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VoltaireThe latest laughs coming from the Democrats who pretend to be academics center around their claim that “using quality as a criterion for grades is racist … and so is architecture” 

It’s no secret that make-believe “educators” (LMAO) have – through their political intolerance – reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

The Democrats at these institutions abuse their positions to browbeat their students with their unhinged political views.

ACADEMIC GRIEVANCE STUDIES AND THE CORRUPTION OF SCHOLARSHIP – This is a terrific item at Areo Magazine. It’s a look at the blatantly partisan political screeds that masquerade as scholarship. 

The trio of authors have also demonstrated the absurdity of grievance “theories” by getting collections of gibberish published IN PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS under the noses of alleged academics who could not even tell that the papers presented were PARODIES of the silliness of politically distorted “scholarship.”  

The link is below, but first an excerpt: 

“Something has gone wrong in the university—especially in certain fields within the humanities. Scholarship based less upon finding truth and more upon attending to social grievances has become firmly established, if not fully dominant, within these fields, and their scholars increasingly bully students, administrators, and other departments into adhering to their worldview.

“This worldview is not scientific, and it is not rigorous. For many, this problem has been growing increasingly obvious, but strong evidence has been lacking. For this reason, the three of us just spent a year working inside the scholarship we see as an intrinsic part of this problem.” Continue reading


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Education or indoctrination gifAnother look at the make-believe “educators” (LMAO) who have – with their political intolerance – reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

These institutions are no longer interested in intellectual rigor but are instead dedicated to ramming simple-minded notions of “right” and “wrong” down the throats of students. 

Mascot new lookWhat to do with quasi-religious narrow-mindedness that doesn’t announce itself as such – as with backward-thinking, ridiculous houses of worship – but instead masquerades as “social consciousness” or “being woke.” Alleged teachers are now really just clergy, or seem to consider themselves to be Missionaries for the Democrats. They’re really Left Wing Archie Bunkers.

The close-minded zealots who claim that “teaching is a political act” (LMAO) are the kind of people who often organize and carry out those “Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons” where they change entries to match their own personal political prejudices. Better to use alternate sites like INFOGALACTIC.COM, where political operatives don’t get to edit articles on a whim.

Milk SupremacyLAW PROFESSOR SAYS MILK IS A RACIST TOOL OF WHITE SUPREMACY – “Racist Tool” is a good way to describe white Democrat children of privilege like this alleged “educator” (LMAO). Democrats are now pushing “mylk” as a substitute for “problematic” milk. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. (And by the way, Democrats are determined to make the term “White Supremacy” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racism.”) Read her insane ramblings that masquerade as academic thought HERE   

CAN DEMOCRATS BE TRUSTED TO SET ASIDE THEIR MANY BIASES AND MAKE OBJECTIVE HIRING DECISIONS? (No.) – This next item is further verification of the ugly way Democrats discriminate against anyone outside their political party and it plays a large part in the biased and viciously partisan approach used in colleges and universities. The bias and exclusionary hiring is so bad that at Cornell alone ELEVEN ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS have ZERO Republicans. That doesn’t happen by accident. Click HERE Continue reading


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Education or indoctrination gifAnother look at the make-believe “educators” (LMAO) who have reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

“THE VIOLENCE OF WHITENESS” – More absurd bigotry and hate-mongering from the kind of Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who think “teaching is a political act.” Hilarious! Leave it to Americans to believe the idiotic notion that one-way political browbeating of college students somehow “educates” them! For more click HERE  

Nicole Neilly of Speech FirstSPEECH FIRST: HEROIC GROUP – A new group has joined the fight to defend Freedom of Expression in those Churches of Irrational Thought called “academies.”

Speech First – led by their President Nicole Neilly – fights the fascistic Democrats of America’s colleges and universities who use violence and other tactics to ban everyone who is not a mindless Democrat. For more on Speech First click HERE  

Balladeer: And by the way, I’m a Third Party man but I can’t believe the way too many groups who fight Faculty Lounge Fascists refrain from mentioning the overwhelming numbers of Democrats among faculty and administrators who are always behind the current attacks on Free Speech.

Groups who get banned or harassed should loudly and repeatedly announce the wildly out-of-proportion numbers of Democrats who are so clearly biased against any students or teachers who think independently. Continue reading


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Education or indoctrination gifHere’s another look at Left-Wing Archie Bunkers, or Faculty Lounge Fascists or whatever term you like for the make-believe “teachers” (LMAO) who have ruined the educational system. 

FIRST – A video featuring THE Camille Paglia and THE Christina Hoff Sommers reiterating how much damage has been done by the way the educational field was taken over by petty, close-minded political zealots.

