Democrat Mobs This Year


Anti-Trump fascists have sunk lower than ever over the past two days. We had MONTHS of Democrat mobs rioting and starting fires and causing literally BILLIONS of dollars of damage and the loss of lives while the media and Democrat political figures cheered them on. Biden’s organization as well as several celebrities even PAID BAIL to get their fascist rioters back out on the streets for more mayhem. (Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers even donated money to a bail fund for rioters in Minneapolis and encouraged other people to do so, ballooning the fund up into the millions.)

When Harris was on The Late Show she praised the Biden mobs, saying “They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. This is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They’re not gonna let up and they should not.”


When the White House was violently attacked for about 24 hours and many secret service agents were seriously injured, Biden and other Democrats said Trump “used tear gas against peaceful protestors”. Listen to those hypocrites today!
The night of May 31st, rioters set fires all over the capital of the United States. A mob of them gathered outside the White House and threatened to storm it. The president was said to have been moved to a bunker. Many on the left laughed at him and supported the mob. Never mind that the safety of the president, as a symbol of America and self-governance, goes beyond individual or party and should never be a laughing matter, like anti-Trumpers are sniveling about the Capitol.

When Antifa animals caused destruction night after night the powers that be in America praised them as “heroes” and when they inflicted violence on innocent people the media made excuses for them. (Remember Cuomo’s remark “who said protests should be polite or peaceful?”) 

There were political and media pieces of garbage who pretended the months-long orgy of Democrat destruction was an example of “mostly peaceful protests” while buildings burned behind them as they said it. We were told those fascist marches were “93% peaceful” as CHAZ and other “autonomous zones” were declared, with violence and extortion being practiced within them.

In 2018 Nancy Pelosi said “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be …” as just one of the many times Democrats called for the type of “insurrection” they now pretend to be appalled by. In 2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that “marginalized people” “have no choice but to riot.” Where was all this corporate outrage then?

The ONLY difference yesterday at the Capitol Building was that the would-be “Royal Houses” called Democrat and Republican career politicians finally got a taste of what they have inflicted on the rest of us month after month after month. If such events happen near YOU they’re fine with it and will spout abstractions to justify it. When it happens near THEM the narrative changes and their majesties feel that it’s just ever so wrong.

If you weren’t condemning Antifa and other fascist mobs these past several months don’t waste my time sniveling to me with faux outrage about yesterday’s events. Furthermore, everyone can see how phony the Democrat outrage is. Reverence for sites like the Capitol Building is the kind of thing they used to ridicule the political right over, painting them as clueless rubes while Democrats struck calculated poses of contempt for the U.S. and cheered terrorist vermin like the Weather Underground and other leftist groups. (Who by the way exploded ACTUAL BOMBS in the country, including in the Senate side of the Capitol building.)

But yeah, we’re supposed to pretend the Democrats are horrified at a protest overflowing into the Capitol Building, AS HAPPENED IN 2018 WITH A DEMOCRAT MOB.

Recently, the capitol of Texas was even vandalized during the riots, after which police were condemned for restoring order. The Austin city council later defunded the police, slashing a third of its budget. What did they think would happen?

Another form of hypocrisy that anti-Trump loons can spare me: You know that “eeevill” “oppressive” American government that many people overseas love to complain about? Well, in Trump we had a president who was FIGHTING those people, which was why they and their media outlets worked tirelessly to distort everything he said and did.

And by the way – NO NEW WARS under Trump. People who endlessly sniveled about the “cowboy diplomacy” and international adventuring of the presidents before Trump failed to take note of that. The lack of new wars was another reason our military-industrial complex hated him and have worked to oust him.   


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44 responses to “SPARE ME THE HYPOCRISY

  1. hocuspocus13

    There’s video out there of the Capital Police opening up the barricades and waving the people to come through to the Capitol Building

    As the Patriots calming walk through with flags to their slaughter of a set up

    Then doors were opened up and they were invited inside


  2. Last I checked it wasn’t Trump supporters who break windows. Antifa infiltration? I think so!

  3. Someone

    I enjoyed seeing the pics of Congresscum cowering in their own isles like scared children. Let us not forget these are the same brave leaders who voted for the shutdown and will happily send others children to pointless wars.

    And in case you may not have this link:

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  7. Emily

    This should be read by everyone on line.

  8. Thiago Ribeiro

    You put this very well. Democrats are such fascists and violent totalitarians.

  9. Tom Taft

    You spoke for 75 million of us with this post!

  10. Avery

    Well written and very passionate. Democrats have become nothing but trash.

  11. Mac Mcleod

    You nailed it! This says it all about the disgusting Democrats.

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