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Frontierado is Friday, August 5th!

For a change of pace I’ll give a brief synopsis of western-flavored horror flicks. In keeping with my blog’s theme of covering out of the way topics I won’t be examining movies that are too well known, like Billy the Kid vs Dracula, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter or The Terror of Tiny Town. Ditto for more recent movies like Sundown and Billy The Kid In Hell. As for West World and Welcome to Blood City, those are more science fiction than horror, so they aren’t included either.  

BLACK NOON (1971) – Roy Thinnes stars as an old west preacher who falls in with a coven of witches in the town of Melas (Salem spelled backwards of course). The witches tempt Thinnes into thinking he’s a prophet and healer, then use his vanity against him and his wife during their dark ritual of the Black Noon, which takes place during a mid-day eclipse.

CURSE OF THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN (1974) –  A medical student and his hippy friends try to renovate a dude ranch haunted by the Headless Horseman. No, it’s not the figure from the Washington Irving tale, but an old-west gunslinger who was unjustly hanged, losing his head in the process. The Horseman now roams the dude ranch by night looking for victims to frighten. SPOILER: The Continue reading


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Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner’s character Meathead struggles to deal with the fact that his worldview is FIVE DECADES out of date.

All in the Family: The Next Generation, the brand-new sitcom from Glitternight Productions debuts tonight. Cult director Eddie Wozniak strikes again with this controversial update to the original 1970s series which blended the standard family sitcom format with a nearly Ibsenesque examination of social and political issues. 

Rob Reiner is back as Meathead aka Michael Stivic. This time around Stivic is the Archie Bunker-type character to reflect the way that Rob Reiner’s generation of self-infatuated 1960s fools have grown as stagnated in their thinking and as trapped in the past as was the original Archie Bunker generation. Continue reading


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Frontierado is Friday, August 5th! 

whispering smith

Whispering Smith

WHISPERING SMITH – James L Smith, aka Whispering Smith, led an action-filled life that bore little resemblance to the squeaky clean image of the man depicted in the movie, radio and television series based on his law enforcement career. Smith was a relentless lawman whom I often describe as “the Dirty Harry of the Old West.”

Whispering Smith was born in 1838 and by 1860 was making a living as a riverboat gambler up and down the Mississippi, where he acquired his famous nickname. He had his first gunfight in the form of a duel with a gambler named Larry Boyle on the Belle of Memphis. When the Civil War broke out James joined the Union Army, as did other future gunfighters like Wild Bill Hickok, Bear River Tom, Long-Haired Jim Courtright and others.

After the war he next surfaced in New Orleans, LA, as part of the city’s Metropolitan Police Force in 1868. By 1873 Smith had made detective and married his sweetheart Anna Mannion. Continue reading




One of Balladeer’s Blog’s biggest hits of 2015 was my examination of Australian-made comic book heroes like Dark Nebula, Vixen, Crimson Comet, Niteside and the super-team called the Southern Squadron. Here’s another, and for my full look at Aussie super-types click HERE

Doctor Mensana

Dr Mensana in one of his two super-powered forms.


Debut Year: 1941 

Secret Identity: None. He openly used his real name, but the public often tagged him with nicknames like “the Samson of science” or “the man of Mind Plus.”

Origin: Sporting both an MD and a PhD the good Doctor Mensana used his unrivaled genius to create pills which could make him super-strong AND endow him with telepathic powers in addition to even greater intelligence than he already possessed. 

Powers: When our hero swallowed one of his M-Plus (M+) or Mind-Plus pills his already formidable brilliance was multiplied many times over. His cranium would grow and he would also boast telepathic and psionic powers. When Dr Mensana swallowed one of his S-Plus (S+) or Strength-Plus pills he would instantly bulk up with muscles and possess incredible super-strength. Continue reading


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Virtual Football LeagueWilliam Hill offers you betting on virtual football and other sports.  The unusual aspects of the benefits brought to us all via the internet never cease to amaze me! Not only are you now able to keep track of the teams you love almost anywhere in the world but you can enjoy everything that goes along with the sports world!

