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#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I’m one of the many former Democrats who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly deranged and fascistic political party.

illegal immigration democrat vote machineDEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED LAST WEEK TO ENABLE CONTINUED VOTING BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This story is being featured all over the place so you can choose whichever outlet you prefer. Typical of Democrat worminess they used to deny that illegal immigrants voted, then when proof kept coming forward that illegals ARE and HAVE BEEN voting in violation of the law they moved on to their next bizarre stand.

democrats fraudulent and illegal votingThat stand: refusing to interfere with localities that OPENLY LET ILLEGALS VOTE. Oh, yes, those Democrat-run localities pretend that they’re only going to let them vote in “local issues.” Uh. Yeah. Right. I’m sure it will be on the “Honor System” since Democrats like to pretend it’s “racist” to enforce any voting laws, which means there will be absolutely no checking to make sure illegals are voting only in local issues (as if that is not violation enough). Continue reading


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Because it is ALWAYS fun to puncture the pomposity of Democrat asses who think that only Republican asses are disgusting:   

Obama Derp*** ANOTHER OBAMA CROOK PLEADS GUILTY – In what seems like the 999,897,789th scandal from what Obama and the Democrat media try to pretend was his “scandal-free” (LMAO) administration, YET ANOTHER Obama Gang Soldier goes down.

Raphael A Sanchez, Obama’s top attorney for I.C.E. in Seattle, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Sanchez proved that Democrats – especially from the Obama Administration – never run out of ways of exploiting the illegal immigration problem. Sanchez admitted forging documents with info obtained through his access to I.C.E. resources and used those documents for stealing identities to open credit card and bank accounts.

I guess Obama’s motto was really “Yes we CAN exploit illegal immigrants for more than just vote fraud!” You can find more on the Sanchez story wherever you like. But seriously, though, “The Sanchez Method” may be the wave of the future in Democrat Fund Raising Efforts!

Democrat slogan*** AND SPEAKING OF VOTE FRAUD, the Best Friend of Democrat Politicians everywhere, around ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MORE non-citizens have been found on the voter rolls, this time in Pennsylvania. Talk about “election interference!”

Funny how it’s only Democrats who keep saying this is not an issue that should be pursued.     Continue reading


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