moonbase 3MOONBASE 3 (1973) – This BBC attempt at realistic, “no aliens or monsters” science fiction is a mixed bag, but I think it deserves a much bigger audience. Among the elements in the show’s favor is the fact that only 6 fifty-minute episodes were made, so it makes viewers a little more willing to forgive the program’s faults.

Moonbase 3 is a sci-fi drama about the multinational European crew of the title lunar outpost. Other Moonbases are run by the United States, the Soviet Union, China and, oddly for the time, Brazil. The scientists, astronauts and administrative staff of the European Moonbase are fly-budgeted Davids up against superpower Goliaths.  

moonbase 3 starsCreated by Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks of Doctor Who fame, Moonbase 3 is sort of like Doomwatch crossed with The Sandbaggers. However, Moonbase 3 keeps its science even closer to reality than Doomwatch did, so it can be a bit dry. Well, okay, VERY dry, but that’s a nice antidote to non-stop explosions, ray-guns blasting and other Space Opera cliches.

moonbase 3 furtherAs for the show’s similarities to The Sandbaggers, there is bureaucratic in-fighting aplenty, unexpected deaths and an emphasis on dialogue over action. And, like both of those other programs, Moonbase 3‘s characters have to deal with perpetually tight budgets limiting the success of their missions. Continue reading


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democrat birthing person


Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes another look at the ongoing crimes and atrocities of the political party that I – like so many others – decided to #WALKAWAY from years ago, the party of the Democrats, which has become fascistic and intolerant. We desperately need Third Parties in America.

*** IN THE WAKE OF MULTIPLE NATIONWIDE RAPES COMMITTED AGAINST FEMALE PRISON INMATES BY MALE INMATES WHO “IDENTIFY” AS FEMALE, CALIFORNIA IS ISSUING BIRTH CONTROL MEASURES TO REAL FEMALE INMATES. Only 21st Century Democrats would be irrational enough to pretend this step isn’t an admission that their idiotic “political articles of faith” regarding the sexes are absurd.

              Remember, this self-proclaimed “party of science” also still pretends men can get periods and can get pregnant. I’m sure male inmates who “identify” as female can demand that they be given birth control medication, too, as part of the Democrats’ ever-increasing obsession with denying reality.

              And let’s remember, Democrats treat women like they MUST vote for their party or be “traitors to their gender.” Democrats have replaced the old sexist saying “Shut up and get back in the kitchen!” with “Shut up and vote for us Democrats!”   

Tiny hands Joe Biden

Corrupt, senile, tiny-handed Joe Biden

*** JOE BIDEN HITS NEW LOWS IN BOTH HIS DEMENTIA AND HIS CORRUPTION. More “incoherent gibberish” from the doddering crook. Australian news media once again covers the way Democrat news outlets try to cover for Creepy Sleepy Joe. AND Biden lies again, claiming he used to drive an 18 wheeler!

              Fresh off his humiliating “wiping himself” incident, Biden pleads for his “Mom” in another grim reminder of his condition. Also, Biden is still getting nasty with reporters, but, as always, the Democrats cover for him and the clueless Republicans still don’t have enough media outlets of their own to make the public aware of it.

*** BIDEN AGAIN PLEASES HIS CHINESE GOVERNMENT OWNERS BY DROPPING CHARGES AGAINST YET ANOTHER ACCUSED SPY. Did China get its money’s worth with the Biden Crime Family or what? Chinese collusion at its most blatant!

*** BIDEN REGIME CAUGHT PLACING UNTOLD NUMBERS OF COVID-INFECTED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO TEXAS COMMUNITIES WITHOUT NOTICE. But hey, the Democrats like to act as if they are concerned about public safety from Covid.

*** EVEN MORE DEMOCRAT MAYORS WHO SUPPORT DEFUNDING THEIR POLICE DEPARTMENTS EXPOSED FOR HIRING EXPENSIVE SECURITY DETAILS FOR THEMSELVES. Democrats continue to regard the rest of us as their subjects, not their constituents. And continue to endanger all of us with their pretense that Defunding the Police is not irrational and dangerous. Public congressional idiot AOC commits the same hypocrisy. Continue reading


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It is now less than a week to go until the Frontierado Holiday coming up this Friday August 6th. Balladeer’s Blog will be making a few more seasonal posts between now and then.

railroad over canyon diabloCANYON DIABLO: THE MOST LAWLESS TOWN OF THE OLD WEST – In 1880 construction crews for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad reached the wide chasm called Canyon Diablo in what is now Coconino County, Arizona. Construction had to pause for several months when the crews discovered that the wrong size bridge had been manufactured and would not reach all the way across Canyon Diablo.

canyon diabloWhile waiting for new bridge materials to be manufactured and shipped to the site, workers stayed in the area doing stonemasonry, surveying, cutting and preparing railroad ties and preparing the grade & bed. A quick Hell On Wheels town sprouted called Canyon Diablo, named after the canyon. Unlike most such towns this one lasted for decades, from 1880 into the 20th Century but was at its peak for a few years in the 1880s.

