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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsEvery former Democrat like me who has chosen to #WALKAWAY always experiences deja vu when they see others finally noticing and objecting to the way Democrats have become so unhinged that they’ve turned every aspect of life into a political battlefield. And they want everyone who disagrees with them destroyed, personally and professionally.

Various hardcore anti-Trump reporters have shown integrity by objecting to the crazed, rabid propaganda that their colleagues have been churning out, especially following the riots over George Floyd’s death. The police behavior involved in that death was so blatantly out of line that for a few brief moments the nation was united in sadness and outrage.

Pelosi and Schumer and Kente clothA nation united is something that Democrats can not stand to see, and even though the Minneapolis officers involved were quickly fired and/or facing charges the Democrats and their media outlets rapidly transformed the situation into hate-filled riots and looting that raged for days.   

The Tom Cotton op-ed at the New York Times and what followed erupted into what some journalists have called “civil wars” in newsrooms across the country between rational reporters and their unhinged colleagues. Links are below, but first some excerpts from journalists whose anti-Trump credentials cannot be questioned.

First up, female journalist Bari Weiss:

Bari Weiss


The civil war inside The New York Times between the (mostly young) wokes the (mostly 40+) liberals is the same one raging inside other publications and companies across the country. The dynamic is always the same. (Thread.)

The Old Guard lives by a set of principles we can broadly call civil libertarianism. They assumed they shared that worldview with the young people they hired who called themselves liberals and progressives. But it was an incorrect assumption.

The New Guard has a different worldview, one articulated best by @JonHaidt and @glukianoff. They call it “safetyism,” in which the right of people to feel emotionally and psychologically safe trumps what were previously considered core liberal values, like free speech … there are dozens and dozens of examples.

I’ve been mocked by many people over the past few years for writing about the campus culture wars. They told me it was a sideshow. But this was always why it mattered: The people who graduated from those campuses would rise to power inside key institutions and transform them. (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: LINK TO MY PIECES ABOUT THAT SITUATION HERE )

I’m in no way surprised by what has now exploded into public view. In a way, it’s oddly comforting: I feel less alone and less crazy trying to explain the dynamic to people. What I am shocked by is the speed. I thought it would take a few years, not a few weeks.

Next up is Michael Tracey: 

Michael Tracey


The NYT and other media institutions are being held hostage by millennials whose belief system includes such precepts as, “Publishing something I disagree with physically endangers me.” They use bizarre emotional manipulation tactics to assert their dominance. And they’re winning.

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mascot new look donkey and elephant headsBalladeer’s Blog previously examined the thoroughly bizarre suspicions regarding two terrible U.S. Presidents – Barack Obama and George W Bush. Yes, I always made it clear that I despised them both but I also did blog posts about the ridiculously overstated accusations made against them. Examples include Obama supposedly being “a Muslim sleeper agent” and George W Bush supposedly having a hand in the death of John F Kennedy Jr.

When it comes to de facto Third Party President Donald Trump, his gibbering detractors have set the record for behaving like slobbering psychopaths who will make contradictory accusations against him on a daily basis. Even more pathetically, anti-Trump loons suffer from so much impotent outrage that they even encourage and enact violence against Trump supporters

Obama kids in cagesTrump and his supporters are often called Nazis by cowardly hypocrites who would wet their pants in terror if they ever encountered REAL Nazis. The nauseating anti-Trumpers even pretended to care about “kids in cages” until they learned that Obama and Bush pursued that policy before Trump came along.

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsEven the pro-Obama clowns at Snopes admit Obama incredibly erred by turning over illegal immigrant children to CHILD TRAFFICKERS! Links below.

I’ve always made it clear that I’m not saying ALL people who oppose President Trump are hate-filled, frothing-at-the-mouth fascists.  There ARE people who are capable of simply stating why they can’t stand the Donald and disagree with his policies. You know … like adults.

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Joe Biden is creepyThank you to the Bernie Bros who reminded me of this. Joe Biden is STILL being called everything from senile to demented to a sexual assailant (#DROPOUTBIDEN is trending over the latest evidence). “Hidin’ Biden” has resorted to trying to bluff his way through softball appearances ONLY with fawning Democrats in the media.

Joe Biden senileSenile Joe’s cognitive problems are such that even with the most delicate of handling he continues to gibber on camera. To quote one of his recent disordered babblings (link below):

“Um, you know there’s a, uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, that uh, you know, was totally different, than a, than the, he called it the, you know, the WWII, he had the War Production Board.” Continue reading


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Sharyl AttkissonIt’s no secret that Sharyl Attkisson is one of the few actual journalists left in the United States.

Her lawsuit over illegal action against her by the DOJ is ongoing but she continues to bravely follow the truth no matter where it leads her. 

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAttkisson has been compiling a list of the most egregious errors (some might call them intentional misrepresentations) committed by “reporters” in the last few years. Again, she just covers the inaccuracies from alleged “news” sites, not the ramblings of shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers. Her list would be much longer otherwise.

