mapRED was TRUMP – BLUE was HILLARY. Last November saw Donald Trump become President of the United States while the blustering and bitter Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton had to settle for winning a meaningless statistical category that both she and Trump knew did not designate the election winner.

United States President Donald Trump won the Electoral College, which is WHAT COUNTS because America is a Democratic Republic. That means that while the popular vote IN EACH STATE determines which candidate won each of those states the nationwide popular vote total does not – AND HAS NEVER – outweighed said Electoral College vote total.

trump-and-hillary-map-behind-themCareer criminal Hillary Clinton continues to flail her arms, get that unfocused look in her eyes and – in between long coughing jags – snivel and whine about her humiliating loss. She blames everything for her defeat at President Trump’s hands EXCEPT her phony charity, her mishandling of classified information and the public exposure of the steady bribes being funneled to her through the Clinton Foundation.

Anyway, even if Hillary wants to dwell on meaningless statistical categories PRESIDENT TRUMP STILL DEFEATS HER! He won more STATES than she did and he won more COUNTIES than she did and won a LARGER  GEOGRAPHICAL SHARE of the country than she did. But all that would be just as meaningless as the popular vote that Crooked Hillary dwells on if he hadn’t won the Electoral College total.    Continue reading


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Texas NavyThe Memorial Day Holiday is marked here at Balladeer’s Blog with items about neglected conflicts and neglected military units from American history. The latest unit to be examined is the Navy of the Republic of Texas. I’ll examine the period from the Texas Revolution against the tyrannical Mexican government up through the Texas Republic joining the U.S. as the State of Texas.

During the Fall Season of 1835 Texas rebelled against Mexico’s despotism and in March of 1836 officially declared their independence. On September 1st, 1835 two Texas ships – the San Felipe and Laura – clashed with the Mexican vessel Correo de Mejico. Maritime fallout from the incident severely limited Mexico’s efforts to prevent the rebellious Texans from importing arms and supplies for the conflict.

By November of 1835 the Texas government established an official navy to serve at sea and along the Rio Grande. Commodore Charles E Hawkins was in command. During the Texas Revolution their navy prevented the Mexican Navy from establishing a blockade of the new Republic’s coast and its port cities. Those naval forces simultaneously raided Mexican merchant ships, plundering supplies for the Texan land forces.  Continue reading

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*** NCCAA ***

Oklahoma Baptist University Bison BIGCHAMPIONSHIP GAME: The top seeded OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY BISON and the 5 seeds – the CAMPBELLSVILLE UNIVERSITY TIGERS – were the last two teams standing in the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association). After a scoreless 1st Inning the Tigers went up 2-0 in the 2nd but the Bison cut that to a 2-1 edge in the 3rd.

The score was 3-2 with Campbellsville University on top to end the 4th Inning and the 5th saw the Tigers extend their lead to 6-2. Oklahoma Baptist University fought their way back to within 6-4 in the 6th and by the end of the 8th had knotted things up at 6-6. The 9th Inning ended in the same score but in the TENTH INNING the Bison won it 7-6. Tyler Gibson pitched for the win. * THE BISON ARE CHAMPIONS OF NCCAA BASEBALL


Colorado Mesa University Mavericks logoDAY TWO, GAME ONE: The COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY MAVERICKS played the QUINCY UNIVERSITY HAWKS to start the 2nd day in the D2 World Series. The first 3 Innings were a Pitcher’s Duel with neither team scoring but the 4th ended with the Mavericks on top 2-1. The Hawks pulled ahead 3-2 in the 6th followed by Colorado Mesa University exploding in the 7th for 5 runs. It was all but over from there as the Mavericks took the game by a tally of 10-3 behind Pitcher Tyler Day. Continue reading

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Medal of HonorTHE THREE-DAY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS HERE! As always Balladeer’s Blog marks the event with a few looks at neglected conflicts from America’s past. The servicemen who fought in those actions are just as deserving of being memorialized as those who fought in more familiar wars.  

KOREAN EXPEDITION OF 1871 – A Diplomatic Mission was sent to Korea that year, with the time period’s usual military escort of war ships on such ventures. The U.S. expedition was snubbed on the diplomatic side and then Korean shore batteries opened fire upon the military escort. The Americans launched reprisal raids for a few days then departed, leaving U.S. – Korean relations somewhat cold for years afterward. Medal of Honor Winners:


Navy Rank: Landsman 

Citation: June 9th – 10th, 1871 – During the assault on the Han River Forts on Ganghwa Island, Lukes came to the assistance of injured Lieutenant Hugh McKee. The Landsman fought his way through heavy resistance to the fallen McKee’s location and refused to abandon his comrade.

