Royal Flash smallFor Balladeer’s Blog’s Number One Harry Flashman Novel click HERE .

For background info on George MacDonald Fraser’s infamous anti-hero Harry Paget Flashman you can also click that link. 

Royal Flash main10. ROYAL FLASH (1970)

Time Period: The Revolutions of 1848 (1847-1848)

Favorite Book Blurbs: “Just when the Revolutions of 1848 are sweeping across Europe … Just when the masses are rising up against their ages-old masters … Just when no throne seems safe from the emerging wave of egalitarianism … Yes, just when being a monarch is synonymous with being a marked man, guess who should find himself forced into masquerading as a certain pompous, blue-blooded boor? Who else but the incomparable Harry Flashman!” 

Royal Flash 3“Horse riding, sword fighting, brawling, drinking and humping, Harry is always in the thick of 19th Century history! This time the lusty scoundrel is tangled up in political intrigues involving Otto Von Bismarck, Lola Montez, Karl Marx and the Schleswig-Holstein Question. One misstep on Flashman’s part could alter the course of European history!”

NOTE: Please don’t judge this novel based on the god-awful movie adaptation from 1975. For the role of Harry Flashman you need a handsome, charming British version of James Garner. Alan Bates would have made a much better Flashman than Malcolm McDowell in my opinion, but he was instead cast as Rudi Von Starnberg (I could picture the 1975 Timothy Dalton as Rudi to Bates’ Flashman.)  

And yes, I know George MacDonald Fraser worked on the screenplay but in my view Director Richard Lester overdid the goofiness level on the movie, just like he did with Superman III. Instead of shooting for Anthony Valentine’s Raffles series crossed with Tom Jones and Barry Lyndon, Lester treated this like a British Don Knotts movie. Or, God forbid, Jerry Lewis.

Lola MontezSynopsis: Harry Flashman, fleeing a police raid on a gambling establishment he was frequenting, winds up meeting the legendary real-life adventuress Lola Montez, one of the few women to tug at Flashman’s heart, not just his man-parts. During their romantic nine-day wonder of wild love-making and tempestuous quarreling, Harry also winds up clashing with future statesman Otto Von Bismarck in clubrooms, on the hunt and on the riding range.

Following a bitter breakup with the lovely Lola as well as outdoing Bismarck on the social circuit, Flashman little dreams that the vengeful duo will team up and use him as a sacrificial pawn in political intrigues. When Lola uses her overwhelming beauty and dazzling personality to wrap King Ludwig of Bavaria around her little finger (as historically DID happen) she summons Harry to Munich, supposedly to bury the hatchet and join her stud-line of lovers on the side.   Continue reading


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point loma nazareneELITE EIGHT: FIRST BERTH – One of the remaining 1 seeds – the POINT LOMA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY SEA LIONS – took on the 3rd seeded SAINT MARTIN’S UNIVERSITY SAINTS. The Sea Lions put up 30 points in the 1st Half compared to the 24 scored by the Saints. In the 2nd Half the teams notched another 30 points each, giving Point Loma Nazarene University a 60-54 victory. Daulton Hommes led the Sea Lions with 25 points.

Southern Indiana University Screaming EaglesELITE EIGHT: SECOND BERTH – The 4th seeded UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA SCREAMING EAGLES did battle with their Region’s 2 seeds – the BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS. The Screaming Eagles seemed doomed to defeat at Halftime, trailing the Knights 42-26. However, from there USI outscored Bellarmine U 50-27 for a 76-69 comeback Upset. Twenty-seven points from Alex Stein led the Screaming Eagles.

novasoutheasternELITE EIGHT: THIRD BERTH – Another remaining 1 seed – the NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SHARKS – went up against the 3rd seeded LYNN UNIVERSITY FIGHTING KNIGHTS. The Sharks methodically parlayed a 44-39 Halftime advantage into a comfortable 89-74 triumph. Nova Southeastern University was led by David Dennis with his 28 points. Continue reading

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Education indoctrination conveyor beltEver wonder where people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get the irrational gibberish they spout? Thank a teacher! (And remember, AOC has a degree from Boston University … a degree in economics. LMAO) Here’s another look at the way Democrats have distorted the educational system into a one-party practice in bias and irrational thought.

education limits your imaginationProfessor Sam Abrams at Sarah Lawrence College is accused of a Thought Crime because he spoke out in support of ideological diversity. DOZENS of Democrats in the faculty joined with students in demanding that Abrams be fired for this modest suggestion. (Hey, Democrats are such criminals they consider getting people fired to be “making their bones.”)

On top of that those faculty Democrats and the brainless Ocasio-Cortezes in training issued additional demands (don’t be shocked). Among those demands:

*** The racist demand that “students of color” should never be taught history by white professors.

*** The very revealing demand that students have unlimited access to therapy sessions. (Pretending to be college students is apparently very traumatic.)

