Clower (right) with co-host Richard Malmos as

Randy Clower (right) with co-host Richard Malmos as “Film Vault Technicians First Class” on The Texas 27 Film Vault

Before MST3K there was THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT! Before Joel and Mike lovers of bad movies had Randy and Richard! Before Pearl there was Laurie Savino! Before Devil Dogs, Observers and Deep 13 there came Cellumites, giant rats and Level 31!

In the mid 1980’s a two and a half hour-long program called The Texas 27 Film Vault was the show to watch for wry mockery of Golden Turkeys preceded by episodes of vintage Republic Serials like Radar Men From The Moon and Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders.     

MY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH RANDY CLOWER, COHOST AND CO-CREATOR OF THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT – https://glitternight.com/2011/12/22/randy-clower-balladeers-blog-interviews-a-movie-host-legend/

THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT’S PLACE IN MOVIE HOST HISTORY – https://glitternight.com/2012/11/19/the-seven-most-influential-movie-hosts-1954-1987/

THE 3D TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT POSTER (courtesy of Randy Clower) – https://glitternight.com/2013/03/18/movie-hosts-the-texas-27-film-vault-poster/

THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT – from February 9th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/04/04/the-first-bad-movie-shown-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

THE LAST EPISODE OF THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT – from August ?, 1987 – https://glitternight.com/2013/04/09/bad-movie-ghoulies-1984-the-last-movie-shown-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/ 

QUEEN OF BLOOD on THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT – from May 3rd, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/04/12/bad-movie-queen-of-blood-1966-shown-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-may-3rd-1986/

“DALLAS DOUBLE FEATURE” – MARS NEEDS WOMEN and NIGHT FRIGHT – from May 10th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/04/18/mars-needs-women-1967-and-night-fright-1967-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-may-10th-1986/

RETURN OF THE FLY plus Randy and Richard getting mobbed by their fans – from August 9th, 1986 –   https://glitternight.com/2013/04/25/return-of-the-fly-1959-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-august-9th-1986/

TERROR TRAIN – from December 27th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/05/02/terror-train-1980-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-december-27th-1986/

STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM – from July 6th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/05/17/bad-movie-star-spangled-rhythm-1942-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-july-6th-1985/

HORROR OF PARTY BEACH – from May 25th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/05/31/bad-movie-horror-of-party-beach-1964-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-may-25th-1985/

THE GIANT CLAW – from April of 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/06/08/the-giant-claw-1957-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-april-of-1985/

FRONTIER MARSHAL – from October 25th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/07/27/frontier-marshal-1939-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-october-25th-1986/

IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE – from July 12th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/08/29/it-the-terror-from-beyond-space-1958-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-july-12th-1986/ 

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL (1958) – from September 7th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/09/12/high-school-confidential-1958-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-september-7th-1985/

BLOOD BEACH – from February 22nd, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/09/22/blood-beach-1980-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-february-22nd-1986/

GIRLS ON PROBATION – from March 2nd, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/09/28/girls-on-probation-1938-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-march-2nd-1985/

BLOOD FREAK – from November 23rd, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/10/05/blood-freak-1972-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-november-23rd-1985/

GHOSTS OF HANLEY HOUSE – from October 26th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/11/09/ghosts-of-hanley-house-1968-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-october-26th-1985/

THE CINAMMON CINDER SHOW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (w/Gumby, Space Angel and Sonny & Cher) – from December 20th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2013/12/23/the-cinammon-cinder-show-christmas-special-1965-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-december-20th-1986/

A COSMIC CHRISTMAS AND SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS – from December 21st, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2013/12/28/a-cosmic-christmas-1977-and-santa-claus-conquers-the-martians-1964/

CHANGE OF HABIT – from January 10th, 1987 – https://glitternight.com/2014/01/08/change-of-habit-1969-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

