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Ainu WomanIRURA – This goddess was the psychopomp of the Ainu pantheon.

She and her dog would guide a dead spirit from their gravepost in this world to whichever afterlife the fire goddess Fuchi had decreed the soul should be sent to, either for reward or punishment. Continue reading


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Bow-tied scientist impersonator Bill Nye.

Bow-tied scientist impersonator Bill Nye.

Bill Nye, perhaps best known as “the least funny member of the Almost Live cast,” is NOT a scientist, and merely has a degree in mechanical engineering. Hilariously he mistakenly thinks that because he played a scientist on a TELEVISION SHOW that that somehow makes him an authority on science.

Uh. Yeah. Actors who play doctors on a television show are not really physicians, either, but Nye has now combined his ridiculously pompous pronouncements on science with the old line “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.” Kudos to Nye for being able to laugh at himself in this way on his new show. 

Bill Nye, the Delusional Guy debuts tonight and is a laugh riot depicting what happens when a self-important fool tries to pass himself off as an expert on subjects he has no idea about. This first episode presents the wacky Nye bluffing and blustering his way into performing heart surgery, resulting in black-humored, blood-soaked fun.   Continue reading


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This was Week Two for the divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog.

* NAIA *

Marian Knights helmet newBATTLE IN THE TOP FIVE – The top ranked MARIAN UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS traveled to face the number 4 team in the nation – the SAINT XAVIER UNIVERSITY COUGARS. This crossover game in the Mid-States Football Association was all Marian most of the game. The Knights thoroughly dominated the Cougars and when all the dust had settled Marian University went back home boasting a FORTY-FIVE to THIRTEEN manhandling of SXU.

Baker University Wildcats NEWNUMBER SIX GETS TOPPLED – The number 15 BAKER UNIVERSITY WILDCATS were on the road against the 6th ranked GRAND VIEW UNIVERSITY VIKINGS yesterday. This game wound up being an undisputed Instant Classic that practically redefined the expression Smash-Mouth Football. The Wildcats pulled off the upset, dragging down the Vikings by a final tally of 20-15.   Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of this epic myth of the Bukidnon people of the Philippines.


MindanaoWith Alisngaran’s wedding to his beloved postponed by the rising of the dual suns and the arrival of the mountain- sized boar called the Makadingding, that most valued disciple of the demigod Baybayan was filled with sorrow. Other couples among Baybayan’s hundreds of disciples had gotten married already. Baybayan assured Alisngaran that he and his woman could get married once arrived in Skyland, the home of the gods, but the loving couple were still despondent. 

Alisngaran and his intended bride announced they would rather stay on Earth among the unblessed rather than risk getting separated or getting killed unwed in the dangerous journey to Skyland. Baybayan was saddened by this but he agreed to let them stay behind and exempted Alisngaran from any further actions on his behalf.

Meanwhile the Makadingding was still running amok and killing everything in its path. With Alisngaran “retired” that left twelve remaining members of Baybayan’s inner circle of disciples. He sent that dozen into action, pitting their spears and kampilan swords against the enormous boar. As the battle raged three of them wound up getting devoured by the creature and three more were killed by the Makadingding’s tusks, tail and spiny quills.    Continue reading


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Ben Affleck portrays a superhero who defends Muslim terrorists from anyone who interferes with them on The Ben Affleck Show.

Ben Affleck portrays a superhero who defends Muslim terrorists from anyone who interferes with them on The Ben Affleck Show.

Ben Affleck’s latest venture is this eponymous web series in which he portrays Haven Monahan, a gutless hypocrite who hates Christianity and Judaism but grovels for Islam. Still hopelessly embittered by the scorn he gets for his disastrous turn in Daredevil and for any other casting of him as a costumed crimefighter Affleck has decided to tackle his critics head-on by starring as a superhero called the Defender of the Faith.

Whenever anyone is courageously standing up to Islamic oppression or violence Haven Monahan (Affleck) becomes the Defender of the Faith and ensures that non-Muslims are victimized by any Muslim fanatic in the vicinity.

Affleck as the costumed superhero the Defender of the Faith.

Affleck as the costumed superhero the Defender of the Faith.

Episode One, posted last night, was torn from recent headlines as Affleck’s Defender of the Faith swung into action to prevent a handful of heroic non-Muslims from interfering with a crazed Muslim gunman. The Defender of the Faith beat the interlopers unconscious then left the scene so the Muslim terrorist could wrack up a body count of innocent bystanders.

Talking about his latest role Affleck (who also produces and directs the web series) stated “My own ancestors were slave-owners and slavery is a tradition that the Muslim world has kept going long after the West abandoned it, so I’ve always felt a certain kinship to Islam. Continue reading


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Screamtime 1Screamtime is one of the forgotten horror anthology films from the 1980’s. Supposedly the three main horror tales were originally filmed as individual episodes of a British tv series. Depending on which source you use either the series was cancelled (or never picked up) OR the episodes were deemed to be of too poor a quality.

The trio of horror stories were then edited into movie format for theatrical release with a wraparound story set in New York City. The oddity of the hard-assed New Yorkers watching three veddy, veddy British horror tales is part of the fun of this lame but bearable film. VHS it ain’t. Hell, it’s not even Beta Continue reading


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Bukidnon political mapBalladeer’s Blog continues its examination of this epic myth of the Bukidnon people of the Philippines. 


The demigod Baybayan had warned his 13 favorite disciples that a time of various trials was coming. When pressed for details he explained that the time in question would be heralded by the rising of two suns in the east.

Next an enormous boar with sharp quills all over its body would appear and blot out both suns with its gigantic form. The world would be plunged into darkness and many would die before the creature – called the Makadingding – could be slain. Continue reading


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