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Free Speech 2As if the Faculty Lounge Fascists who run Cal-Berkeley haven’t already proven what bloodthirsty garbage they are, NOW the administration and faculty are trying to pretend that it’s wrong for the rest of the country to have NOTICED their masked, black-clad thugs beating bloody anyone who expresses an opinion they disagree with.

Cal-Berkeley is to the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s generation what Nuremberg was to the Nazis. First the Nazis took pride in the Nuremberg Rallies and saw them as the mark of their ascent, but then the later war-crimes trials at Nuremberg gave the place a whole different meaning.

Free speech is a civil rightThe Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s who now run American colleges and universities used to take pride in Cal-Berkeley’s significance to the Free Speech Movement. Now, however, Cal-Berkeley has come to epitomize the hypocrisy of the American Left and the Faculty Lounge Fascists who abuse their positions to browbeat students into agreeing with their outdated 1960s worldview. 

The forever-hypocritical 1960s generation of American Liberals were all about Free Speech when THEIR ideas were the ones offending people. Once they considered themselves to be comfortably in the cultural, educational and political driver’s seat by the early 1990s they decided they wanted their own already outdated worldview enshrined in stone and presented as THE one true set of values.

The totalitarian asses of the 1960s can’t bear the fact that younger people might have opinions that offend THEM as much as their opinions offended their parents’ generation.  Continue reading



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Elizabeth Warren 2Fellow Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a potential presidential candidate in 2020, joined the chorus of voices thrashing Barack Obama for his recent Wall Street wallow.

At this point it’s hard to tell if Warren is upset that Obama was always a whore for Wall Street but got a pass because he’s male OR if she was upset because Democrats usually take pride in being a little more subtle about being in Wall Street’s pocket.

Warren may have a point because this outrageous maneuver on Obama’s part was so blatant and gauche even California President Hillary Clinton must be turning up her nose in disgust … or envy.

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Donald Trump and Steve Harvey 2United States President Donald Trump has been keeping his promises regarding housing and employment for Inner City African-Americans, as recently touted by Steve Harvey. Needless to say Harvey has been harassed by the DemoKKKrat machine for months over his choice to work with the President.

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I dislike both Democrats (DemCorp) and Republicans (RepubCorp), which is why President Trump, as a de facto Third Party President, is a refreshing change. I DON’T CARE what one-percenters, bloated rich pigs and shallow, uninformed celebrities say about Trump.

Trump is revealing itThe fact that they all so openly oppose him is evidence that he is rocking the boat and getting things done for the poor and the working class rather than doing things the old corrupt way which has kept politicians and their bloated rich pig “owners” fat and happy but not anyone else. 

For people here and overseas who have wanted change in America’s Third World-level cesspool of corrupt politics let me ask this: HOW DO YOU THINK THE ESTABLISHMENT FORCES ARE GOING TO REACT TO ANYONE FIGHTING THE SYSTEM? Whether it’s Trump or anyone else the corrupt insiders are NOT going to just throw up their hands and publicly say “We must stop this man who is trying to ruin our virtual criminal enterprise!”     

Trump triumphantNo, they will do what bloated rich pigs and their celebrity court jesters ARE DOING TO TRUMP! They will overreact to everything the outsider does and will use mockery and ridicule. The ridicule – as we’ve seen – is the most effective strategy since they know Americans are such browbeaten pussies they’re terrified of being made fun of about their political opinions. 

Hell, even now I hear EVERY DAY from people who support Trump but who whine and snivel about how if they put up pro-Trump items on social media, then (GASP) other people criticize them about it! Why, those Trump-haters even go so far as to provide links to articles that they feel support their view. All the embarrassed Trump “supporters” would have to do is provide a followup link OF THEIR OWN supporting their original post but too many of them simperingly say “I don’t want to get in an argument.”

trump-and-hillary-map-behind-themTo be fair Trump-haters ARE such pompous poseurs that they pretend THEIR links are “the truth” or – even more hilariously – “facts” instead of just being what they are- links to biased articles that they feel support their anti-Trump hysteria. But that’s no excuse for not having enough backbone to post a followup link of your own to an item supporting your own pro-Trump views.

So, some of you say “But then the Trump-haters just complain to Facebook or Twitter that the articles I link to are “abusive” or (yaawwwn) “offensive” and get them removed. Well, then GET OFF FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! Switch to gab.ai or steemit.com or other sites. Besides, people whose response to opinions they don’t like is to file a complaint are not really your friends anyway, are they?   Continue reading

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Islamophobia posterIslam, the most misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular time struck again in Paris a few days ago.

