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Balladeer’s Blog’s look back on 2018 concludes with this review of November’s best:

Trump and black supportDYSTOPIA NATION: DEMOCRATS PERSECUTE PEOPLE OF COLOR WHO LEAVE THE PARTY – This most recent installment of Dystopia Nation dealt with the way the intolerant fascists who call themselves Democrats think people of color are only “authentic” if they obediently toe the Democrat Party line.

Free-thinking voters of color get harassed by Democrats, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, in direct proportion to how many of them reject the condescending, privileged white people who run that political party. CLICK HERE

Doughboy WarWORLD WAR ONE: SOME INTRIGUING BOOKS – This November saw the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One on November 11th.

Balladeer’s Blog presented quick reviews of several books that cover the First World War, from well-known topics all the way to neglected side elements. For this blog post CLICK HERE

Trump and black people in maga hatsYUMIKO BLASCHKO: TRUMP’S POLICIES ARE WORKING WELL FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES – Woman of color Yumiko Blaschko once again ignored the pompous white left-wing Archie Bunkers called Democrats and spoke her mind.

For her excellent and profound look at how President Trump defies both the Republicans and Democrats to help working class and poor people of ALL colors CLICK HERE

John Adams fighting a giant snakeRANDOM WEIRDNESS: JAPAN’S 1860s LOOK AT AMERICAN HISTORY – This baby must be read to be believed.

Before Japan’s odd J-Horror there was J-History as in this outrageous depiction of our Nation’s Founders as you’ve never seen them before! My personal favorite: Their illustration of Benjamin Franklin casually holding a cannon in his arms and firing it at a troop of Redcoats! Now that’s badass! CLICK HERE 

Allie StuckeyANOTHER FEMALE VOTER FED UP WITH CONDESCENDING DEMOCRAT FOOLS – The title said it all with this terrific item!

Allie’s hilariously sarcastic take on the way so many pompous Democrats who pretend to be “intellectual” (LMAO) alienate so many women by talking down to them. CLICK HERE 

Matarese Circle 2ROBERT LUDLUM EXPANDED UNIVERSE – With “expanded fictional universes” all the rage now Balladeer’s Blog presented this look at a potential Robert Ludlum Expanded Universe.

Television shows like Beowulf Agate, depicting Brandon Scofield’s daring Scarlet Pimpernel-style defection operations from the Cold War Era, or Operation: Medusa, about David Webb (later called Jason Bourne) carrying out covert missions late in the Vietnam War. All that and more, just CLICK HERE

Obama hates childrenTEAR-GASSER IN CHIEF BARACK OBAMA – Democrats are nauseating with their phony concern over illegal immigrants and their children in dealing with the Border Patrol and ICE.

Those political robots never cared about all the deaths that happened in custody or from tear-gas during Obama’s time in office. For a look at the HUNDREDS of incidents CLICK HERE 




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Terror TrainBefore MST3K there was … The Texas 27 Film Vault!

Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of this neglected cult show from the mid-1980s. 

EPISODE ORIGINALLY BROADCAST: Saturday December 27th, 1986 from 10:30pm to 1:00am.

EXTRAS: Randy Clower and Richard Malmos, as machine-gun toting Film Vault Technicians First Class and members of the fictional Film Vault Corps (“the few, the proud, the sarcastic”) had two and a half hours to work with each week. Interviews with figures like Vincent Price, Forry Ackerman and others were featured and the movies being shown and mocked were often preceded by episodes of old Republic serials like Radar Men from the Moon and others. This episode featured Randy and Richard’s interview with Ben Johnson, whom they had interviewed at his ranch earlier in the year. Johnson also appeared in the episode’s film, Terror Train.

Mysterious Doctor SatanSERIAL: For this episode the movie was preceded by a chapter of Mysterious Doctor Satan in which a mad scientist called Dr Satan commanded a goofy robot and was opposed by a pulp-style hero called Copperhead.   

HOST SEGMENTS: The most memorable Host Segment  Randy and Richard did during this New Year’s-themed horror film was a bit where, as Midnight Dallas Time approached, they staged a countdown and then a raucous celebration of the arrival of … December 28th, 1986. Ken “Tex” Miller, Joe “The Hypnotic Eye” Riley and other Film Vault Corps members joined in the festivities in a great example of the wry humor of this pre-MST3K program.  

