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Biden and techno fascists“He who knows only his side of the case knows little of that”. John Stuart Mill

That quote sums up the reason it is essential to do something that fewer and fewer voters seem willing to do – read and/or watch the media outlets (including social media) of both major political parties. One of the reasons I left the Democrat Party and became an Independent Voter is because of how incredibly biased American news outlets are toward one side or the other.

My standing guarantee to readers is that nothing I write is based only on one side’s media outlets and their interpretation of events. Overall perception – especially from overseas – is skewed by the way the Democrats shrewdly seized and still hold superiority in the Media Arms Race.

If, like me, you read and/ or watch literally over a dozen outlets from each side you begin to realize there is no such thing as a president who is not “divisive.” It’s just that the clueless power players of the Republican Party have so few news outlets compared to the media-savvy Democrats that the illusion of consensus is frequently conveyed. The Democrat Party’s talking points are everywhere. Those of their hapless opposition party, not so much.   

Tiny hands Joe Biden

Corrupt, senile, tiny-handed Joe Biden

Here is a terrific piece from Great Britain – motivated by Joe Biden’s Afghanistan disaster – reflecting on how media complicity and failure to do their job helped put an unfit and thoroughly crooked man like Biden in the White House.

Links are below, but first some excerpts: 

“(the) reason why too few realised what the world was going to get from a Biden presidency is that the US media simply didn’t ask the questions it needed to ask. Before the election a near entirety of the American media gave up covering it and simply campaigned for the Democrat nominee.” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And so did the near entirety of the British media and other European media.)

“It was the same with the Big Tech companies … during the 2020 race they did everything they could to get Biden in. That included – and this cannot be said often enough – effectively muting America’s oldest newspaper: the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained serious allegations of corrupt tail-coating by Hunter and other members of the Biden family when Joe was vice-president. But Big Tech restricted the story from being shared and almost no other journalists bothered to follow it up.”

media bias“Instead, they just hung on his every incoherent sentence and accepted his pronouncements (generally beginning with “Look”) as if they had any more idea than he did about whatever point he was forever struggling to make.”

“Until you see it up close you just cannot believe the cravenness of most of the American media. Last month the CNN presenter Don Lemon was selected to quiz Biden at a “town hall” event before the cameras. Biden was, as usual, meandering and unfocused as though lost in the fog of his own sentences. But Lemon would not press him properly … It wasn’t journalism. It wasn’t even kindness. He was rooting for the president.”

The piece went on to cover some of the tragic events in Afghanistan, such as … 

“… Afghan women trying to push their babies over barbed wire to US troops so that they will take them out. Men trying to hold onto the sides of the last planes heading out of Kabul. Bodies falling from the sky as their attempt to hold on fails thousands of feet up in the air.”

What was Biden’s response to all this? It was to give a belligerent press conference explaining that all this was perfectly as it should be, and as he had expected, and that he stood by his decision. And what did Biden do after he’d just about managed to read that teleprompter script? He walked away without taking any questions. That was it. If Donald Trump had done any such thing, let alone after such a catastrophe, the US media would have declared it the work of an unaccountable dictator.”

(NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And the British and other European media would have mindlessly parroted those frantic claims like they did every single other over the top and pathetically propagandistic criticism of Trump during his entire term. They are just as culpable as the Democrats’ media outlets.)

And on Joe Biden’s callous and angry disregard for those bodies falling from the sky by saying “That was four days ago, five days ago!” the newspaper piece said this:

“Does the passage of five days make something ancient history in the fog of Biden’s head?” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And on top of that, it had only been two days, not four or five.). Continue reading


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andrew cuomo fallsAl Capone had to be brought down over his taxes even though he was guilty of far worse. Democrat Andrew Cuomo had to be brought down over his sexual harassment of women after the Biden regime shut down investigations about Cuomo’s alleged role in the deaths of thousands of elderly people in New York nursing homes.

The Democrat media outlet CNN is facing questions about the way their newsreader Chris Cuomo – Andrew’s brother – was allowed to do tongue-bath, softball “interviews” with Andrew during his many scandals. The New York Attorney General’s office had made mentions of looking into Chris’ strategy sessions with Andrew, in which the governor had allegedly made Chris privy to sensitive information about his brother’s accusers.