To quote Attkisson, who is considerate enough to lump herself in with her colleagues, who have lapsed into much lower standards than she herself maintains: Continue reading


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Trump smiling very biglyThe Democrats at NPR and PBS were forced to admit that their own poll’s results showed that Americans trust the administration of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump more than they trust the media and congress. Link below.

And with the latest network “news” scandal in which they tried passing off footage from KENTUCKY as footage showing attacks on Kurds it’s no wonder.

*** And by the way, even REUTERS has admitted that Trump’s enforcement of immigration policies has led to HIGHER WAGES FOR WORKING CLASS AMERICANS. Reuters being Reuters, however, they slanted the story about how the poor, poor oil companies are forced to pay higher wages since they can’t acquire illegals as easily as they used to. Link below.  Continue reading


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masc chair and bottleHere at Balladeer’s Blog my skepticism of polling during such an odd time period is well known. In fact, bizarrely enough, I’d like to see a poll regarding how many people distrust polls!

Anyway, a recent poll (link below) found 95% of the respondents were distrustful of the corporate media (and with very good reason). Some of the reasons cited were “spreading fake news”, “propaganda instead of news”, “reporting gossip” and “celebrity opinions.”

On the plus side it’s nice to see that mass media dishonesty has united the rest of us. Getting 95% of the public in any poll to agree on something is the kind of thing that only monumental dishonesty could engender. Continue reading

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masc chair and bottleMichael Tracey, originally one of the Young Turks and still a very outspoken anti-Trump reporter, has shown some of the integrity his colleagues lack by calling out their irrational and childish refusal to let go of the discredited and debunked Russian Collusion fantasy.

Tracey skillfully points out that no matter how many times it is proven false, the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory is bitterly clung to by Democrats and their media outlets. Ironically, Tracey points out how this shrill cult does nothing but help President Trump by making media critics look like hopelessly biased partisans. (Which they are, of course.)

Unafraid to name names and to post screen-captures of some of the loonier anti-Trump lies spread by his colleagues in the Democrats’ media, Tracey’s long threads documenting the dishonesty and delusion of alleged “reporters” are great. A link is below, but first some excerpts:

First off, quoting Matt Wolking about the lies of bug-eyed Democrat Adam Schiff:

Adam Schiff eyesAdam Schiff
-Lied about having evidence of collusion
-Leaked false info from confidential hearings
-Pushed partisan memo with false claims
-Met secretly with Michael Cohen to shape his testimony
-Met secretly with FusionGPS Glenn Simpson
-Sought dirt on Trump from foreign actors

A Michael Tracey tweet calling out EmptyWheel, an alleged “reporter” who claimed to have proof of collusion:

Hey @emptywheel, whatever happened to this bombshell evidence of collusion that you claimed to personally possess? Just wanted to check in on that. 

Another Tracey tweet:

Throughout this ordeal, it’s been truly disturbing to watch otherwise intelligent people lapse into conspiratorial lunacy. After Mueller said no collusion, you’d think they would at least begin to self-reflect and change their behavior. Nope. They’re just getting worse Continue reading


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CAIRBREAKING NEWS: Muslim fanatics are STILL the ones behind the Boston Marathon Massacre, despite the way the media tried to blame it on Tea Party members.

Yes it was six years ago that the world got another reminder about the blood-soaked, homophobic and misogynistic elements of Islam when the Tsarnaev brothers set off explosives at the Boston Marathon and seemed proud of it.

As if the attack itself wasn’t repulsive enough the American media made it even worse by once again showing their ugly biases.

Remember how they spent a few days implying that since the attack happened on Tax Day it must have been Tea Party members (the favorite bogeymen of the American left) who set off the explosives?

When the culprits turned out to be Muslims those same outlets looked even more foolish than they usually do. Yes, whiny Liberals, I know Fox News Channel and talk radio show conservative bias but all the other news outlets show liberal bias that is at least as blatant. Grow up and deal with it already.

As I pointed out years ago after the attacks were revealed to be Islamic in nature and not tax-related:

Boston marathon massacre 2

I’d like to offer my condolences to America’s Liberals, who were salivating with the desperate hope that the massacre at the Boston Marathon could be blamed on the Conservatives they hate with such irrational fervor. Democratic Party stations like NPR, CNN and others which are the Liberal versions of Fox News Channel and talk radio were lovingly dwelling on the April 15th date (Tax Day), practically orgasming at the thought that Tea Party activists might have chosen that day to become as violent as Liberals pretend they are.  Continue reading


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A roundup of some recent political cartoons. Maybe Jussie Smollett should have been added to this first one: 

Elizabeth Warren and Nathan Phillips

Trump State of the Union Continue reading




Sharyl AttkissonIt’s no secret that Sharyl Attkisson – the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century – is one of the few actual journalists left in America. She broke with her unethical colleagues over their refusal to cover the Obama Administration’s many scandals and found herself targeted by Obama’s FBI and NSA thugs.

make media fact check againThe incredibly courageous Attkisson still goes after tough stories on both political parties, and she doesn’t care if the facts reflect poorly on Trump, Obama or George W Bush before them.

Sharyl has compiled a list (see below) of the many instances of Fake News that the corporate media has perpetrated during the Trump presidency. Continue reading


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