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Balladeer’s Blog despises the Democrats and the Republicans equally but right now there’s no denying that the Democrats are far more pompous and more in need of being cut down to size. U.S. career politicians are white-collar criminals.

Corinne BrownDEMOCRAT CORINNE BROWN SENT TO PRISON FOR RUNNING A FAKE CHARITY AS A SLUSH FUND – If you’re like me you’ve lost count on how many Democrats in office commit this same type of  crime. In this case Democrat Corinne Brown, a Florida Representative to Congress until her electoral defeat last November, was sentenced to 5 years in prison plus restitution payments when she gets out.

Per News 4 in Jacksonville, FL:

“At its core, the case was focused on One Door, a group billed as a charity for disadvantaged children that raised more than $800,000 over a four-year stretch. In fact, most of that money benefited Brown personally. Of the $833,000 raised, only $1,200 went toward scholarships. ***

Corinne Brown and Crooked Barry“The rest paid for things such as events and travel for Brown and those in her orbit, as well as dozens of cash deposits to her personal bank account and a range of frivolous expenses, like nearly $14,000 for Beyonce tickets and $15,000 for a suite at a Jaguars-Redskins game.

“A jury found Brown guilty … of 18 counts of federal mail, wire and tax fraud for soliciting donations for the fake charity, using that charity as a “slush fund” for herself and her associates, and lying on her taxes and congressional disclosure forms. (News4Jax) ”

Corinne Brown and Crooked HillaryAh, Democrats and their “Peculiar Institutions!” Like Fake Charities and so many others.

So when does Hillary Clinton get sentenced, since she did the same thing plus other offenses. Talk about White Privilege! DRAIN THE SWAMP! Continue reading


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Donna BrazilleHere at Balladeer’s Blog I am still having the time of my life watching all of the white collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans rolling on each other. The latest is former DNC Consigliere Donna Brazille, the ABC “News Woman” (LMFAO) who admitted to feeding Hillary Clinton advance questions going into the televised debates last year.  

Hillary Clinton creepyDonna succeeded Hillary Clinton stooge Deborah Wasserman-Schultz as Consigliere and she has her own book out now about Clinton and DNC corruption. It will come as no surprise to my fellow aficionados of American “tell-all” books about political corruption that Brazille’s work is the typically self-serving wallow.

Donna insists she was “Shocked! Shocked I tell you” – as Louis in Casablanca would say – at how thoroughly Hillary had corrupted the Democrat National Committee.  Wide-eyed Ms Brazille lays out a lot of details on how Obama and Hillary put the DNC so heavily in debt AND how Hillary and her underlings used the DNC apparatus to rob Bernie Sanders of the Democrat Presidential Nomination last year.   Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub headsDemocrats were furious when other Americans freed their slaves. Ever since then Democrats have been race-baiting, condescending and bullying to black voters who challenge their political party machine. Democrats think black people are only “officially” black if they shut up and obey the Democrats.

Candace Owens refuses to take orders from the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, the spoils system, the Japanese Internment, the Trail of Tears, Tammany Hall and Jim Crow. Here she is with another Profile in Courage, taking hypocritical white Democrats to task:


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Democrat sloganIn a way it’s fascinating as hell to be alive during this period in which America’s rival gangs of white collar criminals – Democrats and Republicans – have been forced to show their true, ugly, totalitarian faces. 

The Democrats, who have lost countless elections at all levels across the country, are openly embracing the concept of having Corporate Rich Pigs force their (the Democrats’) irrational opinions on the rest of us with a savage ferocity that our actual government could never get away with on its own. The Democrats are being referred to these days as “The Party of CEO’s” and with good reason.

In a move even Machiavelli might have saluted, the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who run the party of the Democrats have basically said to the country: “You can vote all you want, but we’ll just embrace Corporate Fascism to FORCE our dictates upon all of you!”

