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Recently the perpetual children who call themselves Democrats tried to make cheap political capital out of a (possibly faked) note that the child of an illegal immigrant addressed to their parents.

The child was supposedly sad about the possibility of immigration authorities catching the family and sending them home. Being Democrats the repulsive fools acted like this letter was proof of how supposedly “evil” it is for countries to have immigration laws.

To counter that here’s a letter written to Heaven by the child of a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal immigrant. It’s just as sad, Democrats. Do you immature drama queens STILL think that heart-breaking letters written by children should form the basis of a country’s immigration policy?

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsOh, I know, Democrats. Only touching letters that further your political goals count. If the letter below helped push your politics the letter and the little girl who wrote it would be world-famous.

I’m REALLY sick of the way Democrats exploit emotion to try to make every one of their political opinions carry the force of law.

Below is the letter written by the little girl whose father will never be coming home because of an illegal immigrant. Try to remember, Democrats, emotion can cut both ways. Not that you barely human political robots will care.  

Young Daughter of murdered Deputy Brian Tephord writes letter to Heaven
My Daddy
By Alyssa Tephord
“My Mommy told me a very bad man hurt my Daddy and now my Daddy is dead. I was very sad and I cried and cried and then I asked a lot of questions.

I asked my Mommy how the bad man hurt Daddy. She said he shot him with a gun. I wanted to know why my Mommy couldn’t fix it since she was a nurse. I’m very angry at the bad man who hurt my Daddy because he hurt my Daddy really bad.

I will never be happy with the bad man. After Mommy told me, I made Daddy pictures and cards. Mommy tied them to balloons and we went outside and let them go to heaven where my Daddy is. I said Daddy, I hope you like the cards and pictures, I miss you. Then I saw Daddy on TV and I was very proud. Grandma Gwen told me he was on TV because he was special and was a hero. My Daddy is in heaven because he’s a good man. Continue reading


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Time for another segment of Balladeer’s Blog’s Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead! Paul McCartney, best known as the husband of the late Linda McCartney, performs here with Linda’s band Wings (I’m kidding.) It’s the sproingy, springy version of the song Rock Show without the slow Venus & Mars prelude:

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Mantis Collector pose 2Balladeer’s Blog spent part of this past summer on a light-hearted, escapist bit of fun by examining the very first Mantis storylines at Marvel Comics. Mantis was brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie but I reviewed her ORIGINAL appearance and the 1973-1975 Celestial Madonna epic she starred in.

I. MANTIS: THE CELESTIAL MADONNA SAGA – The “senses-shattering” beginning of the series which I covered in some of the same style as my reviews of Epic Myths. CLICK HERE  

Mantis Night of Swordsman 3II. MANTIS 2: NIGHT OF THE SWORDSMAN – Mantis and her romantic partner the Swordsman show up at Avengers Mansion and wind up helping the superteam against one of their old foes. CLICK HERE

III. MANTIS 3: BELOW US THE BATTLE – Mantis, the Swordsman and the other Avengers fly to England in search of their missing member the Black Knight. While there they come into conflict with sinister forces. CLICK HERE

IV. MANTIS 4: THE AVENGERS VS THE DEFENDERS – As the search for the Black Knight continues, Loki and Dormammu trick the Avengers and the Defenders into all-out war with each other over a relic called the Evil Eye of Avalon. CLICK HERE 

V. MANTIS 5: THE AVENGERS-DEFENDERS WAR CONTINUES – Mantis and one of her fellow Avengers battle the Defenders’ leader Doctor Strange for a fragment of the Evil Eye. Meanwhile, the newest Defender Hawkeye fights Iron Man in Mexico for another fragment. CLICK HERE Continue reading

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Please fight Islam for me

*** *** *** *** *** Since Liberals are so simple-minded maybe posters like this would catch their eye like a bright, shiny object.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Rotherham Report just do an on-line search for it and you can pick from countless articles. The report dealt with instances of over 1,400 young non-Muslim women being raped and groomed for further rape by Muslims in part of the U.K. Similar reports have emerged from other areas in the country. The report was first issued over 3 years ago.

