Balladeer’s Blog’s Best of 2017 continues with the best from April.

Donald Trump rock starNUMBER ONE – We have a tie at Number One – First, President Donald Trump, America’s first de facto Third Party President, has been doing more for the working class of ALL colors than the Democrats or Republicans have in decades. CLICK HERE  

Second, an item about Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who refuse to join the 21st Century. CLICK HERE 

Psycho Gothic LolitaNUMBER TWO – Up next on this countdown is my review of the Japanese horror film PSYCHO GOTHIC LOLITA (2010).

Blood, guts, silly jokes and almost non-stop action are – as always for J-Horror – present in this very entertaining film.


hippyNUMBER THREE – Balladeer’s Blog often deals with the way Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s generation distorted the educational system into centers for irrational thought.

Those Faculty Lounge Fascists abuse their positions by browbeating students to agree with their political prejudices. CAL-BERKELEY is their Nuremberg – CLICK HERE

Begotten 4NUMBER FOUR – Another movie review is in fourth place.

This time around it’s my review of the bizarre, horrific movie BEGOTTEN (1990). This is definitely a very unusual film that is definitely not for the squeamish.  

For that review just CLICK HERE 

trump-and-hillary-map-behind-themNUMBER FIVE – Every day that Hillary Clinton is NOT President is great! My Hillary Clinton interview dealt with her defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump, the New Franklin Roosevelt.

For a Hillary Clinton interview the way it SHOULD go read HILLARY EXPLAINS IT ALL by clicking HERE


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Pope Francis thumbs upThe Pope has vowed not to brush his teeth again until every one of you listens to his favorite singer Gary Glitter performing his old holiday song Another Rock and Roll Christmas.

So here’s one more Yuletide song getting a shoutout from Balladeer’s Blog.

And yes, Gary Glitter’s lip-synching coaches were clearly the same people who used to dub Japanese monster movies into English. He might as well have taken a long drink of water at times during this performance.

But I LOVE the song!

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scrooge-marley-2012SCROOGE & MARLEY (2012) – I am still very ill so here’s a rerun for this latest installment of Balladeer’s Blog’s Christmas Carol-A-Thon for 2017.

Scrooge & Marley is a gay-themed version of the Dickens classic. It’s also a musical, but unfortunately the songs struck me as being as blah as most of Leslie Bricusse’s output in Scrooge (1970).

Previously I’ve examined Ebbie, which is a business-woman themed version of the story, John Grin’s Christmas and Christmas is Comin’ Uptown, which are black-themed versions of the story and even See Hear Presents A Christmas Carol, a sign-language and spoken version aimed at the hearing impaired. 

Scrooge & Marley is an openly and deliberately gay adaptation of the Dickens story. It often falls into the trap of using its gay narrative as a gimmick rather than a theme but that risk just goes with the territory when a creative team is locked into following a previously mapped-out storyline.  

The film is set in the fairly present day and opens up at Ebenezer Scrooge’s gay nightclub called Screws. I was hoping it would be called Screwed, to be reminiscent of the porno version of A Christmas Carol titled Ebenezer Screwed.

At any rate Scrooge is, as usual, a tight-fisted (as it were) hand at the grindstone and treats his employees horribly. Hell, he even fires them if they tip delivery people out of their own pockets! Continue reading

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I’m very, very ill today so here’s just a look at the Best of March here at Balladeer’s Blog.

bill-paxtonNUMBER ONE – With the passing of eccentric actor Bill Paxton I wanted to do an appropriately weird movie of his to give him an authentic Balladeer’s Blog sendoff.

The movie I decided on was Paxton’s often forgotten flick TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (1983).

The link to that film review is right HERE

sjws-always-lieNUMBER TWO – SJW’s are among the saddest and most pathetic people alive.

Though they are nothing more than petty informants whose only power comes from the higher authorities they run sniveling to, they laughably consider themselves to be “activists.”


TrainNUMBER THREE – In March I reviewed the 1888 novel A MEXICAN MYSTERY.

That work of Ancient Science Fiction was ahead of its time and dealt with a train engine so well-designed it achieved sentience and began attacking, killing and even feeding on human beings to fuel itself.

