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trump did not actually sayThe notorious Time magazine article literally bragging about the corruption of the 2020 presidential election reflected how much of a bubble that America’s notoriously crooked political establishment lives in. Reasonable people did not believe the establishment’s bizarre propaganda which demonized de facto Third Party President Donald Trump and his supporters and therefore saw Time’s article for what it was – an admission that every level of the 2020 election was tainted.

The anti-Trump loons had even adopted “By any means necessary” as their slogan, trumpeting their intention to go beyond legal measures in order to install the disastrous career criminal Joe Biden.   

populismIt’s become impossible to ignore the way that the corrupt establishment and their corporate media outlets fear populism and obsessively try to demonize it. In a way it’s a replay of the late 1800s when the labor movement was striking and demanding better pay and working conditions. The establishment responded with ugly demonization of working class people’s efforts to survive as something more than peasants, just as they have against populists like Donald Trump.

America’s President Grover Cleveland even went so far as to describe labor activist Eugene Debs as “an enemy of the human race.” That is certainly reminiscent of the over the top rhetoric used today by the Powers That Be to instill the public with feelings of fear and hostility toward popular movements that threaten their privileges. 

It’s important to remember that Eugene Debs called himself a socialist back when socialism was largely about fighting the entrenched Big Money interests on behalf of the suffering poor and the working class, not the pseudo-religion it is today, when socialism is all about dictating every aspect of our lives. Debs was demonized by the establishment from around the 1890s through the 1920s, even arrested and left to languish in prison merely for protesting America’s involvement in the First World War of 1914-1918.

President Trump and flagHere in the 21st Century, in which the old paradigm of Liberalism vs Conservatism is being replaced by Populism vs Neo-Feudalism, we have seen a Populist like de facto Third Party President Donald Trump become the establishment’s new Eugene Debs – a bogeyman to be propagandized against and shrilly demonized along with his supporters. I’m an Independent voter and, like so many other people, I’ve observed how Trump was the greatest president for the working class and the poor in several decades. He was also the first president in decades to keep America out of any new wars and brought us energy independence. Continue reading


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