefor got an Empty Net Goal to clinch a 3-1 win for Minot State. The winning Goalie was Joshua Bykowski, who stopped 33 of 34 Shots on Goal. * THE BEAVERS ARE ACHA HOCKEY CHAMPIONS *  


Florida Gulf Coast University EaglesCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top seeds – the FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY EAGLES – furthered their case for being called a Dynasty as they battled the 3rd seeded NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY HUSKIES for the D2 crown. The Eagles were the Defending Champions and were going for their 4th title in the past 8 years.  

FIRST PERIOD: At 4:55 into the opening Period, Brandon Beard of Florida Gulf Coast University notched a Goal assisted by Dylan Cantwell. His teammate David Wong scored an unassisted Goal 15:31 in to give the Eagles a 2-0 lead over the Huskies. Continue reading


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Adam Warlock# FIRST EVER APPEARANCE OF GAMORA. Balladeer’s Blog’s examination of another old, old, OLD Marvel Comics hit continues.   


Magus part threePART THREE

Strange Tales #180 (June, 1975)


Synopsis: Adam Warlock, seeker of truth, slayer of false gods and wearer of tight red hot-pants, has at last arrived on the home world of the Universal Church of Truth. This is the capital planet of the thousand worlds enslaved by the Church and its self-proclaimed deity the Magus. Adam seeks to destroy the Church, free its victims and kill the Magus, even though that means he himself will die since, for still unexplained reasons, Warlock and the Magus are one and the same being. 



Adam is in a new outfit and at his side is Pip the Troll, with whom he spear-headed a prisoner revolt on the Church’s starship The Great Divide in the previous chapter. Pip’s familiarity with this most important city on the Church’s home planet has been crucial thus far.

Warlock reflects that Pip’s knowledge of the crowded, bustling streets of this night-darkened city exceeds even the memories of the Black Knight of the Church named Autolycus. Those memories now reside in Adam’s own mind since the Soul Gem he wears on his forehead acted on its own to absorb Autolycus’ soul last time around. (NOTE: Adam’s Soul Gem was later retconned into being one of the Infinity Stones.)

Adam needs all the help he can get since this domain ruled by the Magus is roughly 12 galaxies away from the Milky Way so our hero is in very unfamiliar surroundings with life-forms no other Marvel Character had yet encountered. 

Trouble arises when, despite their keeping to the sleazier, run-down portions of the metropolis, Warlock and Pip run into another Black Knight of the Church.     Continue reading


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Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead strikes again with Debbie Harry’s Liar, Liar

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point loma nazareneFIRST SEMIFINAL – The 6 seeds – the POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY SEA LIONS – took the court against the 7th seeded UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA SCREAMING EAGLES. This battle royal had a Halftime score of 31-30 with the Sea Lions on top. From there Point Loma Nazarene University outscored their opponents 50-41 for an 81-71 victory. Twenty points from Daulton Hommes led the Sea Lions. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Fool Killer illustrationPART TWO: The second surviving Fool Killer Letter. (See Part One for an explanation)

MARCH 10th, 1859: From “… the right side of the Richmond & Danville Railroad” – This letter from Jesse Holmes, the fictional Fool Killer to Charles Napoleon Bonaparte Evans, Editor of the Milton Chronicle, was, like the others, written by Evans himself as dark-humored political and social commentary.

The Fool Killer began this letter by stating he was abandoning his murderous campaign to help the citizens of Leasburg, NC in their Quixotic battle with the Postmaster General in Washington, DC. The people of Leasburg objected to the mail delivery schedule established by the Postmaster General. January of 1859 was when the relevant postal route contracts were awarded.

Skull Walking Stick 2(My fellow geeks for 19th Century American history will recall that these routes – sometimes referred to as Star Routes because they were indicated by three stars on the route indexes – were often at the center of bidding scandals.)

The fictional Jesse Holmes stated he had decided to let the people of Leasburg fight their own postal battles. That was because the only way he could have rendered a decisive blow on their behalf would be to visit Washington, DC, and he feared having his own morals corrupted if he set foot in the District. (Hey, tell it to Billy Jack, Jesse!) 

The Fool Killer instead decided to head to Raleigh, NC to force the adjournment of the notoriously corrupt Democrat-dominated legislature (The Fool Killer, like Editor Charles Evans, belonged to the dying Whig Party). Enroute he was distracted, as so often happens in the Fool Killer Letters.

1850s north carolinaIn this case the distraction came in the form of “a venerable and mighty clever man” who asked Holmes to find out who had stolen his prize turkey. Armed as always with his club/ walking stick/ cudgel the Fool Killer began his investigation.

Presently he came across a parade of the Don Quixote Invincibles, a sort of southern, Raleigh-centered version of Mummers. The Invincibles would march in colorful, anachronistic costumes on special occasions.

Jesse spotted a DQI member wearing a colorful costume made of freshly-plucked turkey feathers and knew he had found his man. The Fool Killer struck down the turkey thief and was then attacked by the dead man’s fellow DQI marchers. Holmes wielded his weapon to deadly effect as usual, fighting off all of them (“Tarheel Fu” I guess). When a marcher costumed as a Chinaman was smacked down dead the other DQI’ers finally gave up their attack and fled the scene. 

The Fool Killer then resumed his journey toward the state house to fulfill his plan to confront the crooked politicians of the General Assembly.  Continue reading


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The remaining teams were re-seeded 1-8. 

point loma nazareneFINAL FOUR: FIRST BERTH – The 6 seeds – the POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY SEA LIONS – took on the 3rd seeded QUEENS UNIVERSITY OF CHARLOTTE ROYALS. The Upset-minded Sea Lions were on top of the Royals by a healthy 40-29 at the Half, then squeezed out a little more separation after the break. The final score was Point Loma Nazarene University 87  Queens University of Charlotte 74. Preston Beverly and Daulton Hommes led the Sea Lions with 22 points each.

Southern Indiana University Screaming EaglesFINAL FOUR: SECOND BERTH – In this game the 7th seeded UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA SCREAMING EAGLES did battle with the 2 seeds – the WEST TEXAS A&M BUFFALOES. Another Upset was in the offing here as a 46-34 Halftime lead for the Screaming Eagles ultimately became a 94-84 victory. Alex Stein tossed in THIRTY-ONE points to lead the University of Southern Indiana.    Continue reading


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