Sharyl AttkissonSharyl Attkisson, the Ida Tarbell of the 21st Century, is virtually the only journalist left in the United States. She courageously continues her lawsuit demanding full disclosure of Barack Obama’s illegal targeting of her for electronic surveillance. (So many other reporters were just Democrat publicists happy to write Obama Fan Fiction, meaning there was no need to harass them like Obama harassed Attkisson.)  

In addition to that she has been at the forefront of detailed reporting on Obama and Hillary’s illegal collusion with Russia and their total corruption of America’s “Intelligence Agencies” (LMAO) in whitewashing investigations of Hillary while conducting plots to destroy the incoming Trump Administration.

Clearly, Obama and Hillary paniced when Crooked Hillary lost to President Trump and it became clear that all of these scandals would come to the surface without Hillary in office to cover them up. Deciding the best defense is a good offense, Hillary and other Trump foes have been playing their ridiculous game pretending the president colluded with Russians. 

For people who still have trouble following all the misdeeds of Obama and Hillary and the assorted thugs who did their bidding here is a link to one of Attkisson’s items providing a handy guide. CLICK HERE  



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