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democrat republican awakeDemocrats, the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and the Dred Scott Decision, notoriously HATE independent-minded African-Americans who defy those Democrats. The privileged white-bread leadership of the Democrats continues to act like it owns people of color like they did on their plantations in the south long ago. (No Republicans owned plantations, or I’d be happy to say so since Balladeer’s Blog criticizes both political parties.)

Recently, some courageous African-Americans pushed back against Democrats at Congressional hearings looking into more reparations for slavery, that “Peculiar Institution” that Democrats fought to spread and prolong as long as possible.

Burgess OwensBurgess Owens pointed out what many have long stated: that the Democrat Party is the only wildly pro-slavery institution left with continuity all the way back to the slavery era. Therefore the Democrat Party organization should pay reparations. Or, as I point out, at least SHOW THE DECENCY TO CHANGE THEIR PARTY’S NAME since they push to eliminate all reminders of the Confederacy and the earlier years of their party’s beloved slavery.

Among other things, Owens said “I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race … How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race”  

Coleman HughesColeman Hughes, who reminded booing racist Democrats that he is himself a Democrat, also defied the Democrat Party on reparations. He also debunked the Democrats’ frequently-stated lie that the U.S. government never apologized for slavery and Jim Crow, noting that both the House and the Senate have previously issued those apologies.

Hughes, who blasted Republicans as well as Democrats (My kind of guy) went on to say “Black people don’t need another apology. We need safer neighborhoods, and better schools. We need a less-punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable healthcare. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery.”

And so it went, as Burgess and Hughes were joined by other People of Courage who defied the Democrat demands to shut up and obey the Party.

Larry ElderOthers weighed in on social media, like Larry Elder with this:

U.S. gov’t did not own slaves. Republicans did not own slaves. Democrats did. Democrats passed and enforced Jim Crow. Democrats founded the KKK. Slavery ended 150 yrs ago and lasted, after America became a country, for 78 yrs. To pay for , will dems sue themselves?”

Another thing to remember is that some people of color also owned slaves. For just one small – but telling – example, Democrat Kamala Harris’ OWN FATHER has pointed out that earlier members of their family had owned slaves. Continue reading


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Harrison FloydHarrison Floyd (like me, a Trump supporter) is another Martin Luther King Person of Courage defying Democrats and the way they think they can order black people how to think and what political opinions to hold. I don’t agree with everything Floyd says but I don’t agree with everything said by people who happen to be white, either. So what? Deal with it, Democrat fascists. 

Anyway, here’s a shoutout to Harrison Floyd, an urban intellectual who has a wonderful talent for making privileged white Democrat fools froth at the mouth with hatred just by having a mind of his own.


For more about Harrison Floyd: Continue reading


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Khaliq Rodriquez 2Khaliq Rodriquez, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, is still LIVING history this month. Like so many other People of Courage I’ve covered here at Balladeer’s Blog Mr Rodriquez has decided to #WALKAWAY from the fascistic Democrats and praise President Trump’s many accomplishments for the poor and the working class of ALL colors.

Urban Intellectuals Matter, as the saying goes, and Khaliq is always in the foreground, courageously pushing back against Democrats who think they own people of color.

Long ago the Democrats exploited the white working class and white poor by paying lip service to them to get their votes, then selling them out.

#WalkAwayThen when the white working class and the white poor saw through the Democrats’ lies they decided to #WALKAWAY. So the Democrats resumed exploiting the black working class and poor by paying lip service to them to get their votes, then selling them out.

Now as more and more people of color see through the Democrats’ lies and decide to #WALKAWAY the Democrats have taken to pandering to illegal immigrants and ONLY to illegal immigrants.

At any rate, celebrate this month by checking out Khaliq Rodriquez’s Twitter feed – where white one percenter Jack Dorsey’s Twitter thugs often try suspending Khaliq for defying the Democrats. If his feed is down, wait a few days and try again.


San Diego wall built – illegal immigration went down 92%

Tuscon wall built – illegal immigration went down 95%

Democrats will stop the wall at all costs. As black Americans leave the plantation they need illegal aliens to replace them. – Khaliq Rodriquez


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