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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents another look at some recent political cartoons that genuinely speak truth to power, especially to Joe “D’OH!” Biden, the hopelessly corrupt and blood-soaked career criminal. 

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democrat republican otherIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some recent political cartoons and the failures of elected Democrats and Republicans. (Plus, how about Joe Biden’s latest senile gibberish. He actually said “How did we get to the place where, you know, Putin decides he’s gonna just invade Russia?”)

We start out with the item below ridiculing Joe Biden’s idiotic lie about outfighting a street hood called Corn Pop. This Tall Tale/ outrageous fabrication was always kicked off by Biden’s inane remark “Corn Pop was a bad dude …” The “bad dude” wording is typical of the way privileged white one percenter career criminals like Joe Biden feel they need to talk down to voters of color through embarrassing attempts at sounding “ghetto.”

biden corn pop putin

This next one is a reminder of Joe Biden’s reputation for corruption and for getting “ten percent for the Big Guy” kicked up to him by other members of the Biden Crime Family, like his Underboss son Hunter Biden.  Continue reading


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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents some political cartoons from the talented Jim Thompson.

First up is this cartoon commemorating the way Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s underboss in the Biden Crime Family, funnels bribe money to his father by pretending to be “selling his artwork.” Uh. Yeah. Right.

biden hunter funneling bribe money

Joe Biden, from a slave-owning family and who EULOGIZED KU KLUX KLANSMAN AND FELLOW DEMOCRAT SENATOR ROBERT BYRD, has been an unmitigated disaster, especially for the suffering working class and the poor. 

biden train over cliff

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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents some random current events and musings.

fact checkers

twitlerFirst up is this entertaining cartoon about the bizarrely inaccurate, biased and uninformed buffoons who pretend to be “fact checkers” for the Big Tech fascists of social media.

“Thought Police” or “Political Censors” or “Conformity Enforcers” might be better job descriptions for those clueless ideologues who have deluded themselves into thinking they possess “the one true worldview.” 

THE UNITED STATES IS BEHIND THE REST OF THE WORLD WHEN IT COMES TO USING VOTER I.D. – We need Third Parties here in the U.S. but we also need Voter I.D. laws. The rest of the world is very progressive in their use of such I.D. requirements but here in America such laws are always opposed by Democrats, who thrive on vote fraud of all kinds (see the past 11 years of my blog posts for those news items). Click HERE.

              One of my favorite incidents regarding how behind the rest of the world America is on Voter I.D. happened in 2012, when Democrats welcomed in an assortment of U.N. officials to oversee our election and those U.N. figures foiled the Democrats’ frantic, paranoid expectations by pointing out how careless and negligent our country is regarding voting i.d’s, which are REQUIRED in most civilized nations. Hilarious!

democrat platform hatredFASCIST JOE BIDEN’S FOLLIES – Joe Biden’s regime continues to spread hostility, division and race-hatred (HERE and HERE). Biden continues his war on the working class and the poor (HERE and HERE).

ANTIFA VERMIN – AND, while the Democrats’ violent roving harassment/ death squad Antifa continues to prey on journalists and elected officials targeted by Democrats (HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE ) the senile Joe Biden pretends that imaginary supremacists are the nation’s greatest threat. AND NEVER FORGET THAT BIDEN EULOGIZED ROBERT BYRD, HIS FELLOW DEMOCRAT WHO HELD A HIGH POSITION IN THE KU KLUX KLAN. Who is a piece of garbage like Joe Biden to EVER call anyone else racist?  

THUGGISH BIDEN – The fascist fool will brook no dissent in his own party, and has taken to lying about other Democrats who don’t obey him with enough enthusiasm (HERE). 

JOE BIDEN: IMBECILE – Biden thinks January was fifteen months ago. Moron. Click HERE. Continue reading


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democrat republican or awakeWith 74% of the WGN (Chicago) viewers saying Trump won the debate and with the latest explosive witness account of Joe Biden/ Hunter Biden corruption it was NOT a good night for Senile Joe and his Underboss son.


*** And by the way, “coyotes” is the criminal nickname for human smugglers at our southern border. Naturally anti-Trump fascists are pretending Trump meant that actual coyotes are smuggling people.

Biden corrupt

Given that Joe Biden has been running what amounts to The Biden Crime Family it’s fitting that he was given a Mafia-style nickname “the Big Man.” And the witness accounts make Joe look even more “mobbed up” with the warnings to always refer to Joe as “the Big Man” except in face to face meetings. Reeks of criminal antics. How appropriate.

Next, there’s a look at how Democrat Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are still sabotaging and playing politics with the latest Covid Relief package. Again I will say I’m ashamed I used to belong to that party until I became an Independent Voter.

Nancy Pelosi Democrats don't care

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First up this time is a look at Democrat Joaquin Castro’s ugly fascist attempt to sic violent mobs of slobbering psychopaths on people who donated to de facto Third Party President Donald Trump … And accidentally exposed some of his own donors who also donated to Trump. Democrat intolerance at its worst. 

