Mascot new lookUp first we have the latest hilarious hypocrisy from the hatemongering, race-baiting demagogues of the Democrat/ Ku Klux Klan Party. They spout non-stop hatred but snivel when they get any kind of pushback. (Note, too, the usual Democrat insinuation that to be black means you MUST obey the Democrats or else you’re not a “black voice.”) 

Trump vs the hatemongers

THE ODD SQUAD DEMOCRATS: Next we see the Four Hatemongers (Pressley, Omar, AOC & Tlaib) both WITHOUT their Klan robes on and WITH their Klan robes on. 

Four Hatemongers

Democrats KKK

This next one is a great reminder of how Democrat-run San Francisco and other spots in Democrat-run California have streets literally filled with human waste from all the illegal immigration and homelessness. But Californian politicians think they know what’s best for the whole country. 

California open cesspoolTrump Christmas Every DayThen there’s this reminder (left) that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more for the poor and the working class of ALL colors than any other president in my lifetime.

And he’s done it while fighting BOTH the crooked Democrats AND the crooked Republicans.

Next we have a reminder of how the Techno-Fascists at Facebook, Google and Twitter need to have their companies made public utilities to stop their flagrant partisan abuse of their influence. 

Techno Fascists 2020

And there’s THIS reminder that the default position of Democrats in office is always to call EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY a (yaaawwwwn) “racist” or, even more absurdly, “a white supremacist.” 

AOC vs Pelosi

The Four Hatemongers express their animosity toward Jews:

Four Hatemongers on Jews


This one needs no explanation.

Pelosi stage 4 trump derangement syndrome

Neither does this one:

Democrats regulating fire


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6 responses to “POLITICAL CARTOONS: JULY 16th

  1. Russell

    The Squad in Klan robes is perfect!

  2. Kim

    I enjoyed these cartoons.

  3. Oralee

    Very nice selection of cartoons!

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