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Trump and Diamond and SilkAfrican-American activists known as Diamond and Silk (Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) once again visited de facto Third Party President Donald Trump at the White House this week with Black History Month coming to a close. (See below)

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsThe ladies pointed out to their social media followers that President Trump “has done more for black people than any other president of our lifetime.” Diamond and Silk even included a note possibly tweaking the robotic Democrat Winston Smiths who slant history to please “The Party” by adding “There are those that write history but President Trump is making history.”

I like that statement. It puts me in mind of “Those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach.” And let’s face it, President Trump has done more for the working class and poor of all races than any other president in our lifetime. Trump is the new FDR, the new JFK, the new Teddy Roosevelt and the new Harry Truman.    Continue reading


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Northwest Kansas Tech MavericksDISTRICT 6: ROUND ONE UPSETS – The 13th seeded NORTHWEST KANSAS TECH MAVERICKS stunned the 4 seeds – the COWLEY COLLEGE TIGERS in an 87-84 Instant Classic    ###    And the 11 seeds – the PRATT COLLEGE BEAVERS – toppled the 6th seeded CLOUD COUNTY COLLEGE THUNDERBIRDS by a count of 68-56.   

Hutchinson Blue Dragons LogoDISTRICT 6: HUTCH ADVANCES – The 3 seeds – the HUTCHINSON COLLEGE BLUE DRAGONS – took on the 14th seeded ALLEN COUNTY COLLEGE RED DEVILS. By Halftime the Blue Dragons had compiled a 52-38 advantage over the Red Devils. After the break Allen County College could merely inch a bit closer as Hutchinson won it 98-88 led by Malique Jacobs with 24 points.

Independence Pirates logoDISTRICT 6: EIGHT OVER NINE – This game pitted the 8th seeded INDEPENDENCE COLLEGE PIRATES against the 9th seeded GARDEN CITY COLLEGE BRONCBUSTERS. The Pirates pounded out a 37-24 lead by the Half then withstood an attempted rally by the Broncbusters to win the game 71-66. Jibril Harris led Independence College with a Double Double of 20 points and 13 rebounds. Continue reading


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Alien Outlaw bigALIEN OUTLAW (1985) – Starring Kari Anderson. Written and directed by Smoot … PHIL Smoot (Da dut da DAAA/ Da da-da). Phil was one Smoot operator and showed the imagination that low-budget filmmakers so often demonstrate but whose lack of financial resources prevents them from fully bringing that imagination to life.

Smoot got his start with the Dixie DeMille himself, Earl Owensby, often called “Roger Corman south of the Mason-Dixon Line.” And that wasn’t said as an insult. Like Corman, Owensby specialized in unpretentious B-movies that always made a profit due to budget-consciousness.

Before setting out on independent projects of his own, Phil Smoot worked in various capacities on Owensby’s North Carolina flicks like Challenge, The Brass Ring, Tales of the Third Dimension and many others.

Alien OutlawWith Alien Outlaw, Smoot showed the Owensby influence: North Carolina locations, meandering scenes that begged to be edited down and lots of annoying Southern-Fried humor that wouldn’t have made the cut on Hee Haw. On the plus side he also demonstrated a flair for fun B-movie premises that mixed genres.

Smoot’s other best-known work as writer-director was The Dark Power, a Toltec zombie horror film with Western elements (a work previously reviewed here at Balladeer’s Blog). Like The Dark Power, Alien Outlaw starred old, old, OLD Western actor Lash Larue, who was the middle man in the Whip-Wielding Action Star Trimurti, coming after Don Q: Son of Zorro and before Indiana Jones.

Alien Outlaw JesseAlien Outlaw mixed Western elements with science fiction in a way that made you root for the film, despite the way Phil Smoot defeated himself at every turn. The potential was here to craft a fun, slick, modest money-maker which played like a Western version of a Tom Baker-era episode of Doctor Who. And with a butt-kicking female lead.     

THE PREMISE: An alien spaceship lands in 1985 North Carolina and conceals itself by submerging in a body of water. That body of water is a stream the water level of which couldn’t even conceal a small car let alone a large space-craft.

THE POTENTIAL FIX: A lake or a make-believe cloaking device would have worked better.

