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First up this time is a look at Democrat Joaquin Castro’s ugly fascist attempt to sic violent mobs of slobbering psychopaths on people who donated to de facto Third Party President Donald Trump … And accidentally exposed some of his own donors who also donated to Trump. Democrat intolerance at its worst. 

Castro fascist

Then there’s this look at some Karmic Justice that has been handed out to assorted political malefactors lately.

Deep State Chickens

Democrats are determined to make the vague but convenient labels “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racist.” One of their dumbest maneuvers has been the pretense that the “OK” sign is a secret white supremacist hand gesture. Here we see Democrat Elijah Cummings, noted white supremacist, making that hand sign. 

Cummings making OK sign



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Joe Biden pointingJoe Biden has been on a roll lately, once again confusing Teresa May with Margaret Thatcher, then saying that “We believe in truth, not facts,” and now he said “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

When de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has such gaffes the anti-Trump loons insist it is somehow an indictment of his intelligence. When Democrats have such gaffes the anti-Trump loons insist it is just a slip of the tongue, like everybody makes. Continue reading

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#WalkAwayOverseas readers are often very confused by the oddities of American life. Since regular readers here have gotten used to the fact that I’m an Independent Voter and can look at things from the perspective of a non-Democrat and non-Republican I’ve been asked if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are being accused of causing the Dayton shooting since that shooter expressed support for them and since Democrats love to accuse political opponents every time there are public tragedies. The insinuation being it would be Karmic Justice for the Democrats’ vile use of such cheap political tactics.  

In my opinion no one’s words – no, not from either political party – are ever to blame for shootings or any other violent acts. In America there is never any lack of idiots looking for scapegoats every time something bad happens (The Ox-Bow Incident still has relevance) and it’s become customary by the lowest of the low to score cheap political points after public tragedies by blaming prominent political figures from the opposing party.

These vultures spreading blame figuratively pile up the dead bodies and stand on top of them to use them as a political soapbox and to pretend they “care” more than the people who show the good taste to not politicize such tragedies.

Another question I was asked was why the accusations that the Democrats throw at Trump get so much more publicity than the accusations that Republicans throw at Sanders and Warren. Continue reading

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#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES, as I often point out here at Balladeer’s Blog. I woke up this morning to literally DOZENS of questions and comments from overseas readers asking me why the perpetual children called Democrats always seem to live in a bizarre parallel universe that does not match reality in any way.

One of the reasons is because the privileged white trash on the debate stage last night must try to appeal to the increasingly deranged Democrat base as more and more of us #WALKAWAY from that cesspool of insanity to become Independent Voters. 

Polls are not the end-all and be-all of course, but to use just one example, Gallup got results saying that 42% of Americans reject BOTH the Democrats AND the clueless Republicans and identify as Independents. 29% of the respondents identified as Democrats and 27% identified as Republicans. Other polls get higher or lower percentages for each of those, but the trend has definitely been for more people identifying as Independent Voters than as members of our outdated and hopelessly corrupt major Parties.

Trump, Rosa Parks and Ali

Trump, a former Democrat like me, was never accused of racism until he ran against the race-baiting Democrats

De facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more for the working class and the poor of all colors than any other president in my lifetime. Period. Privileged white trash like movie stars and the white-collar criminals called career politicians hate him for that. The snow-white faces on the debate stage last night lecturing the rest of us about diversity was surreal.

Their absurdly apocalyptic worldview is outrightly insulting given the pampered, bloated rich pig existence led by each and every one of those candidates.

So, for you overseas readers who asked me about this since you said the country you see never matches the insane gibberish spouted by hardcore Democrats, remember that Gallup Poll: 42% Independent, 29% Democrat and 27% Republican.

Because it’s Primary Season the Democrats last night were trying to attract the slobbering partisan psychopaths who believe the comic book level “good guys vs the bad guys” and “dark psychic forces” nonsense they vomited onto the debate stage. They know they can’t reach the rest of us aka adults who live in the real world and are capable of discussing our political differences without demonizing each other. Continue reading


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Mueller t-shirtRobert Mueller has replaced Richard Nixon as the National Cockroach. Even among notoriously sleazy American Prosecutors, Mueller has a name that’s synonymous with sludge. Just search under “Robert Mueller Scandals” and take your pick from all of the left-wing and right-wing news outlets. Mueller’s infamous involvement in abetting gangster Whitey Bulger by keeping innocent people in prison for years is just ONE of this greaseball’s many scandals.

