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lindsey wilson blue raidersMID-SOUTH CONFERENCE – ROUND TWO – The 2 seeds – the LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE BLUE RAIDERS – eliminated the 7th seeded UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS, beating them two days in a row, this time in a 15-9 shootout.    ###     Meanwhile the (5) CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY PHOENIX completed their upset of the (4) GEORGETOWN (KY) COLLEGE TIGERS with a 4-2 triumph.     Continue reading


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Obama pathological liar BIG

tianenmen square

OBAMA: That was me in Tiananmen Square, dude! 

Yes, that title is a reference to the song Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy. Balladeer’s Blog criticizes American Liberals and American Conservatives equally, and has noticed how Barack Obama has retreated into a world of fantasy to hide from his countless failures, as has been noted even by various European news outlets.

The delusional fool, by this point preaching only to his own mindless, fascistic worshippers, has been touring the world and distorting his awful record by claiming to have saved economies he’s ruined and pretending he has made the world “a safer place.” A safer place for Muslim dictators maybe – but the free world? Not so much. 

Anyway, in the spirit of Obama’s deranged claims here are a few other items that weak, inept and crooked little man will probably try to take credit for.  


United States President Barack Obama

** Playing Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters.

** Discovering penicillin.

** Letting the dogs out. (Say what you will, it takes balls to try a Baha-Men reference in the year 2016)

** Having his presidency foretold by Nostradamus when he wrote “And a self-infatuated fool/ With ears as large as dinner plates/ Will undo decades of progress/ As he stubbornly clings like dogshit to the bottom of history’s shoes.”

** Coining the expression “Ya workin’ hard or hardly workin’?” Continue reading




Cumberland University Phoenix logoMID-SOUTH CONFERENCE – FIRST ROUND – The 5th seeded CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY PHOENIX won a magnificent 2-0 upset of the 4 seeds – the GEORGETOWN (KY) COLLEGE TIGERS     ###    Meanwhile the (6) SAINT CATHARINE COLLEGE PATRIOTS edged the (3) UNIVERSITY OF PIKEVILLE BEARS 4-3 in another upset     ###    And the (2) LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE BLUE RAIDERS defeated the (7) UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS 5-2. Continue reading


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Illegal immigrants giving trouble in Germany.

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Female Physician in Munich, Germany sends a message to the world.

Please forward this or re-blog it is being keep secret by Germany.

Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.
Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among them, especially from Africa.

Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.

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Here are two goddesses of the Tupari people in what is now Brazil. FOR THE FULL LIST OF TUPARI GODS CLICK HERE

Tupari live near the Rio BrancoANATBA and KOLUBEH – The twin goddesses of childbirth, who began gracing humanity with children after they left the underground world. In Tupari myths the only way women can become pregnant is for these two deities to visit them at night and place a baby in the woman’s womb. Before the baby’s presence in the body of the mother it forms from the otherworldly “flesh” of Anatba and Kolubeh, sometimes linking them like the joints that link Siamese twins.

It is speculated that  Continue reading


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Islam sign

This should go without saying, but not to the enablers of Muslim violence.

I consider all religions to be nothing but irrational mythology. That said there is only ONE religion in the world that elected officials and the increasingly shrill media constantly try to browbeat the rest of us into regarding with a reverence it does not deserve: Islam. (But only those elements of Islam that are violent and want to live in the past. Muslims working to reform their faith get ignored by the Left, who accuse them of “internalizing Western oppression.”)

*** APRIL 25th – Enugu, Nigeria – Muslim fascists attacked, shooting and hacking 48 innocent people to death and injuring over 60 more. 

*** APRIL 11th – Gashak, Nigeria – Islamists raided the area, killing 44 innocent people and injuring an unknown number of additional victims.

April 3rd – Marib, Yemen – Muslim fascists attacked a hospital (how brave) and killed 3 innocent people while wounding 17 more. (And remember, Obama STILL pretends Yemen is a shining success of his administration.) 

April 4th – Izghe, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local franchise in the Global Muslim Murder Machine, attacked the town, killing 5 innocent people. 

April 5th – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan – Islamofascists gunned down 4 innocent people. 


Obama Islam

This man has provided a nuclear weapons program to the kind of fanatics carrying out these attacks.

April 6th – Diffa, Niger – Two Muslim suicide bombers killed 3 innocent people and injured 3 others.

April 7th – Gurum, Nigeria – The Muslim maniacs of Boko Haram tried to burn down the town, killing 20 innocent people in the process. 

Also April 7th – Aleppo, Syria – The Islamic State (also known as Obamastan) launched chemical weapons into a residential neighborhood, killing 23 innocent people and injuring over 100 others. 

Also April 7th – Sheikh Zuweid, Egypt – Muslim fascist bombers killed 4 innocent people and injured 14 more.   

April 8th – Hamar Weyne, Somalia – Muslim fascists fire mortars into a neighborhood, killing 3 innocent people and injuring over 10 more. 

Obama  work here is doneApril 9th – Darb Hassan, Syria – Mines of the Islamic State (Obamastan) killed 6 innocent children and injured 3 more. 

Also April 9th – Mogadishu, Somalia – Muslim fascist car-bombers rammed a restaurant, killing 6 innocent people and injuring 5 more.

Also April 9th – Ahwar, Yemen – More Obama success as Al Qaeda abducted and beheaded 19 innocent people.  

STILL April 9th – Basilan , Philippines – Abu Sayyaf, the local franchise in the Global Muslim Murder Machine, ambushed and killed 18 innocent people and injured 53 more.   Continue reading




Orchard Hill

The victorious Orchard Hill team: Steve Van Andel, Facundo Pieres, Julian de Lusarreto and Juan Martin Nero.

Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport – Polo. The 112th U.S. Open has wrapped up at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Orchard Hill – the Clubmen as they’re known to readers of Balladeer’s Blog – took on the Dubai Gushers for the 2016 title. In the First Chukker the Clubmen took a quick 1-0 lead off a Facundo Pieres goal just 30 seconds in. As is often the case the Polo Grounds were fecund with Facundos and soon the Gushers tied the score at 1-1 when Facundo Sola swatted in a goal from the field and later made a 40-yard penalty shot for a 2-1 Dubai lead. Adolfo Cambiaso made it 3-1 to end the opening Chukker.

Scoring in the Second Chukker got started with a 30-yard penalty shot from Pieres to make the score 3-2. Rashid Albwardy put the Gushers up 4-2 with a goal from the field but Pieres pulled Orchard Hill to within a goal with less than a minute left, ending the Chukker with a score of 4-3.

International Polo ClubJulian de Lusarreta managed the first goal of the Third Chukker, tying things up at 4-4 and his teammate Juan Martin Nero went on to put the Clubmen on top 5 goals to 4 with a shot rocketed in from ONE HUNDRED YARDS OUT! Facundo Pieres notched a pair of penalty shots later in the Chukker for a 7-4 Orchard Hill advantage but Cambiaso scored the lone goal for Dubai in the Chukker, making the score 7-5 in favor of the Clubmen going into Halftime.     Continue reading


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