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With Democrats (Motto: Illegal Immigrants: Right or Wrong!) in Congress and in Hollywood saying “As long as illegal immigration never harms US personally, we’re all for it” it’s time for another Democrat Atrocity Roundup.

International red crossRED CROSS COMPARES THE U.S. – MEXICO BORDER TO A WAR ZONE – Apparently the white collar criminals of the Washington D.C. Swamp are going to wait until Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen are trading shots inside the Alamo itself before they deign to acknowledge the druglord no-man’s land in the American Southwest.

Our STILL unsecured southern border remains a sieve for all illegal comers, even diseased and criminal ones. The Democrats do not care about our friends and loved ones who have been killed, wounded or forced to move as the Cartels slither over from the Narco-State of Mexico.

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsNor do they care about all the additional crimes committed by repeat deportees who simply re-cross the border. Democrats consider all illegal immigrants to be voters for their political party, either with or without amnesty. AND the party’s big money donors want the flood of illegals to continue so that wages fall, padding their own financial bottom lines. 

Two of the biggest lies Democrats tell about illegal immigration: a) “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” No, they do the jobs that pompous snobs and one percenters won’t do. Americans would be quite willing to do those jobs.

And b) Back in the 1990s Democrats claimed NAFTA and similar deals that shaft American workers would provide so many jobs in Mexico that the flood of illegals would stop because those people would find work in Mexico instead of slipping across the border. And needless to say, Democrats said it in their usual condescending, clueless jackass manner. Just like they do EVERY TIME THEY’RE WRONG.

illegal immigration cartoonDEMOCRAT JERRY BROWN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA LIKE HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM, PARDONED HUNDREDS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AS HE LEFT OFFICE. Brown did that so that the poor, delicate little darlings – who had committed multiple ADDITIONAL crimes – would not have to be turned over to the Immigration authorities.

They are now among us and the Democrats do NOT care which of us may die or be raped or otherwise victimized by these repeat offenders. The ONLY thing Democrats care about is assisting illegal immigration. It benefits THEM so to hell with the rest of us, Democrats figure.

And Brown’s successor, Democrat Gavin Newsome, AS HIS FIRST ACT, moved to expand free health benefits to ILLEGALS. 

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS ADMIT THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF OR HOW MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTED THERE – That’s why Democrats LOVE “motor voter” registration, so that illegal immigrants can vote for their candidates. For the disgusting details click HERE  Continue reading


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chuck and nancyLast night privileged white Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi looked like they had been abducted to an undisclosed location and forced to recite propaganda by their captors.

It would almost be funny if not for how callous Democrats continue to be toward the people who have lost loved ones who were killed by illegal immigrants over the years. 266,000 arrests of illegal immigrants the past 2 years alone! (That’s per the Democrat outlet the Washington Post, so the real figure is probably much higher.) 

pelosi sadOne network even brought in James Carville to offer some commentary. If you’re wondering, Carville has spent nearly two decades now just wandering from camera to camera spouting the same 1990s take on politics. I understand that for a fee Carville will even appear in your wedding video to provide perspective on how the nuptials might impact the Clintons. 


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Mascot with demo and repub headsWell, I am STILL having a terrific time watching the political realignment going on here in the U.S. The only change we would have gotten would have come from either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders and if one of them got in then the two rival gangs of White Collar Criminals called Democrats and Republicans would attack the outsider at all costs.

The attacks would be different in nature but Bernie would now be getting slammed like Trump is by the establishment forces. Well, actually, Bernie would probably have sold out as cheaply as he did to the Democrats. Anyway, most recently the Democrats made it clearer than ever that they care ONLY about illegal immigrants because illegals allow the Democrats to continue pulling off vote fraud or “vote harvesting” as those career criminals call it.

Resistance SorosThen there’s the childish drama queens of the self-styled “Resistance.” LMFAO! Yep, the opposition to Trump and his Populism is a rag-tag collection of bloated rich pigs, privileged children of the left, international corporate interests and establishment politicians who’ve been in office for DECADES in many cases. 

“Resistance, Inc” or maybe “ResistCo” would be a better name for them. None of these allegedly “rebellious” groups lacks funding and the mask-wearing members gleefully launch physical attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

REAL Resistance movements throughout history have been composed of the poor, the working class and courageous nonconformists of all stripes. Those REAL Resistance movements are composed of people who are taking actual RISKS because of the stands they take, unlike the Anti-Trump fascists.

The bizarre, uninformed people who make up the conformist mobs that oppose Trump are the ones inflicting physical injury on people as well as “filing complaints” around the clock to try to inflict financial or professional harm on their victims.


Resistco 2If you can file a complaint and get the Powers That Be to act on your behalf to punish those who disagree with you then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If TEACHERS – the ultimate forces of conformity – are on your side and encouraging your “resistance” (LMFAO) then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression. Continue reading

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Kanye Democrat PlantationKanye West brought in 2019 by reaffirming his fondness for de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. (And no, that doesn’t mean he likes Republicans, since the Donald is not a real Republican OR Democrat.)

Per Billboard (link below, but first an excerpt):

“Trump all day,” he wrote, followed by dragon emojis — likely calling back to tweets from April in which he said he and Donald Trump share “dragon energy,” which he defined as “natural born leaders,” “very instinctive” and “great foresight.”

“They will not program me. Blacks are 90% Democrats,” West tweeted. “That sounds like control to me.”