Needless to say, career criminal and accused rapist Joe Biden idiotically claimed that Andrew Cuomo did ” a hell of a job.” Continue reading


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joe biden extra creepyIn my opinion Joe Biden is the new George W Bush in so many ways. Both men brought disaster upon the U.S. while enriching themselves and their cronies, and both men were selected, rather than elected, joining Rutherford B Hayes as the three presidents who – as the evidence indicates – did not really win their elections. (Links below)

Biden is creepyFor the umpteenth time I will remind Biden supporters that they need to relax – it is far too late to remove Creepy Joe and replace him with Trump, no matter how much talk they hear about that happening. But corrupt and senile Joe Biden will wear an eternal taint like Bush from the contested 2000 election and Hayes from the contested 1876 election. And needless to say, many Republicans resent reasonable people for pointing this out about George W Bush and many Democrats resent reasonable people for pointing this out about Joe Biden. Grow up, partisan fanatics. 

Biden as creep from fam guyGeorge W Bush was being contained until the 9-11 attacks were exploited by him in atrocious ways that continue to scar the country. Joe Biden, as head of the Biden Crime Family, hasn’t hesitated in the least in unleashing disaster on the nation. And, by the way, BIDEN STILL HAS KIDS IN CAGES. More than either Trump OR Obama. Plus EVEN BIDEN’S OWN PEOPLE ARE NOW ADMITTING THE CHANCE THAT COVID ORIGINATED IN A WUHAN LAB. And BIDEN’S NOMINEE TO HEAD THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT has been tied to calls for violence against government officials. (Again, links below) Continue reading


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trump wuhanIndependent voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes ONCE AGAIN that the Democrats’ media outlets have humiliated themselves because of their reflexive, irrational need to wrongly label information “lies” just because that information came from de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. Last year the very valid statement that there was some evidence linking Covid-19 to a Wuhan Laboratory was hysterically condemned as a “lie” by Democrats in the media and Big Tech Fascists at Twitter, Facebook, etc rushed to censor that information. (links below) 

corporate media liesNow, the CDC and even the Democrats at the New York Times, Washington Post and elsewhere are admitting they were wrong AGAIN, with some of them hilariously blaming Trump for their mistakes. Actually, the corporate media’s well-known biases are to blame, as usual. This has happened over and over to the point that it’s becoming a truism to say that there may be nothing truer than something that was labeled a “Trump lie.”

Courageous non-partisan journalist Sharyl Attkisson, who has taken abuse for her hard-hitting reports on BOTH major American political parties, has outlined the biases of alleged “fact checkers” (LMAO) and has also covered over one hundred false stories the media spread about Trump. (links below)

As to this Wuhan Lab item, the forever doddering, stammering, prevaricating and flip-flopping Anthony Fauci, whose inept handling of AIDS decades ago has become the stuff of legend, continues to go back and forth on this topic depending on which way the winds are blowing on any given day. Continue reading


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steele dossierAnd yet ANOTHER anti-Trump lie is finally abandoned by the Democrats at the New York Times (links below). Here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I can certainly understand hostile feelings toward given presidents. Regular readers know how much I despise George W Bush and Barack Obama, but I also pointed out when I thought negative stories about them were absurdly over the top. With de facto Third Party President Donald Trump it’s like the media did nothing BUT absurdly over the top stories about him that fell apart under the most casual scrutiny.

Over the years all of the actual evidence showed how the Steele Dossier was full of holes and deceptions but for America’s deranged Democrats even the most idiotic notions are kept afloat until the Times explicitly states that, once again, it was in the wrong. But hey, loons, cheer up. I doubt that HuffPo, the site for HUFFy, POST-menopausal white Democrats will ever admit the Steele Dossier was garbage, so you can keep going there.

corporate media liesI can’t help but doubt that the Times would have admitted to this if Donald Trump was still in the Oval Office, however. They’d probably STILL be sniveling about non-existent “Russian Collusion” (LMAO) and demanding further “investigations.” They’re only admitting it now because it’s safe to, like the Russian Bounties nonsense and so many other instances of Fake News. (There is no other term for it, no matter how much it rankles biased media fools.)