One police officer is dead and another injured from yet ANOTHER “Known Wolf” Muslim fascist.

Another terrorist attack and another Muslim fascist to blame.

For an excellent discussion of Islamofascism click HERE


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Kori Ali MuhammadKori Ali MUHAMMAD (Hmmmmm. There’s that “M” name again. ) has been arrested in the shooting deaths of three innocent people and is suspected in a fourth, earlier, killing from a week ago.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer stated that Mr Muhammad shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR” when police officers took him into custody. Dyer also referred to Mr Muhammad’s Facebook account (THE social network for Jihadists, to judge from lawsuits being launched against Facebook around the world by victims of Muslim fascist groups.).

And it's MuslimsSome reports indicate that Kori Ali Muhammad made Facebook posts referring to (Islam’s founder) Muhammad’s sayings about white people being evil. Also, at least one of the shooting victims was shot at the Catholic Charities organization. Continue reading

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Child sexual exploitationRemember THE ROTHERHAM REPORT? And THE WARWICK CHILD SEX-GROOMING GANG? Now we have the Huddersfield Case. Nearly 30 have been charged in another alleged rape and child trafficking gang. And it is just alleged at this point. The men reportedly charged were (LINK BELOW):  

  • Zahid Hassan, 28, of Bland Street, Huddersfield, is charged with eight counts of rape, five counts of trafficking, racially aggravated assault, supplying drugs, inciting a child into sexual activity, child abduction, and attempted rape.
  • Mohammed Asaf Akram, 31, of Springdale Street, Huddersfield, is charged with seven counts of rape, three counts of trafficking, child abduction, supplying drugs, sexual assault, and making threats to kill.
  • Mohammad Azeem, 31, of Wrose Road, Bradford, is charged with three counts of rape.
  • Mohammed Riswan Aslam, 29, of Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury, is charged with two counts of rape.
  • Please fight Islam for meMohammed Kammer, 32, of West View, Huddersfield, is charged with two counts of rape.
  • Mohammad Nahman, 31, of West View, Huddersfield, is charged with two counts of rape, trafficking and sexual assault.
  • Mohammad Ifraz, 28, of North Road, Huddersfield, is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, rape, false imprisonment, child abduction, taking indecent images of a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
  • Mohammad Imran Ibrar, 32, of Manchester Road, Huddersfield, is charged with trafficking, facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and supplying drugs.
  • Mohammed Saqib Raheel, 30, of Stourbridge Road, Dudley is charged with trafficking and child abduction.    
  • Faisal Nadeem, 30, of Carr Green, Huddersfield, is charged with rape, supplying drugs, and possession of extreme pornography. 
  • Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 34, of Holly Road, Huddersfield, is charged with 21 counts of rape, 14 counts of trafficking, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual assault, sexual touching, possession of indecent images of a child, racially aggravated assault, and inciting a child into prostitution.

Continue reading

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Islam signs


Islam is the most misogynistic, homophobic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular time. And the way Islam insists on marrying religion to government AND insists that non-Muslims must live by Muslim rules makes it a fascist and totalitarian movement that needs to be opposed loudly and daily. Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues with this look at just a FEW of the most recent atrocities by Muslims.

April 9th: Alexandria and Tanta, Egypt – A pair of suicide bombers/ agents of the Islamic State (Obamastan), which was spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq, attacked Coptic Christians and killed FORTY-FOUR innocent people and injured over A HUNDRED MORE.

March 31st: Parachinar, Pakistan – A Muslim fascist suicide bomber struck at a market, killing TWENTY-FOUR innocent people and injuring OVER NINETY MORE. 

March 20th: Zaki Biam, Nigeria – Islamofascists attacked the village, killing AT LEAST TWENTY innocent people.  

April 3rd: St Petersburg, Russia – A Muslim fascist bombed a subway train, killing FOURTEEN innocent people and injuring FORTY-NINE MORE.

March 25th: Sylhet, Bangladesh – Suicide bombers from Jamayetul Mujahideen, the local affiliate of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, attacked an apartment complex. Their attack killed 6 innocent people and injured OVER FIFTY MORE. I guess this was revenge for Bangladeshi “colonialism,” right, apologists for Islam? 

March 30th: Wumyeduga, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local affiliate of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, raided the town, killing TWELVE innocent people and injuring TWENTY-THREE MORE.   Continue reading

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