Castro fascist

Then there’s this look at some Karmic Justice that has been handed out to assorted political malefactors lately.

Deep State Chickens

Democrats are determined to make the vague but convenient labels “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racist.” One of their dumbest maneuvers has been the pretense that the “OK” sign is a secret white supremacist hand gesture. Here we see Democrat Elijah Cummings, noted white supremacist, making that hand sign. 

Cummings making OK sign



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Captain Pike


Robert Mueller did his best Captain Pike imitation this week to further cement what a joke and a waste of time his farcical “investigation” was. Some compared Mueller’s testimony to Weekend at Bernie’s and given how brain-dead Murky Mueller seemed they may be on to something.

It was hilarious to watch this corrupt and worthless little man slither off into the sunset accompanied by the boos and impotent outrage of anti-Trump fascists.   

This cartoon found another excellent comparison for the crooked Mueller’s abysmal performance: 

Mueller deer in the headlights 

But there’s something to be said for this next comparison, too:

Mueller wile e coyote

And if you prefer the classics: 

Mueller Hindenburg

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Mascot new lookUp first we have the latest hilarious hypocrisy from the hatemongering, race-baiting demagogues of the Democrat/ Ku Klux Klan Party. They spout non-stop hatred but snivel when they get any kind of pushback. (Note, too, the usual Democrat insinuation that to be black means you MUST obey the Democrats or else you’re not a “black voice.”) 

Trump vs the hatemongers

THE ODD SQUAD DEMOCRATS: Next we see the Four Hatemongers (Pressley, Omar, AOC & Tlaib) both WITHOUT their Klan robes on and WITH their Klan robes on. 

Four Hatemongers

Democrats KKK

This next one is a great reminder of how Democrat-run San Francisco and other spots in Democrat-run California have streets literally filled with human waste from all the illegal immigration and homelessness. But Californian politicians think they know what’s best for the whole country. 

California open cesspoolTrump Christmas Every DayThen there’s this reminder (left) that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more for the poor and the working class of ALL colors than any other president in my lifetime.

And he’s done it while fighting BOTH the crooked Democrats AND the crooked Republicans.

Next we have a reminder of how the Techno-Fascists at Facebook, Google and Twitter need to have their companies made public utilities to stop their flagrant partisan abuse of their influence. 

Techno Fascists 2020

And there’s THIS reminder that the default position of Democrats in office is always to call EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY a (yaaawwwwn) “racist” or, even more absurdly, “a white supremacist.” 

AOC vs Pelosi

The Four Hatemongers express their animosity toward Jews:

Four Hatemongers on Jews

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This first item is a good reminder that the Democrats are frantically ignoring the fact that the country doesn’t want President Trump impeached because those Democrats are terrified about where the investigation into Obama’s spying on Trump and other Americans – especially reporters – is going. 

Obama spied on American citizens

Next is this take on Robert “Whitey Bulger Scandal” Mueller as Creepy Joe Biden molesting Justice. Mueller has long had a reputation for corruption, which was why the Swamp called the American Government figured he was sleazy enough to bring down President Trump. Despite all Mueller’s unethical behavior – AND BY THE WAY HIS KEY WITNESS RECENTLY GOT NABBED ON CHILD PORN CHARGES – he failed.

Mueller as Biden molesting Justice

Old Man Yells At CloudROBERT DENIRO YELLS AT CLOUD – This one isn’t a political cartoon, it’s just a reminder that the increasingly senile Robert Deniro – better known as “Robert the Zero” – dementedly thinks it means something that he found assorted EX-prosecutors who hate President Trump as much as he does. That’s adorable!

Run along, Bobby! You’re obviously much, much, MUCH too old to understand the issues. Or to practice proper hygiene. (Take a bath or a shower, you unkempt hobo!) Go back to preparing for your role in Senile Grandpa or whatever sub-Adam Sandler garbage you’ve been appearing in for decades now.  

This next one speaks for itself and addresses why groveling Democrats like Biden are always prefered by the most corrupt and oppressive nations in the world.

Biden bowing and scraping  

Another one about corrupt Robert Mueller’s indefensible goodbye innuendoes in which he tried to provoke impeachment WEEKS after being forced to admit he had NOTHING on President Trump. Refusing to answer questions proved Mueller’s cowardice, too. Hit and run insinuations tailored to make Trump-haters slobber all over themselves even more than they already do. 

Mueller corrupt

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First off another look at the delusional fascist Stacey Abrams, who is still playing the Democrats’ irrational game of refusing to accept election results … unless a Democrat wins. Abrams is part imbecile and part Hillary. 

Stacey Abrams idiot

And here’s a nice reminder that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump – the new FDR and new JFK – has many leadership qualities that the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama lacked.  

Obama has no balls

This next one nicely points out how Obama’s politicization of the FBI, NSA and CIA far surpassed the abuses of even the worst presidential administrations of the past. Obama’s scumbags made even the Watergate crooks look almost honest by comparison.


A look at Democrat hypocrisy, one of the constants in life. (Biden the criminal and Bernie the sellout.)

Biden and Bernie

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