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abdul-at-ohio-stateAbdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the Muslim Somali man shot to death after using a car to ram several innocent people then stabbing more after exiting the vehicle. Abdul had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State online before committing this horrific act which injured at least 10 innocent people. 

Pledging such allegiance before committing an act of Muslim terrorism is in keeping with the Islamic State’s online instructions to jihadist fanatics around the world. It “guarantees” them their 72 virgins in the afterlife, as mentioned in misogynistic Muslim myths. (I’m an atheist. Don’t bother accusing me of being a Christian or a Jew, etc)

Career criminal Hillary Clinton led the Democrats in demanding that the United States end its imperialist occupation of the Buckeye State at once. “NO MORE BLOOD FOR CHESTNUTS!” Hillary and her shrill supporters screeched. They also insisted Muslim fanatics would not commit these violent acts if America would just withdraw from Ohio.


Left-Wing Archie Bunkers: They’re so HIP!

Left-wing Archie Bunkers, who love to pathetically attempt reliving their youthful years, were joined in protesting the American occupation of sovereign Muslim territory by the usual throng of emotional cripples who pretend to be college students in America.

This sad, sad spectacle saw the childish students and their horribly, horribly old teachers and administrators carrying signs that said “U.S. OUT OF COLUMB**!” and other slogans. As usual those slogans were on the same intellectual level as nursery rhymes to ensure they were simple-minded enough to be written and chanted by both the young snowflakes and the senile 1960s burnouts.   Continue reading


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scrooges rock and rollChristmas Carol-A-Thon 2016 continues with another post in Balladeer’s Blog’s annual orgy of entries on various versions of THE Christmas tale. 

Scrooge’s Rock & Roll Christmas grows on me more and more each time I watch it. It’s value as a version of A Christmas Carol is virtually nil, but it features some wonderful renditions of a variety of Yuletide songs along with some striking wintry scenery.

Most sources list this made-for- tv special as a 1984 production, but the actual copyright date on the VHS copy I tracked down says 1983, so that’s what I’m going by. If it first aired in late December 1983 it’s almost a 1984 product anyway so I can see where the confusion might come in.

A better title for this 45 minute novelty item would be Have Yourself A Has- Been Little Christmas since it features appearances by several rock singers who were already two decades past their days as chart- toppers. The premise of this telefilm is that a young lady looking for a record store (and how old does THAT sound these days) instead finds the establishment to be occupied by Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Jack Elam … yes, Jack Elam. Continue reading





Jill Stein: What’s wrong with attracting some GREEN to the Green Party?

Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate for President, came within a bare 63 million votes of being elected the next President of the United States. Just in case there were some oversights she has been demanding recount after recount ever since.

Even DEMOCRAT Chuck Todd observed that someone seems to have put the idea for these recounts in Stein’s head. Seriously. Look it up.

When a non-existent correspondent for Balladeer’s Blog asked Jill Stein for a comment about Chuck Todd’s suspicions she replied “This has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone coming forward with money … nothing to do with anyone anywhere offering to make my campaign’s massive debt go away … nothing.”

When pressed for more Stein blurted out “I am NOT being bribed by the people who own Hillary Clinton! … I mean, what was the question?”


*** *** *** *** *** *** Stein was talking about Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton in this quote from when Stein had some integrity.


Defenders of Dr Stein have pointed out that there is nothing illegal about asking for recounts, as opposed to the VOLUMINOUS illegal acts that can be tied to Hillary Clinton, the career criminal hoping to benefit from these late and repeated recounts.  

Feeling her oats, Jill Stein released a new statement demanding a recount in the 1888 presidential election, when Benjamin Harrison defeated Grover Cleveland AND in the election of 1824. Citing the way supporters of Andrew Jackson claimed there was a “corrupt bargain” between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay when that 1824 election went to the House of Representatives, Stein said her new-found  commitment to election integrity knows no bounds!  

Hillary Clinton hands together


“With THIS kind of payday I’d be nuttier than Tim Kaine to stop now!” she elaborated.

Neither Harrison, Cleveland, Jackson, Adams nor Clay were available for comment.   Continue reading


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Flint (Hoyt Axton) and his lost love (Barbara Mandrell)

Flint (Hoyt Axton) and his lost love (Barbara Mandrell)

Time for another post in my annual orgy of entries on various versions of THE Christmas tale.

SKINFLINT (1979) – Skinflint is known to me and my fellow Carol-Geeks as “the country- western version”. This made-for- tv musical is so chock- full of stars that the Country Music Hall of Fame actually offers screenings of this film every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m serious.

My late mother was, unfortunately for me when I was a teenager, a country music fan so, strange as it may seem, I actually know who the singers in this flick are. This version of the Carol is set in fictional Flint City, Tennessee, a town dominated by the financial pull of banker Cyrus Flint, played by Hoyt Axton.

Naturally Cyrus Flint is the Scrooge stand- in and Axton is supported by plenty of other Continue reading




Islamophobia posterI’m a non-believer when it comes to religion, but we all know that there is one particular religion – Islam – that remains the untamed beast among the world’s belief systems at this particular point in time. Here are just a few of the latest atrocities perpetrated by Muslim fanatics as Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues.

Period Covered: October 3rd – November 26th

October 15th: Godogodo, Nigeria – Muslim fascist terrorists attacked, killing FORTY-EIGHT innocent people, injuring THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX more and burning their homes, all because they were non-Muslims.

October 24th: Quetta, Pakistan – Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the local affiliate in the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, used a suicide attack to kill SIXTY-ONE innocent people and injure ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE more. 

October 12th: Kaga Bandoro, Central African Republic – Islamofascists hacked THIRTY innocent non-Muslims to death, injuring FIFTY-SEVEN more in the process. 

October 6th: Tazalit, Niger – Muslim fanatics attacked an aid camp, killing TWENTY-TWO innocent people and injuring FIVE more.

October 16th: Ghashghar, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed TWENTY innocent people and injured TWENTY-TWO more in a surprise attack. Continue reading


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Here’s another neglected Holyoke figure for our superhero-crazed world.


Secret Identity: None was ever provided

Origin: No origin was ever provided, either. From his very first adventure Volton the Electric Man (not “Electrical Man” like in some sources) stood on guard atop fictional Empire City’s Great Empire City Building.

When needed he would spring to life and fight crime, Bund members and other forces of evil.

volton-2First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #8 (March 1942). His final Golden Age appearance came later that same year.

Powers: Volton possessed super-strength and super-vision, could fly and could shoot lightning bolts from his hands. In addition he could convert his entire body or just parts of it into a big lightning bolt and stretch like Mr Fantastic or Plastic Man.  Continue reading


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PBSBalladeer’s Blog continues its annual orgy of versions of the Dickens classic as Christmas Carol-A-Thon 2016 resumes!  

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1984) – Don’t be misled by the 1984 date, this is neither the George C Scott version NOR the French TV version which I first reviewed years ago. This is a taped stage performance that aired on Ohio Public Television station WNEO on December 22nd, 1984.  

Just to give you an idea of the psychotically obsessive lengths I sometimes go to to track down these obscure versions of the Carol: Years ago when I bought this it was one of the many productions not available on video. Nor was it to be found on E-bay or Amazon or any of the usual outlets.

By emailing various staff members at Kent State University (whose theatre department mounted this version) I eventually reached a kind individual. He stated that, though the university did not have copies of the production for sale he would ask around on the KSU faculty’s exclusive chat boards to see if anyone had a copy they may have taped off television back in 1984. Continue reading