Dakota State Trojans helmet NEWUPSETS IN THE TOP TWENTY-FIVE – The unranked DAKOTA STATE TROJANS paid a visit to the number 16 team in the nation – the DAKOTA WESLEYAN TIGERS. At the end of a game that saw 9 lead changes the Trojans defeated the Tigers for the 1st time in 12 years. The final count was DSU 34  DWU 30.   ###   And the MISSOURI VALLEY COLLEGE VIKINGS toppled the homestanding (23) WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY STATESMEN by a baseball score of EIGHT to SEVEN!  Continue reading

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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that criticizes American Liberals and Conservatives equally. Let’s have fun pondering a few concepts. 

Regular readers here know I openly supported gay marriage YEARS before the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama did. I still do, so understand at the top that I’m presenting this topic as a hypothetical for discussion’s sake. 

When the news came out about Facebook’s blatant censorship of various subjects like Muslim homophobia and misogyny or corruption scandals in one particular political party I was curious how a lot of Facebook consumers would react. Some were outraged, but the usual brigade of people who can talk themselves out of EVER taking a stand on any issue mumbled about how “it’s Zuckerberg’s company … he can run it the way he likes.” 

Okay, so if you feel that one percenter Mark Zuckerberg can run HIS company however he pleases and can ban items he disagrees with, why is it wrong for bakery owners to refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay couples? The same principle should apply in BOTH cases: either Zuckerberg should be forced to stop discriminating against consumers who want to use HIS public business OR bakery owners should be free to say they don’t want their public business to be forced to participate in things that offend THEM. Continue reading

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GAB – THE FREE SPEECH ALTERNATIVE TO TWITTER AND FACEBOOK is billing itself as the free speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook. In response to the grotesque censorship at Twitter and Facebook many people are turning to the social network called Gab.

I think this makes a lot of sense since – as countless news stories have made clear – Twitter and Facebook are staffed by hyper-partisan emotional cripples who insist on completely banning articles, links and people rather than just telling people to use their “block” option to avoid things they don’t agree with or that (yawn) offends their dainty, delicate sensibilities. Continue reading

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A variety of colorful figures have served as Secretaries of State. Many of them may not be household names here in the 21st Century but they would definitely stand out on any staff. Here is an examination of sixteen such figures in chronological order.  

Timothy Pickering1. TIMOTHY PICKERING (1795-1800)

Served under: Presidents George Washington and John Adams

Noted for: Conspiring with Alexander Hamilton to undermine some of the policies of the Washington and Adams administrations. When Adams discovered this he ordered Pickering to resign, but Pickering refused, forcing Adams to fire him. Pickering remains the only Secretary of State to officially be fired by the President.

2. HENRY CLAY (1825-1829)

Served under: President John Quincy Adams

Noted for: Fighting a duel with Continue reading


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The 2016 college football season kicked off last night in the divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog!

Cumberlands_KYUPSET IN THE TOP 20 – The unranked UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS hosted the number 17 CAMPBELLSVILLE UNIVERSITY TIGERS. The 1st Quarter ended with the Tigers on top 10-0 but by Halftime the Patriots had come from behind to take a 13-10 edge. After the break UC added 10 more points to the 7 managed by Campbellsville University, resulting in a 23-17 Patriots victory. RB Seph Burke rushed for 144 yds for Cumberlands. Continue reading

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obama callousBarack Obama truly is garbage. Not only did this squirrely, wormy little man wait until he was DONE with his golfing vacation before visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana but when the delicate-minded child was pressed a little about his callous attitude toward the human suffering he was ignoring all that time this alleged human being ACTUALLY, REALLY said “I’m out in five months.”

What a scumbag! I know he bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics but this is a new low even for him. I guess if there’s a crisis on the week before Little Barry leaves office he’ll just shrug and say “That’s the new crook’s worry.”

Hillary CLinton scrunched face

You’d think Hillary Clinton would have sent some of her bribe money to help out, especially after what she did to Haiti.

Yeah, we get it, Barack, you’re even slimier than George W Bush. You have secured the title Worst President In American History. You clinched it long ago. Talk about running up the score. (I figured maybe a sports metaphor might register in the sack of fluids that passes for Obama’s brain.)  

AND … Continue reading

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Arizona Christian Univ helmet GOODJust a friendly reminder from Balladeer’s Blog that TONIGHT is the start of the 2016 season, no matter how much the weasels at ESPN try to pretend NEXT weekend is the opening weekend for college football.

Wayland BaptistThe action tonight includes games between the UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN JIMMIES and their hosts, the VALLEY CITY STATE VIKINGS …   The LYON COLLEGE SCOTS and the visiting WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY PIONEERS (should be the Flying W’s as in the cattle brand) … Continue reading

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