THE PARTY CRASHERS – from September 13th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2014/04/16/the-party-crashers-1958-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK – from May of 1987 – https://glitternight.com/2014/04/30/kiss-meets-the-phantom-of-the-park-1978-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

SUPERNATURAL (1933) – from April 19th, 1986 – https://glitternight.com/2014/06/08/supernatural-1933-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL (1957) – from March 30th, 1985 – https://glitternight.com/2014/08/26/monster-from-green-hell-1957-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

THE HYPNOTIC EYE (1960) –   https://glitternight.com/2015/02/16/the-hypnotic-eye-1960-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

GLEN OR GLENDA? (1953) –   https://glitternight.com/2015/02/27/glen-or-glenda-1953-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

FOOD OF THE GODS (1976) –   https://glitternight.com/2015/03/04/the-food-of-the-gods-1976-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3-D (1982) –  https://glitternight.com/2015/03/13/friday-the-13th-part-3-d-1982-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

INVASION U.S.A. (1952) –   https://glitternight.com/2015/03/26/invasion-usa-1952-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

JUST IMAGINE (1930) –  https://glitternight.com/2015/04/21/just-imagine-1930-on-the-texas-27-film-vault/

THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW (1981) – The Man Who Saw Tomorrow on The Texas 27 Film Vault

GORILLA AT LARGE (1954) – Gorilla at Large on The Texas 27 Film Vault

BILLY THE KID VS DRACULA (1966) – Billy the Kid vs Dracula on The Texas 27 Film Vault

FROGS (1972) – Frogs on The Texas 27 Film Vault

INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) – Invaders from Mars on The Texas 27 Film Vault


LAURIE THE MYSTERY CLIP TECHNICIAN – https://glitternight.com/2013/03/31/movie-hosts-more-info-on-the-texas-27-film-vault-the-pre-mst3k-show/


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  3. Very cool! These guys seem funny and irreverent!

  4. Pingback: Hank

    • Because some people apparently weren’t making the connection that 1985-1987 came BEFORE November of 1988 and they would email me saying it looked like Randy and Richard imitated MST3K. That’s impossible since their show came first.

  5. Pingback: Caroline

  6. I usually prefer ur sports articles but as an MST3K fan I love this show u write about! What a find! These guys were part of movie host history!

  7. Unbeleivable that so little coverage is shown this thing. Props 4 shedding light on a show that was really cutting edge.

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  11. This looks like it was even more fun or at least more adult than MST3K!

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  19. Wow! It’s like I have a phd in Randy and Richard’s show now!

  20. Unbelievable that this show is so little appreciated!

  21. Pingback: Bobo

    • Another psychotic Mistie who doesn’t understand how calendars work. Febrruary of 1985 to August of 1987 came BEFORE November of 1988 when MST3K started. Ask your mom to explain it to you.

  22. Go Randy and Richard! I never could remember the name of the show so I could tell my Misty friends!

  23. This looks a lot better than that stupid puppet show with the stupid songs.

    • I really enjoyed The Texas 27 Film Vault and MST3K both, but I do agree The Texas 27 Film Vault was targeted at a more adult audience. They took advantage of their late night time slot.

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    • Nobody’s bashing it you silly little pscho-Mistie. I can’t help the fact that The Texas 27 Film Vault came before it, like so many other shows that obviously “inspired” it.

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  36. Michael

    MST3K did it 1st!

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  39. Pingback: BLOOD FREAK (1972) ON THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT: NOVEMBER 23RD, 1985 | Balladeer's Blog

  40. MST3K did all this same shit long ago.

  41. Ignore the Mistie weenies! The Texas 27 Film Vault deserves to be remembered! Go Film Vault Corps!

  42. I remember the one sentence mention of these guys in Elena Watsons book. Nice to finally learn more.

  43. Hi! I loved this show when I was in college! Could never remember the name of it and was beginning to wonder if I dreamed the whole thing. Thanks!

