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#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I’m one of the many former Democrats who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly deranged and fascistic political party.

illegal immigration democrat vote machineDEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED LAST WEEK TO ENABLE CONTINUED VOTING BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This story is being featured all over the place so you can choose whichever outlet you prefer. Typical of Democrat worminess they used to deny that illegal immigrants voted, then when proof kept coming forward that illegals ARE and HAVE BEEN voting in violation of the law they moved on to their next bizarre stand.

democrats fraudulent and illegal votingThat stand: refusing to interfere with localities that OPENLY LET ILLEGALS VOTE. Oh, yes, those Democrat-run localities pretend that they’re only going to let them vote in “local issues.” Uh. Yeah. Right. I’m sure it will be on the “Honor System” since Democrats like to pretend it’s “racist” to enforce any voting laws, which means there will be absolutely no checking to make sure illegals are voting only in local issues (as if that is not violation enough). Continue reading


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Jussie SmollettJust when you thought the Nathan Phillips hate-hoax debacle would have taught Democrats to stop with their insane, paranoid fantasies about people in MAGA hats we see Jussie Smollett’s claim of being attacked by men in MAGA hats allegedly falling apart.

News reports are now claiming a Grand Jury was already looking into the possibility that Smollett had hoaxed a hate letter he supposedly received AND THAT’S ON TOP OF his less-credible-by-the-moment claims of being attacked by Bigfoot and Mothman in MAGA hats white people in MAGA hats. See HERE and HERE and HERE as well as other links below.

Two men from Nigeria, alleged to have worked with Jussie Smollett on a television show, have been questioned by authorities. Allegedly they may have been working with Smollett on potentially staging this attack and blaming it on white MAGA hat wearers.  

MAGA hat alyssa milanoDemocrat race-baiters in politics and the media jumped to conclusions YET AGAIN and fanned the flames of race-hatred when this looked like a white-on-black attack. Now that Smollett’s story has come under more and more scrutiny those same Democrat worms are falling back on “let’s wait til all the facts come in” LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE WHEN SMOLLETT’S CLAIMS FIRST CAME TO LIGHT.

Even Al Sharpton, famous from the Tawana Brawley scandal, has indicated Smollett should face the consequences if this whole affair was staged. 

Whatever the truth may turn out to be in this Jussie Smollett situation, hate crime hoaxes in which alleged victims were convicted or confessed to staging hate crimes against themselves for attention or to promote division among the races have been on the increase for years and are another atrocity to be laid at the door of the Democrats.

Years ago when several alleged racial incidents turned out to be faked by the alleged victims (see below) Democrats could have unconditionally condemned such fraudulent acts. Instead, especially on college campuses which are dominated by Democrats, the hoaxers were praised by Democrats for “raising awareness” about racial issues and for “starting a conversation” even after the claims of hate crimes were revealed to be fake. Continue reading

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Democrat slogan


It’s been said that the “crimes and sins of America” are largely the crimes and sins of the Democrats. Their political party has been responsible for so many national atrocities that the sleazy politicians of the Democrat Party then blame on the nation as a whole. They go on to lecture the rest of us for the wrongs done by THEIR political party.

Don’t let Democrats get away with their White Supremacist claim that “That was long ago. We Democrats are different now and all the racist, hatemongering Democrats of the past would not be Democrats now. You know that because we Democrats say so and we order you to believe it.”

February is the month set aside for honoring the people who heroically resisted Democrat oppression and for marking the long, long list of atrocities perpetrated by that party of hatred and division.

At any rate, the hypocritical Democrats love to COMMIT the atrocities that they then go on to blame THE REST OF US FOR! They love to act like THEY can just move on and forget their role in slavery, Japanese internment, the Trail of Tears and so much else, but the rest of the country bears some absurd collective guilt over those things for the rest of eternity.

Hatred and violence are in the DNA of the Democrats.

Imacon Color ScannerTRAIL OF TEARS: Democrat President Andrew Jackson openly ignored a Supreme Court decision and subjected Native Americans to the hardships and large-scale deaths in forcibly moving them along what became infamous as the Trail of Tears.