Through swordplay, bayonet charges and hand-to-hand combat William received a severe sword cut to the head, a wound which would cause him to suffer convulsions for the rest of his life from the brain damage. When American reinforcements arrived they found the unconscious Lukes had suffered 18 bayonet wounds in the fighting.    Continue reading

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*** NCCAA ***

Oklahoma Baptist University Bison BIGDAY FOUR, FIRST SEMIFINAL: The top seeds – the OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY BISON – did battle with the 2nd seeded EMMANUEL COLLEGE LIONS. The Lions managed a 1-0 1st Inning lead but the Bison knotted things up at 1-1 in the 2nd. After a scoreless 3rd Inning the 4th saw Oklahoma Baptist University take a comfortable 5-1 advantage. That turned into a 7-1 lead in the 5th enroute to a 9-2 smackdown win for the Bison and Pitcher Carson McPherson.

Campbellsville Tigers logoDAY FOUR, SECOND SEMIFINAL: The two teams fighting for the other berth in the title game were the 5th seeded CAMPBELLSVILLE UNIVERSITY TIGERS and the 6 seeds – the SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY EAGLES. Neither team scored in the 1st Inning but in the 2nd the Tigers eked out a 1-0 edge. It was a Pitcher’s Duel for awhile from there, but the 6th Inning saw the Eagles climb on top 3-1. Cambellsville University pulled to within 3-2 in the top of the 8th but in their at-bat Southwestern Christian University made it a 4-2 game. In the 9th Inning the Tigers drove in 3 more runs for a 5-4 victory. Nick “Mister” Przybylek threw for the win.  Continue reading

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Islamophobia posterMUSLIM VIOLENCE AWARENESS YEAR CONTINUES. Islam is the most misogynistic, homophobic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular time. And the way Islam insists on marrying religion to government AND insists that non-Muslims must live by Muslim rules makes it a fascist and totalitarian movement that needs to be opposed loudly and daily. 

May 22nd: Manchester, England – The Islamic State, which Democrat Nancy Pelosi agrees was spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq, took credit for the Muslim fascist suicide bombing at a pop concert. The bombing killed TWENTY-TWO innocent people and injured at least ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN. Yes, let’s just keep letting unvetted Muslims into any country they want to enter. Innocent people die while our political leaders lecture the rest of us … from behind their security forces.

May 26th: Minya, Egypt – Muslim fascist gunmen opened fire on Christians at a monastery, killing TWENTY-NINE innocent people and injuring TWENTY-THREE more. Sounds like their Christian Community is “the vulnerable community,” NOT Muslim communities in the Western World.

May 9th: Pattani, Thailand – Muslim fascists bombed a shopping center, killing and wounding SIXTY-THREE innocent people. Long-time readers of Balladeer’s Blog will remember when Thailand had very few of these attacks but as everywhere in the world for about 1,400 years, the more Muslims a country has, the more of this violence occurs. And the political left around the world always sides with ONLY those Muslims who hate the West and don’t want to assimilate. To the left the Western World must always be the problem no matter what.

*** Japan and China very strictly limit immigration by Muslims and they don’t have these attacks. Hmmmmm. I wonder why that could be?  

May 12th: Mastung, Pakistan – Even in a Muslim nation Muslim fascists kill and kill and kill over differences in worship. On this date an Islamofascist suicide bomber killed TWENTY SEVEN innocent people and injured THIRTY-SEVEN more.

May 20th: Mussa, Nigeria – Islamofascists opened fire and killed 7 innocent people while injuring over FORTY more.  

May 9th: Goofgaduud, Somalia – Al Shabaab, the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed SEVENTEEN innocent people.

May 24th: Marawi, Philippines – Islamists kidnapped and shot to death 9 innocent people for being non-Muslims. Sounds like a gun control issue, right, Obama fans? Continue reading

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*** NAIA ***

Master's College Mustangs logoDAY ONE, GAME ONE: Starting things off for the NAIA was this game between the 10th seeded MASTER’S UNIVERSITY MUSTANGS and the 7 seeds – the UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND ARTS OF OKLAHOMA DROVERS. After a scoreless 1st Inning the Mustangs piled up a 4-0 advantage in the 2nd. By the 4th Inning the Drovers were still chasing The Master’s University in a 5-3 game. The Mustangs accumulated 2 more runs along the way for a 7-3 upset win. Pitcher Jason Karkenny got the W. 

Missouri Baptist University SpartansDAY ONE, GAME TWO: This game pitted the 6 seeds – the MISSOURI BAPTIST UNIVERSITY SPARTANS – against the 3rd seeded OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY EAGLES. Neither team scored until the 3rd Inning, when the Spartans grabbed a 4-0 lead. The Eagles cut it to a 4-3 score by the end of the 4th Inning but produced no more runs. Missouri Baptist University added 1 more in the 5th and rode that to a 5-3 upset of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Michael Syrett threw for the win. Continue reading

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