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Education indoctrination conveyor beltEver wonder where people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get the irrational gibberish they spout? Thank a teacher! (And remember, AOC has a degree from Boston University … a degree in economics. LMAO) Here’s another look at the way Democrats have distorted the educational system into a one-party practice in bias and irrational thought.

education limits your imaginationProfessor Sam Abrams at Sarah Lawrence College is accused of a Thought Crime because he spoke out in support of ideological diversity. DOZENS of Democrats in the faculty joined with students in demanding that Abrams be fired for this modest suggestion. (Hey, Democrats are such criminals they consider getting people fired to be “making their bones.”)

On top of that those faculty Democrats and the brainless Ocasio-Cortezes in training issued additional demands (don’t be shocked). Among those demands:

*** The racist demand that “students of color” should never be taught history by white professors.

*** The very revealing demand that students have unlimited access to therapy sessions. (Pretending to be college students is apparently very traumatic.)

*** The imbecilic demand for free laundry detergent and free fabric softener. (I’m not joking.)

And much much more! CLICK HERE and HERE Continue reading



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Trump and black support#BLEXIT is a kindred movement to #WALKAWAY and is about the way Urban Intellectuals Matter. #BLEXIT and #BLACKLIVESMAGA center around black people who add their own “voices” (to use one of the Democrats’ most nauseating clichés to tweak them) to an ongoing national discussion.

That discussion is about the intolerant way Democrats treat black people like they MUST obey them and MUST conform to the political opinions that privileged white Democrats have chosen for them.

This video features another Martin Luther King Person of Courage openly expressing his support for President Trump. Continue reading

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#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I’m one of the many former Democrats who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly deranged and fascistic political party.

illegal immigration democrat vote machineDEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED LAST WEEK TO ENABLE CONTINUED VOTING BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This story is being featured all over the place so you can choose whichever outlet you prefer. Typical of Democrat worminess they used to deny that illegal immigrants voted, then when proof kept coming forward that illegals ARE and HAVE BEEN voting in violation of the law they moved on to their next bizarre stand.

democrats fraudulent and illegal votingThat stand: refusing to interfere with localities that OPENLY LET ILLEGALS VOTE. Oh, yes, those Democrat-run localities pretend that they’re only going to let them vote in “local issues.” Uh. Yeah. Right. I’m sure it will be on the “Honor System” since Democrats like to pretend it’s “racist” to enforce any voting laws, which means there will be absolutely no checking to make sure illegals are voting only in local issues (as if that is not violation enough). Continue reading

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Bill MaherMany readers have been asking me what I thought of the rancid Bill Maher’s deranged expression of the kind of snobbery that helped elect President Trump. I already addressed it in 2016 with this item from when the rancid Jon Stewart was the face of pretentiousness and pomposity. While the day-long Mardi Gras continues here at Balladeer’s Blog and we move on from breakfast wines to rum-based drinks enjoy this “encore” blog post.  

jonathan stewart

Brown nose ON … Brown nose OFF: Jonathan Stewart – who STILL refuses to donate more to charity –  embodied comedic gutlessness by coordinating with the Obama administration to make sure he never offended them. That’s called being a propagandist and a panderer, not a comedian.

Comedy is at its best when it is irreverent. The more powerful the object of ridicule the richer the laughs. There’s an old saying about a comedian being so supportive of the world’s underdogs that “He’d insult a king to make a beggar laugh.”

American comedians have become such spineless panderers that they’ve lost any real edginess and especially any desire to be on the side of the underdogs. That would be, like, SO not cool, dude! Today American comedians would much rather insult beggars to make kings laugh.

These Court Jesters of the rich and powerful flaunt a deep disdain for the working class and the unfortunate. America’s comic performers of today sneeringly dismiss the working class and the poverty-stricken as “stupid” or “uneducated” the same way bloated rich pig Republicans dismiss the working class and the poverty-stricken as “lazy.” 

Jonathan Stewart older

*** *** *** **  Know what the exact opposite of an irreverant comedian would be? Jonathan Stewart. He took shots at ONLY the safest targets of the moment. Grow a pair and get back to us, worm.


The Jonathan Stewarts, Bill Mahers and Samantha Bees of the world would never be caught dead siding with the “ignorant hicks” who aren’t rich or don’t hold positions in their political party. The poor and the unfortunate are there to be ridiculed for the amusement of the ruling class and for the career advancement of those court jesters.  

Genuine satirical comedy follows the path of MOST resistance, but the current worms who play at comedy would rather side with the rich and powerful against the disadvantaged. These pompous pricks are about as “daring” as a bully ridiculing the nearest fat person or someone missing a limb. And ALL to put smiles on the faces of elitist jackasses.

Jonathan Stewart 3

One percenter Jonathan Stewart always sided with Obama – the most powerful man in the world – against the working class victims of Obama’s policies. What a guy!

Jonathan Stewart was so much of a lackey for the Democratic Party he used to meet regularly in the White House with Obama to make sure his humor was Government  Approved. How courageous! Bill Maher ridiculed the elderly veterans of what Brokaw called “the greatest generation” when their infirm bodies and aged minds hindered them from circumventing the barriers put up at war memorials during the government shutdown in 2013. Oh, if only one of them had fallen down and broken a hip! Such hilarity, right Bill?

And yes, I know, Little Jonny Stewart would sometimes pretend that Obama’s disastrous policies were good for the poor and the working class, yet NEVER had an actual member of the working class on his show. Probably because an actual member of the working class would have pointed out how damaging and heartless Obama’s policies really were.   Continue reading

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Kevin JacksonFebruary, the month devoted to the heroic victims of Democrat hatred, slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and so much else, is nearly over. Here is yet another Martin Luther King Person of Courage who is courageous enough to push back against racist Democrats who think they own black people and can order them how to think and feel about every issue under the sun.