1a randy and richard

Randy (right) and Richard way down on Level 31 hosting The Texas 27 Film Vault

TERROR TRAIN (1980) – A New Year’s Eve slasher film set on a train carrying a load of partying passengers who plan to ring in the New Year in each time zone of the United States. As required by law at the time, Jamie Lee Curtis starred since it was a slasher flick with a seasonal theme. (Look under the Federal HalloweenHalloween II and Prom Night Act of 1980 if you don’t believe me)

A few years earlier Curtis and her college buddies played an initiation trick on a freshman by tricking him into bed with a female corpse. The guy had a nervous breakdown from the ugly near-necrophiliac experience (like sleeping with Barbra Streisand must feel) and is supposedly still in a mental hospital because of it. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog’s look back at the Best of 2018 continues with the Best of October.

#walkaway march on washington#WALKAWAY MARCH ON WASHINGTON – Yours truly was one of the former Democrats disgusted with the Party’s growing intolerance and fascism.

Openly gay Brandon Straka organized an entire #WALKAWAY movement that went viral, culminating in October’s #WALKAWAY March on Washington. CLICK HERE

messenger-or-black-priestTHE BLACK ABBOT (1897): GOTHIC HORROR – Halloween Month was, as usual, filled with Balladeer’s Blog’s examination of many neglected horror stories and films.

The Black Abbot was also known as The Black Priest and The Messenger. The author was Robert W Chambers, famous for The King in Yellow. CLICK HERE

Freedom of expression amnesty internationalBALLADEER’S BLOG OVERCAME TECHNO-FASCISTS WHO TRIED TAKING IT DOWN – Yes, I was one of the year’s many targets of privileged white one percenters and techno-fascists who abuse their wealth to try to censor all dissenting opinions.

I was back in action by the 2nd day and marked the occasion with this blog post. CLICK HERE

John SilenceJOHN SILENCE: OCCULT DOCTOR (1908) – Balladeer’s Blog took a Halloween Season look at this oft-forgotten fictional hero.

Doctor John Silence investigated various supernatural goings-on in Europe.

Written by Algernon Blackwood. CLICK HERE 

VoltaireFACULTY LOUNGE FASCIST ROUNDUP: OCTOBER 11th – Yes, it was time once again for Balladeer’s Blog’s continuing look at intolerant left-wing Archie Bunkers who pretend to be “educators.” (LMAO)

For this date’s roundup of some of the narrow-minded fascists who have utterly distorted the educational system just CLICK HERE 

HellraiserHELLRAISER: THE FOUR BEST FILMS – Just in time for the Halloween Season, Balladeer’s Blog examined some of the Hellraiser movies.

I reviewed my choice of the Top Four out of the 10 films in the Hellraiser series.

To read those reviews CLICK HERE

asra-nomaniTRUMP CARDS: OCTOBER 22nd – It was the latest edition of Trump Cards!

This go-round featured yet another gay Judge the Donald nominated for a Federal seat, George Soros’ notorious connections with the ACTUAL Nazis (Yes, he’s THAT old!) and female journalist of color Asra Nomani’s Ida Tarbell-style indictment of Soros. CLICK HERE  

ensouled violinTHE ENSOULED VIOLIN (1880): GOTHIC HORROR – A Halloween Season review of this work of Gothic horror written by Madame Blavatsky herself.

Music and supernaturalism mingle in this macabre tale which features a guest appearance by the real-life violinist Paganini. CLICK HERE

Creepy LineTHE CREEPY LINE (2018) – This excellent documentary look at the abuses of techno-fascists at Google, Facebook, Twitter and all over Silicon Valley is an excellent work of investigative journalism.

Come along for this film’s look at the perverse way in which technology and social media are exploited and monopolized by a clique of white, privileged and obscenely wealthy 21st Century Robber Barons. CLICK HERE   

House on the BorderlandTHE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND (1908) – Halloween day itself saw my review of this horror tale written by William Hope Hodgson.

This horrific story was praised by none other than H.P. Lovecraft himself and readers can definitely tell how it influenced him. CLICK HERE

Democrat PlatformNEW DEMOCRAT SLOGANS – Balladeer’s Blog presented more mock slogans for the Democrats.

Regular readers often describe these fake slogans as funnier than some of the Mock Headlines blog posts that I run. CLICK HERE 


For this blog post CLICK HERE

Trump doing rightMOTHER JONES: MORE FAVORITE TRUMP LINKS – Mother Jones went ahead and provided another list of favorite links regarding President Donald Trump.

This was the second list.