This wasn’t just another of the many Hell On Wheels towns that sprang up along all railroads under construction in the 1800s west. Canyon Diablo earned a reputation as the deadliest and most lawless town in the old west. Law enforcement officers of any kind were not welcome in the place and so, many drifters, criminals and fugitives paraded in and out of the town, sometimes even taking up residence there. The nearest officers of the law were located 100 miles away.

canyon diablo bridge 1882Canyon Diablo is not a household name like Dodge City, Tombstone, Deadwood, Silver City or others because not only law enforcement, but anything resembling newspapers, churches or schools or any other of the usual fixtures of civilization failed to survive there.

For that same reason, few details survive about the gunfights, knife fights and ambushes which filled the graves in the town’s nearby Boot Hill Cemetery. There was simply no one on hand to chronicle events in the town. And that’s exactly how the violent and larcenous denizens liked it. 

Boozing, gambling, prostitution and shelter for fugitives from the law were the figurative economic base of Canyon Diablo. According to one historian “Murder on the street was common. Holdups were nearly hourly occurrences, newcomers being slugged on mere suspicion that they carried valuables.” Continue reading


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Last weekend Balladeer’s Blog took a look at the 1970s and 1980s stories of Star-Lord. This time around let’s go even further back and examine Marvel Comics’ original Guardians of the Galaxy.

g of g picMARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18 (January 1969)

Title: Earth Shall Overcome

Synopsis: In the year 3007 A.D. the aggressive humanoid lizard race called the Brotherhood of Badoon invaded our solar system with their fleet of starships. They attacked Earth as well as the Earth’s extensive colonies on Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, where millions of genetically engineered humans lived, bred to thrive in each planet’s unique environments.

In addition, Earth had reached the Alpha Centauri star system and on Centauri IV had formed a peaceful government with the native Alpha Centaurans. The Badoon also struck there, wiping out all of the humans and Alpha Centaurans.

defenders 26The Badoon killed every Alpha Centauran because they considered them and their control of the living metal Yaka to be a threat. Similarly, the lizard-like aliens committed genocide on Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury as well, because they felt threatened by large numbers of foemen possessed of the enhanced abilities of those genetically engineered humans.

On Earth itself, the Badoon allowed roughly fifty-three million humans to remain alive as slave labor, since baseline humans did not have any extraordinary abilities which might pose a threat to them. But the Brotherhood of Badoon had not killed off every single member of the Earth colonies like they thought they had. Four figures survived to oppose them in a war to free humanity, four figures who called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. Continue reading


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The Wreck of a WorldTHE WRECK OF A WORLD (1889) – Written by W. Grove. (No other name available) This novel is the sequel to Grove’s A Mexican Mystery, an ahead-of-its-time work about a train engine devised to have artificial intelligence. The machine – called only The Engine in that story – rebelled and took to preying on human beings in horrific fashion. For Balladeer’s Blog’s review of that novel click HERE  

The Wreck of a World is not a direct sequel to A Mexican Mystery but does use one of that novel’s elements as its springboard: the deliciously frightening notion that the Engine’s artificial intelligence might have  included the capacity to design and build others of its kind. Though A Mexican Mystery never explored that concept, Grove deals with it in much more detail in this second novel.   

demon-1300-859-wallpaperOur story begins in what was to Grove “the far future” of 1949. After a fairly superficial depiction of the world’s political and scientific situation in this imaginary future the meat of the tale begins. All in all the author did not present 1940s technology as being much more advanced than what was available in the 1880s. Grove might have done better to set his tale in 1899 or just into the 1900s to detract from his lack of vision on this particular element.

The revolt of the machines begins with train engines, presumably as a nod to the memorably malevolent Engine from Grove’s previous novel. The engines begin constructing others of their kind with the same robotic arms and with each new edition flaunting deadlier and deadlier weaponry to boot.

