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Islam no democracy just IslamTo the Democrats and Labour the ONLY Muslims who are “authentic” and are even allowed to speak at college campuses are the ones who hate the Western World. The others are banned as “Western Triumphalists” who have “internalized Western oppression.” For one of my articles on those peace-loving Muslims who bravely fight for reform click HERE

On the other hand here are just a FEW of the most recent atrocities boasted about by the Muslim fascists that Democrat and Labour voters LOVE to encourage and grab photo ops with. To them THESE are Islam’s “authentic voices” – murderous, homophobic and misogynistic. 

April 11th: Jandeikyula, Nigeria – Miyetti Allah, one of the local affiliates of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed FIFTY-ONE innocent people and injured 26 more. The number of Islamist groups competing for kills in Nigeria seems to grow by the month.  

April 27th: Anderanboucane, Mali – Muslim Fascists gunned down and killed THIRTY-ONE innocent people.

islam-failApril 24th: Mbalon, Nigeria – Islamists opened fire on a Catholic Mass, killing NINETEEN innocent people and injuring 6 more. COEXISTENCE!

April 22nd: Gamboru, Nigeria – Boko Haram, one of the local affiliates of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed EIGHTEEN innocent people who were gathering wood. 

April 28th: Awakassa, Mali – Muslim Fascists shot TWELVE innocent people to death. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the science fiction/ existential drama The Prisoner. For Part One, in which I examined the themes and concepts at play in the series click HERE  

ArrivalEpisode Title: ARRIVAL 

Fans of The Prisoner know that the exact order of the 17 episodes is up in the air since not even Patrick McGoohan, the show’s creator, star and prime creative force, was certain. However, there is no doubt that Arrival is the very first episode of the show (for obvious reasons).

The opening credits sequence is repeated for each episode (except for variations for Living in Harmony and for the very last episode, titled Fallout). That sequence presents our protagonist, the Prisoner (real name never revealed), disgustedly resigning from the Intelligence Service. Back at his home he is gassed into unconsciousness and awakens in an isolated, high-tech and dystopian prison-city that is called the Village.    

The program’s nature as a Kafkaesque tale with science fiction trappings is established in this debut episode. The Prisoner is taken aback by the seemingly cheerful and storybook surface nature of the Village and the way that surface is at odds with the underlying air of fear and paranoia.

Prisoner psych wardAll inhabitants/ captives of the Village are either former Intelligence Operatives like himself, or scientists or figures from the government or military. And from all around the world, too, not just the West.

In the Cold War attitude of the time the Prisoner is obsessed with finding out “which side” the Villagekeepers are on, but as the series progresses it becomes clear that the Free World vs Communist World paradigm is merely part of the deception being played on the Village’s prisoners. And possibly the world at large, intriguingly enough.    Continue reading


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Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Democrats AND Republicans. I think we need Third Parties urgently.


mascot new look donkey and elephant headsFor condescending Democrats who can’t understand why working class and poor people OF ALL COLORS have come to despise them: “Just because you never have to deal with the negative consequences of all the wrong-headed and damaging policies that you pursue, don’t ever forget the suffering people who DO have to deal with those negative consequences.”

For American “teachers” (LMAO): “People who say that teaching is a political act should never be trusted with authority over vulnerable young minds.”

For Republican office-holders: “Governments spend money. Just deal with it.”

For Democrat Fascists on college campuses: “Remember the Best and the Brightest? You’re the Worst and the Dumbest.”

For Democrats in General: “Wherever there is disagreement it is NOT just one side who is being divisive.”

For YouTube users: “There is always … A far superior setup.”

For Barack Obama: “Your shame over your horrible college grades is exceeded only by your shame over being such a weak, inept and crooked little man.”

For delusional Hillary supporters who are still making excuses for her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump, the new FDR and the new JFK: “H.C. is for Hillary Clinton … Also for Heinous Crimes … And Haiti Crusher … And for Human Cockroach.”

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We’re changing it up a little on Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead. This time it’s Guns ‘N’ Roses with You Could Be Mine.


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At Balladeer’s Blog I’m all about you readers. You can’t seem to get enough Marvel Comics items so here we go!

Last year when the latest Marvel movie came out I did a long, issue by issue look at the Avengers’ 1973-1975 story The Celestial Madonna Saga for some nice escapist fun mixed in with my usual topics.

This year as promised I’ll accompany the new Avengers movie (out this week) with an issue by issue look at an even earlier Marvel Comics epic. Namely, the The Kree-Skrull War (1971-1972). In many ways it’s a prequel since it sets up many storylines that were finalized in The Celestial Madonna Saga.

As always I retain a soft spot for superhero stories because reading them when I was a kid served as a gateway to two of my adult passions: mythology and opera. 

SETTING: The Kree race and the Skrull race are a pair of alien races who have been at war for untold thousands of years. Both races were introduced in the pages of the The Fantastic Four in the 1960s and became staples in the Marvel Comics Universe, which I will once again praise for being as enjoyably detailed as the Star Trek or Doctor Who universes.

Avengers 89THE AVENGERS Volume One, Number 89 (June 1971)

The Only Good Alien … Is A Dead Alien

Synopsis: The story opens up in Miami, where a trio of Avengers – the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the Vision – track down and engage in a battle with the Kree superhero called Captain Marvel.  (THIS IS THE HERO THAT NICK FURY SUMMONS IN THE POST-CREDITS SCENE IN AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR)  

NOTE: There is often confusion between the Marvel Comics figure called Captain Marvel and the Fawcett Comics figure of the same name. The Fawcett Comics figure dated back to the Golden Age and was one of the victims of DC Comics’ legal attacks on ANY superhero that they felt was too similar to their character Superman. Continue reading


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Muslim oppression 3Free Speech has been under assault by both Liberals and Conservatives in recent decades. There was a time when Liberals actively supported freedom of expression because they understood it was THE primary freedom from which all other freedoms flowed. The early figures from my own country’s history protected speech with the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution because they knew all too well that ideas that are considered taboo and offensive today might be considered essential truths by future generations.

The forever-hypocritical 1960s generation of American Liberals were all about Free Speech when THEIR ideas were the ones offending people. Once they considered themselves to be comfortably in the cultural, educational and political driver’s seat by the early 1990s they decided they wanted their own already outdated worldview enshrined in stone and presented as THE one true set of values.

Free speech is a civil rightThey became the Political Correctness Police and anyone who offended their 1960s attitudes had to be silenced because – as they knew so well from their own experience – when controversial ideas are given the room to breathe they can often thrive. The totalitarian asses of the 1960s can’t bear the fact that younger people might have opinions that offend THEM as much as their opinions offended their parents’ generation. 

And it’s not just in America. All around the world similar assaults on Freedom of Expression are being made. If Muslims are offended they want the offensive material banned, if authoritarian regimes like the one in China are offended they want the offensive material banned, and on and on it goes. Considering that the more easily offended someone is the less intelligent they tend to be I find it amazing that Politically Correct censorship has thrived the way it has.

Free Speech 2Keep in mind Spinoza’s wonderful line “Every man should think what he likes and say what he thinks.” That still rings true because no matter what the hypersensitive fools who want to censor the rest of us find offensive NONE of them has the right to try to extinguish one single creation or product of a human mind. Continue reading


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