“After all,” the Democrats’ reasoning goes, “if we can work hand-in-hand with bloated rich pigs to ensure you won’t even be allowed to make a living if you express disagreement with us, then we think you’ll realize it’s in your own best interest to stop resisting and pretend you go along with even our most ridiculous positions.”

fascism is antifaGoing beyond Orwell’s much-cited “2+2=5” example from his novel 1984 the Democrats simply brush aside the impotent, bought and paid for Republican trash and go straight for the kill.  

*** Instead of Orwell’s 2+2=5 we’ll go with another obvious fallacy just for the sake of variety. Let’s pretend the Democrats have somehow determined there is a political advantage to publicly embracing a similarly obvious fallacy – for that aforementioned variety we’ll say that Democrats want to force people to say “Earthworms are mammals.”

The Democrats will follow their tried and true process:

When free-thinking adults refuse to echo the ridiculous claim that “Earthworms are mammals” the Democrats will wheel and deal with bloated rich pigs like Mark Zuckerberg and similar types, like the powers that be at Starbucks and other companies.

Democrats will make it clear to those rich pig CEO’s that there are advantages to be had by cooperating with the Democrats in pushing their latest irrational Papal Bull. Political favors are to be had if various CEO’s use their bloated rich pig power to push the Democrats’ dogma down our throats.

Soon it gets to the point where these CEO’s (at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Silicon Valley, etc) will be firing and/or refusing to even hire people for holding positions that their Corporate Fascist political allies don’t like. It will all be done in the name of “combatting hatred” or “preventing puppy-dogs from being kicked” in the usual drama queen manner that Democrats love to use.

corporate fascist Mark Zuckerberg


Bloated rich pigs like Zuckerberg will enforce the ridiculous “Earthworms are mammals” claims by letting all of their social media users hit that all-powerful “report abuse” button to silence all dissenting opinions. Never mind that social media users can block whatever they personally don’t want to see, Democrats ALWAYS insist that opposing viewpoints are dangerous or “hatred” and must be censored.

And if, say, certain states or cities refuse to enforce the Democrats’ “Earthworms are mammals” notion by teaching it in schools then rich pig CEO’s – including the NFL, NBA, etc – will grandly announce they are boycotting those locations until they cave in and go along with what the Democrats have decreed that “all decent, compassionate people” believe. 

Democrats will smilingly approve and Republicans – who apparently only run for office to get bribe money and well-placed connections – will bluster insincerely about how they’re going to “stop this corporate blackmail” but will just get paid off by the same bloated rich pigs working with the Democrats and will do nothing. Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Recently the perpetual children who call themselves Democrats tried to make cheap political capital out of a (possibly faked) note that the child of an illegal immigrant addressed to their parents.

The child was supposedly sad about the possibility of immigration authorities catching the family and sending them home. Being Democrats the repulsive fools acted like this letter was proof of how supposedly “evil” it is for countries to have immigration laws.

To counter that here’s a letter written to Heaven by the child of a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal immigrant. It’s just as sad, Democrats. Do you immature drama queens STILL think that heart-breaking letters written by children should form the basis of a country’s immigration policy?

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsOh, I know, Democrats. Only touching letters that further your political goals count. If the letter below helped push your politics the letter and the little girl who wrote it would be world-famous.

I’m REALLY sick of the way Democrats exploit emotion to try to make every one of their political opinions carry the force of law.

Below is the letter written by the little girl whose father will never be coming home because of an illegal immigrant. Try to remember, Democrats, emotion can cut both ways. Not that you barely human political robots will care.  

Young Daughter of murdered Deputy Brian Tephord writes letter to Heaven
My Daddy
By Alyssa Tephord
“My Mommy told me a very bad man hurt my Daddy and now my Daddy is dead. I was very sad and I cried and cried and then I asked a lot of questions.

I asked my Mommy how the bad man hurt Daddy. She said he shot him with a gun. I wanted to know why my Mommy couldn’t fix it since she was a nurse. I’m very angry at the bad man who hurt my Daddy because he hurt my Daddy really bad.