Before I provide some excerpts and links to this latest tale of rats abandoning the sinking Steele Dossier ship, let me also point out that yet ANOTHER statement that Democrat media outlets claimed was a Trump “lie” has now proven to be true. Back in August President Trump pointed out that Covid cases were being over-counted in hospitals. Anti-Trump fascists reflexively claimed this was a “lie” but now the CDC Director has admitted that, yes indeed, Covid cases were being over-counted in hospitals. (links below)

Regarding the Steele Dossier hoax, the links are below, but first some excerpts from one of the items:

” … claims in the dossier “have never materialized or have been proved false.”

“The dossier, he said, went on a “journey from media obsession to slush pile.” 

” … Steele had been hired by an investigative firm called Fusion GPS “to gather dirt about Donald J. Trump and Russia.”

“Just the News editor John Solomon reported at the time that the documents showed the collusion narrative was created and leaked to the news media to “neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal had not yet gone away.”    Continue reading


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Brandon Tatum, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, heroically corrected the many false statements made by a BBC newsreader regarding policing in the U.S. As usual, the self-appointed “white savior” media buffoon did not know how to handle a strong man of color who pushed back against the astonishingly incorrect assumptions that are made by so many people overseas and here at home. The 4 minute and 40 second video is below. 

brandon tatum picI can certainly understand Tatum’s surprise at how uninformed the newsreader is. I’m often amazed myself at the way people who don’t live here presume to know more than we do about political and social situations in the country where we live. I sometimes remind overseas people who condescendingly spout wrong information like this that they do not get an accurate view from the brief, isolated sniglets of “news” (LMAO) that they see. It’s why you never see me telling people in other countries how they should feel about events in their home nations. 

I don’t live there and therefore I’m not immersed in the actual situation on the ground like they are, and I realize that the bite-sized morsels of information offered up by the world’s notoriously shallow and divisive media outlets are not providing a full, in-depth view. To keep it light-hearted, it would be like offering an opinion on the elaborate plotlines of Game of Thrones based purely on commercials you’ve seen about the show. Continue reading




democrat republican or awakeHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I can certainly understand hostile feelings toward given presidents. Regular readers know how much I despise George W Bush and Barack Obama, but I also pointed out when I thought negative stories about them were absurdly over the top. With de facto Third Party President Donald Trump it’s like the media did nothing BUT absurdly over the top stories about him that fell apart under the most casual scrutiny. This most recent example involves the lie about Russia and bounties (links below) which turned out to be as untrue as all of the “Russian collusion” nonsense. 

sharyl attkisson picNon-partisan journalist Sharyl Attkisson, the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century, has catalogued well over ONE HUNDRED negative Trump stories which were proven to be false, yet still get repeated by unstable anti-Trump loons as if they were true. 

Recently, even more news stories have surfaced regarding JUDGES RULING THAT DEMOCRATS VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS BY COUNTING MAIL-IN BALLOTS WHICH ARRIVED AFTER ELECTION DAY WITH NO POSTMARK or by Democrat governors making unilateral changes to election law in their state – changes which by law MUST be done by the state’s legislature. Obviously, nobody can go back and exclude all those ballots at this late date since most evidence has not been preserved. That’s because of Democrats and their media outlets insisting over and over that Trump was “lying” when he pointed out the widespread 2020 vote fraud, and pretending the fraud stories had been “debunked” or “discredited” even though various cases were – and are – still working their way through the system.

mascot donkey and republican headsNow come revelations about the utter falsehood of last year’s media hit pieces claiming that Putin was offering bounties to Taliban troops in Afghanistan, and that Trump was aware of it and did nothing. Now the media – and America’s forever-vile “intelligence community” – have walked back those ridiculous claims. THE BOUNTY OFFERS NEVER HAPPENED, so there was nothing for Trump to know, but hey, they got to damage Trump close to the election by implying he answered to Putin and was letting him offer bounties on U.S. troops.

One of the reasons I USED TO BE a Democrat was because Democrats used to openly criticize the dishonesty and vile behavior of America’s rightfully despised intelligence community, but in recent years the Democrats have sold out and are fine with repulsive behavior from the intelligence services if the behavior benefits their political party.

Just like the media claimed Trump was lying about the Biden Family scandals, especially involving Hunter Biden, only to recently backtrack and admit that they were wrong. Big Tech even censored remarks by Trump and/or his supporters last year calling attention to those scandals on the grounds that it was supposed “election misinformation.”

corporate mediaBack to the Russian Bounty lies – here’s an excerpt from a terrific article (link below) about that miscarriage of intelligence work and “journalism.” FAKE NEWS is an accurate description of what America’s corporate media inflicts on the public.

