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Kiara PICWith so many other outlets covering the landslide of new evidence emerging against Barack Obama and his administration’s criminal behavior & other scandals, and with Mexico demanding answers about Obama’s Fast and Furious debacle, Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog has decided to instead focus on this underrated book.

Commander In FailureMartin Luther King Person of Courage Kiara Ashanti (above right) authored COMMANDER-IN-FAILURE: AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN REFLECTS ON AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT AND HOW HE FAILED US ALL. It’s a riveting read.

No presidential administration has ever been “scandal-free” and only fools or fanatics try to claim otherwise. Such talk belongs in fiction, not serious, adult conversations.

Unfortunately, Obama partisans rarely care about facts. Continue reading


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democrat republican awakeBalladeer’s Blog’s theme of Top Twenty lists for 2020 continues. We need Third Parties, as I often point out, and here are some books emphasizing how American career politicians are nothing but white-collar criminals. In this case the spotlight is on the scandal-plagued Barack Obama from a REALISTIC viewpoint, not from Democrat partisans who inflate Obama’s reputation the way George W Bush fans do with his disastrous presidency. 

Gangster GovernmentGANGSTER GOVERNMENT – Written by Columbia School of Journalism graduate David Freddoso.

The title Gangster Government could have applied to George W Bush’s administration as well, but this is a list of books about Obama.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: OBAMA AND HIS TEAM OF TAX CHEATS, CROOKS AND CRONIES – It’s been said that the Obama Administration may have been the most corrupt since the days of the Ohio Gang under Republican President Warren G Harding. This book details why.

Worst President in HistoryTHE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY: THE LEGACY OF BARACK OBAMA – Written by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, this thoroughly documented and highly detailed work of investigative journalism has been called “the definitive takedown of the Obama Presidency.”

THE SCANDALOUS PRESIDENCY OF BARACK OBAMA – Another of Matt Margolis’ blistering exposes of one of the most damaging and crooked presidencies in history.

THE OBAMA SCANDALS: THE TWENTY-TWO WORST OUTRAGES OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION – This riveting book was authored by Keith Koffler and is a must-read.

Commander In FailureCOMMANDER-IN-FAILURE: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN REFLECTS ON AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT AND HOW HE FAILED US ALL – Martin Luther King Person of Courage Kiara Ashanti penned this masterful deconstruction of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama.  

THE PEOPLE VS BARACK OBAMA – A very apt book title when it comes to the president who damaged the working class and the poor more than any other president of my lifetime.  Continue reading


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Obama weak


Another of the many, many scandals of the Obama administration came closer to resolution with the arrest by I.C.E. of fugitive millionaire Obama donors Roberto and William Isaias from Ecuador. The men whose “donation” to Barack Obama is viewed by many as a subtle quid pro quo, since Obama had his administration refuse to extradite the pair to Ecuador after the “donation” was made. (Collusion with fugitive Ecuadorian millionaires you could call it.)

Roberto and William Isaias have also been caught up in scandals involving other Democrats, including scandal-soaked Democrat Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey.

And yet another Isaias family scandal tied to the Democrats involves another of their relatives, Estefania Isaias, who received favorable treatment from Obama’s State Department after the family donated $100,000.00 to the Democrats. Estefania was accused of Visa fraud and suspected of smuggling maids into the U.S. for Roberto and William.

Even the Democrat media outlet CNN has been found to have questionable ties with the Isaias family. Back in January when Democrat Senator Menendez was under fresh scrutiny over the Isaias Connection CNN cut ties with the family in a joint programming venture.



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Obama weak


Even left-wing Politico has admitted how Barack Obama – in one of the MANY scandals of his administration – stymied an investigation into a Hezb’allah/ Hezbollah drug ring EVEN AS IT WAS SMUGGLING COCAINE INTO THE UNITED STATES (again, per Politico and others).

The weak, inept and crooked Obama is said to have blocked that investigation into terror financing at the behest of Iran in order to ensure that Barack’s long-discredited “deal” which benefited only Iran would go through.

Happily, de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done his best to extricate the U.S. from much of Obama’s corrupt bargain, parts of which would have made Barack pretty much the father of an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program. 

Trumping Obama's legacyAnd, even better, the Trump Department of Justice has reopened the investigation.

Politico had one of the most concise outlines of the drug ring, of the DEA’s Project Cassandra investigation of the ring AND of Obama thwarting the investigation when he was President. Collusion with Iran, you might say.

From Politico: 

“In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

“The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008 after the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East-focused military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some investigators believed was collecting $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.

“Over the next eight years, agents working out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s illicit networks, with the help of 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies.”

