Biden and techno fascists“He who knows only his side of the case knows little of that”. John Stuart Mill

That quote sums up the reason it is essential to do something that fewer and fewer voters seem willing to do – read and/or watch the media outlets (including social media) of both major political parties. One of the reasons I left the Democrat Party and became an Independent Voter is because of how incredibly biased American news outlets are toward one side or the other.

My standing guarantee to readers is that nothing I write is based only on one side’s media outlets and their interpretation of events. Overall perception – especially from overseas – is skewed by the way the Democrats shrewdly seized and still hold superiority in the Media Arms Race.

If, like me, you read and/ or watch literally over a dozen outlets from each side you begin to realize there is no such thing as a president who is not “divisive.” It’s just that the clueless power players of the Republican Party have so few news outlets compared to the media-savvy Democrats that the illusion of consensus is frequently conveyed. The Democrat Party’s talking points are everywhere. Those of their hapless opposition party, not so much.   

Tiny hands Joe Biden

Corrupt, senile, tiny-handed Joe Biden

Here is a terrific piece from Great Britain – motivated by Joe Biden’s Afghanistan disaster – reflecting on how media complicity and failure to do their job helped put an unfit and thoroughly crooked man like Biden in the White House.

Links are below, but first some excerpts: 

“(the) reason why too few realised what the world was going to get from a Biden presidency is that the US media simply didn’t ask the questions it needed to ask. Before the election a near entirety of the American media gave up covering it and simply campaigned for the Democrat nominee.” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And so did the near entirety of the British media and other European media.)

“It was the same with the Big Tech companies … during the 2020 race they did everything they could to get Biden in. That included – and this cannot be said often enough – effectively muting America’s oldest newspaper: the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained serious allegations of corrupt tail-coating by Hunter and other members of the Biden family when Joe was vice-president. But Big Tech restricted the story from being shared and almost no other journalists bothered to follow it up.”

media bias“Instead, they just hung on his every incoherent sentence and accepted his pronouncements (generally beginning with “Look”) as if they had any more idea than he did about whatever point he was forever struggling to make.”

“Until you see it up close you just cannot believe the cravenness of most of the American media. Last month the CNN presenter Don Lemon was selected to quiz Biden at a “town hall” event before the cameras. Biden was, as usual, meandering and unfocused as though lost in the fog of his own sentences. But Lemon would not press him properly … It wasn’t journalism. It wasn’t even kindness. He was rooting for the president.”

The piece went on to cover some of the tragic events in Afghanistan, such as … 

“… Afghan women trying to push their babies over barbed wire to US troops so that they will take them out. Men trying to hold onto the sides of the last planes heading out of Kabul. Bodies falling from the sky as their attempt to hold on fails thousands of feet up in the air.”

What was Biden’s response to all this? It was to give a belligerent press conference explaining that all this was perfectly as it should be, and as he had expected, and that he stood by his decision. And what did Biden do after he’d just about managed to read that teleprompter script? He walked away without taking any questions. That was it. If Donald Trump had done any such thing, let alone after such a catastrophe, the US media would have declared it the work of an unaccountable dictator.”

(NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And the British and other European media would have mindlessly parroted those frantic claims like they did every single other over the top and pathetically propagandistic criticism of Trump during his entire term. They are just as culpable as the Democrats’ media outlets.)

And on Joe Biden’s callous and angry disregard for those bodies falling from the sky by saying “That was four days ago, five days ago!” the newspaper piece said this:

“Does the passage of five days make something ancient history in the fog of Biden’s head?” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And on top of that, it had only been two days, not four or five.).

The Telegraph item also said that the events have “shown something that should have been revealed during the primary season long ago: that the man who is now commander-in-chief is not remotely in command of his brief.” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: The campaign pretty much did show Biden’s failings, but the Democrat media’s frenzy to demonize Trump was as hysterical and ultimately as destructive as the Hearst media’s lies that pushed the U.S. into the Spanish-American War in 1898.)

One line from the Brit source was pretty much an understatement: 

“The world appears to have woken up to an important truth this week: which is that Joe Biden is a truly terrible president.” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: America’s poor and working class, who have been and continue to be thoroughly skewered by Biden’s disastrous policies, were aware of this long ago. They don’t have the luxury of hiding away from reality like our pompous political class and pretentious Europols do.)

This type of awareness about American media’s biases coming from the British media is commendable, but will it make them more circumspect next time around? Or will they again go along with whatever slanted coverage the Democrat media outlets produce while ignoring the other side?

In one part of Douglas Murray’s piece he made a huffy reference to overseas people being exhausted with “the Trump show” but that ill-considered remark overlooks the point he himself had just made. It was only shrill and apocalyptic media bias that made the Trump years seem so tense. Balladeer’s Blog kept pointing out during those years how the media was presenting Trump actions which were comparable to the actions of so many presidents as if those actions were bringing on Armageddon, week after week after week.

One of the best examples was the media-provoked hysteria over Trump declaring a National Emergency at the border, ignoring that “National Emergencies” declared by U.S. presidents have become a dime a dozen – AND NO FEWER THAN THIRTY-ONE PREVIOUS DECLARATIONS OF NATIONAL EMERGENCIES WERE STILL IN EFFECT BEFORE TRUMP ISSUED THAT ONE. Obviously if virtually nobody even remembered that those thirty-one “emergencies” were still in effect it shows how overblown and propagandistic the media’s coverage of Trump’s declaration was.

Once Biden was in the White House it only SEEMED calmer and “normal” to people who only get their news from the Democrats’ media outlets and ignored any opposition views. 

While we’re on the topic of European reaction to U.S. presidents’ handling of situations, I’ve read plenty of overseas columnists and government figures expressing their astonishment that the recent Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe hadn’t led to Biden firing several people. Those columns trashed Biden for not holding people accountable. Well, our previous president DID fire people, and over much smaller errors, but U.S. and European media outlets depicted that as indications that Trump was running “a chaotic administration” instead of what he was really doing – holding people accountable, like the Europeans are criticizing Biden for NOT doing.       

As Balladeer’s Blog has pointed out over and over again, the clueless buffoons who run the Republican Party failed to keep up with the Democrats in the Media Arms Race, sitting by while Democrats compiled practically dozens of media outlets for every one that the tight-fisted Republicans bothered to launch. Hopefully, political parties around the world will use the negative example of America’s Republicans regarding what NOT to do if they want to remain competitive in the politics and culture of their nation.   




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    We must do a better job in our election of people to take care of our country. What a bunch of buffoons.


    • Thank you! Well, we’ve seen the way the established white collar criminals will move mountains to remove any outsider who tries to reform things, so if we keep drawing from the same pool of tainted candidates I don’t expect anything to change.


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    Excellent write up that cuts to the heart of the actual Deep Seated Underlying Problem for all Americans and the World’s Nations

  4. Darth Scipio

    BIDEN IS A SCAMMER! He’s been a crook for decades.

  5. JangoGod

    The Democrats are now far, far worse than the Republicans. And let’s admit that Trump won.

  6. Jakub Rejak

    Trump is a great man and the media plus the two party establishment hated him.

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