Messages from Mars 2MESSAGES FROM MARS BY THE AID OF THE TELESCOPE PLANT (1892) – Written by Robert D Braine. I shortened the title for the blog post headline. The main character of this novel is a sailor named Nordhausen. After leaving Madagascar our hero winds up shipwrecked on an uncharted island.

While roaming this island Nordhausen finds plants with thick transparent leaves which refract light like lenses do. The sailor breaks off one of the leaves to study it more closely, only to be seized by the island’s native inhabitants, who have been watching him from hiding.

Messages from MarsThe natives take him through a cave entrance to their hidden village which is a blend of the primitive and the futuristic. For the “sacrilege” of damaging one of the telescope plants Nordhausen is to be executed. The means? A device formed from several of the lens-like leaves which magnify the sunlight into a makeshift heat-ray, like holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper to catch it on fire. 

Our hero is saved at the last minute by a beautiful woman named Raimonda, who wants him spared. When her own words are not sufficient to stay the execution she enlists the King of Mars to persuade the natives to spare Nordhausen. Continue reading


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Latinos for Trump

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, center, speaks at the Latinos for Trump sponsored “Vamos for Victory” event Tuesday in Albuquerque. To his left is Deputy Press Secretary Daniel Bucheli and Trump Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson. (Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal)

Per the recent Harvard/ Harris Poll Hispanic Americans support de facto Third Party President Donald Trump on immigration enforcement (65%) and not allowing illegal immigrants to vote (73%). Despite the tired old cliches pushed by the Democrats’ media outlets (I’m an Independent Voter) President Trump garnered more of the Hispanic vote in 2016 than Mitt Romney got in 2012. That puts the lie to assumptions that Hispanic Americans are offended by immigration enforcement.

Recently praise for President Trump on all this and more came from the New Mexico chapter of Latinos for Trump. The links are below, but first some excerpts:

Latinos for Trump phone lady“Michaela Chavez (not pictured) is a former Democrat who says she’s been a supporter of Donald Trump from Day One. She likes how his administration is handling the economy and feels he’s negotiating better trade deals for the country.” (Note from Balladeer: I’m a former Democrat, too, now Independent.)

“And when it comes to immigration, the Albuquerque resident supports the president’s desire to build a wall on the Mexican border.”

“I’m all for immigration, as long as it is done the right way,” she said.

“Chavez is convinced Trump is building a better future for her family.”

Trump black supporters even more“Ernie Salazar weighed in: ““Hispanic unemployment is at a historical low,” he said. “African American unemployment is at a historic low. He’s (Trump’s) taking care of people of color. If you look in a box of crayons, you’ll see a white crayon, too.”

Valencia County alone, which traditionally votes Democrat, went for Trump in 2016.

Marcella Trujillo Melendez said “I believe that he knows his job. His job is Continue reading


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Cumberlands Patriots helmet NEWNUMBER FOURTEEN ROLLS – The NAIA’s 14th ranked UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS welcomed the WEBBER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY WARRIORS last night. The Patriots dominated their opponents on both sides of the ball, leading the Warriors 28-0 by Halftime on their way to a 45-14 triumph.

Frostburg State BobcatsUNDER THE RADAR CLASSIC – Over in NCAA Division Two the FROSTBURG STATE BOBCATS played host to the WEST LIBERTY STATE HILLTOPPERS. The Bobcats held a 17-14 edge at the Half, following which each team added another 10 points as the Bobcats won this 27-24 thriller.

Northwest Mississippi College Rangers blueTUSSLE IN THE TOP TEN – In the NJCAA the 3rd ranked NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE RANGERS battled their guests the number 8 COPIAH-LINCOLN COLLEGE WOLVES. These familiar foes went blow for blow and score for score until the Rangers emerged with a 19-15 victory.  Continue reading

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LiberiaBalladeer’s Blog presents another neglected epic myth from around the world. In this case, Liberia’s Woi Epic of the Kpelle people.

The Woi Epic is often studied for its use of music, dance, singing and audience participation to reflect the action in the story. Think of it as a combination opera, ballet, live drama and Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.

The order of the episodes in the epic is not set in stone and a performance may include only a few of the episodes, all of them or just one. The finish of each episode is marked by the performer(s) announcing “Dried millet, wese” to which the audience repeats simply “wese.”  

ONE – Woi, a culture deity and master of ritual magic, and his wife Gelengol are the only living things that exist. After Woi impregnates his wife she eventually gives birth to human beings, chickens, goats, cows, sheep and, after all other life-forms, spiders. (Plenty of African myths feature a female deity giving birth to multiple living creatures and many feature the woman also giving birth to tools and weapons and utensils.)    

TWO – Woi notes that the demonic figure Yele-Walo has stolen one of his bulls by sneaking up on it in the form of a rattan plant. Yele-Walo took the bull with him to his hideaway “behind the sky.” Woi prepares for battle and is aided by squirrel-monkeys, tsetse flies and horse-flies. Yele-Walo also steels himself for the upcoming fight. Continue reading

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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Matthew as the Fool Killer would be perfectPART TWENTY-NINE – As always part of the fun comes from the way the Fool Killer’s opinions are a mix of today’s left-wing and right-wing attitudes. Some you’ll agree with, others you won’t but it’s always interesting. 

Here is a look at some of the Fool Killer’s targets from James L Pearson’s February of 1921 issue of The Fool-Killer.

** People who were fine with spending $23 million apiece on warships but who penny-pinched on contributions to feed starving children in Europe. Ironically given our 21st Century view of him, future president Herbert Hoover was working with the Literary Digest to raise money to send food to Europeans but came up with only $10 million – less than half their stated goal.

** Criminals who were using the military training they received in World War One to efficiently rob banks and armored cars. Continue reading

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Islamophobia posterFor anyone unfamiliar with the Rotherham Report just do an on-line search for it and you can pick from countless articles. The report dealt with instances of over 1,400 young non-Muslim women being raped and groomed for further rape by Muslims in part of the U.K. Similar reports have emerged from other areas in the country. The report was first issued over 5 years ago.

Previously I wrote about the horrific specifics of the atrocities perpetrated on young women by the Muslims in the report. This time I’ll comment on the way the atrocities were enabled by U.K. bureaucrats, many of whom willfully ignored the complaints of the rape victims because the assailants were Muslim. Some of the bureaucrats have tried to excuse their actions (or rather their inaction) by plaintively whining that they “didn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia.” Continue reading

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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsHello again, everyone! Like FAQ’s I figured I’d address these questions I’ve been asked a lot lately. And thank you for the good wishes regarding recent family hospitalizations.

Q: Will you ever get back to examining ancient Greek comedies?  

A: Yes, I will. As regular readers know I have already done dozens and I needed to step back a little for awhile. Now I’m revved up again and will resume soon.

Q: Will you ever resume your fictional look at a Second American Civil War?

A: No. Real-world events started to exceed my fictional takes in some ways.   

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