#WalkAwayOverseas readers are often very confused by the oddities of American life. Since regular readers here have gotten used to the fact that I’m an Independent Voter and can look at things from the perspective of a non-Democrat and non-Republican I’ve been asked if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are being accused of causing the Dayton shooting since that shooter expressed support for them and since Democrats love to accuse political opponents every time there are public tragedies. The insinuation being it would be Karmic Justice for the Democrats’ vile use of such cheap political tactics.  

In my opinion no one’s words – no, not from either political party – are ever to blame for shootings or any other violent acts. In America there is never any lack of idiots looking for scapegoats every time something bad happens (The Ox-Bow Incident still has relevance) and it’s become customary by the lowest of the low to score cheap political points after public tragedies by blaming prominent political figures from the opposing party.

These vultures spreading blame figuratively pile up the dead bodies and stand on top of them to use them as a political soapbox and to pretend they “care” more than the people who show the good taste to not politicize such tragedies.

Another question I was asked was why the accusations that the Democrats throw at Trump get so much more publicity than the accusations that Republicans throw at Sanders and Warren.

Because the Democrats’ media outlets so massively outnumber the Republicans’ media outlets that the Dems’ accusations dominate the coverage. This all goes back to the biggest failure of the money and power people on the Republican side – the failure to keep up with the opposition party in the media arms race.

In typical fashion, clueless Republican rich pigs’ obsession with profits to the exclusion of all else caused this. Since you can’t measure media impact on a profit and loss sheet the GOP plutocrats let the Democrats get so far ahead in this area that they still get figuratively blown over and shouted down by the overwhelming number of the Democrats’ outlets. Not just on this but on so many other issues.    


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