THE SPOILS SYSTEM: Democrat Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren became synonymous with the Spoils System, under which political hacks would be placed in high positions. Those positions were ideal for graft and other corruption and for abusing authority to force their subordinates to serve the Democrats, NOT the public.

Plantation slavesSLAVERY: Anyone who knows American history knows that the Democrats fought to preserve and extend their beloved “Peculiar Institution” of slavery just as obstinately as they fight today to preserve and extend Islam’s Gender Apartheid and their beloved Peculiar Institution of Sharia Law.  

Hell, slavery meant SO much to Democrats that they callously divided the nation in a Civil War to try preserving it. In typical Democrat fashion they watched wave after wave of young men die for their hate-filled cause. It would not be the last time. 

Roger B TaneyTHE DRED SCOTT DECISION: In the years leading up to the Civil War DEMOCRAT Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger B Taney was responsible for the Dred Scott Decision which claimed that African-Americans were not people and therefore had no rights. Democrats still blame the rest of us for this outrage, too.

THE KU KLUX KLAN: Democrats were so resentful that other Americans freed their slaves that they formed the KKK to torment, terrorize and harass freed African-Americans. A century later they would perfect the practice of pretending moral superiority over the rest of us for what THEIR party was responsible for.    

And yes, Democrats, I know your standard excuse will be “That was a long time ago. We’re better people now.” Well if YOU PEOPLE can say it, then it also applies to THE REST OF US, TOO. So get down off your soap boxes and quit lecturing the rest of us about the “diversity” your political party opposed for so long. 

Jim Crow LawsJIM CROW: Democrats used every underhanded legislative and judiciary trick their bigoted minds could come up with to keep violating the rights of African-Americans. They did this for a century, then gave into the inevitable and embraced the long-active Civil Rights Movement.

Most of the hard and dangerous work in that Civil Rights Movement had already been laid out by the point in the 1960s when the Democrats co-opted it. Over the years, the Democrats would try to take credit for the entire Civil Rights Movement even though THEY were the ones the Civil Rights Movement was FIGHTING for so long. (Martin Luther King, Jr – like Abe Lincoln – was a Republican.) Continue reading


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With Democrats (Motto: Illegal Immigrants: Right or Wrong!) in Congress and in Hollywood saying “As long as illegal immigration never harms US personally, we’re all for it” it’s time for another Democrat Atrocity Roundup.

International red crossRED CROSS COMPARES THE U.S. – MEXICO BORDER TO A WAR ZONE – Apparently the white collar criminals of the Washington D.C. Swamp are going to wait until Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen are trading shots inside the Alamo itself before they deign to acknowledge the druglord no-man’s land in the American Southwest.

Our STILL unsecured southern border remains a sieve for all illegal comers, even diseased and criminal ones. The Democrats do not care about our friends and loved ones who have been killed, wounded or forced to move as the Cartels slither over from the Narco-State of Mexico.

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsNor do they care about all the additional crimes committed by repeat deportees who simply re-cross the border. Democrats consider all illegal immigrants to be voters for their political party, either with or without amnesty. AND the party’s big money donors want the flood of illegals to continue so that wages fall, padding their own financial bottom lines. 

Two of the biggest lies Democrats tell about illegal immigration: a) “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” No, they do the jobs that pompous snobs and one percenters won’t do. Americans would be quite willing to do those jobs.

And b) Back in the 1990s Democrats claimed NAFTA and similar deals that shaft American workers would provide so many jobs in Mexico that the flood of illegals would stop because those people would find work in Mexico instead of slipping across the border. And needless to say, Democrats said it in their usual condescending, clueless jackass manner. Just like they do EVERY TIME THEY’RE WRONG.

illegal immigration cartoonDEMOCRAT JERRY BROWN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA LIKE HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM, PARDONED HUNDREDS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AS HE LEFT OFFICE. Brown did that so that the poor, delicate little darlings – who had committed multiple ADDITIONAL crimes – would not have to be turned over to the Immigration authorities.