The engines soon modify themselves beyond the need for train tracks and become more like tanks, so kudos to this neglected author for nicely predicting the advent of such mobile death-machines.   Continue reading

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biden riots in dc


Monumental and hilarious political hypocrisy has been on full display in Washington DC this week as Democrats engage in political theater while pretending to revere the Capitol Building and its “symbolism.” (LMAO) Before I became an Independent Voter I spent most of my life as a Democrat and believe me, they feel contempt for the Capitol and its “symbolism”, even calling it one of the “institutions of imperialist rule” and “the seat of White Supremacy and systemic racism in America.”

Nancy Pelosi demagogueBack in January a “mostly peaceful protest” (as Democrats described the MONTHS-LONG Antifa riots which terrorized the country) at the Capitol turned into a chaotic mass-trespassing incident with the Democrats of the Capitol Police even killing an unarmed woman. Suddenly, Democrat pretensions that they revered the Capitol poured from the mouths of the demagogues of the Democrat Party.

Hey, let’s rename it “the Demagogue Party”. After all, the Democrat Party is the country’s oldest existing institution which launched a Civil War and fought for slavery, so a name change for that political party is LONG overdue. Okay, so they won’t rename themselves the Demagogue Party, but they should rename it something to distance themselves from the Democrat Party’s horrifically racist past.

capitol bombing 1983Anyway, Democrats felt that their OWN storming of the Capitol was fine back on October 4th, 2018, even though THEY WERE INTERFERING WITH ONE OF THOSE GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS WHICH THEY NOW PRETEND SHOULD BE SACROSANCT. Democrats/ the left cheered on that activity. And let’s not forget the way the left literally set off a BOMB in the Capitol on November 7th, 1983. Also HERE. A million dollars (by 1983 standards, so much more today) in damage was done.

Most adults are above the fake tears and the fear-mongering which truly pathetic Democrat members of Congress are indulging in regarding January 6th. The Democrats will probably never lose their competitive edge in phoniness and manufactured emotion, so non-Democrats – as in Independents, Third Party Voters, Republicans and People Who Claim No Political Affiliation, in other words THE REST OF US – will always need to remain highly skeptical of any and all political theater from them.  Continue reading


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With the Frontierado Holiday coming up on Friday, August 6th here is another seasonal movie.

Get MeanGET MEAN (1975)- One of the weirdest Spaghetti Westerns ever made and that’s saying something! Get Mean stars Tony Anthony and was also released under the title The Stranger Gets Mean, making it the final movie in Anthony’s series of Italo-Westerns as the enigmatic gunslinger known only as the Stranger.

Another alternate title the movie was released under was Beat A Dead Horse, reflecting the view of Anthony and his production company that Spaghetti Westerns really were beating that dead horse of a subgenre for everything they could squeeze out of it by this point. Emphasizing that point was the way Get Mean features its heroic gunfighter clashing with anachronistic Vikings, Moors and an evil hunchback who loves quoting Shakespeare (for obvious reasons).

The film starts out with Tony Anthony’s character being dragged into a ghost town in a box canyon by a horse he’s been tied to. We glimpse Tony through a small orb like the kind used by Gypsy fortune-tellers. Many viewers use that orb to support their argument that Anthony’s gunslinger will be magically traveling through time and that THAT’S why he battles out of date Vikings and Moors.

It still wouldn’t explain why they speak Spanish and/or English or any of the dozens of OTHER problems that would result from a time-travel explanation. My view is to just enjoy it as weirdness for weirdness’ sake. Think of it like Six-String Samurai but without the actual meaning behind that film’s metaphors. Continue reading


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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents the sequel to my previous piece regarding Republican Ugliness in its Many Forms. Twenty-First Century Democrats embody everything they used to pretend to oppose and basically oppress people while posing as the oppressed.



AT PRESENT, DEMOCRATS PUSH DIVISIVENESS EVERYWHERE – Democrats, despite the fact that their political party was behind so many atrocities in America’s past, presume to lecture the rest of us. Hell, the senile and corrupt Joe Biden eulogized an actual Ku Klux Klan official, fellow Democrat Senator Robert Byrd. Biden’s 1994 legislation has long been called out for its draconian punishments which fell mostly on African-Americans. Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been caught repeatedly in racist comments and using racial slurs, yet the pathetic Biden tries lecturing THE REST OF US about “racism” and “White Supremacy.” You know … the kind of White Supremacy pushed by the Ku Klux Klan, founded by Democrats and which Biden’s eulogized buddy Robert Byrd held a leadership position in.