Previously I wrote about the horrific specifics of the atrocities perpetrated on young women by the Muslims in the report. This time I’ll comment on the way the atrocities were enabled by U.K. bureaucrats, many of whom willfully ignored the complaints of the rape victims because the assailants were Muslim. Some of the bureaucrats have tried to excuse their actions (or rather their inaction) by plaintively whining that they “didn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia.”

Incredible state the western world is in. It’s easier to turn a blind eye to multiple rapes of girls as young as ELEVEN than it is to speak out on the issue and be dubbed “Islamophobic”. Some of the testimony from the few brave souls who DID speak out detailed how punishment came swift and sure for anyone who pointed out that it was Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. Muslim Privilege in action!

Again you can search on-line for verification. I stopped providing specific links long ago because of the mindless way Liberals and Conservatives refuse to believe anything that doesn’t come from one of the sites that caters to their own particular pre-conceived notions.

Islam the real rape culture

But to be clear, though, this is one horror that is PURELY at the feet of Liberals. Their obsession with patting themselves on the back for siding with anyone they believe represents a force in opposition to the Western Democracies has spawned the current environment. The Political Correctness Police are always on the lookout for anyone who transgresses against their biased vision of “multiculturalism”. That bizarre vision and their devotion to their own egos always forces them to defend the least tolerant and most misogynistic and homophobic religion in the world at this particular point in history.

That being said, “I didn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia” truly has become the 21st Century equivalent of “I was only following orders”. Both lines are used to excuse one’s gutless and/or unreasoning compliance with a system in which atrocities become permissable. Even routine. And both lines basically translate as “I didn’t want to get in trouble by speaking out against the horrors I saw unfolding.”  Continue reading

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It is time for another musical shoutout from Balladeer’s Blog. This time around it’s the Queen song Need Your Lovin’.

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CCSF RamsNUMBER FOUR GETS SHOT DOWN – The storied CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO RAMS traveled to face the number 4 team in the rankings – the AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE BEAVERS. A 20-6 1st Quarter lead for the Rams became 30-12 at Halftime and 30-26 in the 3rd Quarter. From there CCSF added 10 more points while shutting out the Beavers for a 40-26 wrapup. 

Riverside College TigersWHEN RANKED TEAMS CLASH – The 3rd ranked RIVERSIDE COLLEGE TIGERS found themselves on the road against the number 10 BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE RENEGADES. The Tigers put up 7 points in each of the 4 Quarters and led the Renegades 7-0 in the 1st Quarter, 14-6 at the Half and 21-13 in the 3rd. Bakersfield College nearly came back for a win but fell short as Riverside College won it 28-26.

Golden West College RustlersRUSTLING UP A BLOWOUT – The GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE RUSTLERS welcomed the CHAFFEY COLLEGE PANTHERS. The Rustlers kept the Panthers off the scoreboard until the 4th Quarter while producing 7, 13 and 7 more points in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarters respectively. The final tally in this lopsided game was Golden West College 27  Chaffey College 6. Continue reading


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Obama peace prizeYears ago Balladeer’s Blog ran a post examining which Nobel “Peace” Prize winner killed more people: Republican Henry Kissinger or Democrat Barack Obama. It used to be too close to call but Obama’s recent fathering of the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program has since given him the theoretical edge.

President Donald Trump hasn’t killed enough people yet to be in the running for a “Peace” Prize but bloodthirsty figures in America’s Military Business Machine keep trying to pressure him into a higher body count. 

Obama I dont alwaysAnyway, with blood-soaked figures like Barack, Henry and even Yasser Arafat winning the Nobel Peace Prize you can see how that prize has become a meaningless, dark-humored joke.

Add the fact that Obama got his Peace Prize in 2009, when he was so new to the presidency that he had done nothing to deserve it. He didn’t deserve the presidency, either, for that matter. But the media liked the way his shallowness mirrored their own, so there you go.

In virtually UNPRECEDENTED fashion a former rep of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee – Geir Lundestad – admitted in his book that the Committee gave the new president the Peace Prize just to try to boost him politically. No true criteria were used. Who knew they awarded Nobel Prizes “on spec” as it were?

As reported: Continue reading


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