Luke and ReyEven people who hate the way the soulless Disney Corporation has damaged the Star Wars franchise have been letting me know how excited they are about this particular rumor. Word has it that J.J. Abrams and possibly George Lucas have come up with a way of rising from the ruins of Rian “Man-Baby” Johnson’s ineptly directed and poorly written Last Jedi AND make Rey less of a Mary Sue.

How will they do all that? Supposedly by showing that Rey was cloned from Luke’s severed hand from The Empire Strikes Back. (See link below) Though it sounds ludicrous, this would actually undo Rian Johnson’s mangling of many story elements Abrams tried to set him up with in The Force Awakens.

I’m at the most only a casual Star Wars fan, so I’m not that invested in the fate of the franchise or any of its mishandled characters but even I can see how this rumor – if true – could successfully retcon the wreckage left behind by Rian Johnson.

masc graveyard new*** Maz, the collector of Force Relics, had Luke’s light saber that fell with his severed hand in Empire. Remember her saying in The Force Awakens that how she got it is “a story for another time?” Whoever she got it from may have used tissue samples from Luke’s hand to create the Rey clone.

*** This would also explain Rey’s bizarrely unlikely familiarity with the Millenium Falcon, the way Luke’s old light saber “called to her” in TFA, and the shadowy memories she experienced when touching the saber in that movie.

*** That theory would also go a long way toward pleasing fans and non-fans alike regarding the way Rey needed no training to do Jedi Mind Tricks or to expertly wield a light saber in her first appearance. If she was cloned from Luke’s genetic material she’d have built-in Force talents. Continue reading

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Allen University Yellow JacketsNAIA OVER NCAA D2 – Another NAIA team played giant-slayer against a higher division team yesterday. The NAIA’s ALLEN UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS traveled to face the NCAA Division Two team the ELIZABETH CITY STATE VIKINGS. It took Overtime to do it, but in the end the Yellow Jackets prevailed by a final score of 32-29.

Oshkosh TitansKNOCKING OFF NUMBER THREE – Down in NCAA Division Three, the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN AT OSHKOSH TITANS welcomed the number 3 team in the nation – the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN AT WHITEWATER WARHAWKS. By Halftime the Titans held a 14-13 edge but the Warhawks went up 20-14 in the 3rd Quarter. In the 4th UW-Oshkosh roared back for a 27-20 victory.

St Thomas University TommiesDOWN GOES NUMBER NINE – Staying in D3, the 17th ranked UNIVERSITY OF SAINT THOMAS TOMMIES took the field against the visiting number 9 BETHEL (MN) ROYALS. A 7-0 1st Quarter lead for the Tommies became a 14-7 lead at the Half. The 2nd Half was nearly all defense with the University of Saint Thomas adding a Field Goal in the 4th Quarter to win out 17-7. Continue reading

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Obama firing all bush ambassadorsWith America’s increasingly unhinged Democrats pretending it’s some sort of scandal that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump fired the insubordinate and partisan Marie “Tears of a Clown” Yovanovich as Ambassador to the Ukraine, here’s a reminder that ALL PRESIDENTS ARE FREE TO FIRE AMBASSADORS WHENEVER THEY WANT AND FOR ANY REASON. PRESIDENTS SET POLICY, NOT TENURED FUNCTIONARIES. 

Barack Obama fired ALL of the Bush administration’s ambassadors, so once again we see the Democrats and their media outlets blowing a situation all out of proportion to try to demonize every move made by President Trump. (I despised both Obama AND Bush so I have no dog in that particular fight.) Continue reading


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Greece and their western coloniesBalladeer’s Blog takes another look at an ancient Greek comedy. Most of my previous examinations of these verse plays dealt with Attic Old Comedy or on what little is known about Susarion, a revered pioneer of stage comedy.

Epicharmus lived from approximately the 530s B.C. to the 440s B.C. He was born in one of the Greek colonies in Sicily, with Megara-Hyblaea, Syracuse or the island of Cos being the three most widely accepted possibilities. 