THE STORY: A few aliens, wearing back-packs and masks to breathe our air, attack random people, take their guns and begin terrorizing the countryside. We are never told if their ship landed on Earth deliberately or made the best out of a crash landing. Nor are we told why aliens capable of interstellar flight have to confiscate primitive firearms. Continue reading


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Per DegatonBalladeer’s Blog’s examination of the Justice Society’s World War Two-era stories continues. FOR PART ONE CLICK HERE 

I will review the original issue and then detail how I would “script-doctor” the story for modern audiences.

All Star 24ALL STAR COMICS #24 (Spring 1945)



Villains: ASSORTED GERMAN MILITARISTS (I would revise the story to use PER DEGATON as the villain since he was the Justice Society’s most prominent Nazi foe.)

Mister TerrificSynopsis: This is the first issue to feature Mister Terrific and Wildcat as part of the Justice Society of America.

Our heroes encounter Dick Amber (Dick Amber?), a recent draftee who doesn’t know why America is fighting Nazi Germany.

The female embodiment of The Conscience of Man shows up for her second and final appearance to help the JSA bring out the jingoism in Dick Amber (Dick Amber?) by showing him assorted atrocities and letting him help them fight back. Continue reading


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University of Antelope Valley PioneersCALIFORNIA PACIFIC CONFERENCE: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top seeded UNIVERSITY OF ANTELOPE VALLEY PIONEERS mixed it up with the 3 seeds – the EMBRY-RIDDLE (AZ) AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY EAGLES (should be the Aeronauts). The Pioneers were on top 35-25 at Halftime but after the break the Eagles quickly pulled to within 3 points at 36-33. From there UAV got more separation, ultimately winning it 65-56 led by Hayden Hall’s 18 points. * THE PIONEERS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE CALIFORNIA PACIFIC CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT *

college of idaho coyoteCASCADE COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 2 seeds – the COLLEGE OF IDAHO COYOTES – played the Cinderella 6th seeded SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY RAIDERS (should be the Sea Gulls). A 33-25 Coyotes lead at the break transformed into a 70-55 triumph for College of Idaho when all was said and done. Matt Meyers led the way for the Coyotes with 19 points. * THE COYOTES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE CASCADE COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT *

jamestown college jimmiesGREAT PLAINS ATHLETIC CONFERENCE: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This title clash pitted the 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN JIMMIES against the top seeds – the MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE MUSTANGS. Points flew like shrapnel in the 1st Half, which ended with the Mustangs up 49-46. After the break the Jimmies roared back for an 86-84 victory in this Instant Classic. Twenty points from Kevin Oberweiser led the University of Jamestown. * THE JIMMIES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE GREAT PLAINS ATHLETIC CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT * Continue reading


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Kevin JacksonFebruary, the month devoted to the heroic victims of Democrat hatred, slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and so much else, is nearly over. Here is yet another Martin Luther King Person of Courage who is courageous enough to push back against racist Democrats who think they own black people and can order them how to think and feel about every issue under the sun.

KEVIN JACKSON runs The Black Sphere and often expresses his support for President Trump, which means that Democrats frequently subject him to their usual hatred and racism. Democrats still try pushing their old lie that ONLY African-Americans who mindlessly agree with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are “authentic.” 

#WalkAwayBrave pioneers like Jackson are making history by defying Democrat attempts to deny the personhood, erase the very humanity, of anyone and everyone who is not a robotic adherent to Democrat dogma. Surely you’ve noticed the same bigoted and callous way that Democrats insult women who don’t obey their political party. Or gay people who dare to think for themselves and refuse to conform to what Democrats feel should be a gay person’s political affiliation.

Candace OwensWe see the same thing with the narrow-minded, hate-filled way that Democrats react to Muslims who don’t fit the Democrats’ narrow-minded definition of an “authentic” Muslim. In their eyes ONLY Muslims who hate the West are “authentic.” 

You’ll never see self-adoring, virtue-signaling Leftist demagogues doing photo ops with Muslims who came to America to GET AWAY from the suffocating oppression of the Muslim World and the endless wars which Muslim groups have been waging against each other for over a thousand years.

Ayaan Hirsi AliYou will NEVER see the Democrats’ media outlets giving air-time to Muslims who want to say “The West is not our enemy” or “Actually I find it fascinating to interact with so many non-Muslims. It’s really opened my mind.” and ESPECIALLY not “I came to America so my daughters can have more freedoms and pursue their own dreams.”

