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WE NEED THIRD PARTIES! And we need for even more of us former Democrats to #WALKAWAY from that divisive and destructive organization. Congressional Democrats decided to ignore what HAD been a bipartisan relief package regarding the Chinese Coronavirus and instead play their usual political games.

Crazed Nancy PelosiEven the Democrats at the New York Times pointed out in their headlines how the Democrats had scuttled this package.

I didn’t think I could still be surprised by the depths the Democrats will sink to but they proved me wrong. This revives the often-asked question about Congressional Democrats: Are they vermin or are they just large clumps of bacteria sculpted into human form?  Continue reading

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Mascot with demo and repub headsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that criticizes BOTH Democrats AND Republicans. Just as I still believe Bill Clinton did not deserve to be impeached I still believe Donald Trump does not deserve to be impeached.

Poll results (link below) show 56% of the VOTERS opposing impeachment, with Independent Voters (voters who grew up and abandoned the now-useless Democrat vs Republican paradigm) opposing it by double-digits. Many other polls reflect majority opposition to impeachment by varying percentage points.

#WalkAwayThis may be why the Democrats are now threatening to refuse to send the impeachment articles they voted on over to the Senate. This refusal takes the already disgusting kangaroo court they’ve been running and making it an absolute atrocity. Democrats are reducing impeachment to a partisan threat to hold over a sitting president’s head.

If you want to talk BI-PARTISANSHIP, there were a few Democrats who courageously voted NO on the impeachment articles plus Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard merely voted “present,” refusing to dignify the Democrats’ sham that’s been hopelessly tainted by what Gabbard calls its “partisan” nature. Continue reading


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Hot Rod trialSince Democrats are pretending that previously-stated HEARSAY claims about de facto Third Party President Trump are BOMBSHELL “revelations” it’s only fair that the term bombshells should also be applied to everything which exposes the Democrats for the lying and corrupt white-collar criminals that they are. (We need Third Parties). 

In a STUNNING DEVELOPMENT WHICH COMPLETELY EXONERATES PRESIDENT TRUMP, Congressman Devin Nunes, the ranking House Intelligence Committee member, deconstructed the Democrats’ lies and demonstrated that those Democrats are just using this kangaroo court impeachment “inquiry” as a variation on their ludicrous Russian Collusion nonsense which blew up in their faces.

Schiff jackhammerThe link is below, but first some excerpts from this HOUSE MEMBER UTTERLY DESTROYING THE THIRD AND FOURTH-HAND ACCUSATIONS AGAINST TRUMP:

“In a July open hearing following publication of the Mueller report, the Democrats engaged in a last ditch effort to convince the American people President Trump is a Russian agent. That hearing was a pitiful finale of a three year long effort by the Democrats, the corrupt media and partisan bureaucrats to overturn the results of the 2016 election. After the spectacular implosion of their Russia hoax on July 24…on July 25th, they turned on a dime and now claim the real malfeasance is (Trump’s) dealings with Ukraine,” Nunes said.”

Joe Biden brags about blackmailing the Ukraine“In the blink of an eye we are asked to simply forget about Democrats on this Committee falsely claiming they had more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russians. We should forget about them reading fabrications of Trump-Russia collusion from the Steele dossier into the congressional records”

“We should also forget about them trying to obtain nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials. We should forget about them leaking a false story to CNN while he was still testifying to our Committee claiming Donald Trump Jr. was colluding with Wikileaks. And forget about countless other deceptions large and small that make them the last people on Earth with the credibility to hurl more preposterous accusations against their political opponents.”

Pelosi fake impeachment inquiry“And yet here we are,” he continued. “This is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign.”

“Nunes also called out Schiff for refusing to bring relevant Republican witnesses …” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: This power of Democrat Adam Schiff to prevent testimony from relevant witnesses who STAND BY THEIR STORIES THAT THE PRESIDENT DID NOTHING WRONG shows WHY the Democrats chose this pathetic neither-fish-nor-fowl impeachment “Inquiry” route instead of starting with a REAL impeachment proceeding.

Schiff as bozocopSince it’s just an “Inquiry” the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives simply voted for Inquiry “rules” which permit Adam Schiff (cartoon at right) to run this Show Trial. (Two Democrats showed some integrity and voted “No”)

If this was an ACTUAL impeachment it would be run by the House Judiciary Committee and President Trump’s supporters in the House would be able to call their own witnesses and let them speak openly instead of Schiff having the power to control the testimony by blocking certain subjects from being raised. Continue reading


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Trump and JFK picNo matter how much I despised George W Bush and Barack Obama I would never have wanted them removed under the kind of unconstitutional kangaroo court the Democrats are trying against de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

I’ve already stated that I don’t think Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached either, but at least he was facing a fair process, not this neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” that the Democrats have conjured up to replace their failed “Russian Collusion” plot.

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Democrats have become the ultimate fascists in recent years, so they decided that to try to make this “Ukrainian Conspiracy” go further than their ridiculous Russian Collusion they’d better not trust to any more Robert Muellers. From now on they are going to personally run every aspect of the Trump Witch Hunt to ensure that absolutely no aspect of the process is fair. They just voted to prevent Republican House members from even ASKING QUESTIONS OF THE WITNESSES!

This procedure also shows the Democrats to be screening for “witnesses” (LMAO) willing to say anything negative about Trump just because they disagree with the president’s politics and then pretending they are credible while dismissing witnesses who say the president did nothing wrong. 