Politico continued: Continue reading


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Barack is afraid of SharylPrivileged white one percenter Alyssa Milano told a non-existent reporter for Balladeer’s Blog that for Christmas she recommends the new book BARACK OBAMA IS AFRAID OF SHARYL ATTKISSON: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE SHENANIGANS OF AMERICA’S 44th PRESIDENT.

It’s written by Daniel Alman and explores the countless scandals, misdeeds and outright crimes of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack “He used tear-gas on children at the Mexican border, too” Obama. Alman’s book is drenched in well-researched details and is separated into chapters like: 

Chapter 1: Trying to silence the media

Chapter 2: Less transparent than Nixon

Chapter 3: Sharyl Attkisson (Note from Balladeer: Sharyl is the 21st Century Ida Tarbell)

5: IRS Scandal

6: Fast and Furious

7: Bill Ayers

11: Democrats criticize Obamacare

12: Unions criticize Obamacare

13: No, you can’t keep your insurance

Barack is afraid 215: Benghazi

16: Dinesh D’Souza

17: If Obama had a son

21: Solyndra

22: Voter ID

23: Education

24: Sharia law and Islamic terrorism

25: Civil liberties

Alyssa Milano26: Hillary Clinton

30: Miscellaneous


You can buy the paperback version at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1730800769.

You can buy the amazon kindle version at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K53ZN9F.


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Sharyl AttkissonSharyl Attkisson, the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century, is virtually the only journalist left in the United States. She courageously continues her lawsuit demanding full disclosure of Barack Obama’s illegal targeting of her for electronic surveillance. (So many other reporters were just Democrat publicists happy to write Obama Fan Fiction, meaning there was no need to harass them like Obama harassed Attkisson.)  

In addition to that she has been at the forefront of detailed reporting on Obama and Hillary’s illegal collusion with Russia and their total corruption of America’s “Intelligence Agencies” (LMAO) in whitewashing investigations of Hillary while conducting plots to destroy the incoming Trump Administration.

Clearly, Obama and Hillary paniced when Crooked Hillary lost to President Trump and it became clear that all of these scandals would come to the surface without Hillary in office to cover them up. Deciding the best defense is a good offense, Hillary and other Trump foes have been playing their ridiculous game pretending the president colluded with Russians. 

For people who still have trouble following all the misdeeds of Obama and Hillary and the assorted thugs who did their bidding here is a link to one of Attkisson’s items providing a handy guide. CLICK HERE  



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Elizabeth Warren 2Fellow Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a potential presidential candidate in 2020, joined the chorus of voices thrashing Barack Obama for his recent Wall Street wallow.

At this point it’s hard to tell if Warren is upset that Obama was always a whore for Wall Street but got a pass because he’s male OR if she was upset because Democrats usually take pride in being a little more subtle about being in Wall Street’s pocket.

Warren may have a point because this outrageous maneuver on Obama’s part was so blatant and gauche even California President Hillary Clinton must be turning up her nose in disgust … or envy.

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Obama fail

The confused, uncomprehending face of utter incompetence.

Hopefully once Inauguration Day is over the hysterical fools of what passes for the American Left these days will calm down a little and leave the rest of us alone for awhile.

I’m going to be 100% sincere in this blog post. It’s rare that I do that, and regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I’m almost always being tongue-in-cheek or just plain sarcastic.  

Barack Obama has been a disaster. He lived up to his crooked pre-presidential existence with an administration so corrupt that even the corporate media finally imploded. They abandoned any and all pretense of objectivity and openly considered themselves part of the Obama administration in their desperation to cover up for the weak, inept and crooked little man.

Hit the road barack

So say we all.

The most recent example was the way the DemoKKKrats’ media outlets allowed Obama to get away with his outright lie that his administration was “scandal-free.” That utterly ridiculous piece of fantasy and propaganda is all the proof any rational person needs regarding the extreme bias of our corporate media.

ALL presidents have had scandals in their administrations. I don’t have a “favorite” president but the one I feel had the longest-lasting positive impact was Franklin Roosevelt, yet you’ll never hear me try to claim his administration was “scandal-free.” Such talk is for fiction, not rational, adult conversation.

The media’s sycophantic willingness to go along with Obama’s lies and distortions for eight years shows why they are now so despised and distrusted and why the man they clearly hated was elected president. Barack Obama was a menace because he didn’t understand how little he actually knew and how meager his talents were.

Obama was the worst president the United States has ever had and I don’t say that lightly. I won’t rehash all the reasons why, because I’ve written about all of those reasons over the past few years. People who try to present Obama as anything but a failure tend to be people whose own comments make it clear they have no knowledge of history and no grasp of how the U.S. government works.

Before ObamacareObama embodied the shallowness and immaturity of his supporters, most of whom were such petty, celebrity-obsessed fools that they fixated on their president because his name and office were the only things they seemed to comprehend about the country. Future African American presidents will no doubt be much more capable than the Hollow Man named Barack Obama.

