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Balladeer’s Blog’s recent Robert Ginty Movie Marathon has been so popular that I’m throwing in a bonus Ginty flick here. FOR THE GINTY MARATHON CLICK HERE  

scarabSCARAB (1983) – Robert Ginty AND Rip Torn … TOGETHER! Somebody pinch me! A Spanish horror film that does NOT star Paul “Jacinto Molina” Naschy! Somebody pinch me!

Ginty plays Murphy, a reporter stationed in Spain. Torn stars as Khepera, a mad scientist who becomes a globe-trotting cult leader after one of his experiments causes him to become possessed by an entity claiming to be the scarab-headed Egyptian god Khepera (sic).

Murphy is presented as being irresistible to women for some reason. We meet him as he climbs into bed with an Ambassador’s wife at a diplomatic function he’s supposed to be covering for his newspaper. (What a professional!) This earns him a black eye from the Ambassador and a chewing-out from his Editor (Sam Chew of Rattlers fame). Needless to say all of the secretaries at the paper are hot for Ginty, too. (By the way, Hot For Ginty was my favorite Van Halen song.) Continue reading


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Per the Glitternight Index:

SCAD BeesNAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) – Women – 1. SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN BEES    ###    2. KEISER UNIVERSITY SEAHAWKS    ###     3. UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS    ###    4. COLLEGE OF IDAHO COYOTES    ###    5. LOYOLA (LA) UNIVERSITY WOLFPACK    ###      Continue reading


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VoltaireThe latest laughs coming from the Democrats who pretend to be academics center around their claim that “using quality as a criterion for grades is racist … and so is architecture” 

It’s no secret that make-believe “educators” (LMAO) have – through their political intolerance – reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

The Democrats at these institutions abuse their positions to browbeat their students with their unhinged political views.

ACADEMIC GRIEVANCE STUDIES AND THE CORRUPTION OF SCHOLARSHIP – This is a terrific item at Areo Magazine. It’s a look at the blatantly partisan political screeds that masquerade as scholarship. 

The trio of authors have also demonstrated the absurdity of grievance “theories” by getting collections of gibberish published IN PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS under the noses of alleged academics who could not even tell that the papers presented were PARODIES of the silliness of politically distorted “scholarship.”  

The link is below, but first an excerpt: 

“Something has gone wrong in the university—especially in certain fields within the humanities. Scholarship based less upon finding truth and more upon attending to social grievances has become firmly established, if not fully dominant, within these fields, and their scholars increasingly bully students, administrators, and other departments into adhering to their worldview.

“This worldview is not scientific, and it is not rigorous. For many, this problem has been growing increasingly obvious, but strong evidence has been lacking. For this reason, the three of us just spent a year working inside the scholarship we see as an intrinsic part of this problem.” Continue reading


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flashman 1st novel 2For Balladeer’s Blog’s Number One Harry Flashman Novel click HERE . For background info on George MacDonald Fraser’s infamous anti-hero Harry Paget Flashman you can also click that link.

Reaction to my list of The Top Five Harry Flashman Novels continues to come in, with readers wanting more Flashman reviews.

Here’s my take on the novel which would have been in eighth place if I had done a list of my Top Eight Harry Flashman Novels.

flashman 1st novel8. FLASHMAN (1969)

Time Period: 1839-1842

Favorite Book Blurb: “In the Nineteenth Century the British Empire needed a hero. Instead, it got Harry Flashman.” 

Synopsis: This very first installment of The Flashman Papers kicks off with our antihero’s notorious expulsion for drunken misconduct from Rugby School in 1839. (The sport was named for the school, not vice versa.)

After a thorough chewing-out by the real-life Doctor Thomas Arnold, the 17 year-old Harry Flashman is sent home to endure another dressing-down from his angry father. After young Harry seduces his father’s live-in tart Judy, the elder Flashman decides to get his trouble-prone son out of his hair through that old British custom of buying him an officer-ship in the army.

Flashman 1st novel 5That’s what our protagonist wanted in the first place, and the Guv-nor buys Harry a post as a Cornet (Second Lieutenant for us Yanks) in a Cavalry Regiment. The unit selected by the ever-calculating Harry has just returned to England after years overseas, so Flashman assumes he won’t be sent to war while enjoying the benefits of a gentlemanly life of riding, sporting and letting his dashing uniform help him attract ladies.       

Things don’t turn out the way Harry planned, thanks to his fondness for boozing, whoring and gambling. And thus begins a career of swashbuckling historical adventures which slip this black-hearted rogue into pivotal moments of the Nineteenth Century.