On his Twitter account Kanye also vowed to continue performing while wearing a MAGA hat:

“One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”

From now on I’m performing with my mutherf****ng hat on”
Continue reading

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rubin-reportHere at Balladeer’s Blog I often write about my own personal disillusionment with the increasingly fascistic and intolerant American Left in general and the Democrats in particular. The famed Dave Rubin had a similar estrangement from the fanatics called Democrats.

In a recent interview he went so far as to predict that leftists will destroy themselves with the way they continue purging rational Democrats from the party. The link is below but first some excerpts:

“The Left, unfortunately, has become about collectivism,” said the Rubin Report host, who added that those who believe in the “collective over the individual” are the ones who are actually “exerting prejudice.”

Rubin also pointed out how the left still tries to hurl unfounded accusations of “hatred” against everyone who disagrees with them:

“If the conservatives are the home of the homophobes and the bigots, [then conservatives] are doing a really, really terrible job of it,” said Rubin at the recent Student Action Summit for Turning Point USA.

“You’ve got one side [the Left] that screams about tolerance all the time, but never actually exerts it, and you have another side that doesn’t talk about tolerance that much, because they just sort of act that way.”

democrats hate free speechRubin also said that he believes the Left will end up destroying itself by purging the last remaining rational democrats from the party, as they are quick to attack their own whenever a fellow liberal attempts to take a more moderate stance.

“This idea of intersectionality — [the Left] has created this Pyramid of Oppression Olympics that is in constant competition to be more oppressed,” said Rubin.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, FOR SUPPORTERS OF FREE SPEECH: Rubin discussed the way that sites like Patreon seem to have joined the corporate fascists at Facebook, Google and Twitter in trying to eliminate online dissent from the Democrat Party line. Obliquely referring to the rumored start of a FREE SPEECH ALTERNATIVE TO PATREON, Rubin said “The cavalry’s coming.”   Continue reading


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Pelosi insanityNot only does Mexico already have harsher conditions for immigration than the United States, but it has been interesting to watch Mexico’s increasing frustration with the destruction and mayhem caused by the most recent illegal immigrant mob.

This week’s figurative Mexico Doctrine – “Get in line and you can enter our country” is demonized as the equivalent of concentration camps when America tries to apply that approach to illegals, many of whom go on to commit multiple other crimes.

You can’t help but envy Mexico in one respect: they don’t have an equivalent to America’s fascist Democrats, a political party whose slogan is “Illegal immigrants: Right or Wrong” or maybe “Illegal immigrants uber alles!”

This past week Democrat and white one percenter Nancy Pelosi humiliated herself by exposing her bizarre fantasies about being “tinkled on” (as the madwoman put it) by President Trump when he refused to elevate illegal immigrants to the aristocratic status that Pelosi and Schumer advocate for.  

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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsHere at Balladeer’s Blog I have repeatedly pointed out that the Democrats have trapped themselves in a faith-based worldview that is as dogmatic and irrational as any religion. They seem to feel that the rest of us are only as free as they permit us to be. 

What I find unforgivable is the way they have become so intolerant and totalitarian that they seek to ostracize, isolate or destroy anyone who points out their flawed thinking. With “news” outlets and Silicon Valley technofascists helping them it’s like living in a theocracy run by left-wing Archie Bunkers.    


*** DEMOCRATS IRRATIONALLY INSIST THAT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS “THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY” AND, CONVENIENTLY, THEY PRETEND THAT ALL OF THEIR POLITICAL POSITIONS PLACE THEM ON THAT SIDE. It’s tough to list all the ways that this absurd assertion is wrong. First, any perspective on “the right side of history” depends on how many years ahead you go.

For instance, people opposing the rise of the Nazis in the late 1920s could have found Nazis taunting them that their opposition placed them “on the wrong side of history.” Go forward two more decades and those taunts – like today’s silly jibes of pretentious Democrats – are exposed for what they really are.

Second, the Democrats insist on practicing censorship, black-listing, destruction of due process, and prejudicial treatment based purely on people’s skin colors. Such practices have never put ANYONE on that fictional “right side of history.”

Third, Democrats’ loud, preening obsession with being “on the right side of history” is really just a cowardly endorsement of surrendering to the seeming inevitable – no matter how short-lived that inevitability turns out to be. (Again, think of opponents of the Nazis in the late 1920s.) How about having enough backbone to form YOUR OWN positions without regard to the speculated viewpoints of people in the far future?    

SnobFourth, Democrats assert that being on “the right side of history” means striving to live their lives in such a way that people every bit as pretentious and snobbish as they are will sit around in the future sipping wine and pompously expressing approval of the worldview and political opinions that today’s Democrat Fundamentalists held while alive. No one alive today knows how the people of the future will feel about any of us or about our worldview.

If anything history has shown that people – ESPECIALLY the self-congratulatory asses called Democrats – take great delight in loudly and repeatedly condemning people of the past for (GASP) having opinions that differ from their own. It takes no courage and little effort to put on an air of moral superiority toward long-dead human beings.

That being said it’s more likely that Democrats of the future will look down on even the most self-consciously “progressive” Puritans of today as hopelessly misguided or simply ignorant.

Those future Democrat Fundamentalists very well may just sit around sipping wine and reassuring each other that they are morally superior to every Democrat of this era for not having THE EXACT SAME opinions as they do regarding race, gender, etc . Exactly like pompous Democrats of today do with people of the past. 

The obsessive conformity, status-anxiety and insecurities of Democrats prevent them from questioning their narrow-minded political dogma and thereby realizing that their own condemnation of figures from long ago is every bit as much of a shallow, meaningless pose as the attitude that may be shown by Democrats of the future.      Continue reading


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