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The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Thank WikiLeaks for the latest proof of what I and so many other fed-up Americans have been saying for years – that people (especially overseas) need to abandon the silly notion that the Democrats are “the good guys” to the Republicans’ “bad guys.” BOTH PARTIES ARE THE BAD GUYS! Grow up and accept that already! 

Since America hasn’t had a truly free press in a very long time WikiLeaks has picked up the ball. Their most recent coup came with the release this weekend of over 19,000 confidential emails between Political Class Operatives at the Democrats’ National Committee. The fallout from this has already caused the resignation of DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz and has ignited many other scandals for the white collar criminals of the Democratic Party.

The most prevalent outrage at the moment has been regarding the revelation of the great lengths the DNC went to to pave the way for bloated rich pig Hillary Clinton and to sabotage the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Thousands of Sanders supporters marched in protest over this in Philadelphia, the site of the Democrats’ National Convention this year.

Feel free to peruse the online lists of the complete set of exposed emails. Choose your own website, too, since Liberal fanatics are as paranoid as Conservative fanatics are about anything that might put their candidate or party mandarins in a negative light.

The enormous level of collusion between the Democrats and the alleged reporters of the mass media outlets surprised even a cynical, Third Party booster like me. All that plus emails reflecting the kind of comments that Democrats label “racist” and “homophobic” when other people make them. Even worse, they insist those people have to lose their livelihoods over them. Continue reading

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Obama I dont always

He’s not a president but he plays one on tv.

It’s a shame that Bernie Sanders got robbed of the Democrats’ nomination by Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton and Barack “Tony Ears” Obama. Bernie committed the acts that Democrats will not stand for: he criticized Obama for the way his policies have irreparably harmed the working class and told the truth about Hillary being in the pocket of international banksters and Wall Street.  

Obama supporters have been pointlessly destructive, ruining everything they touch while being oblivious to the pain they have caused. Here are ways of identifying Obamatrons so you can keep an eye on them:

Most Obama supporters believe we never landed on the moon.

Most Obama supporters believe that Israel’s Mossad staged the 9-11 attacks.

Most Obama supporters believe that the dead victims of Muslim violence brought it on themselves.

Most Obama supporters believe that history only goes back a few decades. Continue reading




Beth BassettFrontierado is Friday, August 5th!

BETH BASSETT – Elizabeth Bassett, her husband Herb and their children were traveling by wagon toward California in 1877 when Beth was 22. They stopped off in Wyoming to visit Herb’s brother, who lived in a cabin along the Green River. Beth and her husband fell in love with the area and abandoned their plans to continue on to California.

The Bassetts established their home in a nearby valley originally called Brown’s Hole but renamed Brown’s Park by Beth. Unconventionally for the time period Beth oversaw the building and enlarging of the family’s ranch while Herb taught the children inside.

Browns Park WYIn September of 1879 the Ute Indians went on the warpath and the Bassetts, like all the other families in the region, temporarily relocated to Rock Springs while the U.S. Army and the Utes fought it out. By 1881 Beth and her family were back in Brown’s Park to pick up where they left off. Their ranch was becoming renowned for breeding some of the best horses in the West while also raising cattle, growing crops and establishing an orchard.    

The 1880s saw the crooked cattle barons of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (of Johnson County War fame) move into the area, driving many of the families out through violence, money and political maneuvering. The Bassetts and others stayed, only to see the WSGA use even dirtier tactics. Continue reading

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College of Idaho Coyotes NEW HELMETThe divisions of college football covered by Balladeer’s Blog kick off their 2016 season on August 25th!

To help satisfy our gridiron hunger between now and then here’s a look at the brand new helmets for the College of Idaho Coyotes. Pretty sharp!  

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Charlie Hebdo fist in air

Stephane Charbonnier, killed in 2015 by Muslim savages for drawing pictures they didn’t like. 

MUSLIM VIOLENCE AWARENESS YEAR CONTINUES. For centuries the Muslim World has been a morass of superstitious savagery and has been retarding the social progress of the rest of the world. Here are just A FEW of the latest acts of “divisiveness,” “hate” and “othering” committed by Muslim fanatics.   

July 14th – Nice, France: A savage Muslim fascist used a truck to kill 84 innocent people and injure over 202 more. Barack Obama probably blamed the Teamsters Union and called for the banning of trucks.  

July 10th – Benue, Nigeria: The local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine killed 81 innocent people. 

June 27th – Mukalla, Yemen: Islamist suicide bombers killed 42 innocent people and injured over 30 more. Remember, Obama STILL calls Yemen a “success” of his administration. 

July 6th – Aden, Yemen: More Obama-style success as Al Qaeda suicide bombers killed 25 innocent people and injured 8 more. Apparently they didn’t get Obama’s memo about them being “on the run.”

July 1st – Dhaka, Bangladesh: Muslim fascists took hostages at a restaurant, then killed 22 of them and injured 26 more. The 48 casualties were people who COULD NOT QUOTE FROM THE KORAN. Continue reading

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"You're not goin' nowhere, ya bottom-dealin' Hombre," the gambler-gunfighter exclaimed, "We've got us a few apparent paradoxes and their effect upon contemporary religious thought to discuss!"

“You’re not goin’ nowhere, ya bottom-dealin’ Hombre,” the gambler-gunfighter exclaimed, “We’ve got us a few apparent paradoxes and their effect upon contemporary religious thought to discuss!”

The Frontierado holiday is coming up fast – on Friday, August 5th in fact. Today we’ll revisit the rules of Frontierado Poker for newbies to the holiday.

Here are the rules for Frontierado  Poker, the game that is Continue reading

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Mile High Stadium

Home of the defending champions – The Denver Broncos

The NFL training camps are almost here. That means there are a lot of hot positional battles for fans to look forward to. The teams have a lot to evaluate, from depth charts to free agent additions. One thing is for sure, the NFL week 1 betting odds are going to change dramatically once the training camps begin, the hottest upcoming NFL training camp battles including the following:

1). Robert Griffin III VS Josh McCown (Cleveland Browns)

The Browns probably intended Griffin to become the starting Quarterback when they took a flyer on him during free agency. Head Coach Hue Jackson has nothing but praises for Griffin whose inconsistent preseason practices might cause concern for some people. 

The front-runner for the starting position, Griffin is coachable. He will slide and throw the ball away when asked to do so. McCown, on the other hand, has greater familiarity with this territory. Continue reading

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