KEVIN JACKSON runs The Black Sphere and often expresses his support for President Trump, which means that Democrats frequently subject him to their usual hatred and racism. Democrats still try pushing their old lie that ONLY African-Americans who mindlessly agree with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are “authentic.” 

#WalkAwayBrave pioneers like Jackson are making history by defying Democrat attempts to deny the personhood, erase the very humanity, of anyone and everyone who is not a robotic adherent to Democrat dogma. Surely you’ve noticed the same bigoted and callous way that Democrats insult women who don’t obey their political party. Or gay people who dare to think for themselves and refuse to conform to what Democrats feel should be a gay person’s political affiliation.

Candace OwensWe see the same thing with the narrow-minded, hate-filled way that Democrats react to Muslims who don’t fit the Democrats’ narrow-minded definition of an “authentic” Muslim. In their eyes ONLY Muslims who hate the West are “authentic.” 

You’ll never see self-adoring, virtue-signaling Leftist demagogues doing photo ops with Muslims who came to America to GET AWAY from the suffocating oppression of the Muslim World and the endless wars which Muslim groups have been waging against each other for over a thousand years.

Ayaan Hirsi AliYou will NEVER see the Democrats’ media outlets giving air-time to Muslims who want to say “The West is not our enemy” or “Actually I find it fascinating to interact with so many non-Muslims. It’s really opened my mind.” and ESPECIALLY not “I came to America so my daughters can have more freedoms and pursue their own dreams.”

The latest worn-out expression from the gutless zombies of American Liberalism or “Libero-fascism” is Western Triumphalism. Any and all Muslims who DON’T hate America or other Western nations get dismissed by the left-wing parties as Western Triumphalists who have “internalized Western Oppression.”  Continue reading

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Nydia M Velazquez


Democrats continue to drive away so many of us who used to belong to that party. The latest vileness came in the form of THREATENING REMARKS MADE TO A YOUNGSTER BY DEMOCRAT CONGRESSWOMAN NYDIA VELAZQUEZ.

That young man of color – C.J. Pearson – tweeted out a remark about AOC during the SOTU address and referred to “the woman sitting next to AOC.” (NOTE: During the SOTU Congressional reps bring guests to sit with them. It’s not like during a regular session when it could be assumed that anyone sitting near AOC would be a fellow member of the House.)

Since Democrats in office increasingly think that they are our rulers rather than our elected representatives, Nydia Velazquez got indignant that CJ Pearson can’t instantly identify all 435 members of the House. She pompously tweeted back:

“I’m not ‘the woman sitting next to her. @AOC and I — and millions like us — are the future of this country. And you’re right to be afraid of us. But you should learn my name.”

Riiight. If a member of the opposition party had tweeted something like that to a young man of color or anyone else it would have been the lead story on every Democrat news outlet and would spark one of those “national conversations” that Democrats simperingly insist we should have all the time. And by the way Pearson made no reference to “being afraid” of anybody. Velazquez may be projecting.

C J Pearson


This is an ELECTED DEMOCRAT MEMBER OF CONGRESS, and she’s TELLING A YOUNG MAN OF COLOR THAT HE IS “RIGHT TO BE AFRAID OF US.” What a pompous fascist! Does Velazquez think we live in a Banana Republic? Does she plan on having Democrat goons “disappear” citizens who earn her disfavor?

And who does she think he should be afraid of when she says “us?” All Democrats? All Hispanic-Americans? Once again we see that the Democrats are about non-stop hatred and division. Continue reading


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New England PatriotsWhenever I think the slobbering, intolerant fascists who call themselves Democrats can’t possibly sink any lower with their tiresome, endless race-baiting they slither even lower than ever.

Now Democrats are claiming that liking the phenomenally successful New England Patriots football team means that the fan is a “white supremacist.” Hmmm. And let me guess … Soon Democrats will be saying  that ANYONE WEARING PATRIOTS HATS OR T-SHIRTS, ETC SHOULD BE REFUSED SERVICE IN RESTAURANTS & OTHER BUSINESSES OR BE HARRASSED IN THE STREETS OR BE FORBIDDEN TO WEAR SUCH ITEMS TO SCHOOL ON THE GROUNDS THAT WHITE LEFTIST FOOLS WILL CLAIM THAT THOSE ITEMS MAKE “MARGINALIZED PEOPLE” (as defined purely by white leftists, of course) FEEL “UNSAFE.”

Trump and Tom BradyI never used to be into the Patriots or their coach or players but if they upset brain-dead Democrats that much then I am now a Patriots fan! I say stock up on Patriots gear and wear it proudly! Is there ANYTHING people can do that the pieces of trash called Democrats will not fall to pieces over?


MAGA hat alyssa milanoI never wanted a MAGA hat before, either, because such hats just aren’t my thing. However, since I’M PRO-CHOICE ON THE HAT ISSUE (“Headwear Freedom” as the simpering Left would no doubt describe it) AND SINCE DEMOCRATS THINK THEY CAN ORDER PEOPLE NOT TO WEAR THEM, I may wind up buying several. One for myself and more for others who are getting sick and tired of the Democrats playing Lifetime Hall Monitors with everyone.  

YOU DEMOCRATS NEED TO CHANGE YOUR PARTY’S NAME TO GET AWAY FROM ITS TIES TO SLAVERY, THE KKK, JIM CROW, ETC BEFORE YOU TRY TO POLICE THE REST OF US. My biggest regret in life is that I used to belong to that increasingly deranged political party.  Continue reading


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