The latest worn-out expression from the gutless zombies of American Liberalism or “Libero-fascism” is Western Triumphalism. Any and all Muslims who DON’T hate America or other Western nations get dismissed by the left-wing parties as Western Triumphalists who have “internalized Western Oppression.”  Continue reading


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-“They Came From the Philippines” you could say. ORDER BELOW. It’s a Five-Movie “Hemisphere Box of Horrors” featuring:

Blood DrinkersTHE BLOOD DRINKERS (1964) Also released as The Vampire People and Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi, this was the very first COLOR horror film made in the Philippines.  

Special Features for The Blood Drinkers:

  • Manong of the Philippines: Interview With Script Supervisor and Gerry De Leon’s AD Dik Trofeo
  • Hemisphere Appreciation by Filmmaker David Decoteau
  • Audio Commentary With Film Historians Nathaniel Thompson and Howard S. Berger
  • Partial Audio Commentary With Hemisphere Marketing Consultant Samuel M. Sherman
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Blood Drinkers Trailer
  • Vampire People Trailer
  • Radio Spot Continue reading


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Southwestern College Moundbuilders logoKANSAS COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC CONFERENCE: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – In this tournament’s title tilt the 2 seeds – the SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE MOUNDBUILDERS – took the court against the top seeded OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY EAGLES. The Moundbuilders were chasing the Eagles 36-34 at Halftime but outscored them 44-39 after the break for a 78-75 Upset. Cameron Hunt led Southwestern College with his Double Double of 29 points and 12 rebounds. * THE MOUNDBUILDERS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE KCAC TOURNAMENT *


Johnson (TN) RoyalsMIDEAST REGION: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 4th seeded JOHNSON UNIVERSITY (TN) ROYALS (formerly the Preachers) played the 2 seeds – the GREAT LAKES CHRISTIAN COLLEGE LAKERS. The Lakers were on top 40-32 at the break but from there the Royals came storming back to win the game 84-78. Coby Jones’ 19 points led Johnson University. * THE ROYALS ADVANCE TO THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT

Maranatha Baptist Logo bigNORTH REGION: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – This was a battle of chalk versus a Cinderella. The top seeds – the MARANATHA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY SABERCATS – did battle with the 6th seeded MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE ARCHERS. The Archers, hoping for one more Upset, were hanging around, trailing the Sabercats by just 40-35 at Halftime. After the break Maranatha Baptist University put more and more separation between themselves and Moody Bible Institute for a 72-58 triumph. Jonathan Book’s Double Double of 19 points and 11 rebounds led the victors. * THE SABERCATS ADVANCE TO THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT * Continue reading


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marcstrange 0001THE MANIPULATORS (1970) – The words “gritty” and “streetwise” seem never to be used when describing vintage television programs from Canada but they certainly apply to The Manipulators (Originally the title was to be The Clients).

If you enjoyed underrated Canadian shows like The Beachcombers or Police Surgeon you might like The Manipulators, an hour-long dramatic series about parole officers and the men and women they were responsible for.

Compared to 21st Century television, which seems infested with law enforcement procedural shows 24/7, this program would have seemed much less derivative for early 70s viewers.    Continue reading


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Mayville State Comets SQUARENORTH STAR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 3 seeds – the MAYVILLE STATE COMETS – played the 2nd seeded BELLEVUE (NE) BRUINS. The 1st Half ended with the Comets leading the Bruins by a score of 33-26. After the break Mayville State completed the Upset, offing Bellevue 66-55. Daniel Lindgren tossed in 18 points to lead the Comets. * THE COMETS ARE NSAA CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS

Voorhees College TigersASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT INSTITUTIONS: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 3rd seeded VOORHEES COLLEGE TIGERS squared off against the 4 seeds – the COLLEGE OF THE OZARKS BOBCATS – for the AII title. The Tigers were on top 44-36 at Halftime but the Bobcats pulled off a 72-72 tie to end Regulation. The 1st Overtime wound up in an 82-82 deadlock but in the 2nd Voorhees College slashed their way to a 91-89 win led by Alex Brooks’ 24 points. * THE TIGERS ARE AII CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS *


Richland College Thunder ducksDISTRICT 303: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Familiar rivals clashed in this District Tournament title tilt: The top seeds – the RICHLAND COLLEGE THUNDERDUCKS – and the 3rd seeded EASTFIELD COLLEGE HARVESTERS. The Thunderducks had eked out a 42-41 edge by the break then mustered 1 more point of separation from the Harvesters for an 82-80 victory. Caleb Williams led the way for Richland College with THIRTY-FOUR points. * THE THUNDERDUCKS ARE CHAMPIONS OF DISTRICT 303 * Continue reading


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