Like James Garner’s Bret Maverick character from 1950s television, Flashman brags about being a coward who’d rather avoid violence but the demands of adventure fiction always put Harry, like Bret, in situations that require conduct above and beyond the call.

flashman 1st novel 3Sword in hand, pistol at his side and a long line of beautiful ladies on his arm, Harry spends the next three years getting swept up in the feuding in Lord Cardigan’s Cavalry unit, the Rebecca Riots in Wales, Scotland’s labor revolt and ultimately the long string of British military disasters in the First Afghan War.  Continue reading


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Sharyl AttkissonIt’s no secret that Sharyl Attkisson – the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century – is one of the few actual journalists left in America. She broke with her unethical colleagues over their refusal to cover the Obama Administration’s many scandals and found herself targeted by Obama’s FBI and NSA thugs.

make media fact check againThe incredibly courageous Attkisson still goes after tough stories on both political parties, and she doesn’t care if the facts reflect poorly on Trump, Obama or George W Bush before them.

Sharyl has compiled a list (see below) of the many instances of Fake News that the corporate media has perpetrated during the Trump presidency. Continue reading


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robert gintyThe world fell in love with him as “Artichoke Picker” in Bound For Glory and the rest, as they say, is history! All kidding aside, I think Robert Ginty’s actual life was a hell of a lot more entertaining than any of his movies or television shows. As a musician he performed with Hendrix, Hooker and others. In his acting career he showed up in some high quality productions.

However, this is Balladeer’s Blog, so I’m taking a look only at a handful of Robert Ginty’s less-than-terrific action flicks which have made him a very familiar face to the Psychotronic-minded. I may be ” … in over my HEAD heahh” as our hero said in Warrior of the Lost World, but I’m taking a stab at the rundown for a Robert Ginty B-Movie Marathon.

white fireWHITE FIRE (1985) – CASTING DIRECTOR: Let’s see … the hero of this Turkish-made action flick is an international smuggler who uses a chainsaw to fight rival criminals and is so hot for his own sister that he eventually pays to have a prostitute transformed via plastic surgery into a duplicate of his sister then oinks and boinks with her … (snaps fingers) Get Robert Ginty on the phone, NOW!

Ginty plays Boris “Bo” Donnelly. As a child he and his sister Ingrid (Belinda Mayne) saw their parents slaughtered by ruthless criminals. After that they were raised and tutored, Fagin-style, by an older crook who trained the siblings to become expert smugglers on the international scene.

Bo and Ingrid are among the many criminals vying for the White Fire Diamond, a jewel which actually turns out to be radioactive (don’t ask). Moustaches are EVERYWHERE as Ginty teams up once again with his Warrior of the Lost World co-star Fred Williamson to battle a virtual UN of facial-hair styles. Odd-colored blood flows from wounded human beings, lesbian cultists perform underground plastic surgery and Bo Donnelly openly ogles his sister’s naked body every chance he gets.

If you liked the chainsaw-wielding hero in Black Shampoo you’ll love Robert Ginty’s “Bo” in White Fire.

exterminatorTHE EXTERMINATOR (1980) – How can you NOT like a movie in which a standard bad-ass street vigilante uses a FLAME THROWER to kill the criminals he targets?

Robert Ginty IS John Eastland, a Vietnam War veteran who takes the law into his own hands when his ex-GI buddy Michael Jefferson (Steve James) falls victim to street punks. Apparently deciding that guns are for pussies, Eastland uses an actual damn flame thrower to kill evil-doers during his nocturnal crusade. (“I know what you’re thinking … Does his flame thrower shoot flames six feet or only five?” Had to be said.)    Continue reading


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black in magaBalladeer’s Blog presents another reason why #WALKAWAY, #BLEXIT and #BLACKLIVESMAGA continue to roll along despite Democrat despots trying to dictate every — single — aspect — of our daily lives. If Democrats don’t like a movie, they want it banned. If Democrats don’t like a song or joke or photograph or book or article of clothing then those fascists want the item banned and the people behind it destroyed. 