Pelosi faceSome Democrats even have this fantasy that both Trump and Pence will be removed from office, elevating Nancy Pelosi to the Presidency. Gosh, if that’s the case, then she’s clearly got a conflict of interest in playing any part in all this, right? She’s trying to use the apparatus of government against a political rival who stands between her and the Presidency. Isn’t that what Democrats are trying to pretend that Trump did? That he followed in the footsteps of Quid Pro Joe Biden?

Trump in the wayAs ever, I’m an Independent Voter, and would love to see both the Democrats and the Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties for awhile. I know there are problems with Coalition Governments but I sincerely believe that in a decade or less we’d be back to just two dominant parties but at least they would not be the Democrats and Republicans as currently constituted.

I’m beginning to think such a fracturing of those two parties of nothing but white-collar criminals is the only peaceful way out of the situation in which the Democrats and Republicans have put this country. And remember, Trump is NOT a career politician, which in America means career criminal. That is why he is worth siding with since he is in no way as corrupt as our other elected officials.

Democrats KKKBy the way, the Democrats love to snivel about Trump’s tax returns. I’d MUCH rather see several years’ worth of tax returns from members of Congress who go into office at six figures but rapidly become MILLIONAIRES in office as virtually all of them do. 

Back to the topic at hand: NO PRESIDENT OF EITHER PARTY SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO WHAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO DO TO TRUMP. Are they trying to make President Trump a martyr of John F Kennedy proportions? He was the last president to oppose our corrupt “intelligence services” and other crooked business as usual in Washington D.C.

(Oh, and by the way, the Democrats also pulled their usual nonsense where they deny something is real, then when they are thoroughly proven to be lying they switch to saying “Of COURSE the thing we denied for months is real, but it’s a good thing!” Most recently this was with the Deep State – a term that has been around for decades and did NOT originate with President Trump. After months of pretending that the Deep State wasn’t real Democrats are now telling us “Of COURSE it’s real, but it’s a GOOD thing.”)


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Pelosi blank stareThe House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi are basically admitting how unpopular their kangaroo court-level “impeachment inquiry” is by refusing to even hold a vote to proceed. Pelosi and her fellow Democrat criminals know that forcing a formal vote would endanger the reelection chances of many Democrats in the House who were elected from moderate districts, where Trump is popular.

Democrats KKKThe House will not even allow their minority party, the Republicans, to subpoena witnesses themselves. Clearly the Democrats do not want an investigation or “inquiry” they are just hoping that this fraudulent impeachment attempt will succeed where Robert Mueller’s trumped-up “Russian Collusion” investigation failed.

Even though Mueller spent two years and could not show that Trump had colluded with Russia in 2016 Pelosi and her fellow Democrat fascists keep intentionally saying that President Trump’s Ukraine conversation shows him seeking foreign help “again,” ignoring the fact that Mueller came up empty.

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The biggest regret of my life is that I used to belong to the Democrat Party. They are criminals, liars and fascists willing to push the country to the point of Civil War just because they cannot get over losing the 2016 presidential election.

And to try to cover up Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine corruption. And Obama’s use of the Ukraine for anti-Trump Campaign info in 2016.  

#WalkAwayOn a lighter note, deranged Democrat Rosie O’Donnell ran a poll on her social media feed regarding impeachment and 58% of her own followers voted AGAINST impeaching President Trump. Needless to say O’Donnell then took the poll down. A true Democrat! 

Join those of us who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from this obscenely corrupt and totalitarian excuse for a political party.

It goes without saying that America’s career politicians are the lowest life-forms on the planet but the Democrat ones are the lowest of them all.



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Elizabeth PipkoJewish model Elizabeth Pipko has been receiving death threats and rape threats over her support of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.  

Pipko is a leader of the Jexodus Movement, Jewish voters who have been driven away by the increasing fanaticism and violence of the Democrats. This is similar to #WALKAWAY, the premier movement of former Democrats leaving the party due to its abandonment of the working class and the poor and its ever-growing intolerance of dissenting opinions.

It is also similar to #BLEXIT, the movement of black voters whom the Democrats have driven away. The constant ugly harassment of Trump supporters by unstable Democrats did not start but has helped fuel all three movements. Even many people who dislike Trump have loved ones or friends who DO support him and have been put off by the irrational hostility that Democrats have shown to those friends and loved ones. 

For the link to Pipko’s story plus additional Democrat Atrocities see below. Continue reading


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Democrats upside down*** JEFFREY EPSTEIN IS BACK IN THE NEWS, WITH HIS “LOLITA EXPRESS” OF UNDERAGED SEX TRAFFICKING IN DANGER OF TAKING DOWN MULTIPLE DEMOCRATS WITH IT, PER  – NANCY PELOSI’S OWN DAUGHTER – who tweeted a warning about this scandal potentially taking down many people admired by Democrats. 

*** SENTENCING COMING FOR CRIMINAL AIDE OF DEMOCRAT SENATOR MAGGIE HASSAN AND DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE SHEILA JACKSON LEE. That former aide – Jackson Cosko – pleaded guilty to crimes related to the ranksacking of a Senate office, extorting a Senator, doxing Republicans and blackmailing a witness.

Cosko’s father is even tied to top California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. For the full story on this, just one of many ugly Democrat Party scandals, Continue reading


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