They are now among us and the Democrats do NOT care which of us may die or be raped or otherwise victimized by these repeat offenders. The ONLY thing Democrats care about is assisting illegal immigration. It benefits THEM so to hell with the rest of us, Democrats figure.

And Brown’s successor, Democrat Gavin Newsome, AS HIS FIRST ACT, moved to expand free health benefits to ILLEGALS. 

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS ADMIT THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF OR HOW MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTED THERE – That’s why Democrats LOVE “motor voter” registration, so that illegal immigrants can vote for their candidates. For the disgusting details click HERE  Continue reading


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Kelli BallardJournalist and strong female role model Kelli Ballard courageously continues to compile as comprehensive as possible a breakdown of the additional crimes committed by people in the country illegally.

The victims of illegal immigrant crimes and the loved ones of those victims deserve at least as much care and compassion as the corporate media and the Democrats heap upon every criminal alien who commits murders and rapes.

(Maybe victims of illegal immigrants need their own #MeToo hashtag) 

For Kelli’s November 22nd to November 28th catalog of illegal immigrant atrocities click HERE


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WE NEED THIRD PARTIES! Time for another Democrat Atrocity Roundup.

Candace Owens cartoonANTIFA RACISTS ASSAULT AFRICAN-AMERICAN CANDACE OWENS – The Democrats of Antifa (Motto: “Large numbers of crazed losers acting in concert”) continue their roving Hate Squad antics. Recently these fools were attacking Woman of Courage Candace Owens in public. Antifa trash aren’t exactly intelligent and they were screaming at Candace to end “White Supremacy.” Uh. Yeah. Gutless clowns.

Democrat bigots are getting very upset that the recent Rasmussen poll showed President Trump at 29 percent approval with African-Americans, higher than any Republican in an eternity. #WalkAway is a wonderful thing. Democrats do not deserve votes from working class people of ANY color.

At any rate Antifa should be known as KLAN-tifa instead. 

Victims of Illegal Immigrants“SANCTUARY CITY” PHILADELPHIA PROTECTED ANOTHER ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WHO THEN WENT ON TO RAPE A CHILD – Remember Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor dancing for the cameras when a court decreed that Philly could remain a sanctuary city? If they had turned the rapist in to immigration authorities like they were supposed to the child would not have been raped. The biggest regret of my life is that I ever belonged to the party of the Democrats.

Democrats proudly scream from the rooftops that illegal immigrants mean more to them than all the dead and raped victims of illegal immigrant violence. Democrat Nancy Pelosi reminded voters this week that votes for Democrats “empower” illegal immigrants.

FOR DEMOCRATS HISTORY IS BUNK – Salim Mansur takes a look at the Democrats’ Orwellian attempts to rewrite history. CLICK HERE
Continue reading


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FBI a subsidiary of the clinton campaignAs our de facto Third Party President Donald Trump continues battling America’s 3rd World-level cesspool of corruption which masquerades as a government here are some quick headlines and links.

BUSINESSES CONNECTED TO DEMOCRAT SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL’S HUSBAND GOT ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN FEDERAL MONEY FUNNELED TO THEM. Another news item for the file marked “How do all of our members of Congress become multi-millionaires while in office?”  – CLICK HERE  And look into Democrat Maxine Waters’ multi-million dollar house while you’re at it.

AMERICAN STEEL WORKERS APPLAUD TRUMP TRADE AGENDA – Working class hero President Trump kicks Republican and Democrat butt while making good on his campaign promises. CLICK HERE

Fisa ScandalSAN FRANCISCO LETTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTE – Hey, why not? Illegal immigrants in California have been voting for Democrats for years and gave Hillary millions of votes in 2016. San Francisco says it’s just for “local” elections but in national election years their local and national items are on the same ballot. I guess they’ll go by “The Honor System” to make sure the illegals don’t fill in the national part of those ballots. CLICK HERE

Continue reading


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