democrat republican otherHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I always point out that America’s CAREER politicians are white-collar criminals who run the country like a Mafia bust-out operation, enriching themselves and their cronies while plundering the public treasury. BOTH MAJOR PARTIES are guilty of this, which is why I always hope to see the Democrats and Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties for a time.

The power players in both parties try to maintain the exclusivity of their criminal caste, barring outsiders from their ranks. As in all things political, the Democrats are much more effective than the Republicans. In 2016, outsider Donald Trump became a populist hero in the mold of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Eugene Debs and John F Kennedy by taking advantage of the perpetual disorganization of the Republicans to commandeer their political party for his presidential campaign.

Trump never called racist til running against DemocratsTrump became the best president for the working class and the poor of all colors in my lifetime. He was also the first president in DECADES to keep America out of any new wars, which caused our military-industrial complex to hate him as much as they hated John F Kennedy. America’s hopelessly corrupt cesspool of an establishment was at war with President Trump before he even took office. He had to fight BOTH political parties and still does. He so thoroughly frightens the corrupt filth of Washington DC that they remain obsessed with him. Over the years their lies about Russian Collusion (LMAO) and now “insurrection” (LMAO) have fallen flat and they have utterly failed to understand why Trump is still supported by the working class and the poor. 

Not for several long decades had America had a non-career politician as president – not since Eisenhower. American career politicians are career criminals who spend their time in office just one step ahead of criminal indictments. They are a very closed circle of fascist authoritarians who were happy with the corrupt way things were run before de facto Third Party President Donald Trump crashed their party and spoke truth to power.

trump rosa parks and muhammad aliIt was a once in a century gift to have someone like the Donald who is wealthy enough to not be bought by America’s cesspool called a government AND who is thick-skinned enough to endure the non-stop attacks that the Democrats and Republicans and their media outlets will unleash on anyone who tries GENUINE reform like Trump has done.

The fascists in both parties proved how terrified they are of Trump and his millions of supporters by the way they have absurdly overblown the events of January 6th, 2021. See my article HERE regarding the hilarious hypocrisy from Democrats who usually never see a protest or a riot they don’t encourage.

It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted.

trump is fdrTrump, more than anyone since Theodore Roosevelt or maybe since Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Wendell Wilkie contemplated starting a Third Party in the 1940s, could completely upend the two-party system, something that is long overdue. 

As I’ve said before, even if Trump really was all the things his deranged detractors accused him of being, he would STILL not be as bad as the existing politicians who have been running the U.S. for decades and made us such a hated country. (Democrats especially love to dwell on how hated the U.S. is by certain countries, which is why it was so funny to see them feign outrage over the possibility of an “insurrection.” Hey, only DEMOCRATS are allowed to call for uprisings and insurrections!)

trump is a lot like jfkGee, Democrats, those concerned Trump supporters “stormed” the citadel of America’s white supremacist system that you’re always talking about. They stormed the citadel of all that privilege and systemic bigotry that you decry. Since when do Democrats of all people revere the Capitol as a Holy Site?

So the hate-filled and divisive Senile Joe Biden blithers about “domestic terrorists” and wants to repeat George W Bush’s excesses with a Patriot Act 2.0. Big Tech fascists like Jack Dorsey and his ilk have PROVEN the way anti-Trumpers work hand in hand with bloated rich pigs to try to censor all dissent.

Trump in the wayRather than let Trump fade, the corrupt political establishment is pursuing him even after his presidency but that just adds to his mystique and appeal by emphasizing his renegade, establishment-fighting “outlaw” status.

Donald Trump is a political Serpico and it is incredibly pleasing to see how much he and his supporters terrify the corrupt American establishment. 

Trump is Serpico



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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    President Trump – you have NAILED IT. You have opened a wound that has been festering for many years and you are only one of a few who have challenged the corruption in D.C. and this is why you are being attacked.

    Same thing happened to Lt. Col. Scheller – Incarcerated and Sent to the Brig for Speaking Out against Weak US Generals for Surrendering Afghanistan, Stranding Americans and Arming Taliban Terrorists.

    We now have to work this in reverse and challenge the people who do not want the corruption to end.

    That is the problem. Thank you fellas.


  2. Someone

    While I whole heartedly agree that Trump did some great things, let us always remember he to is part of the club. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai had a scathing video pointing out this fact a week or two ago. He met with Trump a couple times over the last year. He says RFK stole much of his book information from a lawsuit he filed over the vaccine mandate.

    Like he says, maybe these people are fine to meet and have a drink with, but they are not going to do what needs to be done.

    I’m losing my enthusiasm for Trump on some things. I’m more of a Ron Paul guy, so that colors my views of things of course.

    I also agree though that Trump showed whether he meant to or not, what an American first policy looks like. Lower taxes, using our nation’s resources, kicking the illegals out of the country for starters. Staying out of a war helps to.

  3. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    “Global Organized Crime Cabal!”

    It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted.”

    That does sum it up in a nutshell and to be totally honest I’ve grown to actually hate politics and our corrupted system.

    Here is what I had to say this week about this very seething evil problem.

    Everything is political, this is the major problem today in the world, and why it is so, is because this feeds into the political beast system; a “global organized crime cabal!” The church is political now, medicine is too, the military is political, education is severely political now from grade school to the highest centers of education on the planet where this beast system agenda is being promoted and facilitated! The beast has its tentacles into everything and there is no escaping it, not anywhere on planet earth where humans are living as part of civilization! I know of former political persons who on a local level ran up that ladder for many years only to leap off that as soon as possible but only to now be on the national level; and just like many others in that arena have their spouses over in China working out business deals or let’s say backdoor deals; to rake in millions; all evil greed purposes nothing else! Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Mass Media and Big Government all facilitate this beast system by which “Massive Lies and Deception of the Masses” are being deployed; a thorough and utterly complete manipulation of people like so many herd animals is being promulgated upon the human race.

    How do these thoroughly destructive human beings look themselves in the mirror! In Biden’s case being a snake for 50 years as a crooked criminal politician it’s now built in, but so many are going along to get along with the likes of him and the whole cabal! Unconscionable!

    You know what I’ve got to say! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

    When are the real bad people going to be held accountable and where are you MSM people with no consciences, that work for Corporations and BIG BUCKS; you who sold your souls! This must be why I got away from that slime pit industry many years ago! I felt the scum of it!

    So I’m very troubled as a man who wants to serve God.

    I’m hopeful by some of what you mention in this article that perhaps plenty of Americans are Fed-up with the evil Fed Government and can try to change the tides as it were, but, to be blunt I don’t think it’s possible with the way the whole deal globally is set up now, and it’s a bridge too far to cross or it’s long past the time to build a new bridge! This is pre Nazi Germany Hitler’s Rise to power scenario now; and guess what is waiting in the wings to enter onto the global stage of political power! The JIG is up folks; pray like you never have!
    God bless.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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