Long before Skynet, there was “the Engine.” Click HERE 

Mascot with demo and repub headsNUMBER FOUR – Just as Balladeer’s Blog features Liberals moving on from that outdated label I also feature Conservatives moving on from THAT outdated label.

Here’s a self-described Conservative fed up with the likes of Karl “Miss Piggy” Rove, Kevin Williamson, George Will, Bill Kristol and the repulsive Bush family. Click HERE

TNTNUMBER FIVE – Superheroes are everywhere these days.

Among Balladeer’s Blog’s most popular posts in recent years have been the ones dealing with neglected superheroes and superheroines.

For a look at the neglected CENTAUR COMICS SUPERHERO PANTHEON click HERE

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Christmas Time rolls along with another Christmas Song. This time it’s The Twelve Days of Christmas by Relient K.

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Mascot with demo and repub headsWhile “Murky” Mueller and his Funky Bunch of Hillary donors continue to prove what a joke their “investigation” is, Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at more Trump Cards. 

But by the way, don’t you love how the new motto of the FBI (Fuggedda Bout Integrity) is “First we COMMIT the crimes, then we INVESTIGATE the crimes, and if you slip us enough incentive sometimes we’ll agree to SOLVE those crimes!”

Michelle Obama*** Anyway, our de facto Third Party President Donald Trump nicely overturned another idiotic policy from Michelle Obama by restoring the choice of chocolate milk for children at schools. It’s a small thing but the fact that that hopelessly embittered woman tried keeping chocolate milk from kids is so typical.

Thankfully now we have a sophisticated First Lady like Melania Trump who SPEAKS MORE LANGUAGES THAN BOTH OBAMAS COMBINED. 

Keith Olbermann*** As expected the Supreme Court AGAIN upheld President Trump’s travel restrictions. I only point this out because the hilariously uninformed people who hate Trump have such short attention spans they always celebrate the pointless challenges as if those ungrounded challenges “prove” Trump did something wrong. 

Elizabeth Warren interns*** A Think Progress Op-Ed recently blasted Faux-cahontas aka PRIVILEGED WHITE WOMAN SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN, who deceptively exploited minority set-asides by pretending to be 1-32nd Cherokee. The Tribe Warren claimed descent from REJECTED that claim long ago which is why President Trump delights in calling the repulsive Warren “Pocahontas.”

Deranged Trump-haters always feign outrage over that but conveniently overlook Warren’s offense, which denied academic employment to deserving minority women. Anyway, the Op-Ed is titled I AM A CHEROKEE WOMAN – ELIZABETH WARREN IS NOT, if you’re interested. Continue reading

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Carolingian empireTradition and folklore hold that Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by the Pope on Christmas, but in real life it apparently did not happen until the following February. Still, Charlemagne’s anointing as Holy Roman Emperor on top of the kingly titles he already held was recounted as a Christmas tale for quite a while.

Most importantly, so much attention is paid to King Arthur – who may not have existed at all – that the real-life Charlemagne gets overlooked. But then reality has no place in the following look at the legends surrounding Charlemagne’s Paladins (Knights).  

Twelve PeersTHE TWELVE PEERS – This term was the Charlemagne equivalent of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

If you’ll recall the reason that King Arthur’s table was round was so that nobody could be considered above the others in rank or status. The same reasoning applied with Charlemagne’s designation of his Paladins as Twelve PEERS or equals.

MaugrisMAUGRIS THE ENCHANTER aka MALAGIGI – This magician was the Frankish equivalent of Merlin from King Arthur lore. Maugris was raised by a Fairy named Oriande and appears in a supporting role in many tales of Charlemagne’s Paladins, often in a mystical disguise.

Maugris was generally depicted as younger than Merlin is depicted, and often used a sword in combat. This Frankish Wizard had an Enchanted Tome in which information he needed could magically appear. Maugris often conjured up winged demons to use as flying mounts to transport him from one location to another.


Bradamante BETTERBRADAMANTE – This female Paladin was the sister of Renaut de Montaubon.

Bradamante, who wielded an enchanted lance that unseated any opponent it touched, rescued her true love, the Saracen warrior Ruggiero from his captivity in a glass dome atop Mount Carena in Northern Africa. Continue reading

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