Epicharmus is often credited with adding plots to the comedies but this is sometimes disputed by those touting Susarion instead. Other innovations possibly pioneered by Epicharmus were stock characters like spongers and naïve rustics plus comedic back-and-forth duels of insults or of competing arguments.

The chorus, so important to Attic Old Comedy, was not yet present on stage in Epicharmus’ time, but musical accompaniment was. 

Like so many other ancient Greek comedies, the plays of Epicharmus have survived only in very fragmentary form. 

THE RUSTIC (No year known) – The Eudemian Ethics refers to the use of rustic figures early on in stage comedies. As we’ve seen in other ancient Greek comedies these rustics were used in two different ways –

masc chair and bottle1) As the butts of jokes for their supposed inability to appreciate the sophisticated pleasures of city life and/or for their supposed lack of intelligence.

Or 2) As naïve yet endowed with a common-sense form of wisdom that lets them outmaneuver ill-intentioned city folks who try taking advantage of them or humiliating them. (Think No Time For Sergeants or Beverly Hillbillies B.C.) 

In The Rustic the title character is visiting a city and is receiving gymnastic/ athletic training from a menacing instructor called “Knuckles” (Kolaphos). The surviving fragments from this play are so few that even less of the potential plot can be gleaned than from many other ancient Greek comedies. Proceeding fragment by fragment:

“Knuckles moves like the wind.” The trainer is presumably a veritable dynamo, running swiftly, jogging in place, touching toes and other activities of a broadly-drawn athletic stereotype.

“You are making the city the country!” The Rustic is speculated to be failing – or refusing – to conform to citified ways of conducting himself and instead is refashioning metropolitan characteristics to match his rural interpretation of them. Think “SEE-ment pond” for swimming pool. Or maybe “You’re turning New York City into Mayberry!”

              Alternately, Laurentianus claimed that turning the city into the country instead referred to lawlessness. Think of a maverick cowboy treating a big city like it’s the Wild West. Or of Crocodile Dundee when he’s in New York. Continue reading


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Hot Rod trialSince Democrats are pretending that previously-stated HEARSAY claims about de facto Third Party President Trump are BOMBSHELL “revelations” it’s only fair that the term bombshells should also be applied to everything which exposes the Democrats for the lying and corrupt white-collar criminals that they are. (We need Third Parties). 

In a STUNNING DEVELOPMENT WHICH COMPLETELY EXONERATES PRESIDENT TRUMP, Congressman Devin Nunes, the ranking House Intelligence Committee member, deconstructed the Democrats’ lies and demonstrated that those Democrats are just using this kangaroo court impeachment “inquiry” as a variation on their ludicrous Russian Collusion nonsense which blew up in their faces.

Schiff jackhammerThe link is below, but first some excerpts from this HOUSE MEMBER UTTERLY DESTROYING THE THIRD AND FOURTH-HAND ACCUSATIONS AGAINST TRUMP:

“In a July open hearing following publication of the Mueller report, the Democrats engaged in a last ditch effort to convince the American people President Trump is a Russian agent. That hearing was a pitiful finale of a three year long effort by the Democrats, the corrupt media and partisan bureaucrats to overturn the results of the 2016 election. After the spectacular implosion of their Russia hoax on July 24…on July 25th, they turned on a dime and now claim the real malfeasance is (Trump’s) dealings with Ukraine,” Nunes said.”

Joe Biden brags about blackmailing the Ukraine“In the blink of an eye we are asked to simply forget about Democrats on this Committee falsely claiming they had more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russians. We should forget about them reading fabrications of Trump-Russia collusion from the Steele dossier into the congressional records”

“We should also forget about them trying to obtain nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials. We should forget about them leaking a false story to CNN while he was still testifying to our Committee claiming Donald Trump Jr. was colluding with Wikileaks. And forget about countless other deceptions large and small that make them the last people on Earth with the credibility to hurl more preposterous accusations against their political opponents.”