Below is a link to multiple stories of African-Americans encountering Democrats who harass and/or threaten them for wearing MAGA hats. First some excerpts before the link:

“Nearly a week before the entire liberal media complex, along with Hollywood “celebrities” and liberals all across social media, made total fools of themselves by getting triggered by MAGA hat wearing teens, by “reporting” they “surrounded” and “mocked” an elderly Native America “Vietnam veteran,” which all turned out to be fake news that resulted in death threats against the teens, another incident occurred at a Hooters restaurant …”

#WalkAway“Considering how often we see the liberal media complex manufacture outrage, many times from completely fake news, and the increasing frequency of death threats coming from whack-jobs liberals on social media, the fact that MAGA hats fly off the shelves, especially to teenagers visiting DC, and more and more black Americans, young and old are starting to use those hats as a symbol showing they are walking away from the Democrat party, means that anger is going to continue to fester and build.”

Trump never called racist til running against Democrats“It is not the MAGA hat wearers that should change their apparrel, it is liberals that need to stop allowing a hat, or a shirt, or the politician a person supports politically, to send them off the deep end.” Continue reading


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Per the Glitternight Index:

villa-maria-college-vikingsUSCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association) Division Two – 1. VILLA MARIA COLLEGE VIKINGS    ###   2. BERKELEY (NY) COLLEGE KNIGHTS    ###    3. NEW HAMPSHIRE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE LYNX    ###    4. CENTRAL PENN COLLEGE SILVER KNIGHTS    ###    5. PENN STATE AT WILKES-BARRE NITTANY LIONS    ###   

college of new rochelle blue angels6. COLLEGE OF NEW ROCHELLE BLUE ANGELS    ###    7. SOUTHERN MAINE COLLEGE SEA WOLVES    ###    8. JOHNSON & WALES COLLEGE AT CHARLOTTE BOBCATS    ###    9. ALBANY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY AND HEALTH SCIENCES PANTHERS (Should be the Apothecaries)    ###    10. WARREN WILSON COLLEGE OWLS    ###    Continue reading


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Wonder WomanWow! Readers really cannot get enough superhero posts! I have a soft spot for superhero stories myself because reading them served as a gateway to two of my adult passions: mythology and opera. Here’s more of the world’s FIRST superhero team – DC’s Justice Society of America. FOR PART ONE CLICK  HERE 

I will review the original issue and then detail how I would “script-doctor” the story for modern audiences.

all star 17ALL STAR COMICS #17 (June 1943)




green lanternSynopsis: This story presented the return of the Justice Society’s archenemy Brain Wave (Henry King). In typical supervillain fashion Brain Wave survived his seeming death at the end of his previous battle with our heroes.

He and his mental creations are back in business overseeing criminal activities ranging from robberies and blackmail to manipulation of a U.S. Senator. Continue reading


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masc chair and bottleQUESTION: How come you no longer make as many mentions or blog posts about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) as you used to?

ANSWER: First let me provide clarification for newer readers why I used to invoke the Spanish Civil War so frequently. I used to use that conflict’s imagery and terms as a departure from over-used World War Two and Cold War clichés when describing the current forces tearing the U.S. apart.

Ultimately nobody (except maybe the Anarchists) were worth rooting for in the Spanish Civil War once you had Stalin aiding the leftists and Hitler & Mussolini aiding the right-wingers. No matter which side won it was clear that Spain would no longer be a free country like it had been under the short-lived Republic.

American FlagLong ago I used to condemn the Anarchists for finding both the left and the right too totalitarian to be worth siding with and fighting both sides. In recent years I’ve certainly come to sympathize with their position as we here in America have seen that the political left is every bit as bad as the worst right-wingers ever were. 

I stopped using Spanish Civil War imagery and terms as frequently as I used to because more and more people on the internet have taken to using them, too. I’m not implying those others imitated me, I’m just saying that it’s no longer as unique as it used to be.

And I could swear that a certain wide-eyed, fanatical chipmunk in Congress fancies herself to be America’s version of La Pasionaria from the Spanish Civil War era. 

At any rate I still find that conflict – and the countless movies about it – fascinating. Orwell, Hemingway and Andre Malraux aside you’ve also got the American volunteers who fought in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain. Plus there’s the pop culture appeal, like with the way Rick Blaine in Casablanca served in the anti-Franco forces in the Spanish Civil War.

And on a more comical note, it was always fun to trip up America’s increasingly deranged left-wingers with Spanish Civil War references. Just because the American Volunteers were called the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, American leftists would often sneeringly accuse you of not knowing that “Abraham Lincoln was a President during OUR Civil War, fucktard, he wasn’t in Spain.”

It was fun to then cut the smirking fools off at the knees by pointing out how THEY are actually the ones who are uninformed, by revealing what the Abraham Lincoln Brigade really was. Continue reading


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