His childish refusal to work with Congress while having no problem working with dictatorships and mad Muslim Mullahs left him with no true legacy. Instead of negotiating with the opposition party Barack petulantly resorted to a series of inept and often ineffective Executive Orders, more than all previous presidents combined.

Many of those spiteful, poorly thought-out Executive Orders were eventually struck down by the Supreme Court and rightfully so. The rest can be undone with the stroke of a pen by our incoming president.

Barack Obama has left the United States and the world far worse off than when he took office. We are all better off for being rid of him. There is nothing good to be said about him. The best description of him came from the other world leaders at the G20 summit when they called Obama “an irrelevant child.” May this vain and pathetic creature suffer at least a fraction of the pain he inflicted on so many innocent people.    

ALSO SEE: National Association of Police Organizations’ Executive Director William J Johnson on Obama: “NO ONE IS SORRY TO SEE THIS GUY GO.” Click    Continue reading


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Barack Obama

“I thought for sure that groveling for Putin and for Iran would make them like me.”

The weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama isn’t just a failure here at home! He’s now gotten a well-deserved reputation on the international stage as the only U.S. President to make Jimmy Carter seem tough and George W Bush seem sophisticated.

I’m sure there’s no need to rehash the details of Putin’s latest adventures featuring him bending Little Barry Obama over and driving it home. Little Barry deserves this for his candid “accidentally caught on a hot mike” private reassurance to Russia long ago that “After I get reelected I’ll have a lot more flexibility.”

Remember that? It demonstrated why a person like Obama, who never had to function in the real world, and who doesn’t know anything except what he was told to memorize in classrooms, was very unfit for any job that involved real-world responsibilities.

Obama fail

The confused, uncomprehending face of utter incompetence.

That “more flexibility” incident perfectly captured the condescending pomposity of American Liberals, especially the 1960s generation of Liberals that Obama mindlessly adores (and vice versa). The insinuation to Putin back then was “Look, Vladimir, we two cosmopolitan sophisticates should be able to settle all our differences like adults once I no longer have to worry about appeasing those redneck morons from my own country by maintaining a facade of toughness.” 

And who could forget Hillary Clinton’s amateurish “RESET BUTTON” with Putin, the man she now paints as a huge villain. Her pathetic Reset Button made Republican Gerald Ford’s “Whip Inflation Now” buttons look like something Talleyrand would have conceived. 

This is so very typical of the thinking of the American Left, who have convinced themselves that the only obstacle to worldwide peace has been the United States and that if only we would “talk” with hostile leaders the whole world would be united in harmony.

Obama uncaring and incompetent


So Obama has alienated countries close to the United States (Remember his foolish threats to the U.K. to try to get Brits to vote against Brexit?) and groveled for nations hostile to us. We see how well that approach worked with Putin, who has been cutting Barry’s shriveled little excuse for testicles off and force-feeding them to him before a worldwide audience for quite some time now. Gee, maybe the problems with Putin WEREN’T just a case of the mean old U.S. not being nice enough to him, eh Barry?

Not everyone who is hostile to the United States is automatically in the right, just as not everyone who has friendly relations with the U.S. is automatically right, either. American Liberals seem incapable of grasping this. Any nation as large as the United States will ALWAYS – no matter which party is in office – face the situation of some countries approving of our policies and some countries disapproving of them. To the hypocritical cowards of American Liberalism ONLY the people who disagree with our policies have valid points and should be listened to. Continue reading


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Obama  work here is doneBarack Obama has just added a few more items to his “legacy” – in other words to his legacy of failure and malfeasance.

*** Now even judges APPOINTED by Little Barry Obama are striking down his actions as unconstitutional. His most recent regulatory power grab was just smacked down hard. 

*** Investigators have now revealed that the Obama Administration has been lying about the number of crimes being committed by illegal immigrants. Obama thinks of them as “future voters for the Democrats” so he has callously turned his head while his minions under-reported their crimes. The report stated that illegals went on to commit additional crimes at a rate nearly TEN TIMES HIGHER than Obama had reported. Don’t worry, Obama fans … he’ll be out of office before THIS investigation can be completed, too.  

*** Omar Mateen, the Ramadan Gay Nightclub Massacre gunman, laid blame on OBAMA HIMSELF for the killing spree, citing the way Obama incessantly uses drone strikes to kill Muslims in other countries. No wonder Democratic Party media outlets were so eager to pretend this was really a “gun control” issue. Anything to protect their Hollow Man.  

*** Over the years Omar’s father has been to visit the White House multiple times as part of those appearances by Muslim groups that Little Barry likes to pretend are “moderate.”   Continue reading


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