“If the Russia Bounty Hoax is not the final straw for those who still rely on the corporate media for news, you obviously enjoy being lied to and misinformed. This is how it works: In an effort to meddle in a presidential election, some lying, anonymous Deep Stater leaks deliberate misinformation to the far-left New York Times. The Times uncritically publishes what it knows is disinformation. The rest of the corporate media spend days spreading what they know is a lie. The target of the lie, in this case President Trump, denies the story. The corporate media fact checkers declare him a liar with the full boat of four Pinocchios.” 

“And then…

Long after it no longer matters…

The fake media tell the truth — that it was all a lie.”

“Back in July, the left-wing propagandists at the Times published this pile of obvious horseshit: “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Soldiers” (I don’t link fake news). The goal of this attack on Trump was the claim he knew about it and did nothing. The obvious narrative is that Trump cares more about Putin than our troops.

corporate media lies“At the time the Russia Bounty story was an obvious and blatant lie, an unconfirmed report, a manufactured narrative to undermine one of Trump’s many presidential strengths — in this case, his affection for the U.S. military and his string of foreign policy success at making the world a safer and more peaceful place.

Again and again and again, this is how the corporate media use fake news … They find or invent a source to tell them a lie they are desperate to report, then the rest of the scumbags — the entire institution of the corporate media — coordinates to go hog-wild with it so the lie consumes the news for days and weeks. Then the Democrats go hog-wild with it. Then, when the target of lies denies the lie, the fraudulent fact checkers go to work.” 



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mascot donkey and republican headsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes once again that the people who work in America’s media outlets may be the only life-forms who are even lower than our career politicians. We just saw the Democrats at NPR finally admit they misled the public into thinking the scandals against Hunter Biden had been “discredited by U.S. Intelligence.” It was necessary for Democrat media outlets to make such claims because the Biden Family scandals were threatening the Biden campaign, but now that it is safe, they will admit to their claims being false.

This has been the pattern for years now, so bear that in mind the next time Democrat media outlets tell you that something has been “discredited” or “debunked.”

For overseas readers I’ll explain that before the 2020 election the news about Hunter’s laptop and other scandals would have worked AGAINST Democrat political strategy. With Biden installed in the White House it no longer poses a threat to Democrat strategy because if Joe Biden resigns over his many, many scandals or because of his senility, then Kamala Harris will simply take his place, since she’s the Vice President.

Also in the news recently was last week’s attack on the Capitol which killed a policeman and injured others. The Democrats in the media recklessly insisted it had to be a “white supremacist” following up on the supposed “insurrection” that conspiracy kooks pretend happened on January 6th. Though it was eventually established that the attacker was really Noah Green, a black man who supported Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, no doubt many people still think the initial media takes were accurate. That also accommodates Democrat political strategy. Continue reading


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President Trump and flagHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve often pointed out that the only people lower than the career criminals who hold office in this country may be the members of the corporate media.

Within the past several days the Washington Post at last apologized for their demonstrably false story about de facto Third Party President Donald Trump supposedly telling Georgia officials to force themselves to find vote fraud in their jumbled 2020 results. (links below) Not only that, but more vindication came Trump’s way in other ways as ANOTHER judge has ruled about the illegalities of the electoral “cheat by mail” scam last year. (links below)

This time it was in Michigan where Trump got vindication for his public accusations about the illegality of that state’s Democrat Secretary of State’s orders regarding ballots. Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the Democrat broke the law by issuing unilateral decisions regarding the counting of ballots with non-matching signatures. The State Legislature in Michigan needed to be involved for such measures to be legal.

I will point out again that the 2020 election will be forever remembered for being as crooked as the 1876 and year 2000 elections. More and more information – from SEVERAL states – keeps coming out about how tainted the 2020 results are. (links below) Continue reading


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Senile Joe BidenIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents another piece from Australia regarding the utter joke that is Joe Biden. Choosing their words with more care than frantic, fascistic Democrats ever do, the Aussies provided another quality take on the problems the Democrats’ media outlets desperately bury. Plus, even some Democrats have made moves to prevent Biden from stumbling into a nuclear strike. (Though I’d be more worried about his political corruption and assault on the working class and the poor.)

Plus watch the installed buffoon fall apart again HERE.


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