Pelosi fake impeachment inquiry“And yet here we are,” he continued. “This is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign.”

“Nunes also called out Schiff for refusing to bring relevant Republican witnesses …” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: This power of Democrat Adam Schiff to prevent testimony from relevant witnesses who STAND BY THEIR STORIES THAT THE PRESIDENT DID NOTHING WRONG shows WHY the Democrats chose this pathetic neither-fish-nor-fowl impeachment “Inquiry” route instead of starting with a REAL impeachment proceeding.

Schiff as bozocopSince it’s just an “Inquiry” the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives simply voted for Inquiry “rules” which permit Adam Schiff (cartoon at right) to run this Show Trial. (Two Democrats showed some integrity and voted “No”)

If this was an ACTUAL impeachment it would be run by the House Judiciary Committee and President Trump’s supporters in the House would be able to call their own witnesses and let them speak openly instead of Schiff having the power to control the testimony by blocking certain subjects from being raised. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog presents a look at the version of the Polynesian goddess Sina as reflected in the beliefs of Bellona and Rennell Islands. FOR OVER TWENTY MORE BELLONA AND RENNELL DEITIES CLICK  HERE

bellona-and-rennellSINA – The Bel-Ren counterpart to the Sina of the Hawaiian Islands (Hina) and the Samoan Islands (also called Sina). Like those figures she was the sister of Maui (Hawaiian) or Ti’i Ti’i (Samoan). However, this Sina was neither a moon goddess like her Hawaiian version nor a love and beauty goddess like her Samoan self.

Instead she fell under the Bel-Ren category called the Kakai. As the Atua were the major deities and the Apai were the unworshipped and/or mischievous deities the Kakai were classed as either pure Culture Gods or as the deities worshipped by the Hiti. The Hiti were the previous inhabitants of the Bel-Ren Islands and were all exterminated by the arriving Eight Clans.

(The Hiti lived on in Bel-Ren myths as impish, supernatural beings like the Menehune in Hawaii. They – like the exterminated Hiti – had once been the original inhabitants of their island group.) 

Sina was featured in the myth explaining how the various birds who visited the Bel-Ren Islands got their coloring. The creative and artistically inclined Sina interacted with the birds on a regular basis and her intimacy with them enabled her to paint and craft their feathers, wings, claws, beaks and eyes to give each species its unique look. Continue reading


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FOR PART ONE OF BALLADEER’S BLOG’S EXAMINATION OF THIS OLD, OLD MARVEL COMICS STORYLINE CLICK HERE  The revisions I would make are scattered throughout the synopsis below.

Killraven NashvilleAMAZING ADVENTURES Vol 2 #32 (September 1975)

Title: Fantasia in Psychedelic Sound

NOTE: One slightly comical aspect of vintage comic book publications was the way the story titles on the cover often did not match the actual interior title of the story itself. Today it puts one in mind of reruns of the old show Police Squad! because of the intentional way the on-screen title NEVER matched the title said by the announcer.

              Anyway, in this particular case the internal title is incredibly stupid – Only The Computer Shows Me Any Respect. Therefore I’m going with what the letters page of the previous issue said the title was going to be: Fantasia in Psychedelic Sound. To me it’s a better title AND sounds more Don McGregor-ish. 

Killraven on horseSynopsis: Writer Don McGregor and artist Craig Russell are back after Mantlo/ Trimpe’s disastrous fill-in issue last time. It is June, 44 years in the future. Killraven and his Freemen (M’Shulla, Old Skull, Hawk, Carmilla Frost and her creation Grok – Deathlok in my revisions) continue their guerilla campaign against Earth’s alien conquerors.

Their wandering has brought them to the war-ravaged ruins of Nashville, TN as they seek shelter for a few days. One of the buildings still standing is a pre-war Mural Phonics Theater. As opposed to the individual-unit Mural Phonics System still in use by Earth’s alien overlords, the old Mural Phonics Theaters offered a theater-sized virtual reality experience in which the entire audience lived and experienced the on-screen movie.     Continue reading


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