democrat republican awakeBalladeer’s Blog’s theme of Top Twenty lists for 2020 continues. We need Third Parties, as I often point out, and here are some books emphasizing how American career politicians are nothing but white-collar criminals. In this case the spotlight is on the scandal-plagued Barack Obama from a REALISTIC viewpoint, not from Democrat partisans who inflate Obama’s reputation the way George W Bush fans do with his disastrous presidency. 

Gangster GovernmentGANGSTER GOVERNMENT – Written by Columbia School of Journalism graduate David Freddoso.

The title Gangster Government could have applied to George W Bush’s administration as well, but this is a list of books about Obama.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: OBAMA AND HIS TEAM OF TAX CHEATS, CROOKS AND CRONIES – It’s been said that the Obama Administration may have been the most corrupt since the days of the Ohio Gang under Republican President Warren G Harding. This book details why.

Worst President in HistoryTHE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY: THE LEGACY OF BARACK OBAMA – Written by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, this thoroughly documented and highly detailed work of investigative journalism has been called “the definitive takedown of the Obama Presidency.”

THE SCANDALOUS PRESIDENCY OF BARACK OBAMA – Another of Matt Margolis’ blistering exposes of one of the most damaging and crooked presidencies in history.

THE OBAMA SCANDALS: THE TWENTY-TWO WORST OUTRAGES OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION – This riveting book was authored by Keith Koffler and is a must-read.

Commander In FailureCOMMANDER-IN-FAILURE: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN REFLECTS ON AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT AND HOW HE FAILED US ALL – Martin Luther King Person of Courage Kiara Ashanti penned this masterful deconstruction of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama.  

THE PEOPLE VS BARACK OBAMA – A very apt book title when it comes to the president who damaged the working class and the poor more than any other president of my lifetime. 

THE AMATEUR: BARACK OBAMA IN THE WHITE HOUSE – An interesting look at how Barack Obama was in over his head in the presidency. Written by Edward Klein.

Barack Obama is AfraidBARACK OBAMA IS AFRAID OF SHARYL ATTKISSON: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE SHENANIGANS OF AMERICA’S 44th PRESIDENT – For a brilliantly satirical take on the Obama Gang you need to read this very entertaining book by Daniel Alman.

FAST AND FURIOUS: BARACK OBAMA’S BLOODIEST SCANDAL AND THE SHAMELESS COVERUP – Katie Pavlich dissects one of the most controversial disasters from the Obama years.

UGLY TRUTHS – This book was written by B.C. Brennan and looks at some of the repulsive truths about the corrupt Barack Obama.

Barack Obama road to bondageBARACK OBAMA AND THE ROAD TO BONDAGE: A CASE STUDY – Written by R.M. Catton and S.W. Catton, who try to make their case against many of Obama’s most destructive policies.   

ONLY IN CHICAGO – Written by strong female role model Natasha Korecki. Not so much a book purely about Barack Obama but more of a look at the corrupt Chicago political cesspool that Obama bubbled and gurgled up from.

IRS SCANDAL – A detailed examination of the way Barack Obama and Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS against their political opponents to a degree exceeding all previous administrations’ abuses. By Daniel Alman.

Spin MastersSPIN MASTERS – This book by David Freddoso is the latest in a long line of looks at how the most effective political ads are the ones that masquerade as “news” reports.  

THE GREAT DESTROYER – I’m no fan of David Limbaugh but I’m including his book about Barack Obama in the interests of thoroughness. My personal feelings are left out of this blog post – it’s all about information.  

OBAMA’S LACK OF HONOR – Robert Fischl’s seering look at one of the most corrupt presidential administrations in American history. 

case against barack obamaTHE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA – David Freddoso strikes again with this book chronicling Obama’s career and many of the shameful milestones along the way.

OBAMA’S AMERICA – Dinesh D’Souza’s take on some of the seedier aspects of the political culture during Barack Obama’s presidency.

STEALING AMERICA – This time around D’Souza traces the parallels between criminal gangs and the way the Obama Administration operated. Criminals are criminals, no matter if they are white-collar or blue-collar.    


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  1. Thanks. Now there’s so much more reading time I’ll check some of these out.

    Regards Thom

  2. Des

    This morning I did a google search on books about Barack Obama. Paging down far enough to get into works critical of our beloved ex-president was time consuming so I finally gave up. I must admit, the only book on Obama that I’ve ever read was Dinesh D’Souza’s best seller “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, written in 2010, which was also released as a movie. I was wondering if you ever read it and if so, what did you think? Thanks for providing such a great list!

    • Hello again! That’s just another example of how Google’s bias always shows. I have heard of the book and movie you cited but never had a chance to check them out. What is your opinion of them?

      • Des

        Hi! I thought that the book was really well-written. I liked D’Souza’s explanation of his own mostly positive Indian experience with western imperialism vs. Obama Sr.’s angry Marxist view, which we all know greatly influenced Barack. I feel I better understand that rage is the primary motivation behind the “dreams” that the Obama father and son shared. Of course, there is absolutely nothing but criticism to be found in Wikipedia, further validating what you’ve said all along about their bias.
        I attended the movie with my wife when it first came out. It mirrored the book closely, which was good for people who had not read it. I really enjoyed D’Souza’s portrayal of Barack’s idealized fondness for his radical father that he only met once after the age of two. I left the theater actually feeling bad for Barack Jr., but wishing he had learned to direct his anger in a more positive way.
        I really appreciate your letting me share my thoughts on your blog!

      • You’re more than welcome! Your description makes the book and film sound pretty interesting. I will check them out. And yes, I prefer Infogalactic to Wikipedia since Infogalactic doesn’t let people with an axe to grind “edit” entries.

      • Des

        Awesome! I’ve got Infogalactic bookmarked and will see how I like it. I hope you enjoy the book (or movie) if you get the chance.

      • Thanks! I will let you know.

  3. Deng

    Barack Obama was a failure and worse.

  4. Rosalie

    You need to add more books to this list. I found 23 more with just a few minute search and all of them pointing out what a crook and a failure Obama was.

  5. Jennifer the Bold

    Wonderful! Barack Obama was a terrible and very corrupt president!

  6. Wendy

    Barack Obama was such a slimy person.

  7. Darlene

    Great list! I have not read some of these!

  8. Warren

    Barack was a disaster as a president.

  9. Lorrie

    Obama was such a slimeball.

  10. Sherwood Slim

    Obama was really that bad?

  11. Mac Mcleod

    I had no idea there were this many books about what a crook and a failure Obama was! I guess it makes sense, though.

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