Cross of the Seven Jewels 1Halloween month continues at Balladeer’s Blog!

CROSS OF THE SEVEN JEWELS (1987) – Cross of the Seven Jewels is easily the worst and weirdest werewolf movie I’ve ever seen. Forget The Werewolf of Woodstock, forget Face of the Screaming Werewolf, forget Werewolf vs the Yeti and all of Paul Naschy’s other lycanthropy flicks.

You can even forget the muddy-faced wolfman from Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein. Marco Antonio Andolfi starred in this film under the name Eddy Endolf plus wrote and directed it as well.

Andolfi was openly influenced by Paul Naschy’s werewolf films from Spain, but produced a cinematic mess that captured neither the eroticism of Naschy’s Waldemar Daninsky movies nor their goofy charm. Marco’s depiction of a werewolf is a bit … eccentric … and can only be described as “just a little something for the laaaadieeessss.”  

Personally, I would have titled this film

Personally, I would have titled this film “Ya Call THAT a Werewolf?” but I’m kind of weird.

When Andolfi transforms into a wolfman he somehow loses his clothes (which illogically reappear on his body when he reverts back to human form) and he sprouts long bushy hair in only a few places. The first place is around his face with his mouth left bare, making him look like he’s wearing a big hair-mask with eye-holes. The second place would be his hands and the third place is his crotch, which conveniently becomes bushy enough to block out the sight of his genitals. The rest of his well-built body is butt naked.  Continue reading

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Dalton Changeling 2Balladeer’s Blog’s month-long celebration of Halloween continues …

THE DALTON CHANGELING – In late 1700s Massachusetts a malevolent witch replaces the infant child of the Dalton family with a changeling spawned by a dark ceremony. Can the Freemasons of New England devise a way of dealing with the monstrous child or will it be free to roam the countryside on nightly reigns of terror? CLICK HERE    Continue reading

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Garden City BroncbustersEIGHT AND O – The top 2 teams in the rankings are a perfect 8-0 now. The number 1 team in the nation – the GARDEN CITY COLLEGE BRONCBUSTERS – thrashed their hosts the 12th ranked DODGE CITY COLLEGE CONQUISTADORS 36-7   ###   And the number 2 ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE MATADORS won a 21-9 road game against the unranked PIMA COLLEGE AZTECS.   Continue reading

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Jeremy Brett as John Maltravers in a 1966 television adaptation of The Lost Stradivarius.

THE LOST STRADIVARIUS (1895) by John Meade Falkner – More than a century before Anne Rice’s violin-oriented ghost story Violin came The Lost Stradivarius. Halloween month continues here at Balladeer’s Blog with a look at this neglected gem of horror fiction.

The main story is set in the 1840s. John Maltravers, a young man from the British gentry, is attending Magdalen College at Oxford University. Stumbling across an anonymous piece of lost music the talented Maltravers plays the piece on a violin.

This spontaneous recital summons up – among other horrors – the ghost of Adrian Temple, the violinist who composed the eerie piece of music when he was a student at Oxford in the 1750s. That ghost leads John to the hidden location of his (Temple’s) Stradivarius violin. Continue reading


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Can we abandon this silly notion that Trump is a racist? Yes, you can make that case against other Republicans – AND Hillary – but I’ve seen no evidence of Trump being a racist.

Right now the polls are all over the place, some predicting victory for Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton and some predicting victory for Donald “Agent Orange” Trump. Personally I hope people get as distrustful of presidential polling as they’ve gotten of the corporate media.

There still seems to be a lot of mindless allegiance to the two major political parties for some reason. Uh, yeah, they gave us such wonderful candidates this year so why think outside the box? Anyway, Balladeer’s Blog is happy to take a look into the future to look at the way unquestioning party zealots will support DemCorp and RepubCorp no matter what kind of candidates they offer.  


2024’s CANDIDATE FOR THE DEMOCRATS: A three-legged alligator / 2024’s CANDIDATE FOR THE REPUBLICANS : An old rubber tire.

The Democrats will say:

“Oh my God I need to vote for the three-legged alligator or that evil, woman-hating racist old rubber tire might get elected! That thing is like, literally HITLER!”

The Republicans will say: Continue reading

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6a00d8341cedea53ef00e5539859d58833-pi (300×319)Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. The wall was where Humpty Dumpty had decided to sit. Humpty Dumpty could be found on the wall, sitting. Sitting was the activity Humpty Dumpty was engaging in and the wall was the place he had chosen to sit. Everyone agreed that the wall was where Humpty Dumpty was sitting.

It was of no avail to wistfully pretend that Humpty Dumpty was seated elsewhere. With an air of resignation all and sundry were forced to agree that the wall, despite how much they might desperately wish for it to be otherwise, was indeed where Humpty Dumpty sat.

Brick WallThe wall had first been constructed eighty-seven years earlier by two laborers named Stanislaw and Ernst. Throughout his workday Stanislaw often reflected on how he might think of Ernst as the most beautiful man in the world, if not for the fact that, if the truth be known, he considered Ernst to be the most physically repugnant man he had ever seen. Or smelled, for that matter. Still, though, Stanislaw couldn’t help but wonder and it made his pulse quicken each and every time. Continue reading

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democrat-vote-fraudRemember how earlier this year the Austrian elections had to be scheduled for a “redo” because of VOTE FRAUD? Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton is terrified that her party’s vote fraud will be called out as well. (Their fraud cons are why they always oppose Voter I.D.)

Below are links to additional news items about Hillary’s vote fraud antics. 

Illegal Foreign Voting in Virginia
Hillary enlists “army” of illegal immigrants
Hundreds of Dead Voters in Greater Los Angeles
Hillary Clinton Worker Caught On Camera Committing Voter Fraud?
Dead Colorado Voters? Oh My! Oh, Wait.
Voter fraud is real: Here’s proof
Dead People Generally Vote for Democrats’
Massive TX Voter Fraud Probe Continue reading

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