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Christmas Time rolls along with another Christmas Song. This time it’s The Twelve Days of Christmas by Relient K.


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Here’s Balladeer’s Blog’s best from February.

EisenhowerNUMBER ONE – Since President’s Day weekend is in February it’s no surprise that the top post that month was my look at PRESIDENTS FROM EISENHOWER TO TRUMP.

I offered quick, light-hearted and critical shots at each one of those presidents. As regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know, I despise both the Democrats (DemCorp) and the Republicans (RepubCorp) so be ready. CLICK HERE 

bruce-boxleitner-as-frank-buck-3NUMBER TWO – One of my Ancient Science Fiction items came in second for the month of February, IN SEARCH OF THE UNKNOWN (1904).

This blog post looked at the series of short stories about Gilland the Zoologist. “If Indiana Jones Was A Zoologist” is a glib description of this collection of tales. The heroic Gilland encounters humanoid amphibians, woolly mammoths, dinosaurs which hatch from preserved eggs and go on a rampage, plus more. CLICK HERE   



NUMBER THREE – My review of TRUMBO energized people on all sides of the issues as I examined the cosmic-level hypocrisy of the film.

The political left feels that Blacklisting people and ruining careers is okay when THEY do it, but reprehensible when anyone else does it. CLICK HERE

man-in-the-black-cloak-4NUMBER FOUR – From the 1886 story THE MAN IN THE BLACK CLOAK I examined the title figure – a neglected forerunner of Pulp heroes like Judex and the Shadow.

For this forgotten serial from Boys of New York magazine CLICK HERE 

teresa-mullNUMBER FIVE – Coming in in fifth place for February was this item about a female research fellow and her courageous examination of viewpoint harassment and discrimination on American college campuses by Faculty Lounge Fascists.

To read that blog post CLICK HERE

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December is the month for retrospectives of the calendar year. Here’s a look at Balladeer’s Blog’s Best from January.

nyctalope-2NUMBER ONE – It wasn’t even close! Far and away the most popular blog post from January was my examination of Jean de la Hire’s neglected Pulp Hero, the Nyctalope (“Nightwalker”). This cyborg hero debuted very early in the 20th Century – as in before World War One!

Years before Doc Savage and others, the Nyctalope (Leo Saint-Clair) battled world-conquering supervillains, alien menaces, lost Amazon civilizations, Far Eastern Blood Cults and much, much more! From Earth to Mars to Earth’s non-existent second moon called Rhea follow this criminally overlooked figure into action! CLICK HERE 

asra-nomani-3NUMBER TWO – The ladies in the Real-Life League of Extraordinary Women always get a big reaction from readers and this entry was no exception!

The heroic Asra Nomani dove into the fray unafraid, confounding those Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who feel that ONLY Muslims who hate the Western World are “authentic.” For the blog post on this remarkable lady CLICK HERE 

no-survivors-please-2NUMBER THREE – Balladeer’s Blog’s reviews of bad and/or obscure movies are among my favorite pieces to write. For January the film review that stood out to you readers was this one:

No Survivors Please (1964) – A black & white sci fi curiosity from West Germany. The film dealt with an alien invasion but was – to say the least – different from virtually any other alien invasion flick. At least in presentation, if not in ideas. For the actual review CLICK HERE 

Apollo 17 patchNUMBER FOUR – Legendary Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan passed away in January of 2017.

In memory of this space pioneer Balladeer’s Blog ran a synopsis of Cernan’s Apollo 17 mission – the last Apollo  flight to visit the moon.

As a bonus I examined five OTHER Apollo missions, too.

For all that moon-madness CLICK HERE 

NUMBER FIVE – PAT CONDELL needs no introduction, and on Inauguration Day back in January I re-ran Pat’s Election Day 2016 monologue about how it HAD to be Trump. This post was very popular but I can’t take credit for any of it – it is ALL Pat’s material. BUT HE NAILED IT! CLICK BELOW TO HEAR HIM:


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Education or indoctrination gifHere’s another look at Left-Wing Archie Bunkers, or Faculty Lounge Fascists or whatever term you like for the make-believe “teachers” (LMAO) who have ruined the educational system. 

FIRST – A video featuring THE Camille Paglia and THE Christina Hoff Sommers reiterating how much damage has been done by the way the educational field was taken over by petty, close-minded political zealots.