Mueller CockroachI joked recently that next the Democrats will beg Mueller to write a fictionalized account of what he thinks happened in the nonexistent “Russian Collusion” (LMAO) fantasy. Then they can call him back AGAIN and ask hypothetical questions about what each line in the fictional account might mean, all the while pretending that their obsession with trying to revive Murky Mueller’s failed Witch Hunt means there’s smoke there.   



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mother-jonesMary Harris Jones aka “Mother” Jones fought the same kind of bloated rich pig oppressors that de facto Third Party President Trump fights. And it’s no secret that Trump has done more for the poor and the working class than any other president in DECADES! 

Once again Mother Jones has communicated with Balladeer’s Blog from beyond the grave to let me know about her favorite Trump links in recent news. 

cancer patient Natalie HarpCANCER SURVIVOR CALLS PRESIDENT TRUMP HER GOOD SAMARITAN. President Trump has been doing amazing things for cancer sufferers, just like he recently moved mountains to help those with kidney ailments.  – click HERE

DONALD TRUMP MUST BE THE CLEANEST MAN IN WASHINGTON DC. Don Surber echoes my take on how clean the Donald must be or the Democrats would have produced SOMETHING on him by now. Instead, every investigation they start goes nowhere, and this week another witch hunt against him was called off. – click HERE 

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsPRESIDENT TRUMP PROVEN TO BE TREATING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN CUSTODY BETTER THAN OBAMA Numbers don’t lie – click HERE 

DEMOCRAT CHUCK SCHUMER GOT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM EPSTEIN. While President Trump banned Epstein from his properties over a decade ago, the minute he learned what Epstein was like, the media keeps coming up with pics of Trump with Epstein from 1992 or so AND IGNORING ALL OF EPSTEIN’S RECENT TIES TO DEMOCRATS. Hilarious hypocrisy!  – click HERE

EVEN MORE PROOF IT WAS LOCAL PUERTO RICAN POLITICIANS, NOT TRUMP, WHO FOULED UP DISTRIBUTION OF HURRICANE RELIEF. Even more protests from the suffering victims against the corrupt Puerto Rican pols – click HERE

WOMEN FOR TRUMP. Further reflections from women for Trump’s reelection. And by the way, already more women have contributed money to President Trump’s 2020 campaign than did to his 2016 campaign!  – click Continue reading

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Mascot new lookUp first we have the latest hilarious hypocrisy from the hatemongering, race-baiting demagogues of the Democrat/ Ku Klux Klan Party. They spout non-stop hatred but snivel when they get any kind of pushback. (Note, too, the usual Democrat insinuation that to be black means you MUST obey the Democrats or else you’re not a “black voice.”) 

Trump vs the hatemongers

THE ODD SQUAD DEMOCRATS: Next we see the Four Hatemongers (Pressley, Omar, AOC & Tlaib) both WITHOUT their Klan robes on and WITH their Klan robes on. 

Four Hatemongers

Democrats KKK

This next one is a great reminder of how Democrat-run San Francisco and other spots in Democrat-run California have streets literally filled with human waste from all the illegal immigration and homelessness. But Californian politicians think they know what’s best for the whole country. 

California open cesspoolTrump Christmas Every DayThen there’s this reminder (left) that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more for the poor and the working class of ALL colors than any other president in my lifetime.

And he’s done it while fighting BOTH the crooked Democrats AND the crooked Republicans.

Next we have a reminder of how the Techno-Fascists at Facebook, Google and Twitter need to have their companies made public utilities to stop their flagrant partisan abuse of their influence. 

Techno Fascists 2020

And there’s THIS reminder that the default position of Democrats in office is always to call EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY a (yaaawwwwn) “racist” or, even more absurdly, “a white supremacist.” 

AOC vs Pelosi

The Four Hatemongers express their animosity toward Jews:

Four Hatemongers on Jews

. Continue reading

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