For those links all you have to do is CLICK HERE

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AtomHere’s some more kid-friendly holiday season content! It’s another look at the very first superhero team in history, DC Comics’ Justice Society of America. FOR PART ONE CLICK HERE 

I will review the original issue and then detail how I would “script-doctor” the story for modern audiences.

All-Star 11ALL STAR COMICS #11 (June 1942)




Synopsis: With World War Two raging, Hawkman’s girlfriend Shiera Sanders (aka JSA Reserve Member Hawkgirl) has enlisted as a nurse in the U.S. Army. Shiera meets Diana Prince, who is secretly Wonder Woman. The ladies share their secrets and through Shiera, Wonder Woman meets the Justice Society of America. Doctor Fate recommends Wonder Woman for JSA membership. 

Wonder WomanThe U.S. government grants the Justice Society full status as a military unit and the heroes spring into action once again against Axis forces.

They defeat Imperial Japanese attacks on American bases, destroy enemy aircraft carriers, assist Allied paratroops and prevent the destruction of a West Coast hospital.

How I Would Revise It: Continue reading


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Resident EvilHere at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve always had a soft spot for the Resident Evil movies. I’m not implying that they’re good by any means, but as guilty pleasures I consider them pretty watchable in a Spaghetti Western sense. You don’t expect logic or well-maintained continuity in the original Django or Sartana series any more than you do from the Stranger or Hallelujah flicks or any of the other lower-level pulp series of Italo-Westerns.

To me the six Resident Evil movies (2002 – 2017) can be viewed the same way – as unpretentious B-movies with a kind of relaxing sameness and stories that are so unchallenging you can chit-chat with friends or loved ones while they’re on.

Resident Evil ApocalypseSeventies chop-socky films are another example. You might watch them but you sure as hell can’t defend them from criticism.

Milla Jovovich’s Alice is, to me, the main reason to watch these films. She’s believable in the action scenes and deserves recognition for the way she kicks post-apocalyptic butt in SIX movies as the same character. No other leading female figure has matched that feat in THEATRICAL RELEASE, English-language films. Not Lara Croft and not even Ellen Ripley. Continue reading


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One last round of congratulations to the 2018 college soccer champions in the TEN divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog. 

William Carey University BIGNAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)


Runners-Up – Keiser University Seahawks 

2017 Champions – Spring Arbor University Cougars

TRINITY CHRISTIAN TROLLNCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) Division One


Runners-Up – Oklahoma Wesleyan University Eagles 

2017 Champions – Biola University Eagles Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog’s end of the year retrospective continues with September’s best:

Joe MagaracJOE MAGARAC: NEGLECTED AMERICAN FOLKTALE – What Paul Bunyan was to lumberjacks, what John Henry was to railroad men and what Pecos Bill was to cowboys, Joe Magarac was to workers in Steel Mills.

Balladeer’s Blog examined Steel Man folktales and legends from both before AND after Joe Magarac’s rise to fame among Polish-American steel workers in Pennsylvania. CLICK HERE

MatewanTHREE LABOR DAY MOVIES – In honor of Labor Day Weekend I reviewed three films that are very appropriate for that holiday.

That trio of movies:

Matewan (1987), Eight Men Out (1988) and The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal (1979). To read the reviews CLICK HERE  

Apollo 12 patchAPOLLO MISSIONS TWELVE THROUGH SEVENTEEN – Since the lion’s share of the attention always goes to the Apollo 11 moon landing I decided nothing could be more Balladeer’s Blog-ish than to cover the subsequent moon missions instead.

For a concise breakdown on those six missions just CLICK HERE

Trump the EstablishmentTHREE BOOKS FROM THE GREAT DON SURBER – The one and only Don Surber churned out three of the most riveting and refreshingly offbeat political chronicles of recent years.

For Don’s books Trump the Press, Trump the Establishment and Fake News Follies of 2017 you can simply CLICK RIGHT HERE  

alien covenant 2RECENT MOVIES: SOME REVIEWS – Instead of the old Golden Turkeys or obscure foreign films that I usually review I gave in to reader requests and posted my takes on assorted recent big-name releases.

For my reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Alien: Covenant, The Last Jedi, Trumbo and Ocean’s 8, as well as micro-reviews of Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War CLICK HERE 

Babe for TrumpBABES FOR TRUMP INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT – Beauty and brains and a daring, iconoclastic nature!

Those words perfectly describe the strong women and positive role models who participated in this account.


LINKAPALOOZA: SEPTEMBER 17th – I linked to multiple news items that tended to get overlooked. Click HERE


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