*** The imbecilic demand for free laundry detergent and free fabric softener. (I’m not joking.)

And much much more! CLICK HERE and HERE Continue reading

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nyctalope-1Balladeer’s Blog’s posts about neglected Pulp Heroes like the Nyctalope, G-8 and His Battle Aces and others have proven enduringly popular over the years. My work on the then-obscure Moon Man from the 1930s caught the eye of author Greg Hatcher, who was kind enough to thank me for my synopses of all 38 original Moon Man stories AND to send me a copy of his story in the 2014 collection of new Moon Man (and other hero) tales by modern authors. 

Since I’m as vain as the next guy I’ll even thank Mr Hatcher again for his kind November 2013 note that read in part: “I was writing to thank you for your invaluable index (Of Moon Man stories). I literally couldn’t have done it without your scholarship to fall back on … I thought the least I could do was let you have mine in advance as a thank-you, and also let you see the afterword where you and your blog are acknowledged.” 

Anyway, writing a blog isn’t JUST about getting death-threats and such. You sometimes hear from very kind-hearted people like Greg Hatcher.

nyctalope-2This brings us back to the Nyctalope, the neglected bionic French Pulp Hero created in the VERY early 20th century by France’s sci fi icon Jean de la Hire. My review of some of the Nyctalope novels in the original French predated a couple of the recently published English language translations and assorted readers were wondering when I would finish the whole series, like I did with G-8, Silver John and Northwest Smith.

Rest assured my reviews of The Moroccan Sphinx, The Amazons of Everest, Voyage of the Nyctalope, The Nude Sorceress, Assassination of the Nyctalope and The Mysterious Skeleton are forthcoming … Just like my completion of the Son of the Black Mass samurai films & novels, The Flashman Papers and other items. Hopefully we’ll all still be alive by then. 


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Cape Fear College Sea DevilsDAY ONE, GAME ONE – Tipping off the 2019 National Tournament for the NJCAA Division One was this clash between the 17 seeds – the CAPE FEAR COLLEGE SEA DEVILS – and the 16th seeded ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE MATADORS. The Sea Devils led 48-40 at Halftime, following which points continued to fly like shrapnel. In the end Cape Fear College defeated the Matadors by a Century Club-level score of 104-90. JJ Miles put up 28 points to lead the Sea Devils.

Kaskaskia College Blue Angels KC logoDAY ONE, GAME TWO – Next the 20th seeded KASKASKIA COLLEGE BLUE ANGELS faced the 13 seeds – the SHERIDAN COLLEGE GENERALS. The Blue Angels put the Generals on Upset Alert by the break with their 47-37 advantage. From there Kaskaskia College managed to eke out just an inch more separation to win the game 92-80. Parker Dortch couldn’t lose, leading the way for the Blue Angels with his 21 points. Continue reading

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Trump and black support#BLEXIT is a kindred movement to #WALKAWAY and is about the way Urban Intellectuals Matter. #BLEXIT and #BLACKLIVESMAGA center around black people who add their own “voices” (to use one of the Democrats’ most nauseating clichés to tweak them) to an ongoing national discussion.

That discussion is about the intolerant way Democrats treat black people like they MUST obey them and MUST conform to the political opinions that privileged white Democrats have chosen for them.

This video features another Martin Luther King Person of Courage openly expressing his support for President Trump. Continue reading

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EndgameENDGAME (1983) – More Weirdness at the End of the World with yet another Italian imitation of The Road Warrior. These Spaghetti-pocalypse movies were to the 80s what Spaghetti Westerns were to the 60s and 70s.

Directed by the legendary Joe D’Amato under one of his rolodex-full of aliases, Endgame is one of the most watchable of these cheapjack end of the world exercises. It’s not good, mind you, just watchable.

D’Amato wasn’t the only one operating under an assumed name in this movie. Laura Gemser, cult sexploitation starlet, stars under the name Moira Chen. She portrays Lilith, a telepathic mutant leader. In Endgame‘s 2025 setting, World War Three has come and gone and mutants are feared and persecuted because of their paranormal powers.

Though there are scattered portions of Post-Apocalypse America where mutants are accepted and other scattered portions where mutants rule, in the big cities mutants are hunted down and killed on sight.

Endgame 2Lilith works like a figurative Mutant Called Moses (with apologies to Harriet Tubman) and has been heroically smuggling mutants out of the cities, Underground Railroad style.  

Her cover was blown recently and she needs to get herself and one last gathering of mutant fugitives out of New York City, to the west and safety. Among those mutants is Tommy, a little boy with so much power that Lilith has been telepathically suppressing it. Unchecked, Tommy could level whole neighborhoods.

The film’s male lead is Ron Shannon, played by Al Cliver aka Pierluigi Conti, fresh off my favorite BAD Post-Apocalypse movie, 2020 Texas Gladiators in 1982. Ron Shannon is your regulation world-weary, burned-out warrior, highly skilled at armed and unarmed combat. Continue reading

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