SECOND – A USC Democrat “educator” who publicly discusses his belief that it is racist oppression to punish Democrats for acts of violence against people with whom they disagree. – (Video at the article) – HERE 

THIRD – The Washington Post has this story about ANOTHER series of alleged “racist” graffiti incidents that TURNED OUT TO BE COMMITTED BY A DEMOCRAT OF COLOR – Click HERE


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IndoctrinationNew paradigms replace the old. It’s the way of life. The previous paradigm featured narrow-minded, reactionary parents clashing with open-minded educators who were trying to update the state of American education after decades of stagnation.

The new paradigm features narrow-minded, reactionary “teachers” (LMAO) clashing with open-minded parents who are trying to update the state of American education after decades of stagnation.

Enjoy another roundup of the pathetic state that American Education is in thanks to narrow-minded Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who can’t stop living in the past and who refuse to embrace anything new. And who abuse their position as teachers to browbeat their students into agreeing with their political prejudices. 


B. THE WAY DEMOCRATS ENABLE MUSLIM MISOGYNY AND HOMOPHOBIA IN SCHOOL SYSTEMS AT ALL LEVELS. For a look at cowardly hypocrites crawling on their bellies but ONLY for Muslims who hate the West click HERE    Continue reading

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A Party In Crisis – Anti Trump Approach and Identity Politics Collapsing Democrat Party Support…


If you are only listening to corporate media presentations you would be left thinking the political strategy of Democrats against President Trump is working.

Except you would be wrong.

VERY wrong.

While the overwhelming majority of corporate media punditry and opinion broadcasts paint a picture of President Trump and the larger republican/deplorable party in retreat, the actual data, outside the influence of media, shows a completely divergent truth.

The Democrats are in serious trouble; and it’s only getting worse.

The latest self-admissions by the larger American electorate on Party Affiliation show the number of people identifying as Democrat has slipped to 28%.  That matches the lowest number of registered democrats recorded in the past decade.

For comparison, in November 2016, just before the presidential election, the number of registered voters identifying as Democrat was 31%.  Conversely the number…

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Democrats don't control meBalladeer’s Blog would be just fine if both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ political parties – or the “Royal Houses” as I call them – were destroyed. Both parties are in the pocket of one percenters and bloated rich pigs. This is why the bought-and-paid-for office-holders from both parties are fighting President Donald Trump so fiercely. He’s not a career politician so he is under attack by the same forces that Franklin Roosevelt had to defy.

Under Obama the Democrats lost literally around 1,100 political seats on the federal and state levels. Those seats were all UNEARNED by the Republican Party, which is led by garbage like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. People’s disgust with RepubCorp and its owners has become slightly less than it is with the Democrats and their owners so they’ve been voting for Republicans just to keep more Democrats out.

Unfortunately, Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell mistakenly think the voters are enamored with the Republican Party’s perpetual air of confusion and incompetence. Republican and Democrat career politicians are nothing but white collar criminals. More and more of us are turning away from both Parties.

Which brings us back to why Democrats are the slimiest filth of the moment and have driven away so many of us:

liberals and conservativesI often get emails and comments that say things like: “Given the type of things you write about you’re clearly not a Conservative so why do you bash Liberals so much?” Or even: “What makes American Democrats such unbearable jackasses?”

Let me provide one small example that is a microcosm of the way American Liberal Democrats have become nothing but smirking jackasses who don’t know nearly as much as they think they do.

Not so long ago, one of America’s female Conservatives (which one is not important to this example) was speaking at a Tea Party event and closed by exhorting her audience to “Party like it’s 1773.”

American Liberals all across the media and the internet had a field day ridiculing the woman for saying that. In their usual prickish, pompous manner American Liberals assumed the woman had meant to say 1776, which was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. Liberal asses repeated their snobbish “Conservatives are stupid” meme over and over again because of this incident.

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Actually since the Boston Tea Party, the event the Tea Party takes its name from, happened in 1773 – NOT 1776 – the Conservative Woman had the right year. That simple fact was lost and/or ignored in the slew of jokes about how “historically illiterate” Conservatives supposedly are for defending the woman. Talk shows, news shows, internet humor outlets all ran with the usual “Conservatives are morons” sentiment for several days.  

Let me emphasize this for overseas readers: the people who had the historical reference RIGHT became national laughingstocks and were being ridiculed as “stupid” by the people who were WRONG about the historical reference. Corrections were never run or aired by any of the offending outlets. The historical fact was lost in the rush to ridicule and all the general public remembered was that, supposedly, once again Conservatives had revealed how “stupid” they are. Continue reading


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