  44. This show was literally before the Minnesota puppet show?

  45. I want 2 read more about this show! The Texas 27 Film Vault sounds like da bomb!

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  47. TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT | Balladeer’s Blog

  48. TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT | Balladeer’s Blog

  49. MLK

    This show is just a cheap imitator of MST3K.

  50. THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT needs a book!

  51. TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT | Balladeer’s Blog

  52. This show is just an imitation MST3K! Even the uniforms they wear and their set looks like Deep 13 and the jumpsuits Mike wore.

    • You Misties have a very hard time understanding calendars, don’t you? The Texas 27 Film Vault debuted February 9th, 1985. Mystery Science Theater 3000 debuted Thanksgiving Day of 1988. Now tell me how Randy and Richard could possibly have imitated MST3K when their show started years earlier.

  53. Their serial about the Canadian Mounties sounds funny!

  54. Gemma

    I loved this show when I was in college.

  55. What a discovery! Mike Nelson is such an overrated hack its unbelievable!

  56. Since THE TEXAS 27 FILM VAULT and MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 were shows with kindred spirits have you heard about the online Turkey Day marathon Joel Hodgson is doing? He will show 6 episodes of MST3K for Thanksgiving Day.


  58. Bad movies, cute guys and old serials! I’m ur girl this show!

  59. Very interesting show!

  60. Before MST3K? r u shitting me?

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  63. MST3K could have learned a few things from this show. Especially about appealing to adults.

  64. This show looks like a ripoff of MST3K!

  65. However these are tremendous. Wish gamma blue 11s had better the alignment hold but in common awesome set of two gamma blue 11s

  66. OMG!!!!! This show seems like a lot of fun!

  67. This show deserves a lot more love!

  68. The Texas 27 Film Vault should have been MST3K!

  69. This is what the internet is perfect for – cataloguing the history of this wonderful pre-MST3K show.

  70. Gr8 look at this 4gotten show.


  72. The Texas 27 Film Vault needs a shitload more of love.

  73. Are Randy and Richard brothers?

  74. This show seems like a wittier version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  75. This is like Ancestry.com of MST3K!

  76. The Father of MST3K! Knew your father I did!

  77. This show is so awesome!

  78. Incredible! Like others said its like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 SENIOR!

    • No it didn’t. The Texas 27 Film Vault came before Mystery Science Theater 3000. Hard to believe someone who calls themselves Zuzu the clown is wrong but there you are.

  79. Great soudning show! Seems better than MST3K!

  80. That Laurie the Film Clip Technician is hot!

  81. Did they do any spaghetti westerns?

  82. These guys rock! They were Joel and Mike’s spiritual fathers!

  83. Randy and Richard seem cooler than Mike and the bots.

  84. Loved the 3-d poster best of all!

  85. Dildo Baggins

    So all they did was imitate everything MST3K did?

  86. The machine guns make me very nervous.

  87. To think these guys were inches from being MST3K if those syndication deals had worked out.

  88. Love those old turkeys!

  89. Love it! Like an ancestor of Joel and the bots!


  91. I loved Joe Riley’s Hypnotic Eye show!

  92. Wow! Don’t tell Mike Nelson’s fans about this!

  93. Nice little niche item from Horror Host history.

  94. I bet these guys would have done a better job than Mike Nelson.

  95. U should write a book about The Texas 27 Film Vault!

  96. Incredible! And all this before MST3K! Mike Nelson sucks!


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  99. u r the best on the web for Texas 27 Film Vault coverage!

  100. You have really raised awareness of this show that was being ignored!

  101. I loved MST3K but The Texas 27 Film Vault seems like fun, too! Especially since it came first!

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  103. MST3K did it all. These guys just imitated them.

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  105. KEWL! Like a long lost father of Rifftraxx.

  106. Awesome! Nobody else online has as much as u do about the Texas 27 Film Vault.

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    qenlxcqceb http://www.gpvo47jahi397kcq1533543x7ib6g07bs.org/

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