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democrat republican otherHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I always point out that America’s CAREER politicians are white-collar criminals who run the country like a Mafia bust-out operation, enriching themselves and their cronies while plundering the public treasury. BOTH MAJOR PARTIES are guilty of this, which is why I always hope to see the Democrats and Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties for a time.

The power players in both parties try to maintain the exclusivity of their criminal caste, barring outsiders from their ranks. As in all things political, the Democrats are much more effective than the Republicans. In 2016, outsider Donald Trump became a populist hero in the mold of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Eugene Debs and John F Kennedy by taking advantage of the perpetual disorganization of the Republicans to commandeer their political party for his presidential campaign.

Trump never called racist til running against DemocratsTrump became the best president for the working class and the poor of all colors in my lifetime. He was also the first president in DECADES to keep America out of any new wars, which caused our military-industrial complex to hate him as much as they hated John F Kennedy. America’s hopelessly corrupt cesspool of an establishment was at war with President Trump before he even took office. He had to fight BOTH political parties and still does. He so thoroughly frightens the corrupt filth of Washington DC that they remain obsessed with him. Over the years their lies about Russian Collusion (LMAO) and now “insurrection” (LMAO) have fallen flat and they have utterly failed to understand why Trump is still supported by the working class and the poor. 

Not for several long decades had America had a non-career politician as president – not since Eisenhower. American career politicians are career criminals who spend their time in office just one step ahead of criminal indictments. They are a very closed circle of fascist authoritarians who were happy with the corrupt way things were run before de facto Third Party President Donald Trump crashed their party and spoke truth to power.

trump rosa parks and muhammad aliIt was a once in a century gift to have someone like the Donald who is wealthy enough to not be bought by America’s cesspool called a government AND who is thick-skinned enough to endure the non-stop attacks that the Democrats and Republicans and their media outlets will unleash on anyone who tries GENUINE reform like Trump has done.

The fascists in both parties proved how terrified they are of Trump and his millions of supporters by the way they have absurdly overblown the events of January 6th, 2021. See my article HERE regarding the hilarious hypocrisy from Democrats who usually never see a protest or a riot they don’t encourage.

It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted.

trump is fdrTrump, more than anyone since Theodore Roosevelt or maybe since Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Wendell Wilkie contemplated starting a Third Party in the 1940s, could completely upend the two-party system, something that is long overdue. 

As I’ve said before, even if Trump really was all the things his deranged detractors accused him of being, he would STILL not be as bad as the existing politicians who have been running the U.S. for decades and made us such a hated country. (Democrats especially love to dwell on how hated the U.S. is by certain countries, which is why it was so funny to see them feign outrage over the possibility of an “insurrection.” Hey, only DEMOCRATS are allowed to call for uprisings and insurrections!)

trump is a lot like jfkGee, Democrats, those concerned Trump supporters “stormed” the citadel of America’s white supremacist system that you’re always talking about. They stormed the citadel of all that privilege and systemic bigotry that you decry. Since when do Democrats of all people revere the Capitol as a Holy Site? Continue reading


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democrat republican or awakeIt’s become impossible to ignore the way that the corrupt establishment and their corporate media outlets fear populism and obsessively try to demonize it. In a way it’s a replay of the late 1800s when the labor movement was striking and demanding better pay and working conditions. The establishment responded with ugly demonization of working class people’s efforts to survive as something more than peasants.

America’s President Grover Cleveland even went so far as to describe labor activist Eugene Debs as “an enemy of the human race.” That is certainly reminiscent of the over the top rhetoric used today by the Powers That Be to instill the public with feelings of fear and hostility toward popular movements that threaten their privileges. 

It’s important to remember that Eugene Debs called himself a socialist back when socialism was largely about fighting the entrenched Big Money interests on behalf of the suffering poor and the working class, not the pseudo-religion it is today, when socialism is all about dictating every aspect of our lives. Debs was demonized by the establishment from around the 1890s through the 1920s, even arrested and left to languish in prison merely for protesting America’s involvement in the First World War of 1914-1918. Continue reading


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democrat republican awakeWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Here at Balladeer’s Blog I am still soaking in the ongoing revolution in the thought processes of my fellow voters, more and more of them expressing their disgust with the two rival gangs of white-collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans.

My fellow former Democrats have even formed #WALKAWAY, an entire movement devoted to leaving that party which has betrayed the working class and the poor to pander to their big-money donors.

Part of the fascinating change in the political discourse in real life is the way former or estranged Republicans openly discuss their anger with the way their party still proceeds as if profits mean more than anything else. With the way the party hierarchy pretends that cronyism, inside dealing and nepotism represent a “free market” when it represents nothing of the kind. 

Even pundits long associated with the political right now openly bash political “chamber of commerce” types and greedy Republican donors who refuse to enforce immigration laws so that illegals will depress wages and thereby increase the profits for the one-percenters.    

Sentiments like that would have been rejected by nearly every Republican voter as “communist” ideas long ago but in recent years more and more of them push back against the bloated rich pigs at the top and point out that economic advantages for the blue bloods are not worth sacrificing everything and everyone else in the country.

