My thoughts and sympathies are with the Manchester victims and their loved ones.

And it's MuslimsAnother day, another attack by Muslim fascists in the name of their blood-crazed religion. (If you doubt me on the “daily” part read my periodic Muslim Atrocity Roundups. This is a global conflict and not a day goes by without blood being shed.)

Salmen Abedi is the purported name of the Muslim fascist suicide bomber responsible for nearly two dozen deaths and for injuring over 50 more innocent people.

Muslim terror attack 10 step planThe Muslim attacker targeted a largely female crowd from around 6-18 years of age.

The political left is already defending the motives of the attacker … after their usual round of denying that it was yet another Muslim attack for as long as they could.  

After a previous Muslim fascist attack, the Muslim mayor of London taunted  England that they need to “get used to it.”

Yes, in case you didn’t know, London elected a Muslim mayor last election, which act further discredits those constant claims of rabid Islamophobia in the Western World.   Continue reading


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The Comic bigTHE COMIC (1985) – Virtually every film buff today knows the tale of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert raising money from doctors, grocers and dentists in Michigan to finance their subsequent horror hit The Evil Dead

Over in the U.K. Richard Driscoll raised money from Welsh miners and doctors to finance his very odd movie The Comic. Raimi and company went on to lucrative careers in the entertainment industry. Driscoll’s story did not have the same type of fairy-tale ending. Not even with an established figure like John Eyres helping out financially when Richard’s original funds ran out.  

The Comic 2The Comic takes place “in another place and another time” according to one of the female characters. From appearances it’s a near-future police state in which fairly ambiguous laws are enforced by goose-stepping goons who wear their hair in ponytails. This film seems to be reaching for the heights achieved in cult films like Eraserhead and Café Flesh but falls so far short that it’s more like The Jar.

Writer/ director Driscoll also peppers in elements of MacBeth, Hamlet and King Lear but only succeeds in embodying the worst clichés of arthouse cinema. If this had been a latter-day student film or direct to video affair it would not deserve all the insults that reviewers throw its way. But if you’re cheeky enough to dump something like this on the theater-going public you’re just asking for a critical onslaught. Continue reading

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Balladeer’s Blog’s coverage of the 2017 college baseball postseason continues with this look at the latest on the NJCAA playoffs.

Century College Wood DucksDISTRICT 3-E – The storied CENTURY COLLEGE WOOD DUCKS took a pair of games to win this District’s title. First off the Wood Ducks battled the RAINY RIVER COLLEGE VOYAGEURS in an elimination game. Century College went up 1-0 in the 1st Inning and from there neither team scored until the Wood Ducks drove in 3 more runs in the 8th. Century won it 4-0.

Next the Wood Ducks took the diamond against the RIVERLAND COLLEGE BLUE DEVILS for all the proverbial marbles. The Blue Devils were held to just 1 run in the 5th Inning, while Century College scored runs in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th for a 5-1 victory. * THE WOOD DUCKS ARE CHAMPIONS OF DISTRICT 3-E *

Tyler College Apaches BIGGERDISTRICT 3-C – The TYLER COLLEGE APACHES once again became District Champs after 2 final victories. The Apaches played their old rivals the EASTFIELD COLLEGE HARVESTERS and led them 2-1 in the 1st Inning. That became a 5-1 advantage in the 2nd and the rout was on. When all was said and done Tyler College bounced the Harvesters to the tune of 9-2.

Then the Apaches squared off against the BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE BEARS. After 2 scoreless Innings Tyler grabbed a 4-0 lead in the 3rd. That was extended to an 8-2 lead in the 4th and 10-2 in the 5th. The Bears were never really in this game as the Apaches doubled-up on them for a 12-6 win. * THE APACHES ARE CHAMPIONS OF DISTRICT 3-C * Continue reading

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Wile E Coyote signRachel Maddow may secretly be working for United States President Donald Trump. I’m kidding of course, but she happened to be at the Propaganda Desk on MSNBC once again when the increasingly insane American media learned that people in the real world aren’t reacting to President Trump the way they keep trying to force us to.

Previously Maddow sat there looking ridiculous when her “big scoop” about Trump’s tax returns turned into a PR coup for Trump because the returns showed that he paid an 8-figure sum in taxes AND that he paid his taxes at a higher rate than most of the bloated rich pigs and movie actors who have been frothing at the mouth since the Donald defeated Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton. Hilarious!

The latest Wile E Coyote moment that Maddow was at the Propaganda Desk for was a bit where the MSNBC folks took it live for citizen interviews and learned that “the people in the street” are yawning at this media-created conspiracy theory about President Trump supposedly having committed an impeachable offense! Too funny!

Here is the link: Continue reading

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Dr Frank N FurterFor Balladeer’s Blog’s latest post on Ancient Greek Comedy I will examine another fragmentary work by Eupolis, who, along with Aristophanes and Cratinus was one of the Big Three of Attic Old Comedy.

BAPTAE was a comedy satirizing the latest faddish belief system to hit Athens: the cult of the Dorian and Thracian goddess Cotyto. Just like Kabala or transcendental meditation and other systems have enjoyed a brief vogue with entertainers and even some movers and shakers various foreign deities would periodically develop a following in ancient Athens. Eupolis was lampooning the fashionable appeal of one such cult and also ridiculed other elements of Cotyto worship as we will see.

The title Baptae came from the fact that the worshippers of Cotyto would immerse or “baptize” their garments in blue, green or purple dye, an expensive and very ostentatious indulgence for the time period. And yes, Baptae and baptizing are from the same root word, since it originally referred to immersion in any liquid, not just water.

The main element of the Athenian version of the cult of Cotyto was the fact that her devotees were exclusively male and all of them DRESSED AS THE GODDESS as part of their rites of worship. Even today we can Continue reading

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*** NCCAA ***

Oklahoma Baptist University Bison BIGTOP SEED


Team Name: BISON

Central Region Champions

Emmanuel College Lions logoSECOND SEED


Team Name: LIONS

South Region Champions 

Bethesda FlamesTHIRD SEED


Team Name: FLAMES

West Region Champions

Alice Lloyd College EaglesFOURTH SEED


Team Name: EAGLES

Mideast Region Champions Continue reading

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Mantis betrayalTHE AVENGERS Volume 1, Number 116 (October 1973) Betrayal

Avengers Roster: THOR, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE SCARLET WITCH, THE BLACK PANTHER, THE VISION, THE SWORDSMAN and MANTIS, the mysterious  superheroine from Vietnam.  

Defenders Roster: DOCTOR STRANGE (Stephen Strange, MD), SUB-MARINER (Prince Namor), THE HULK (Bruce Banner, PhD), THE SILVER SURFER (Norrin Radd), THE VALKYRIE (Barbara Norris) and the former Avenger, HAWKEYE (Clint Barton). (At the time of this story the Defenders functioned more like the much, much later Justice League Dark at DC, instead of their later street-level focus.)

As part of Mantis’ original run with the Avengers she took part in this milestone clash between those Avengers and the then-secret group called the Defenders. The story was presented in multiple issues of both The Avengers and The Defenders’ separate comic books.


Mantis Betrayal 2In the previous installment I examined Avengers #115 in which the team went searching for their long out-of-touch member the Black Knight. At his Garrett Castle headquarters our heroes found the Knight missing and an impenetrable mystic barrier surrounding the castle.

Mantis’ mutant empathic power enabled her to detect that Dr Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, had erected the barrier for unknown reasons. In 1973 the Avengers had had very limited contact with Dr Strange, who had previously helped them and the Black Knight save the world.    Continue reading

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