And JOE BIDEN COMES FROM A SLAVE-OWNING FAMILY and he STILL HAS KIDS IN CAGES. But Democrats never cared about those kids, they just used them as a political stick. You won’t see Democrats at “protests” over Biden’s Kids in Cages, even though he has more Kids in Cages than either Trump or Obama did.

              It is DEMOCRATS who keep pushing “transition” drugs on increasingly young children, yet too many people shy away from pointing this out. It is DEMOCRATS who keep pushing to defund the police. It is DEMOCRATS who have this bizarre obsession with sexualizing children.

It is DEMOCRATS who insist just about everything makes them feel “unsafe”. It is DEMOCRATS who insist on pushing “trans” issues into virtually every piece of entertainment and increasing elements of the “educational system” (LMAO). It is DEMOCRATS who push the hatemongering gibberish of CRT. It is DEMOCRATS who have politicized every single aspect of life to the point where they feel they can just “file complaints” with higher authority to sic those authorities on people who express the slightest disagreement with them. 

DEMOCRATS USE DISCRIMINATORY HIRING AND FIRING PRACTICES – Democrats are the overwhelming majority of administrators and “educators” (LMAO) from kindergarten through college. Democrats are the overwhelming majority of “news” media broadcasters. Democrats are the overwhelming majority of workers in the entertainment industry. Those things don’t happen by accident.

              democrat platform hatredHell, Democrats even act like THEY are the official judges of who is an “authentic” voice for women and non-whites and LGBT people. Women, non-whites and LGBT people who express disagreement with Democrat Party talking points are as unlikely to be hired – and VERY likely to be fired – as any white people would be in Democrat dominated professions.

              Democrats have successfully financed virtual Democrat Party Whips in most businesses in the form of “Diversity” administrators. Uh. Yeah. “Diversity” ONLY as defined by Democrats. And Democrats are the overwhelming majority of people in Human Resources positions.

              More and more people are not hired or are decreed to be “unqualified” in more and more occupations because of the increasingly absurd requirements to undergo “training” which pushes Democrat talking points that fewer and fewer reasonable adults are willing to submit to. And the “instructors” in those training courses? Democrats, of course.

When “educators” (LMAO) who are overwhelmingly Democrats churn out their typically biased lists “Ranking the Presidents” they pretend that their elevation of Democrat presidents at the expense of Republican presidents is somehow “proof” that Democrat presidents are better. I would like to see the exact numbers and political affiliation of each “academic” (LMAO) contributing to those lists. 

And we need Third Parties because the alleged opposition party to the Democrats is run by some of the most clueless and/or easily bought pieces of garbage in political history. They sit by and do nothing to combat this discrimination.    Continue reading


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crossed pistolsHere at Frontierado international headquarters things are as hectic as you would imagine with the Frontierado holiday coming up on Friday, August 6th. As always, Frontierado celebrates the myth of the old west, not the grinding reality. Here are some party essentials that help make your family’s Frontierado get-togethers special.

buffalogalBUFFALO GAL – Balladeer’s Blog gets its Buffalo Steaks, Buffalo Burgers, Buffalo Chili and Buffalo Jerky from Buffalo Gal, which will ship to you wherever you are in the U.S. and abroad.

You can also buy Elk Meat, Wild Boar, Yak Meat and Swabian Hall Pork. There’s even Scottish Highlander Beef for those with more traditional appetites.

devils river bourbon picDEVILS RIVER BOURBON – Here’s one of the brands of whiskey that I like to drink either straight or mixed in my Cactus Jacks: Devils River (1840).

This Texas Bourbon is created with water drawn from Devils River (Devils is plural, so no apostrophe) and is 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley.

As usual I prefer Barrel Strength – I’m slamming down a 117 Proof bottle as I type – but naturally you’re free to make your own selections. Continue reading




clownfish tvClownfish TV have been in the news a lot over the past few days because of their willingness to call out lies and other b.s. from the corporate “entertainment” conglomerates like Disney and Netflix and others. Their reporters were vindicated AGAIN after repeated, months-long denials from the goons and loons at Netflix in particular this time around. The truth prevailed and CTV was proven right once again.

Balladeer’s Blog adds its own congratulations to the many, many well wishes and plaudits being heaped upon Clownfish TV for its dead-on accurate reporting despite attacks from shallow celebrities and faceless corporate trash. Continue reading


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