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsFormer Republicans have begun to realize why so many of us former Democrats openly despised the CIA, NSA and FBI going way back. Seeing the way that our counterproductive and/or criminal intelligence agencies are nothing but enforcers for the extremely wealthy and the politically connected has opened their eyes.

Similarly, seeing the way that the 21st Century Robber Barons in Silicon Valley abuse their wealth and influence to support only left-wing politicians has made those former conservatives realize why so many working class and poor people despised Robber Barons of the past for abusing their wealth and influence to support only right-wing politicians.  

All of which is my roundabout way of getting back to KURT SCHLICHTER. That lawyer and former military man has been among the most outspoken when it comes to pointing out how the Republican establishment regularly sells out their own constituents. Here are excerpts from one of his latest columns followed by a link to the full item.

As you read, remember this is the type of man who years ago likely would have rejected the sentiments he is now expressing as the notions of fanatics who simply “resent the wealthy” (as Republicans used to dismiss any and all arguments pointing out the abuses by the elite).

You’re A Sucker For Not Believing That The System Is Rigged (That’s just the title! Not so long ago I’m betting Mr Schlichter HIMSELF would have assumed it was the title of a piece at Mother Jones or someplace similar!)

“Let’s stop pretending. Let’s stop accepting the ruling class’s lies. And let’s stop lying to ourselves. America has changed. There used to be one standard, one set of laws, one set of rules. Now, there are two.”

“The one set of rules for normal people is designed to jam us up, to keep us down, to ensure that the power of the powerful never gets challenged. And the one set of rules for the elite can be summed up like this: There are no rules.”

” … the “rule of law” they aspire to is merely their rule over you. To them, the rule of law is not some transcendent principle. Its purpose is not to ensure equality and fairness in our society. It’s a weapon designed to make sure nothing disrupts their scam.”

We owe them nothing – not respect, not gratitude and certainly not obedience.”

“This injustice is poison to our country. This injustice is what makes republics fall apart, when the worthless ruling class pushes its contempt in the people’s collective face so hard and for so long that the population finally screams “The hell with this!”” 

Does Kurt go on to tell us we have nothing to lose but our chains? No, of course not, but for the full piece click HERE  



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Mascot with demo and repub headsBalladeer’s Blog presents another edition of Transgress With Me. Like I always say, following the path of MOST resistance is the preferable path. I don’t advocate insincere contrarianism, I mean that there’s not much point in publicly proclaiming safe viewpoints.

For instance, I was an early proponent of gay marriage. In fact I openly supported it YEARS before the weak, inept, crooked and hate-filled Barack Obama decided it was safe enough to change from opposing gay marriage – the punk even voted for the Defense of Marriage Act (LMAO) as a Senator – to supporting it.  

Free speech 6I still support gay marriage because I think marriage is anything that a society decides that marriage is, but I no longer bother spouting off that I support it because it’s no longer daring to do so. Considering the fact that people actually get in trouble for OPPOSING gay marriage now means we’ve reached the point where it’s mere virtue signaling to drone on and on about supporting it.

Going around saying “LOOK AT ME! I SUPPORT THE SAFE POSITION!” is not being transgressive. Plus the political left now invokes absurd notions about “morality” to justify supporting gay marriage the same way the political right used to invoke absurd notions about “morality” to justify OPPOSING it.   

For more examples:

*** I support Donald Trump, our de facto Third Party President. At the present time this is a transgressive position to hold because the conformist forces opposing President Trump are fascistic, close-minded hatemongers who try to inflict all manner of harm on anyone who supports him.   

*** I  have always despised George W Bush but that is NOT a transgressive position to hold. I could loudly proclaim my contempt for George W Bush all day long and there would be no risk involved.   Continue reading




hillary yelling

   I can put whatever I want behind me! But YOU DAMN PEASANTS can’t! I miss the days when you citizens knew your place and didn’t talk back to your betters! 

Every revelation that comes out about Benghazi makes it clear that Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton and Barack “Tony Ears” Obama lied about a video causing the 2012 Benghazi attack just to spare Barack looking like a jackass over his ludicrous claims that Al Qaeda was “on the ropes.”

Despite all that, Hillary tries to pretend it’s all nothing and that she can just “move on” now. I guess she feels that anyone stupid enough to believe ANYTHING she and/or Barack say isn’t worth caring about. So the Four Dead in Benghazi are to be thrown down the Memory Hole but the Four Dead in Ohio are to be rehashed forever.

A nonexistent reporter asked Hillary if the untold millions of working class white Americans who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the slave trade that her Democratic Party championed can finally “Move On” from it she replied “NEVER! I am one of the Ruling Class! WE are allowed to “move on” from our many,many scandals, crimes and misdeeds, but YOU PEASANTS are to be browbeaten into political submission over things you had nothing to do with FOREVER!”

When that same reporter followed up by pointing out that that didn’t sound at all like that “fairness” that the Democrats forever claim to be about the bloated rich pig replied “That’s different. It’s politically useful for the Party to continue pushing the ridiculous notions of White Privilege and Collective Guilt.”  


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