I’m a huge fan of college football – and I mean ALL the divisions, from D1 to JUCO. It’s always nice to hear from readers who say they use my blog as their one-stop site for the divisions covered here. They tell me it lets them keep an eye on up and coming players who may transfer to a bigger name school and wind up making an impact there. Continue reading


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Obama laughing

With that ugly statistic and the way his administration has egged on people who want to kill cops Barack Obama has maintained that ages-old tradition of the Democrats: promoting race-hatred for political gain. If you’ll recall, even A MEMBER OF OBAMA’S OWN WHITE HOUSE STAFF resigned after SHOOTING AT A COP! That is 100% true, not a joke. Search for it yourself if you like.

Does anybody still wonder why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have captured the attention of so many people here in the U.S? We kept getting told by the corporate media that Trump and Sanders were fringe weirdos. Unlike, y’know, a president who loves cop-killers and gives nukes to the Mad Mullahs of Iran or a secretary of state whose “Clinton Foundation” very conveniently got enormous amounts of money laundered through it JUST when bloated rich pigs and unfriendly governments around the world HAPPENED to have pending items before the State Department.  Continue reading

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 Frontierado is coming up on Friday, August 5th!

POSSE is a terrific western about a gang of African American  gunfighters (plus the goofiest  Baldwin brother) involved in an action-packed epic journey across the American west. The Frontierado holiday is the perfect time of year to hunker down with this film while drinking a Cactus Jack or a Deuces Wild or two. I’ll review the recipes for those mixed drinks in a few days, for now we’ll focus on this movie on our countdown.

Posse stars Mario Van Peebles, who also directed, as Jesse Lee, the brooding, revenge-driven hero of the saga. He and all but one member of his gang, our titular posse, are soldiers fighting in Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898. A dangerous assault they carry out turns out to be Continue reading





The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women's rights.

The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women’s rights.

THE BURQA (2013) – The Burqa was THE action film of the year 2013. This movie had a daring premise, incredible stuntwork plus more killings and blood squibs than any three Quentin Tarantino movies put together. There was also an unforgettable performance by the lead actress, whose name is STILL being kept a secret over fears of violent reprisals from Islamist terrorist groups.

The film was set in 2013 Iraq. Our heroine,  known only as “The Burqa” emerges from the desert sands, clad in the outfit she is named for and with automatic weapons strapped to each of her sashaying thighs. Like Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name and John Garko’s Holy Ghost, both from Spaghetti Westerns, the Burqa is an unstoppable gunslinger who litters the land with her fallen foemen.

The audience first meets the title figure when she saves a teenage Muslim girl from being raped and killed by Islamist fanatics for daring to dress in western clothing and to advocate abortion rights. Countless Continue reading

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Old Man

Bill Clinton addressed the Democrats last night and assured them that they are all still young and “with it!” Maybe even “groovy!” 

Some of you were kind enough to say you would have liked to see me do fun takes on last week’s political convention. I can’t go back in time but here’s some takes on last night’s political convention coverage.

ITEM: The Democrats renewed their vow to support ONLY Muslims who hate non-Muslims. A clearly emotional Nancy Pelosi declared “If you’re a Muslim who loves freedom and wants to live in the 21st Century THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOESN’T WANT YOU, DAMMIT!”

ITEM: Union thug Richard Trumka addressed the crowd and speaking directly to the working class stated “Selling out the working class has made me and many other Democrats VERY rich. How DARE you hate-filled, divisive bigots want to jeopardize the sweet setup we have!”

Needless to say the Teacher’s Union reps among the delegates sprang to their feet and cheered in agreement.

ITEM: Refusing to be embarrassed by the way Wikileaks has exposed the coordinated deception that news media stooges stage with the Democrats those news media stooges proudly proclaimed “It is NOT the job of journalists to do negative stories on the political party we vote for!” Continue reading

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MASCOT COWBOY 2The Frontierado holiday is Friday, August 5th!

GUNPLAY MAXWELL – This neglected gunslinger was born in Boston, MA as James Otis Bliss circa 1860. When he was 15 years old he got into a fight with a friend at a Boston tavern and shot him to death. Fleeing authorities the young man headed west and began a life of using various false names, including Charles L Maxwell or “Gunplay” Maxwell as he is best remembered.  

Life on the run was bringing out both the dark violence AND the shrewd manipulative streak that would characterize the young man for the rest of his life. By late 1876 he was in Texas staying alive through assorted robberies, con games and increasingly frequent gunplay. Texas eventually became too hot for Gunplay Maxwell and by the late 1870s or early 1880s he moved north to Montana.     Continue reading