I will never be happy with the bad man. After Mommy told me, I made Daddy pictures and cards. Mommy tied them to balloons and we went outside and let them go to heaven where my Daddy is. I said Daddy, I hope you like the cards and pictures, I miss you. Then I saw Daddy on TV and I was very proud. Grandma Gwen told me he was on TV because he was special and was a hero. My Daddy is in heaven because he’s a good man. Continue reading

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Democrat slogan


The hypocritical Democrats – who have driven so many of us from the party with their fascism – love to COMMIT the atrocities that they then go on to blame THE REST OF US FOR! They love to act like THEY can just move on and forget their role in slavery, Japanese internment, the Trail of Tears and so much else, but the rest of the country bears some absurd collective guilt over those things for the rest of eternity.

Hatred and violence are in the DNA of the Democrats. They seem anxious to start another Civil War like when they wanted to keep their slaves.

Gulf of TonkinGULF OF TONKIN: If there’s one thing that Democrats love to lecture the rest of us about it’s the Vietnam War. As with so many other things the Democrats love to blame on everyone else it was caused by a DEMOCRAT – President Lyndon Johnson’s administration played the Big Lie game over the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

More like the Gulf of Tonkin Fabrication, but this is so typical of the Democrats. They CAUSE something that costs countless lives, then try to act like they were the ones AGAINST the tragedy in the first place. (Like their destruction of healthcare under Obama and the way they now act like all the death and suffering caused by the Obamacare debacle should be thrown down the Memory Hole.)

Regarding Vietnam: All the lives lost, all the pain and suffering, the Agent Orange atrocity and more – it can ALL be laid at the Democrats’ door since they love assessing blame. Remember that the next time Democrats try lecturing the rest of us about this war.   Continue reading


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democrat ghettosWelcome back to Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog. In the past Democrats/ Liberals (really “illiberals”) mostly attacked Republicans or Conservatives, none of whom understood how to fight back effectively. In recent decades DemoKKKrats/ Illiberals have begun hounding the rest of us, trying to browbeat us into agreeing with every idiotic notion that pops into their heads.

That transformed them into a party that attracted all the kind of totalitarian asses who used to gravitate toward religion and therefore the Republican Party. Fortunately religion in general no longer carries the cultural influence it used to, so totalitarian people who thrive on the urge to tell everyone else how to live their lives realized they had to call themselves Democrats and Liberals and Progressives instead.

Hiding behind such increasingly meaningless labels those people pretend to have “moral superiority” (itself an absurd concept) over the rest of us like they did when religion was their excuse for putting on such airs. 

Even worse is the way that DemoKKKrats, Illiberals and Regressives use all the forces of conformity to try to browbeat black people, women, gay people, poor people and the working class into pretending they are ALL good little obedient subjects of their political party.

The good news is that more and more black people, women, gay people, poor people and working class people are throwing off the yoke of the Democrats and their equally intolerant allies.

The chief way the American Left operates is by co-opting selfish make-believe leaders in various “communities” and presenting those people to the public as if they are THE official representatives of black people, gay people, etc.

Malcolm XPeople like Al Sharpton, Linda Sarsour and others have learned that the way to wealth and fame in the Democrat organization is to promote hatred and division non-stop. The Sharptons, Sarsours and their fellow Kapos live well but not so the suffering people they claim to represent. 

Black, female, gay, Muslim, poor or working class people who WANT TO CO-EXIST PEACEFULLY AND FIND COMMON GROUND are attacked by Democrats as  “traitors” to their race, gender group, etc. Needless to say they also DON’T get high-paying demagogue gigs in the Democrat organization. 

And the more black, female, gay, Muslim, poor and working class people that catch on and break away from the Democrats the more and more frantic they become. The 2016 election made it clear to them how many people from the groups they feel they “own” are rebelling against their ugly tactics and authoritarian ways.

That is why they have gone so publicly insane since last November and have been resorting to such violent and criminal behavior. Continue reading


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