SECOND – A USC Democrat “educator” who publicly discusses his belief that it is racist oppression to punish Democrats for acts of violence against people with whom they disagree. – (Video at the article) – HERE 

THIRD – The Washington Post has this story about ANOTHER series of alleged “racist” graffiti incidents that TURNED OUT TO BE COMMITTED BY A DEMOCRAT OF COLOR – Click HERE


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Education or indoctrination gifReaders have been clamoring for a recurring series about the joke that Left-Wing Archie Bunkers have reduced America’s “educational system” (LMFAO) to. Here is the first installment plus as a bonus I included some links to previous blog posts I’ve written about how Democrats – who enormously outnumber members of any other political party in the “teaching” profession – abuse their position as teachers to cram their personal political prejudices down the throats of their students. 

PRIVILEGED WHITE TEACHER SEEMS TIRED OF WHITEY KEEPING HER DOWN – PSU-Brandywine starts off this look at the secular clergy members who pass for “educators” (LMAO) at America’s Churches of Irrational Thought. A Grand Inquisitor there pushes absurd notions of Original Sin or “White Privilege” as hate-mongering Democrat Fundamentalists have renamed it.

From Campus Reform – HERE

This Grand Inquisitor apparently comes from the Critical Race Theory religious sect. After all, if a subject sounds like something the Nazis would have taught it MUST be beneficial, right? Continue reading


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Liberals conservativesRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I’m one of the many American Liberals who have distanced ourselves from the increasingly demented and outdated Democrats (DemoKKKrats). Call me a Populist or a Socialist or an Anarchist if you must, but I think the terms Liberal and Conservative are being rendered meaningless.

When it comes to what passes for “education” here in America, people my age and younger have been buffeted over and over again by everything that the Western World ever did wrong. If you have an ounce of backbone – which automatically rules out the increasingly conformist cowards who call themselves Liberals – then you eventually reach the point where your own curiosity drives you to examine the history of all other parts of the world.

When you DO look into it you realize that all civilizations and all cultures have ugly elements in their history. You also realize that while the Western World is certainly AS BAD AS other parts of the globe it certainly is not WORSE or more abusive. That is why there is ever-increasing resistance to the simple-minded propaganda that American “educators” (LMFAO) mistake for scholarship. 

The Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s generation distorted Liberalism into a philosophy that was critical ONLY of the West and distorted the educational system into an intellectually stifling process. Those intolerant buffoons abused their positions as teachers to browbeat their students into agreeing with their many political prejudices.

Those same Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s condescendingly think that just because THEY grew up on the absurd fantasy world of Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver that it surely means all students walking into their classrooms – at all levels – are just as naïve as they were.

Obi Wan on liberalsThe more you talk to those perpetual adolescents the more you realize that they are even more close-minded than they accuse previous generations of being. If you don’t agree with every bit of their silly worldview in which ONLY the eeeevilll Western Nations are forever in the wrong they all react the same way:

First comes the patronizing assumption that the only reason you don’t consider your own country to be the worst geopolitical entity in history is because you don’t know about various ugly aspects of your country’s past.

Even though BECAUSE OF THEM you were only ever taught the negative aspects of Western Civilization these 1960s burnouts convince themselves – over and over and over again – that you just haven’t been exposed to what they think are “the shocking facts” about Western History. (Those facts shocked THEM when they were young but certainly not any of us in the generations AFTER the 1960s.)  Continue reading


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Bracket of shameCourtesy of the Alliance Defending Freedom comes this hilarious bracket depicting some of America’s WORST colleges and universities when it comes to Freedom of Expression.

The intolerant fools of the “academic world” (LMFAO) tend to be either Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s Generation OR people who had the misfortune of being “educated” (LMFAO) by Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s Generation. FOR MORE ON THAT, CLICK HERE   

Free Speech 2There was a time when Liberals actively supported freedom of expression because they understood it was THE primary freedom from which all other freedoms flowed. The early figures from my own country’s history protected speech with the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution because they knew all too well that ideas that are considered taboo and offensive today might be considered essential truths by future generations.

The forever-hypocritical 1960s generation of American Liberals were all about Free Speech when THEIR ideas were the ones offending people. Once they considered themselves to be comfortably in the cultural, educational and political driver’s seat by the early 1990s they decided they wanted their own already outdated worldview enshrined in stone and presented as THE one true set of values.

The totalitarian asses of the 1960s can’t bear the fact that younger people might have opinions that offend THEM as much as their opinions offended their parents’ generation.  Continue reading


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