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Obama crying gun control

At least Michelle and the kids think I’m a passable president.

Barack Obama is often called weak, inept and crooked. He’s proven that he is a horrible public speaker when he doesn’t have the crutch of a teleprompter. His actions have been struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court MORE TIMES THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. His policies have caused widespread pain and suffering for the working class and the poor.

In other words this piece of sewage from the cesspool of Chicago politics deserved every bit of snubbing and insulting he got from the real world leaders at the G20 summit in China. The refusal to give Obama the dignified greeting that the real world leaders received, the unflattering descriptions of Obama that the real world leaders gave to the media, all of it. Continue reading




obama callousBarack Obama truly is garbage. Not only did this squirrely, wormy little man wait until he was DONE with his golfing vacation before visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana but when the delicate-minded child was pressed a little about his callous attitude toward the human suffering he was ignoring all that time this alleged human being ACTUALLY, REALLY said “I’m out in five months.”

What a scumbag! I know he bubbled and gurgled up from the cesspool of Chicago politics but this is a new low even for him. I guess if there’s a crisis on the week before Little Barry leaves office he’ll just shrug and say “That’s the new crook’s worry.”

Hillary CLinton scrunched face

You’d think Hillary Clinton would have sent some of her bribe money to help out, especially after what she did to Haiti.

Yeah, we get it, Barack, you’re even slimier than George W Bush. You have secured the title Worst President In American History. You clinched it long ago. Talk about running up the score. (I figured maybe a sports metaphor might register in the sack of fluids that passes for Obama’s brain.)  

AND … Continue reading


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Obama making a face

The UNFIT Obama at his most presidential

Balladeer’s Blog has been one of the many sites around the world puncturing the silly myth that Barack Obama is competent. I’ll point out again that I’m sure future African-American presidents really WILL be capable people, but it’s ridiculous to pretend that Little Barry has been anything but a disaster. (Psst! I’m neither a Republican NOR a Democrat, so stop typing your accusation.)

To add some variety to my usual trashing of the weak, inept and crooked little man who thinks he can afford to call anyone ELSE “unfit” for the presidency, here’s a link to a terrific bit from the Boston Herald. Carr nicely lists some of the COUNTLESS incidents we’ve had where Obama was revealed as the idiot that he is. It just never got the apocalyptic coverage that other candidates get subjected to. First an excerpt: 

Unfit for office?

Let’s talk about that…

Obama at wheel

The most UNFIT president in American history.

“Brave talk from a guy who thinks there are 57 states, that they speak Austrian in Austria, that they speak Arabic in Afghanistan, who pronounced the state he lived in for three years as “Mass-a-tu-setts,” who pronounced corpsman as “corpseman.” Who thinks the Transcontinental Railroad was “intercontinental.”

“He described Eric Holder’s wife, a physician, as a “nationally renowned ohbee-gynee.” He misspelled “Syracus” on his NCAA brackets sheet. He is utterly tongue-tied without a teleprompter. He makes “recess” appointments when the Senate is not in recess.”

Obama I dont always“If he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. His grandmother was a typical white person. The Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly.”

“It never ends with this buffoon. Yesterday, in Singapore, he mangled the name of the country’s founding father. He can’t be bothered acting like an adult.”  

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Obama  work here is doneBarack Obama has just added a few more items to his “legacy” – in other words to his legacy of failure and malfeasance.

*** Now even judges APPOINTED by Little Barry Obama are striking down his actions as unconstitutional. His most recent regulatory power grab was just smacked down hard. 

*** Investigators have now revealed that the Obama Administration has been lying about the number of crimes being committed by illegal immigrants. Obama thinks of them as “future voters for the Democrats” so he has callously turned his head while his minions under-reported their crimes. The report stated that illegals went on to commit additional crimes at a rate nearly TEN TIMES HIGHER than Obama had reported. Don’t worry, Obama fans … he’ll be out of office before THIS investigation can be completed, too.  

*** Omar Mateen, the Ramadan Gay Nightclub Massacre gunman, laid blame on OBAMA HIMSELF for the killing spree, citing the way Obama incessantly uses drone strikes to kill Muslims in other countries. No wonder Democratic Party media outlets were so eager to pretend this was really a “gun control” issue. Anything to protect their Hollow Man.  

*** Over the years Omar’s father has been to visit the White House multiple times as part of those appearances by Muslim groups that Little Barry likes to pretend are “moderate.”   Continue reading


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Barack pointing and yelling

“I would rather have a hundred Americans get killed than have one single Muslim fanatic be inconvenienced!”

With obvious emotion in his voice, Barack Obama stated that he is SO tired of Muslim atrocities making him look like a fool that he will begin arbitrarily imprisoning Christians after every such incident. Obama ignored the fact that the Ramadan Massacre in Orlando on June 12th was committed by a Muslim man who blamed his shooting spree on Obama’s drone strikes on other Muslims … among other things.

“Omar was obviously mistaken,” Obama clarified for an adoring press,”I heard somebody say they knew somebody who thinks the guy might have blamed the attack on Donald Trump. Either way my plan going forth is to inflict increasingly draconian punishments on innocent American citizens following EVERY terrorist attack.”  

Next the little man “pivoted,” as is his wont, to the little boy in Florida eaten by an alligator and stated he had a hunch the alligator was an NRA member.  

Hillary Clinton spoke for Democrats everywhere when she said “Once the American people get used to the fact that THEY are ALWAYS the problem life will be much simpler for them.” 


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Obama making a face

Obama at his most presidential

Vaclav Klaus once made this remark which nicely captures the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama as well as the shallow, mindless, unquestioning supporters of this Hollow Man.

That quote: “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

“The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.” 


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Obama supporters BIGI think the labels Liberal and Conservative have become meaningless here in this era of political transition. The Libertarian label has become just as meaningless. Plus I’m an Independent voter, not a member of the Democratic or Republican parties. I can objectively state that Barack Obama is the very worst president the United States has ever had.

Obama is a demagogue who has thrived on race-baiting and on every other method of tearing the country apart into virtually warring camps. He is weak and inept. His administration has been overflowing with scandal since his first year in office but by obstructing the investigations every step of the way this white collar criminal has made it so that probes into even his earliest misdeeds are still dragging on and on. Obama then counts on public boredom with the investigations to provide him with additional cover.   

Obamacare corpseLittle Barry has made health insurance unaffordable for the working class and has caused the loss of countless full-time jobs. He then brags about all the new part-time jobs that have sprung up. This piece of garbage hasn’t even been good for the Democratic Party. As Rory Cooper and others have pointed out, under Obama the Democrats have lost over 900 seats in state legislatures, at least a dozen gubernatorial seats, 69 seats in the House and 13 more in the Senate. Continue reading