Obama  work here is doneBarack Obama has just added a few more items to his “legacy” – in other words to his legacy of failure and malfeasance.

*** Now even judges APPOINTED by Little Barry Obama are striking down his actions as unconstitutional. His most recent regulatory power grab was just smacked down hard. 

*** Investigators have now revealed that the Obama Administration has been lying about the number of crimes being committed by illegal immigrants. Obama thinks of them as “future voters for the Democrats” so he has callously turned his head while his minions under-reported their crimes. The report stated that illegals went on to commit additional crimes at a rate nearly TEN TIMES HIGHER than Obama had reported. Don’t worry, Obama fans … he’ll be out of office before THIS investigation can be completed, too.  

*** Omar Mateen, the Ramadan Gay Nightclub Massacre gunman, laid blame on OBAMA HIMSELF for the killing spree, citing the way Obama incessantly uses drone strikes to kill Muslims in other countries. No wonder Democratic Party media outlets were so eager to pretend this was really a “gun control” issue. Anything to protect their Hollow Man.  

*** Over the years Omar’s father has been to visit the White House multiple times as part of those appearances by Muslim groups that Little Barry likes to pretend are “moderate.”  

Confirm these items at the sites of your choice. They are all true. 


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